March 14, 2020
07:33 PM

Hi friends, I hope you are all well, safe, and healthy. I do apologize for not returning with a Journal Entry on Thursday night like I said I would but, for 1) I am still upset about the photos I deleted, for 2) this virus is stressin’ me (and the whole world) OUT, and 3) I just wanted to stick to my Blogging Schedule for once (probably so it feels like I am in control *somewhere*) so, I came back today instead. πŸ˜›

Last time I wrote, I left off on Monday. Probably one of the last normal days of grocery shopping we’ll have for awhile. We went to Sprouts and got our 3 meals for the week. Everything was in stock and the lines weren’t as long as the entire length of the store.

Boyfriend made us a meatball veggie soup that turned out alright. I spent my entire day playing Sims 4, smokin’ weed, and eating.

Tuesday was Rossy and her family’s last day in Vegas. They had to be at the airport around the same time I had to attend my musical of the month so, for dinner, we all met up at Big Chicken, where we ate together on their last visit (in November).

Thank you to Rossy for always taking the best pictures of us! ❀

I had the Uncle Jerome sandwich which had the Nashville hot chicken breast with lettuce, mayo, and pickles and boyfriend had the Shaq Attack with pepper jack cheese, jalapeΓ±o slaw, and spicy chipotle BBQ sauce. I love that they use Brioche buns even though they’re a bit tough on the tummy because of the dairy– they are so dang worth it and go soooo well with the chicken!

We also had an order of the regular fries, sweet potato waffle fries, and a 3-pc of the chicken tenders, lol. My sandwich was definitely the best part though.


The boys played a bit of Foosball right next to our table while Rossy and I sat and chatted. πŸ™‚ We had such an absolutely lovely time all together again. ❀ I wish with all my heart we could live closer to them.

Afterwards, we made one last stop to Dunkin’ Donuts. Their son, Ciel, was so cute and asking if they could follow/continue to hang out with us! I was so in love, hehe. ❀ He was seriously cracking me up while we were walking in, too. Saying, “haha that’s so funny” and doing this fake laugh that made me real laugh, over and over again!


I don’t know what the heck I ordered, honestly. It was their frozen coffee with 3 shots of espresso mixed in but, it just tasted like a burnt coffee, melted slushie. πŸ˜›

Boyfriend got 4 shots of espresso with a flavor shot of their toasted almond, that tasted more like hazelnut but was still a lot better than what I had… he also had one of their Boston Cream donuts and exclaimed, “that’s one mediocre donut” when he took his first bite. I ate one of Ciel’s chocolate munchkins (donut holes) and wasn’t very impressed. I don’t think any of us were!

When we parted ways, boyfriend and I made a stop at the dispensary and then, he dropped me off at The Smith Center to see Once On This Island!


I am devastated that I lost my photos from me actually being there. This has never happened for any of the previous 18 (!!) shows I’ve been to. I feel like my tradition has been broken even though I can, obviously, continue it at my next one. Although, The Smith Center has stopped all productions until March 31st… at least, that’s the date FOR NOW. I’m worried they won’t be back open for my showing of Mean Girls in the beginning of April.

UUUUUGH. Corona Virus go away!!!! Please!!!!

Sorry, okay, anyways.

RIGHT as I was walking up the stairs to get up to the balcony floor, where my seat is… I felt my Aunt Flo come for her monthly visit.

I heard of this happening to many women but, I was not prepared. I usually get mine just a tiny wee bit when it first appears and I find out when I’m using the bathroom, at home, in the morning or at night. It never comes rushing out of nowhere like that. So, in a panic, I called boyfriend to bring me my supplies BUT, then, I realized public restrooms are usually equipped with those kinds of things. I got what I needed for 50 cents and called the emergency off. Woohoo!

Sadly, the crowd was empty as ever! I think a lot of people bought tickets but, decided not to “risk” showing up.

