Five Friday Faves #8

1. My Valentine's Day Phone Theme Of course, I had to find a pink, lovey dovey theme for my phone this month. This one is simply called Love, made by PhintonART and there's honestly nothing I would change about it! It's just too cute. ❤ 2. Albertsons - Pretzel Sub Roll We picked out these … Continue reading Five Friday Faves #8

Journal Entry #191

SundayDecember 30, 201807:49 PM Hi guys, I'm happy to announce I didn't starve to death on Friday night after I posted my Journal Entry, lol. Boyfriend got home like an hour and a half later and he brought home a little side salad with my BLT no A (Bacon Lettuce Turkey Avocado) Croissant Sandwich and … Continue reading Journal Entry #191