Journal Entry #260

ThursdayJuly 18, 201908:06 PM Hi all!! I'm gonna jump right in and start where I left off. Thursday, the night of July 11th. First, we went back to Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. We thought there would be more options/bars open there but, really, there was only one... this small place called Tavern on Grand. … Continue reading Journal Entry #260

A Book Tag: Four Truths & Two Lies

Hey all!! Becky and Bex both tagged me in the "Two Truths & A Lie Book Tag" all the way back in February when it was buzzin' in the blogosphere but, you know me... I am always late with the tags and awards. 😛 Thanks so much for thinking of me, girlies! I apologize for … Continue reading A Book Tag: Four Truths & Two Lies

The Best WP Posts I Read In July 2018

Hey all, welcome to the second edition of The Best WP Posts I Read! I tried to make the list a little shorter this time so I strayed away from posts falling under these categories: Favorites, Monthly/Weekly Updates, Coffee Chats, Journal Entries, Tags & Awards, Travel Diaries, OOTDs, MOTDs, Hauls, Wishlists, and Unboxings because honestly, I … Continue reading The Best WP Posts I Read In July 2018