It was a 90 minute show with no intermission. I’ll write a full review and dedicate an entire post to it on Monday instead of forcing it onto you in this entry though. πŸ™‚

I’ll probably do that for all the musicals/plays I see in the future, too! (If I ever get to go to one again!)

When boyfriend picked me up, it was raining pretty hard (for Las Vegas).


We passed a sewer that was overflowing because we don’t have enough of them built here in our, usually, super dry city. We will seriously flood one day because they are not prepared for any type of precipitation.

BUT, just as they predict, I also bet we’ll never get enough for that to happen.

On Wednesday, I didn’t really do anything besides eat dinner and play the Sims. We had no errands to run, thankfully, we just got to relax. Same with Thursday.

Yesterday was dreadful. I almost cried when I realized we had one roll of toilet paper left and when we casually went to Walmart to fetch some, we saw that the selfish assholes had bought ALL of it, for no reason. They literally bought the whole entire city (and world) out of it! I, honestly, don’t get why that is their main concern. I feel like there are so many more important supplies to get… but, whatever. To each their own, I GUESS. 😑

We were only able to get two packs of baby wipes and two packs of picnic napkins when we went to Sprouts right after. Which was also full to the brim with people and also, completely out of toilet paper. Their stuff hurts, though… I wouldn’t have wanted it anyways… may as well use leaves at that point, honestly.

BUT THEN, we had to go to Albertsons, too since Sprouts didn’t have every single thing we needed on our list (so, so much was SOLD OUT). Of course, Alb’s was ALSO full, full, full of people but, we did find the things we needed including a big bag of our cats’ fave Rachael Ray food.

We spent SO much time maneuvering through crowds, desperately looking for what we needed on bare shelves, and waiting in loooong lines… we didn’t make it home until nearly 8 PM. Then, we panicked and thought, “oh my gosh, what if people are hoarding weed, too?” so, we dropped off our groceries and went to get some, lol.

Luckily, the budtenders said they had a lot left. πŸ˜€

We noticed loads of people buying carts full of water, too, so we went to fill up as many gallons as we had available. At Walmart, there was more water left than Gatorade/Powerade though. Am I missing something here about that?? Would I survive longer off those??

I have no idea what I need in case of a real life apocalypse, you guys. I’d be one of the first to die, I think… (well, actually, I *know.*)

When we finally settled in at home, it was nearly 9 PM. Boyfriend made us meatball sub sammies for dinner. We watched the newest episode of The Voice and half of the first episode of the new season of Good Girls.

I played more of the Sims when I finished eating and boyfriend also played it on his XBOX. It’s so fun when we are both playing like that. πŸ˜€ We stayed up until nearly 5 AM.

Today, we both woke up around 2:30 PM. I decided I better get back to work and see what it’s like over there. I’m kind of scared (not of the virus, of the SLOWNESS) but, my coworker messaged me and told me that it’s not so bad and that I should go so I’ve got high hopes and all my fingers and toes crossed.

After my shower, skincare routine, stretch and workout, I watched the rest of the Good Girls episode while boyfriend cooked this scrumptious deep-fried chicken for dinner. The nasty greasy stench is stuck in my hair and clothes now but, it was yummmm-eee!

We bought whole wheat flour because people bought all the regular kind and it actually tasted normal!! We liked it and recommend it!!

When we finished eating, we went straight to Starbucks for our espressos and then, to Total Wine for our booze. My heart dropped when I saw that my preferred PatrΓ³n bottle wasn’t on the shelves. I thought people had stocked up on it and I was going to be stuck buying the $75 one! THANKFULLY, boyfriend asked the associate and she was able to grab one for us from the back. πŸ˜€ Honestly, if that had been the case, where people had stocked up on it… I would have bought those last two $75 bottles. I would *need* them if we were stuck indoors for any amount of time, okay?

