“What Kind Of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag

Okay hi, I've never heard of this one and I hope it's not too late to fill it out. I promise, if I come across anymore autumn themed tags that I've been nominated for... I will save them for next year but, since the season is still here, let's get this done! Please, excuse the … Continue reading “What Kind Of Pumpkin Are You?” Tag

The Fall Tag #2

Susan @ Purrsian Tea tagged me in the Fall Tag back in September and I wrongly assumed that I'd have the entire season to fill it out. Looking at the questions now, it should've been done before Halloween! Oops! I hope you'll forgive my tardiness. :/ Thank you to Susan for tagging me and to … Continue reading The Fall Tag #2

Vogue (Parody): 73 Questions Answered By Yours Truly!

Hiya babes!!! I am SO excited to bring you this collaboration post!!! I've teamed up with my fellow blogging friend, Jam Nesreen, and we've each given the other 73 different questions to answer. The idea is originally from Vogue Videos: 73 Questions Answered By Your Favorite Celebs. I had never heard of it before but, … Continue reading Vogue (Parody): 73 Questions Answered By Yours Truly!