Versatile Blogger Award

Big thanks to Becky (@Strikeouts and Sprinkles) for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. ❤ This one took me so long to complete because I talk about myself A LOT around here, I don't believe there's anything you don't already know about me. I tried my best, though-- sorry, if I'm repeating facts I've … Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

A Book Tag: Four Truths & Two Lies

Hey all!! Becky and Bex both tagged me in the "Two Truths & A Lie Book Tag" all the way back in February when it was buzzin' in the blogosphere but, you know me... I am always late with the tags and awards. 😛 Thanks so much for thinking of me, girlies! I apologize for … Continue reading A Book Tag: Four Truths & Two Lies