Boxycharm | March 2020

Happy Beauty Tuesday, friends! ❀ I know that I’m super late with this and that it is somehow already freakin’ JUNE but, I’ve had this draft sitting for way too long and I’ve finally got some opinions formulated! March was the last month I received a Boxycharm (or any subscription box) so, I’m sad to say, you won’t be seeing any Unboxing posts on my blog again for AWHILE. 😦

I was never given a physical postcard or even a virtual one but, luckily, all the information I needed was easily found on the web! The theme for March 2020 was: PRETTY EDGY.

what was in my box

Hydro-Dynamicβ„’ Ultimate Moisture for Eyes

Boxycharm’s Description

“Deeply quench the delicate eye area with this nourishing cream. A blend of hyaluronic acid and algae extract seal in moisture, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore smoothness. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.”

My First Impressions

I LOVE that this cream has absolutely ZERO scent to it. It’s a comfortable, thick consistency that feels silky and easily melts in. I get a wonderful tingly sensation (not painful at all) after applying and that actually makes me feel like it’s doing its job! After about two weeks of use, my skin is bouncier and it feels more hydrated. I also noticed my under-eye circles are a LOT lighter the next day if I remember to apply before bed. I have not seen or felt any sort of irritations, either. Though I have not tried MANY eye creams, this one has been my favorite, so far.

Retail Value: $70
Cruelty-Free? Yes


Kat Von D Vegan Beauty
Signature Brow Precision Pencil in Graphite

Boxycharm’s Description

Just like a signature, your brows are uniquely personal. Signature Brow Precision Pencil allows you to create your dream brow shape with unprecedented control. The super-precise elliptical tip is perfect for drawing hair-like strokes with an artist’s precision.

My First Impressions

WHAT IS THIS!!! It was so dry, GRAY-toned, and easily wiped away with a clean finger. When I tried to color in some parts of my brows, I don’t even think it showed up???



Retail Value: $21
Cruelty-Free? Yes


Ultimate Lip Definer in Fearless

Boxycharm’s Description

“A high impact, 8-hour longwear lip liner that effortlessly contours and defines the lips with the perfect balance of color and precision. The innovative dual-ended liner comes with a built-in sharpener and pout-perfecting precision tool for effortless application and definition every time.”

My First Impressions

I am always excited to receive anything from this brand but, the pout-perfecting end bit seems pretty gimmicky. I honestly couldn’t even take the clear plastic part off to try it. πŸ˜› I do like that there’s a little built-in sharpener and the product glided across very smoothly, with lots of pigment right away.

As for the shade, I thought it would pull more pink than it did but, it ended up being VERY brown when I swatched it and even more so when applied to my lips. I’m not complaining though, I was just confused because the stick itself. I paired it with tarte’s Color Splash Lipstick in the shade Beach Waves in the try-on photo below and they went so well together.



Try On

Retail Value: $22
Cruelty-Free? Yes


Slanted Tip Tweezers

Boxycharm’s Description

“Our Slanted Tip Tweezer features Chella’s signature, a unique no-slip grip coating, and stainless steel slanted tips for precision hair removal.”

My First Impressions

What a dream!! I had never gotten tweezers from a subscription box before and I’ve never used one that cost $20, either. Chella’s Slanted Tip Tweezers are the best I’ve ever tried. The shape is easy to hold onto and grabs onto my eyebrow hairs with precision, pulls the entire thing out, and somehow doesn’t hurt half as bad as a Revlon tweezers? I love it!!

Retail Value: $20
Cruelty-Free? Yes


Hank & Henry
Living in Color Palette

Boxycharm’s Description

“Are you ready to start #LivingInColor? Visually inspired by the late 90’s and early 2000’s Myspace realness. Each one of these eyeshadows can be worn by itself and blended out for the artist on-the-go.”

My First Impressions

I was pumped to finally try something by Hank & Henry’s, especially an eyeshadow palette. The sparkly shades caught my eye the most! They are all so pretty. When I did my swatches, the few I tried felt dry to the touch but, that didn’t stop them from giving me pigment.

When I dipped my brush in, there was little to no fall out. I did get LOTS of sparkles on my cheeks yet, none of the purple color fell down. Both the matte and sparkly shades I used needed to be built up quite a bit. It’s easy to get there, though (if you try harder than I did!).


The first two on the top row (Sultry Sin, Foo Sha) and the middle pan (Rosalinda).

Try On

Sultry Sin & Rosalinda

Retail Value: $27
Cruelty-Free? Yes


Face: Yensa – Tone Up Primer Essential Glow, Tarte – Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12H Concealer in Tan, Tarte – Amazonian Clay 12H Foundation in Tan Honey, Wander Beauty – Trip For Two Duo in Daiquiri, Cover FX – Perfector Face Palette Medium Deep Highlighter in Twilight

Eyes: Hank & Henry – Living in Color Palette in Rosalinda and Sultry Sin, IT Cosmetics – Super Hero Mascara (top lashes), Essence – Lash Princess Mascara (bottom lashes)

Lips: Becca – Ultimate Lip Definer in Fearless, Tarte – Color Splash Lipstick in Beach Waves

26 thoughts on “Boxycharm | March 2020

  1. Omg!! You got so many great items! I now understand the hype around subscription boxes!! I must say, those tweezers seem too good to be true!

    Also, you need to drop a skincare routine ASAP–you are glowing!

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    1. If you are in need of new makeup or skincare, sub boxes really are worth it. πŸ™‚ & girl, those tweezers are AMAZING. I didn’t even know they could be so easy & painless to use.

