Five Friday Faves #14

It’s so hard to pay attention to what day of the week it is but, hello, IT IS FRIDAY and I’ve got some faves to share. πŸ™‚

1. L. – Chlorine Free Ultra Thin Pads w/ Wings!


UMMMM, why were pads not made like this before? I never use tampons and pads always become irritating real quick. I had to live with that, though, didn’t I? These pads made by the brand L. were on sale when my Aunt Flo arrived earlier this week and they were cheaper than the regular kind!

I cannot even begin to explain how comfortable they were. They seriously just felt like soft underwear and when flapping the wings around my underwear, there was no trouble. I usually have it flipping, folding, flopping all over the place… or was that just me??

Either way, I HIGHLY recommend replacing your pads for these ones. Especially if you have a bit of an irritation like I did.

2. Cheerios – Cinnamon Oat Crunch


They taste exactly like you’d expect cinnamon Cheerios to but, with added pieces of granola– it was just lovely. I love trying different flavors of the original name brands and they have been coming up with a lot lately. We also had the Chocolate Frosted Flakes (they were okay) and Banana Raisin Bran (*GROSS!*).

3. Starbucks – CaffΓ¨ Verona Ground Coffee


I’ve probably shared this coffee before but, boyfriend just picked us up a new bag yesterday. I’m drinking it now and it’s so heartwarming. It’s definitely one of my favorite bags to have in our freezer. Yum.

4. New Blankies!!


Boyfriend’s mom sent us a big box of stuff yesterday. There were three, beautiful, plush blankies. This cute deer one I’m using now is so soft and the perfect size for me in my computer chair. It doesn’t fall all over the place or roll under my wheels. She ALSO sent us some freakin’ toilet paper!!! We were on our last pack of baby wipes so, they came at just the perfect time. She is just soso amazing. We wouldn’t be surviving without her.

5. Mods and Custom Content for the Sims 4

Toddler to Adult CAS Challenge

I have mostly always played the vanilla way, I never added custom content or mods available for free online. It seemed sketchy to me and I didn’t want my game to be completely ruined somehow BUT, there was just TOO much good stuff out there and if they worked for everyone else, why not me? I mean, more than 80% of people who play the game use these mods.

There are 3 different ones I wouldn’t be able to play my game without now:

Slice of Life by Kawaii Stacie, she adds so much REALISM to the game. My Sims now have tears in their eyes when they’re sad, blush when they’re flirty, get acne when they’re stressed or going through hormonal changes, and they even worry about their body weight. All of my Sims have a daily or weekly skincare routine, too. The masks they use vary from milk to seaweed, charcoal and more. That’s not even all, either. There are soso many features to discover and experience throughout the game just by adding this one mod. One of the most exciting things is that she gives each Sim a Meyers Briggs personality type!

**She’s going through some stuff right now and doesn’t have this mod currently available for download. It’ll be back soon though, I hope. ❀ I will add the link when/if she puts it up again.

Srsly’s Complete Cooking Overhaul. It makes going to the grocery store an actual thing! You can order online and get it all in your mailbox the next day or you can send your Sim to the store on their own (you can’t follow along but, oh well). There’s a regular grocery store, flower store, fish store, and a farmer’s market. Your Sims will get real ingredients like milk and eggs that you have to unpack and put into the fridge. It also allows you to add all kinds of different recipes! Like, why didn’t the Sims have meatloaf before? There’s even a grocery subscription service! It works just like how ours do, arriving in their mailbox with a surprise assortment, once a week. I love it!

And, Wicked Whims by TURBODRIVER, of course. I needed this to be added into my game. It has introduced my Sims to using protection during sex, having their period or taking birth control, and teens are finally able to get pregnant. My Sims are no longer blurred out when they are nude and hell yeah, I added some R rated animations! For relationships, they actually have “types” now, instead of just liking anyone they talk to for a long enough time. There are a few different levels of attraction in the relationship menus and you will KNOW when your Sim doesn’t like someone, too. There are also new personality traits added and you will learn a lot more about each Sims’ likes and dislikes.