When we got home, I started typing this, we smoked a blunt, and now I’m gonna go get ready for work. ❀

Stay healthy and HAPPY, folks!! Love you all!! ❀

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  1. I feel ya on the not being prepared for the rain. I don’t think southern California is prepared for days of rain either and it’s been on and off raining here for a couple of days. It has not rained today for sure!
    It has been so weird going into grocery stores and seeing shelves empty. It’s definitely been making me realize how privileged we are to be able to run in and grab necessities without concern for availability. I’m hoping that things will become restocked in the next couple of weeks and people will calm down with the hoarding 🀞🏾

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    1. Lol yeah, I’d assume Cali is just as unprepared as NV for rain. πŸ˜‚ We rarely get a lot of it so I can see why but, they should rather be safe than sorry, right?!

      I agree. I am definitely realizing how much privilege we had before all this. I do hope the shelves will be more stocked in the coming weeks, too. At least they are limiting items now. β™‘

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  2. It was in November that you and Rossy got to meet up? It feels like it happened just a few weeks ago, how quickly time is passing! I was in disbelief when I spotted your Dunkin’ cup, but that’s a bummer that you didn’t like it. At least you can rely on your Starbucks!

    I’ve never considered Vegas not getting a lot of rain, so that’s new to me. It rains constantly here in Tennessee — I think it’s supposed to rain almost every day this week and I’m already sick of it! I can’t wait until the frenzy shopping ceases because that is ridiculous! Hopefully there’s a cure for this virus and that it goes away soon. That cracks me up that you would’ve bought the $75 bottle, but yay that they had the one you prefer available!

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    1. Lol! Right? It didn’t seem like that long ago that Rossy had first visited us. I hope time moves even faster now so this whole pandemic will end!! 😭 Dunkin’ was the closest by so we just decided to stop there, their espresso wasn’t so bad!!

      Oh man, it is freakin’ dry here in Vegas. We rarely get any sort of precipitation! The weather here has been rather dreary & cloudy all week though. 😭 How has it been in TN? Was there a lot of rain as predicted?

      πŸ˜‚ I am glad I only bought the smaller size because getting drunk at home & not being able to go out is actually terrible.

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      1. Same! I miss all my restaurants and getting to explore the city. I sure hope things will clear up and we’ll all be well again. I don’t know how much longer people can take being cooped up, honestly. I’m still concerned about the stores being bare.

        It stormed majorly over the weekend and woke us up like on Saturday morning! It’s predicted to storm tomorrow too. I think it was supposed to rain today, but I think it lightly rained over the night. I can’t imagine not getting rain, but that would be so nice!

        Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you’re feeling better, Hunida. β™‘

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  3. Man that sucks so bad about your deleted photos. I wish you could push a button and get them back. Sigh.
    Those chicken sandwiches sound sooo good. I love me a good chicken sandwich.
    That’s so sad about Dunkin Donuts! They used to be my favorites back in the Arizona days. LOL
    Yah, I totally do. not. get. the run on toilet paper, either. I went out and bought one extra pack on Friday because I was afraid of running out of our NORMAL supply before the stores can restock. My friends in L.A. are having a HELL of a time finding ANYTHING. There’s no cans of soup, no boxes of pasta…they found toilet paper at REI.
    As far as water goes, in L.A. I HAVE to buy bottled because my tap water tastes like chlorine and I don’t know what all else. The tap water at my Mom’s in Arkansas tastes good and normal like water should so I can drink it straight from the tap.
    Yes, wheat flour is delicious.
    Glad you got your Patron and weed. LOL
    I hope everyone calms down and stops hoarding stuff soon. WTF????
    How did you like Good Girls? I’m all caught up on it now and still like that show a lot.
    Hope you have a great, stress-free week!

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    1. I know 😭 I am still so sad about the photos. & those chicken sandwiches really are fantastic! I can’t wait til the day we can go out & have ’em again…

      I have just never had the best experience at Dunkin’! I wonder if it’s the Vegas ones that aren’t so good or my taste buds only want Starbucks now. πŸ˜‚

      We still haven’t found any toilet paper & are on our last roll. At least we found a lot of food though– that’s more important to me anyways.

      Yeah, here in Vegas, our tap water tastes like dirty metal. We need bottled waters &/or to make runs to the water mill. In MN, tap water is just fine, too!

