Recipe Reviews

In my Recipe Reviews, I search the internet to find three dairy-free recipes for my boyfriend to cook for us. I give each meal a rating and a small review, I’ll include the list of ingredients and a link to the original recipe.

Subscription Box Reviews

Current subscriptions I have: Ipsy Glam Bag, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, Boxycharm, and Influenster (when I’m lucky enough)

Previous subscriptions I’ve featured: FabFitFun, Globein, Lip Monthly, Play! By Sephora, Petit Vour, Birchbox, VeganCuts Snacks, Lola Beauty, Harry’s, NoMakeNoLife

TV/Movie Reviews

I don’t usually review movies or TV series individually. After finishing a few  movies or shows, I rate and write a review for all of them in one post.

Mini Book Reviews

I will never bore you with the details of the book. That’s what a synopsis is for. I go right into my feelings and thoughts. I never include any spoilers and I always include my favorite quotes.

Play & Musical Reviews

I have just recently renewed my Broadway Subscription at The Smith Center here in Las Vegas for my second season in a row. I’ve also talked about a couple other plays and musicals I’ve attended at other venues. I usually embed my thoughts, photos, and reviews in a Journal Entry so, to make it easier for you to sift through– I’ll link each post that includes a show review down below.