Other small mods I’ve installed are functional cookie jars and candy dispensers with actual candies by icemunmun (also where I got most of my custom recipes, too), more after school activities for kids and teens also by Kawaii Stacie, and making ultrasounds available during 2nd trimester (comes with a photo and everything!) by LittleMsSam.

I’ve also added tons of new hairstyles, makeup looks, and jewelry. Some of my favorite creators out there are: simandy, Candy Sims, pralinesims, Cryptic Sim, Christopher067, and EnriqueS4.

What have YOU been loving this week??

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23 thoughts on “Five Friday Faves #14

  1. I’m glad you found pads that work for you! I’m too scared to use a tampon due to the risk of toxic shock syndrome and over here I always reccommend my Laurier pad which are so thin and so comfortable! LIFE CHANGING! Omg the deer blanket is freaking cute hahaha! Your mother in law is seriously so nice! Thanks for sharing the mods hehe! Things I’ve been enjoying this week, hmm I don’t think there is anything new sadly!

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    1. Girl, I feel you. Tampons are scary business & I really never used them until I became a dancer. That only lasted like a month lol I had so many different complications. Pads are the way to go & with these new cotton kinds, WOW, I am impressed. I don’t think we have the brand Laurier over here. 😦 & isn’t the deer blanket adorable?! ❀ I love it! She really is the best, we'd probably not be alive without her right now lol. & do you play with mods, Cordelia?! I had a hard time coming up with 5 faves this week, too, to be honest. No worries. ❀

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  2. I’ve always had issues with pads with wings, never found a comfortable one. But I do like the thin pads, so I might have to check that out. And so jealous! I have Sims for the ps4, and can’t do any mods. I did purchase Island Living and Strangerville, since the had a sale…lol I’m behind on Sims. And yass, bless her for giving you toilet paper πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! The wings are so difficult with most pads, these were seriously amazing. No hassle at all, like it was the perfect puzzle piece for my undies lol.

      Aw I’m sorry! The extra mods are fun but if you have a few other add-on packs, those always make the game better, too! I love Island Living but, sadly, I don’t own Strangerville. 😦 How are you liking them?

      & we really appreciated the toilet paper lol!


  3. I might have to find those pads myself! Where did you get them from? I’m like you, never use tampons either. I find them a bit gross. I can’t wear liners without wings, and I’m currently using some from the Walgreens brand but they are badddd. They don’t stick down to your underwear the way they should, so they constantly move around. It drives me insane!!!!

    Bravo for getting some toiler paper – it’s like gold now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh girl, those pads are life-changing! I found them at Albertsons πŸ™‚ I don’t know what is equivalent near you but, I hope you can find them! Tampons are such a hassle & people think I’m crazy for not using them– usually, I run into people who think the opposite (that pads are the gross ones lol). I don’t mind liners without wings either but, the normal sized ones are never sticking down how they should & always folding up where they shouldn’t, right!?

      Seriously, the shelves seem to be stocking up again everywhere else except the TP!!

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      1. You’re totally right. Women who wear tampons think pads are gross, and we’re the other way round! πŸ˜„ There’s still no TP or much paper towel near us….but we managed to score some TP on Amazon that’s coming on Thursday πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ.

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        1. Aw yay! I know it’s been awhile but, our shelves are stocked with TP now. Not every single kind & it’s never full up like it used to be but it’s much easier to find now! Hope the same is for you?!

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    1. I loved those Cheerios too! I noticed they have tons of different flavors now! & boyfriend said keeping the coffee in the freezer makes it fresher? It doesn’t turn into ice or anything so I believe him I guess lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I went through the cereal aisle and omg there were almost too many kind of Cheerios! I wanted to try them all! Those are def my favorite Cheerios now though. And hmmm I guess I believe him too so I might have to start keeping it in the freezer haha!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. We’ll have to split up the Cheerio flavors & tell each other how they taste so we can get through them all quicker. πŸ˜‰ & I can’t remember how coffee tasted before storing it in the freezer so you’ll have to let me know if you notice a change lol.

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