      I was surprised about the wheat flour– not bad at all! & yes, we got our booze & weed, of course. β™‘

      I’ve watched the first 2 epis of Good Girls so far. TV has been hard for me to focus on but I’m gonna try to get over this anxiety & do normal things *soon.* I’ll let you know when I watch the rest!

      I will probably not have another stress-free week until this pandemic ends but thanks anyways!! β™‘β™‘

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      1. I just realized your job involves the public BIG TIME. Are you still allowed to work?

        If you can’t find toilet paper you will have to cut up old t-shirts or old towels. Just throw them out afterwards. Re-washing is gross.

        Also, I had the idea to run around stealing rolls from public bathrooms…McDonalds for instance, if necessary. Churches are always open aren’t they? Run in there and steal a roll from the nearest church bathroom. Only if desperate, of course. LOL And only take one roll.

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        1. Nope, my club is closed for (at least) 30 days from the day they shut down. 😦

          LOL honestly, I think I would rather just wash up in the shower instead of using old towels or tshirts but I will keep that in mind, too.

          I totally should have stole a roll from somewhere before it all shut down!

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  4. We have to go to the grocery store tomorrow for normal groceries and are already dreading it… there’s probably gonna be long lines and nothing left. ugh!! lol very funny that you guys thought of the weed! haha

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    1. The stores are just so bare & sad. I hope you guys were able to find some good stuff when you went & that the lines weren’t super long. & I am so thankful our dispensaries are staying open here & that we even have them in the first place. πŸ˜‚

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  5. I’m glad that I took some photos of us before leaving that way you could have a few too lol. Sucks losing photos though, it makes me terribly upset when that happens to me too
    That’s right! We kind of recreated my last visit by eating at Big Chicken before heading to the airport. So so good by the way. The brioche buns made the sliders taste sooooo amazing.
    I do wish we lived closer to one another. It makes me sad that we don’t! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”
    Ciel got really attached to you guys even though we only hung out for a little less than two hours haha. He really loves you both. He has never been as comfortable as he is with you guys, when he meets other new people. It takes him a while to warm up but you saw him for him and I love that πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
    I’m sorry we took a detour from your Starbucks run, at least we now know to never go there again lol.
    Cant wait to read about the musical. So crappy they had to cancel the rest of the shows. I think they are cancelling shows here too and it worries me because they recently announced no gatherings of 50 or more for the next 8 weeks and I have a show May 1st that I do NOT want to miss. 😭😭
    People really are selfish. There have been some people who bought out baby formula and diapers and are trying to profit from it. Like, wtf, people really need that!
    Omg haha I laughed at the weed thing because Alex said the same thing and I told him “if you’re that worried go get some” haha
    You’re better off with water than Gatorade. I think it’s high in sugars. You don’t want that lol.
    If there was ever an apocalypse I wouldn’t make it either 😭😭
    Lol I went to the liquor store twice to stock up on my favorite “wine” haha. Remember I told you about Boone’s Farms? I have several bottles. I am thinking of going back because between Alex and I we finished like four bottles in like two or three days. They’re not high in alcohol which is why we can drink a lot of it but I have a high tolerance of alcohol to begin with lol.
    I hope work went well that night. 🧑

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    1. Yess!! Thank you for always remembering to take pictures. I am so glad we had sent some back & forth so I had these few saved. β™‘

      I loved that we recreated our time in Nov together too! & hey. Shitty Dunkin’ with you guys is better than Starbucks anyday!!! β™‘β™‘ so worth spending more time with you guys.

      & I am so so so happy that Ciel loves us & is comfortable with us. That makes me feel so special & we always talk about how much we love him/how funny he is. I always bring up the time he realized our Alex’s had the same name. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€

      I will definitely write about the musical sooon. Hopefully this Monday! & I am really gonna cry if I am not able to see Mean Girls. 😭 I hope you are able to see your show on May 1st, too!!

