Boxycharm | December 2018

Sooo, I was pretty disappointed when I opened up my box this month. I was really, really hoping for one of the other variations. Mostly, I had my eye on the Pretty Vulgar powder and the Suva eyeshadow palette... I got neither. 😦 What Was In My Box?! Theme: 'Tis The Sea-Sun PYT Mini Hair … Continue reading Boxycharm | December 2018

Journal Entry #178

SaturdayDecember 01, 201808:08 PM Hey guys, I'm a little depressed today because I broke my thumb nail last night. I super-glued it together and am hoping and praying that it will not break. It's gonna be so painful, if it does. Plus, I'll have to cut all of my other nails to match the length … Continue reading Journal Entry #178