My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks #2

If we've been friends since the very beginning of Hunida's Blog, you may remember when I first transitioned into a dairy-free human and I had a "Dairy-Free Me" series going. Now, I've deleted all of those posts and will try to make these My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks posts into a little series. If you missed the first one, … Continue reading My Favorite Dairy-Free Snacks #2

My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes

On Tuesday, I posted my favorite dairy-free snacks! Like I mentioned in that post; I'm lactose intolerant. I've been straying away from dairy-filled snacks and experimenting with tons of dairy-free alternatives. In my Recipe Reviews, you may have noticed that I never use dairy products... but sometimes, the ingredient list will say "butter" and I'll … Continue reading My Favorite Dairy-Free Substitutes