      I hate selfish people. Here, in Vegas, they said if anyone is selling products overpriced they will get fined/in trouble! So ha! Did you hear about the hand sanitizer guy who ended up donating it all? πŸ˜‚

      Yeah, we bought a ton of weed but realized that they are an “essential” business that’s staying open but I’d rather not go out if we don’t have to so I’m glad we have enough for awhile.

      Lol oh well, I guess we can both die together if the apocalypse happens. 😭 Boyfriend says he would make me fight/try to survive but I don’t think I’d even wanna!!

      We stocked up on some alcohol too. I had a margarita last night lol. I gotta try these Boone Farms that you’re talking about! I have a feeling I’d like them!

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      1. I would have sent them again if you needed them, i wouldn’t have minded πŸ™‚
        Awwh yeah I’m so glad we got to spend more time with you guys πŸ™‚
        Awwwwhhhhhhh you’re gonna make me crryyy! It makes me so happy you guys love him too lol. ❀ ❀ my little crazy munchkin! ❀ I remember that, the look on his face like "that's not possible" XD
        Well it's looking a lot like everything is going be to cancelled for the next few months. They extended the school closures until April 28th in hopes of flattening the curve but lots of people are still out and about =/
        And yeah I heard he tried selling it all for insane prices through Amazon and they shut him down?? Didn't know he had donated lol that's hilarious but good.. he didn't deserve all that money
        Good for them, but it makes sense, some people truly do it for medical purposes, I mean that's why they began to open in the first place lol. Alex has enough I'm sure but same, Trying not to go out at all.. Sucks because I'm bored and the weather is so fucking nice lol. State parks are closing too so can't even go hiking ;(
        omg if an apocalypse happened I don't think CL and I would make it lol. he is too picky of an eater and me, I'm not really prepared haha, i wouldn't wanna live in a world like that to be honest.
        Ah yeah I keep meaning to send you a photo of the bottles lol.. But yeah, if you find them, I recommend Fuzzy Navel, Blue Hawaiian, and one I recently tried last week, Strawberry Daiquiri, some of the best flavors so far, we don't have a huge selection but i know they have a lot of flavors

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        1. I know you would have because you are the best!!! ❀ & I really do love your little munchkin. He is so cute & funny. The look on his face was priceless when we told him, like he was waiting for us to say "just kidding" lol.

          I heard school is cancelled until next year, like even if everything else opens back up? i don't know if that's true though.

          LOL yeah, Amazon like shut his account down & when he realized it, he donated all his supply of hand sanitizer. Probably because he knew he was about to get in trouble? I love that they are not allowing people to return anything now that the price gouging law is in effect too. Serves them right.

          All of our dispensaries have had to shut down their insides now. Only one place has drive thru & other places are doing delivery. I am super glad we stocked up just in time!! how are you dispensaries running over there during this time??

          OH my gosh, that's exactly what I said to boyfriend. I wouldn't *want* to survive in a world like that & he's like "well you can't just give up" but i totally would lol!

          It's okay! I can look for them online before going to find them. πŸ™‚ Fuzzy Navel sounds the best!!!

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          1. 🀣🀣 it’s funny that you mention it because, I never realized how common the name Alex was lol. In HS for prom, my two friends and I each had dates. Alex and I were dating back then so he was my date. And one of my friends bf, is also named Alex. She actually married him last year lol. And the other friend also managed to get a date with the same name! Literally three Alex’s for our prom dates 🀣
            Another blogger who I used to be close with, her then bf now fiance is also named Alex so when you told me your bf’s name I was SHOCKED!! 🀣 I also have a godfather with the same name lol. Can you believe it??
            Huh…like next school year closed or 2021 closed? I know Cleia said in Canada they are probably closing until at least Sept. Yeah I’m glad a lot of people are getting what’s coming to them for being so greedy. Literally only in America!
            Oh my gosh, really?? Shoot I actually havent asked Alex but I will let him know so he can stock up as well. I actually havent seen him smoke as much recently but maybe thats because he sneaks away when I’m not looking lol. And I also make him do it outside so CL wont smell it. Thanks for letting me know.
            I’d give up, hands down lol.