      Here’s my skincare routine post:

      BUT, I have made a couple changes since then. I’ve been skipping Step 5 altogether & for my exfoliator, I’ve now been using C’est Moi – Clarifying Cleansing Scrub, for my moisturizer I’m using Touch in Sol – Pretty Filter Waterful Glow Cream, & I added in the eye cream that’s in this post, too. πŸ™‚

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  2. I ordered a Boxycharm for the first time in years a couple months ago! I think it may have been a version of the March box, but I received different products (which I haven’t had time to test out because I go nowhere lmao). It was my first and last box for awhile. I’ve never received tweezers in a box before, but those sound worth it! I’ve only tried cheap tweezers so I really didn’t know they made better ones.

    I love your look though! It’s simple, but it also makes the eyeshadow pop more (:

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    1. Oh! What products did you get!?

      It took me so long to test out my products, too, since I also go nowhere LOL. I did my makeup & just sat at home all day yesterday. πŸ˜›

      & I’ve only used cheap tweezers in the past, too. I was convinced that they were all pretty painful & hard to grip with but, my gosh, I can’t believe these even exist!!

      Thank you, love!!! So happy you like the look!!! ❀

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      1. I kept my card that came with the box, but still haven’t touched anything I got lmao.
        I got a SUTRA BEAUTY Mini ceramic curling iron – which is actually one of the reasons I got the box, I was hoping to get it! KAT VON DEE anti-precision eyeliner, I think it’s charcoal color. BOXYCHARM Hello, Charmer Palette. BECCA Ultimate Lip Definer. PROJECT BEAUTY Hairgurt Yogurt Hair Mask – this one I’ve actually tried, I forgot lol. I like it. It makes my hair feel soft! I also got a bonus eye shadow palette for ordering from them again after not doing it for awhile.

        Haha I would definitely have done the same thing if I didn’t have a kid! Honestly :p I’ve been wanting to just give myself a little makeover, I feel like I’ve been letting myself go due to no energy lol!

        You’re making me think about investing in some better tweezers down the road haha. I don’t do much with my eyebrows but I do have to maintain them.

        And you’re welcome!! ❀

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        1. Oh! Yay! That’s awesome you were hoping for the curling iron & got it! I had received their mini straightener in a previous box, too. They’re so cute! I totally wish I could’ve gotten the hair mask. It sounds lovely!

          Aw, I could see how Xavier makes it hard to do your makeup! Maybe next time he has a nap you could do a li’l something? & I feel ya. I totally let myself go for the past two months too… like I looked scary! But, I finally shaved, washed & brushed my hair a bit, cleaned & clipped my nails & PHEW. I actually feel so much better.

          I do wish the tweezers were a tad cheaper but, they are actually worth it!


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          1. The mini straightener sounds nice, too! I wouldn’t have minded getting that in a box at all. And the hair mask smells great, too!

            I want to find time in between to do something, but then I always use that time to either nap, be lazy, or attempt to be productive and do something lol. And oh gosh, if you looked scary you should see me lmao. I try to keep up with shaving but sometimes I go 3 days without showering because I just lack motivation. It’s been a struggle lol. I believe you feel better! Every time I force myself to do something I feel like a new person again lmao. A part of me stopped caring and it doesn’t help when your clothes no longer fit right either. You reminded me, I need to clip my nails.

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            1. I totally get what you mean about using the “extra” time to just be lazy. πŸ˜› Sometimes, that’s just what you need! & I honestly stopped caring for awhile, too. I only got myself put together because my family came to visit me haha. πŸ˜› I was dreading all of it but, it *did* make me feel loads better! & hey, even clipping your nails can boost your mood! ❀ πŸ™‚

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  3. oh wow so many amazing products!!!! πŸ˜€

    i really have to wonder what that murad eye cream is like compared to a renewing eye cream i have from them (which is unopened, lol) its interesting that you say it’s thick but it melts into your skin quickly. i like products like that, ones that don’t feel heavy on your skin.

    that kvd brow pencil was AWFUL! i’m throwing mine out, i tried it out like 3 times and it was not great. i hated it!!!

    that becca lip definer looks sooo good, the shade i mean πŸ˜€ wow i want a shade like that one lol and it looks really good on you too!

    omg i got those chella tweeers to and i really really like them too πŸ˜€ so far the best ones i’ve tried

    hank and henry seem like they have really decent makeup products, i only own one of their liquid lipsticks but it’s honestly, hands down, one of the best formulas i have ever tried. this palette also looks amazing! love the look you came up with, it’s so so gorgeous and those pinky shades really suit you well πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!! I was so happy that this was my last box because I had been wanting to try an eye cream so bad.

      Let me know when you try the Renewing Eye Cream, I’m curious now, too! The one I’m using really does feel nice on my skin, like tingly & moist, and then like it’s not even there anymore. I love it.

      LOL I may throw out that pencil soon, too… it was SO bad! & I was surprised about the shade of the BECCA lip liner but, it was really pretty. πŸ™‚ Thank you!! It would look good on you, too!!

      YESS! The Chella tweezers are the bestbestbest. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without them lol.

      Oh!! That’s good to know that H&H have such a good liquid lipstick formula, too. I was really happy with this palette. πŸ˜€ & I’m so glad you like my look!!! ❀ ❀ Thank you, Rossy!!!

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      1. You’ll have to let me know how well the eye cream works for you after continued use.

        It probably won’t be for a while because I’m about halfway done with the one I currently have, and I don’t need that much eye cream to begin with so those are really hard to finish up.

        I almost wish I would have gotten that palette but oh well xD

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