Journal Entry #260

ThursdayJuly 18, 201908:06 PM Hi all!! I'm gonna jump right in and start where I left off. Thursday, the night of July 11th. First, we went back to Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. We thought there would be more options/bars open there but, really, there was only one... this small place called Tavern on Grand. … Continue reading Journal Entry #260

Journal Entry #259

WednesdayJuly 17, 201907:09 PM Hey hey hey!! We made it back from Minnesota yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to jump into what we did (and ate) there but FIRST, I have to rewind back to where I left off in my last entry. On Monday, July 8th, we had a big salad with pre-cooked chicken, … Continue reading Journal Entry #259

Knick Knacks From My Trip to New York

Fettuccine Gummi in Watermelon & Puchao in Strawberry Red Dragon Mug w/ Lid Chopsticks Items Purchased at: Pearl River Mart in Chelsea MarketAddress: 75 9th Avenue, New York, New York 1001 Trincheras - 70% Dark Chocolate from Venezuela Item Purchased at: The Meadow in Greenwich VillageAddress: 523 Hudson Street, New York, New York 1001 Two … Continue reading Knick Knacks From My Trip to New York