The Sims 4 | Toddler to Adult CAS Challenge

Hello hello!! I stumbled upon this challenge on YouTube where tons of Simmers were creating a Toddler, messing with the facial features to maximize cuteness and then, clicking the Young Adult preset to see how they looked when aged up. I'm not sure if there were any specific rules posted anywhere but, all of the … Continue reading The Sims 4 | Toddler to Adult CAS Challenge

Journal Entry #191

SundayDecember 30, 201807:49 PM Hi guys, I'm happy to announce I didn't starve to death on Friday night after I posted my Journal Entry, lol. Boyfriend got home like an hour and a half later and he brought home a little side salad with my BLT no A (Bacon Lettuce Turkey Avocado) Croissant Sandwich and … Continue reading Journal Entry #191