Recipe Reviews #110

Thai Basil Chicken Recipe found on Lemon Blossoms My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 My Review Usually, in a Thai Basil stir-fry, I get more assortment of flavors in each bite. I didn't get that signature taste with this recipe, it was more like any regular old chicken stir-fry. We still enjoyed it, of course … Continue reading Recipe Reviews #110

Five Friday Faves #16

1. Murad - Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Eye Cream I already raved about this in my March 2020 Boxycharm Unboxing but, I had to praise it here again. I love the tingly sensation it gives me, the amount of hydration I feel and I definitely see a difference when I wake up. My undereyes have never … Continue reading Five Friday Faves #16