10 Valentine’s Day Outfits & Date Ideas

Hello Loves! According to my 2020 Blog Schedule, I know that Tuesday's are meant for ALL THINGS BEAUTY but, fashion is closely related enough (at least, in my book)! Since Valentine's Day is THIS very Friday, I came up with 10 date ideas that can easily be planned last minute. For each one, I created … Continue reading 10 Valentine’s Day Outfits & Date Ideas

Journal Entry #268

WednesdayAugust 14, 201908:40 PM Hiya babes!! It's been a whole dang week since I last wrote a Journal Entry so, we've got a whole lot of catching up to do!! We'll start on Thursday, August 8th. 🙂 We didn't do anything out of our workday routine. We ate a Taylor's Farms Asian Salad Kit with … Continue reading Journal Entry #268