Five Friday Faves #3

1. Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish Umm, I saw a question on Reddit asking if people think Billie is overrated or underrated and, I gotta say, I'm on the UNDERRATED side. The girl is a freakin' teenager, so true to herself and SO DAMN talented yet, people are still doubting her??? This song, especially … Continue reading Five Friday Faves #3

Journal Entry #292

Wednesday January 01, 2020 (!) 09:31 PM Happy New Year, fellow bloggers and blog readers!! Are we saying 'twenty-twenty' or 'two thousand twenty'? I think they both sound alright but, have found myself saying the former more often. What about you? Last time I wrote, I was about to sign off and get ready for … Continue reading Journal Entry #292

My Favorite Quotes From… Boy21 by Matthew Quick

Boy21 by Matthew Quick Originally Published on March 5, 2012 "You can lose yourself in repetition-- quiet your thoughts; I learned the value of this at a very young age." "Maybe that's blunt, but I've found that being blunt sometimes makes life easier for everyone." "Why is it that some people are born into fantastic … Continue reading My Favorite Quotes From… Boy21 by Matthew Quick