Recipe Reviews #77 (Blogging Friends Special!)

You may have already guessed by now but, if you couldn't tell, I'm just a liiiittle bit food-obsessed. It only makes sense that I follow some awesome home chefs, here on WordPress, doesn't it?! I found three dairy-free recipes, right on my Reader, and I needed to share them with you ASAP. Smoked Sausage & … Continue reading Recipe Reviews #77 (Blogging Friends Special!)

My Top 10: Favorite Simple Pleasures In Life

1. When my boyfriend rests his hand on my lap while he's driving 2. Pulling out ingrown hairs 3. Q-tipping my ears after a shower 4. When my hot coffee/tea reaches that perfect temperature where it's still hot but, cold enough to drink at a faster pace 5. Not having a headache or a cold … Continue reading My Top 10: Favorite Simple Pleasures In Life