Day 20: How Important I Think Education Is

Super importantIn my opinion teachers deserve more respect. When I decide it's time for me to go to college (maybe soon?) I'll be going to become a teacher.I want to teach elementary students because I think that that's when education is the most important.(Via TeachingMonster)I'm not sure how important some things that are taught in … Continue reading Day 20: How Important I Think Education Is

Day 18: My Beliefs

I'm assuming this means something other than my religious beliefs because Day 4 of this challenge has already asked me about that.I believe in:GhostsSoulmatesAstrologyMagicImmortalityAbortion rightsAnimals > HumansKarmaAliens and life on other planets"Everything happens for a reason"Never microwaving anything"Confidence is key"$50 bills are bad luckNever putting my purse on the floorPlaying the punch buggy game at … Continue reading Day 18: My Beliefs