Journal Entry #319

June 20, 2020
08:35 PM

Hi loves! I hope you aren’t sick of hearing from me by now. πŸ˜› I know I already wrote two Journal Entries this week but, my schedule, that I am determined to follow, says I am due for another one!

After I posted on Thursday, I spent the rest of the night playing Sims 4, just chilling with boyfriend.

On Friday, I woke up around noon. After showering and smoking a blunt together, boyfriend went to the store to get cat food and I did my quick stretch and workout. I hadn’t done it for about a month and it felt so good.

For dinner, we just had leftovers. I ate a bowl of spaghetti and one lemon pepper chicken thigh. πŸ˜€ Both were as good as the first time!

Boyfriend had to leave for work around 5 PM so we just hung out together for a bit until the time came. When he left, I responded to your lovely comments and then wrote up my Five Friday Faves. For the rest of the night, I played more of The Sims 4 and read some of your blogs on my Reader.

When boyfriend got home, it was around 1 AM. We watched a couple episodes of Riverdale before going to bed.

Today, I woke up a little before noon. I read some more blogs on my Reader while boyfriend slept in a bit longer. He got up around 1 PM and I hopped into the shower before we ran our errands. He needed some new work shoes and socks.

We went to Shoes For Crews but, thought their prices were just too high compared to Walmart so he didn’t end up purchasing from there. Target was next door so we checked it out but, they don’t even sell the kind of shoes he needs. He did get a pack of socks, though and we stopped at Starbucks for the first time in MONTHS.


We both got a quad shot of espresso over ice… our favorite. ❀

Since it was right next door and we were already out, we stopped at Panda Express for food. They allowed more than 1 person inside at a time but, there was no dining in still. I waited in the car while boyfriend went to get our order.


I got the noodles with Orange Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken. Boyfriend got noodles with Kung Pao Chicken as well, Mushroom Chicken, and Beijing Beef. He also got us two egg rolls that I never got around to eating! It’s still in the fridge for later, though. πŸ˜‰

We brought it home to eat and just chatted with each other instead of watching TV, like we usually do. I have been trying to savor our moments together because I MISS HIM SO MUCH when he’s at work.

He left around 7 PM and I actually made myself another pot of coffee. I’m drinking a cup right now, LOL. I don’t know how the espresso earlier wasn’t enough for me… or it probably was but, I still wanted more…

NOW, I will draft a few a posts for this upcoming week and then, pass the time by playing more Simmies!!!

I hope you have a lovely and safe rest of your weekend. ❀

08:57 PM

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23 thoughts on “Journal Entry #319

  1. The chicken dish you picked up sounds delicious! Takeaway places and restaurants are open here but I don’t venture out for food much outside of the weekly grocery shop, I didn’t prior to Covid either πŸ˜›

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  2. Definitely not sick of hearing from youπŸ˜‚! And omg that Starbucks drink looks so good ,it’s Hella hot today in Latvia and something with lots of ice is the perfect drink 😍β™₯️

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    1. Lol yay! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you aren’t sick of me yet. Yeah, the guy who made our drinks were like, “do you want ice all the way to the top?” & we were like, “duh!!” it’s extremely hot over here, too!!

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  3. i used to be obsessed with orange chicken.. ❀ aww my meat eating days LOL
    me n my husbo LOVE eating eating whiling watching tv but lately we have stopped doing that. maybe it's us adulting ?? i wonder how that's just naturally happening.

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    1. I love orange chicken every once in awhile, it’s so yummy! I had tried a vegan frozen orange chicken before, it was pretty good. πŸ˜› & yeah, I love eating & watching TV, too. SO peaceful lol.


  4. I’ve always wondered what Panda express tastes like. It looks like Chinese fast food which a weird concept to me. It sounds like you had such a lovely 2 days! Hope your next week goes well!

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    1. Lol it’s exactly like Chinese fast food. I’m pretty sure it was created in America though. πŸ˜› I wonder if you’d like it! It’s good but, not better than an authentic restaurant.

      I hope your week has been going well, too! Thank you for reading! ❀

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  5. You two seem to be on the same schedule as us, although boyfriend is slowly getting more and more nocturnal 😳 I love Kung po in summer, especially as it has pineapple in, it’s so refreshing. Wow, Riverdale is getting a bit convoluted for my drunken brain to handle some evenings! You are your coffee, that is a lot! πŸ˜³πŸ˜„

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    1. Yeah we are getting onto more of a schedule now that boyfriend has a job. Before we were just staying up until the sun came up lol.

      Aw man, our Kung Pao chicken didn’t have pineapple. I do love it when it is in there though!

      LOL I would not know what was going on in Riverdale if I drank while watching it. πŸ˜› & I seriously have a coffee addiction… I know!

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  6. that’s insane that he works until 1am but now that i’m fully thinking about it, it’s not that crazy considering it’s Vegas and Freemont St right? LOL i’m sure businesses stay open much later than us here.
    i miss eating panda express because the orange chicken is bomb but i HATE the headaches I get after eating their food 😦

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    1. On the weekend, they don’t close until 2 AM so he gets home closer to 3 AM! Businesses here stay open quite late or even 24/7 lol.

      Saaaame, I actually didn’t get the headache from Panda Express this time but boyfriend sure did. 😦

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      1. oh man even now? here they’re not even allowed to be open past 9 pm yet? idk about bars but regular restaurants, even the 24 hr ones can’t stay open that long anymore. they’re not allowed. I miss going out to eat at night, I’m not gonna lie. Before we had CL, Alex and I would stay up somedays cruising around and would stop to have breakfast at midnight or 4am haha

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        1. Oh really? I think the 24/7 restaurants like Denny’s & stuff may still be open all day but, I’m actually not sure.

          I miss going out for latelate night breakfast too. That’s so cute that you guys used to cruise around & go out to eat. ❀ ❀

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  7. We are beyond happy that you are back in major blogging mode. You were missed!!!

    Spaghetti and a lemon pepper chicken thigh sounds like an interesting and delicious combination!

    Ah, we all remember our LAST Starbucks, don’t we? Mine was January of 2018 when I dropped a friend off at the Little Rock airport. Sigh… Miss you, Starbucks. Oh yeah…miss you too, Friend.

    Aaaaaaaaaaah Panda Expressssssssssss!!!! Four years since my last Panda Express. It’s even good cold, straight out of the fridge.

    That is so sweet that you miss Boyfriend when he’s at work.

    I totally get wanting more coffee even though you had espresso earlier. I would literally drink coffee and/or espresso all day except that it gives me a…WEIRD head so I have to cut myself off.

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    1. Aw yay!!! I’ve been blogging like everyday since I got back. Glad I have not been annoying!! πŸ˜€ ❀ I missed you so much, too!!!

      Lol the chicken thighs were like the main dish & the spaghetti was the side. It wasn't too bad of a combo! At least we were able to get rid of our leftovers. πŸ˜‰

      Aw man, since 2018!? I don't know if I have the self-control to go that long without stopping in a Starbucks lol. Same with Panda Express! πŸ˜›

      How could I not miss him?! I rather yell at him for not listening to me talk instead of really having no one there to listen hahaha.

      Can you explain a bit more what happens to your head when you say it gets "weird" from too much coffee?! I am curious!!

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