Recipe Reviews

In each of my Recipe Review posts, my boyfriend and I try three different and always DAIRY-FREE recipes I find online only. He does all the cooking and plating while I just do the photography and judging (hehe). You will find my review and ratings on every recipe and I will always link you to the original website I found the recipe on.

Subscription Box Reviews

Current subscriptions I have: Ipsy Glambag (OG), Ipsy Glambag Plus, Boxycharm, Harry’s Shave Club, and Influenster (when I’m lucky enough)

Previous subscriptions I’ve featured: FabFitFun, Globein, Lip Monthly, Play! By Sephora, Petit Vour, Birchbox, VeganCuts Snack Box, Lola Beauty

TV/Movie Reviews

I review all movies and television shows that I watch. After finishing around 4 to 5 movies, I will post a “Reviewing Some Films I Watched” and write down my thoughts and rate each one. I do the same with shows. After completing a full season of a show or an entire series of one (depends on if it is ongoing or not), I will include it in a post titled “Shows I’ve Recently Watched.” I’ll usually be reviewing and rating around 3 to 5 different shows at a time.

Mini Book Reviews

I call my book reviews “mini” because I never really write about the premise of a book. I get right into detail on my thoughts and feelings. I also try to make them as short as possible but, I’ll admit, I do have a lot to say sometimes. I always include my favorite quotes that I highlighted in each book, too.