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            1. Lol Alex is actually a really common name, isn’t it?? I would meet one almost every night at work!! & that’s just insane how many YOU know personally hahaha.

              I think until next school year, like yeah, what Cleia said. They won’t start back up until Sept. πŸ˜› & seriously, I don’t think any other countries were hoarding shit?? People are nuts here.

              I hope Alex was able to get some & that we will have enough for the rest of the time lol.

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              1. Oh I know far more Alex’s not just the ones mentioned haha
                Hmmm well that really sucks. A lot of people were concerned with how they are going to handle finals when the kids go back. Someone told me they plan on cutting summer vacation short to start school earlier than September (provided the pandemic has slow by then?) And probably extend the school year to make up for it. That or they will try to cram as much as the teachers can but that’s not a good idea.
                Apparently a lot of the dispensaries here are opened. I guess they do consider them essential business. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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                1. Wow! Yeah at first our dispensaries were allowed to be opened & considered essential as well but then a couple days later, they all decided to close & do delivery only. The ONE place that has a drive thru had a line ALL the way down the street & around the whole CITY.

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  6. I feel you, this virus is really stressing me out too. I really don’t get the toilet paper thing! But the whole idea of people stockpiling just makes me so angry, it’s selfish and all the media scaremongering is just spurring it all on! Hope it all comes down and we can all get a bit of peace! x

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  7. Oh my god, that sounds insanely scary what you are describing in the grocery stores! Some of the shelves are empty here but it’s not as bad as people describe it online, nor are there like massive line ups and stuff. But, I tried to buy dental floss and we dropped by to 3 different stores and they’re ALL sold out, so I have no idea if it’s the hoarders or shipments being cancelled/delayed. I get really mad reading news of those who buy to resell at a higher price. I am all for staying home and playing The Sims all day, hahaha.

    Stay healthy!

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    1. Ahh, I am really happy to hear your stores aren’t as bad as over here. That’s interesting that the dental floss has been sold out! I’ll have to check if we have any now, I’m curious lol. People who are selling things at a higher price are being fined so joke’s on them. πŸ˜‚ I am sad to stay home & not make money but, I have def been playing a lot of Sims, lol.

      Thank you! You too! β™‘β™‘


  8. ahhh it hurt my heart a little bit that y’all hated Dunkin’s so much LOL – they’re such a New England staple… but I can admit they aren’t the best. I love their iced coffees though lol. The food def tastes better earlier in the day though!! If you’re interested at all, Casey Affleck did a hilarious Dunkin Donuts commercial spoof on SNL lmao.

    Also, I’m sorry to hear that the virus has been affecting your work. Everyone who works jobs that require employees to be in-person have been in my thoughts and prayers. My university moved to online classes for the remainder of the semester and is currently making student centers pitch ~why~ we should be allowed to work remotely, so I’m slightly scared of how this will impact my job status for the next few months.

    Also, I hope you can find some TP somewhere!!! I’m so freaking pissed at all the a-holes who purchased these basics…. not even to hoard for themselves but to attempt to extort people by marking these things up online to sell at huge profit margins. Its messed up and I hope those that purchased to profit off of other’s anxiety learn their lesson (since many sites are banning the reselling of these basics).

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    1. Lol aw, you know, maybe we just have bad luck with the baristas we get at Dunkin’s & how late we are for the food. 😝 Their espresso wasn’t so bad, honestly. I’ll def check out the SNL spoof with Casey Affleck!!

      Yeah. Things are only getting worse with the virus. I’m going to forget about it for a couple days… or at least, try to. 😭 I’m glad your uni has made online classes possible. I hope your job status has or will be secured through this. β™‘

      I still haven’t found any TP & we are on our very last roll. 😭 I can’t believe people were buying so much just to sell at it at high prices! I honestly thought people were just hoarding it so they wouldn’t have to come out of their homes which would have been more understandable to me. I’m glad they are crackin’ down on those that are trying to make a profit off these basics we all need & that stores are limiting how much people buy now!


