The Sims 4 | Toddler to Adult CAS Challenge

Hello hello!! I stumbled upon this challenge on YouTube where tons of Simmers were creating a Toddler, messing with the facial features to maximize cuteness and then, clicking the Young Adult preset to see how they looked when aged up.

I’m not sure if there were any specific rules posted anywhere but, all of the YouTubers who participated mentioned in their videos that, you HAVE to tweak the toddler quite a bit and that makeovers were absolutely recommended for the adult– just NO messing with genetics.

The goal is for your Sim to be both attractive as a toddler and as an adult. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Well!!! *spoiler alert* It was not. I tried two times.

Attempt #1 – Candace Winters


I messed with the shape of her eyes, nose, chin, cheeks, etc. It was harder to make her “ugly” than it was to keep her adorable.

toddler 1 before

This is what she looked like after immediate age up to Young Adult. I do not know why her eyes were so tiny or why the tip of her nose looked weird from the front.

Then, I gave her a makeover…

toddler 1 after
I can’t believe she blinked in her middle close-up but, it was my rookie mistake for only screenshotting one single time for each angle. Dang.

I changed her hairstyle, brows, added some blush, eyeliner, lashes, lip gloss and eyeshadow. I thought she ended up looking okay after all that but, I wanted to try again…

Attempt #2 – Marlee Belkins

toddler 2

I went for a more pouty, big-eyed Toddler this time. I love how she already had the “I just don’t give a shit” look at only age 2-4.

toddler 2 before(1)

I was surprised how well she aged up. I thought she was super unique and pretty. I’ve never seen another Sim out and about that looked anything like her!

Then, I gave her a makeover…

toddler 2 after

Changed her hair and eyebrows, applied blush, eyeshadow, lashes, and lipstick. I almost think she looked better before I added all the makeup!

Which adult do YOU think ended up looking prettier? Which toddler is most adorable?

signature 2020

P.S. The only CC (custom content) I have downloaded in my game are the lashes, eyeshadows, lip colors/gloss, a default skin blend (on all ages), and a more realistic/pouty lip look/shape (on all ages). Oh and nails but, you can’t see those anyways. 😛

30 thoughts on “The Sims 4 | Toddler to Adult CAS Challenge

  1. Ooh, I’m gonna try this. I’m all for new ways to play the game.

    Right now I’m playing a household where all three adults are a Plant Sim. I have one cowplant, but what would happen if I grew a whole bunch and deprived them of food?

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    1. It was pretty fun! I just created these Sims just to do the challenge & immediately deleted them afterwards lol. If you decide to do it, I’d love to see your results! & oh my gosh, plant Sims are so strange lol best of luck with the cow plants! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol they are very entertaining to watch on YouTube!! Glad I’m not the only one who does. 😂 & I totally thought the same about Candace closing her eyes lol but, man, they were both cuter as toddlers! 😂

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  2. Would you believe that I’ve never played the Sims before? I had no idea there were such complexities that went into creating the looks of Sims characters.

    I think both characters looked beautiful after their makeovers!

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    1. Oh man, Sims is a whole new world. If you end up with a lot of extra time on your hands, I think you’d love it. There are tons of custom content makeup “palettes/looks” you can find online to download into your game for free lol, it’s awesome.

      Lol, yay! So happy you liked their makeovers! 😁


    1. I just created them in CAS without adding them into my game lol. Let me know if you do end up getting pregnant! 🙂 I can’t believe you just age them all up LOL.


  3. Oh this challenge sounds so much fun! Love it! Little Candace is sooo cute- her age up looks so different?? Love the makeover you gave her and you’re so right about Marlee having the ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude already at that age- so true haha! & I think she looks better before the makeover! Both so different & unique- Candace looked better with the makeover. Thanks for sharing gorge ❤

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    1. Lol it was such a blast to do this challenge, honestly. I have NO idea what happened to Candace when she grew up… poor girl. At least she could be saved a bit with makeup. 😛 Yesss, glad you also saw the “diva” in Marlee’s toddler eyes! & she almost looks like a whole different person before & after her makeover, right? Lol. So happy you enjoyed this post, Jennie!! ❤


  4. Ooooooohhhhh I should try this challenge LOL looks pretty fun but I can see how the end results wouldn’t be to your liking.
    I think both of the adults look great! Marlee looks more unique though?? As for the toddlers, I think Candance is cuter.

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    1. Lol it was actually so fun! Watching the YouTubers do it was pretty entertaining, too. 🙂 You’ll have to show me your results if you do it!! & I made Candance SO cute. I thought with Marlee, if I made her a bit more unique as a toddler, she’d grow up better!

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      1. I want to try these challenges so bad, so besides this one and the pregnant one, i was going to ask you what other challenges have you done? i ended up looking up a list of some and a few are prettyy…..unsual and gory even? creepy? don’t know the right word, like the black widow one LOL
        anyway, i had to cheat on my game, i actually haven’t played since….. sunday, but basically i used the money cheat because i needed to buy certain things for my toddler and my sims were not earning money fast enough, i also apparently created my sims through a story, so i didn’t pick any of her traits and i didn’t like them so i changed them again lol.


  5. This challenge looks so fun & I want to try it now too! Out of the two, I think Marlee had the best age up, but Candace looked the cutest as a toddler.
    I also don’t have any CC so maybe I should add some to my game…I love the CC you use!

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    1. Those were my exact opinions too!! I would love to see how your Sims turned out if you did try this challenge. 🙂 & adding extra CC can make your Sims so pretty but my computer isn’t the fastest so I try not to add as many!

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      1. Maybe I’ll do the challenge next weekend haha
        I have a gaming laptop so I know my laptop would be able to handle the CC
        Also have you seen the trailers for Eco Lifestyle pack?

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        1. I so wish I had a gaming laptop. I know you have talked about Steam before. Have you seen the new sort of Sims-style game? Paralives?

          The Eco Lifestyle looks awesome! Totally wish I could have it right away lol. Love the new update too, especially the bills part.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes I watched a video on Paralives & it looks really cool! I love the artstyle, colorwheel & being able to customize EVERYTHING. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s actually like when it comes out
            YES! & I love that there’s now ladders & firefighters too!

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