  9. The toilet paper situation is really stressing me out to no end! They better start limiting people to a few per purchase cause this is getting ridiculous. Everyone needs to wipe themselves so spread the love people, and stop being assholes! Ahhhh!

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    1. Most stores are limiting now, thankfully, but we still haven’t found any toilet paper. 😭 I hope you have by now! β™‘ & I agree, people really do need to quit being assholes.

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        1. I hope everything is in stock by the time you need it! Boyfriend was able to get Tylenol when he had a headache from the gas station, the little singles they sell behind the counter, by the way! πŸ™‚

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            1. It’s because Ibuprofen was proven to multiply the COVID-19 cells or something so people were told to use Tylenol instead so they just went & bought all of them off the shelves LMAO

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  10. Awww I’m sorry about the photos you lost Hunida! As for the stores being out of everything, I actually haven’t been to see it for myself but my parents confirmed that’s happening where I am too! People are so selfish honestly! They were just looking for regular groceries and ended up not getting everything they wanted because stuff was sold out… So crazy! Hope you’re holding up well in this strange times besides that though!

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    1. I guess there are more things to worry about than those photos now but, I am still sad to have lost them lol. I’m sorry your stores are the same as over here! It’s really disappointing to see how selfish people are… hope your parents were able to find *some* stuff & that you all are holding up well, too. ❀ Thank you, Pamela!

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      1. Thanks Hunida! Everyone is doing well here, and yeah we’ve been able to get what we need but even now stores are still somewhat limited! It’s crazy but hopefully now it’ll even out since I can’t imagine people can keep up with the crazy spending to stockpile this stuff. Hope you guys are doing well!

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  11. I hope you’re hanging in there, Hunida! I feel ya on the toilet paper thing. We just so happened to need it when everything started to go crazy and have had the hardest time finding it!! It’s so strange to not be able to buy things I take for granted every day. Ugh. I’m glad you could find a big bag of cat food for your fur babies and play lots of Sims πŸ™‚

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    1. We were down to our last two rolls when things got a bit crazy & we’ve been really savoring our very last one lol. We’ve not been able to find any either! 😦 & I agree, it’s definitely been strange & we’ve definitely taken a lot of, what we consider ‘basics,’ for granted.

      I hope you all are hanging in there, too! Thanks so much for checking in with me, Allie. ❀


  12. Engaging story. That kid is awesome!

    I’ve been hearing from people all around the world where they’re in some form of “enforced isolation”.
    It’s impacting jobs all over. I’m grateful for a software developer job that allows working from home.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I wished I lived closed to yall! Esp Las Vegas, it has insane food options! Ciel is sooo cute! HAHA is he tryna break dance in one of the pictures!? HAHA! Oh man, i hate the crazy hoarders who take everything and leave nothing for others, don’t they get that selfish behaviour only makes things worst for everyone!? I hope you’ll do fine Hunida! Lmao, Garotade? I’m confused too. HAHA I’m glad you got your patron! Stay clean girl! Take precautions and wash your hands often! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man, I wish you lived near, too. You & I could have so many foodie outings together! & Ciel is adorable, I have no idea what he was doing in the photo but he HELD that pose for as long as his dad stood there snapping shots haha. I love him!

      Yeah, exactly, the hoarders are idiots. They are making things so much worse than it already is. *sigh*

      & seriously… I don’t get why they why were buying out the Gatorade & Powerade? It’s probably not that good for you & does NOT substitute water at all.

      I am sad to say that I am now out of Patron but can’t be wasting my money on more lol. 😦 I am doing everything to stay clean & washing my hands more than ever! I hope you are doing the same as well, love! Stay safe ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I’m so jealous you and Rossy got to meet! It’s so fun meeting online friends! I wish we would have the chance one day, but I’ll probably never make it to Vegas. 😦 I won’t travel alone, and I never have anyone to travel with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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