Hi Beauty Lovers!!! I am so excited to share my #BeMineVoxBox with you today!


**I was lucky to receive this VoxBox from Influenster, completely free of charge, all for testing and review purposes.**

My box actually arrived just a little bit after Valentine’s Day. It had a total of 4 products for me to try, that didn’t really go with the holiday, at all, if you ask me but, whatever. That’s not the point.

what was in my box


Retail Value: $1.19

Influenster’s Description

“A crunchy whole hazelnut, smooth hazelnut cream, and chewy caramel cup, topped with a dollop of rich chocolate. The perfect bite of candy that will leave you satisfied without slowing you down.”

My First Impressions

I had always been interested in these little guys since I saw them popping up in the candy aisles. I even picked them up as a gift for a friend before ever trying them myself– they just looked good.

I was, honestly, shocked how small each piece was. I don’t know why but, I had expected them to be a bit bigger. The texture was crunchy yet, chewy? The caramel was hardened and only activated by biting into it. I liked that but, could absolutely only handle one at a time. Maybe because I am just not a milk chocolate gal– boyfriend loved these a lot more than I did and was happy to pop the rest in his mouth immediately after I told him he could have them.


Live Clean – Apple Cider Detox Shampoo & Conditioner
Retail Value: $5.99 (each)

Influenster’s Description

Shampoo: A gentle, daily shampoo for oily hair and a weekly deep cleanser to help detox all hair types from all buildup.”

Conditioner: Formulated to gently condition and restore moisture and shine, while helping to remove dulling residue.”

My First Impressions

I knew it was a risk to use a new shampoo and conditioner on my extra sensitive hair/scalp but, I promised Influenster I would. πŸ˜›

On the actual day I used the Live Clean Shampoo & Conditioner, my hair actually was AMAZING. It was clean, soft, and felt like a plush blanket as it brushed against my back. The next day, though, it seemed my hair was heavier and almost greasy at the roots. My volume had disappeared and everyday afterwards it has gotten worse.

Usually, my hair is clean for a month straight with my current shampoo and conditioner so, I am left confused and upset. I will have to stop use and pass this duo on to boyfriend (just like I did with the Toffifay, hehe).


Korres – Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream Moisturizer
Retail Value: $36

Influenster’s Description

“This high-performance gel-cream moisturizer is powered by real probiotic-rich Greek Yoghurt, a skin-soothing superfood. It immediately melts into skin and unlocks time-released hydration for 48 hours.”

My First Impressions

I used this moisturizer, everyday, for a week. Even though it’s called a “gel-cream,” I didn’t really see anything particularly gellish about it. The texture was like any normal lotion. It was an opaque white color like any other, too. There was a “skincare scent” but, nothing offensive or strong at all.

As for the difference in my skin? I didn’t notice much. I wasn’t in love with this product but, I didn’t hate it either. My skin stayed hydrated throughout the day, I saw no irritations but, it didn’t feel softer or smoother and it was still dry again the very next day. The formula isn’t anything special and the packaging is boring, if I’m being honest.

If you aren’t already signed up with Influenster, what are you waiting for? Use my REFERRAL LINK: HERE for a chance to get your own free box of goodies to review.

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31 thoughts on “Influenster | #BeMineVoxBox

    1. Oh my gosh, Chanelle, I forgot to include descriptions from the postcard. I’m sorry! I’m gonna add them right now. 😝 For the mositurizer, it says it is meant to soothe skin & unlock time-released hydration for 48 hrs.

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  1. I’ve been using the Live Clean – Apple Cider Detox Shampoo for a couple of years, and Live Clean seems to be the only brand that doesn’t leave gunk in my hair. On the bottle it says to use the apple cider one 1-2 times per week (I think). The other Live Clean shampoos you can use daily. I am sorry that you didn’t have the same experience with this brand as I did!

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    1. I only used both the shampoo & conditioner ONCE. My hair is sad now lol but, honestly, it’s really picky. I’m pretty sure it’s me, not the brand. πŸ˜› I’m happy to hear it’s worked so well for you! They sound like an awesome company!

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  2. First, I’m not sure why but not all your posts have been showing up in my reader??

    But that aside, you got such a great mix of goodies. It’s a bummer that the shampoo and conditioner did not work out – I’ve wanted to try that brand for some time. I’m hoping that maybe it was just that particular iteration that was a dud and not the whole line :/.

    Also, yay for getting some Korres skincare!! They’re a great clean beauty line. This cream seems like it would be great for the summer when all you need is a light hydration!

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    1. Ah I don’t know why WordPress does that sometimes. 😦 I don’t even know how to fix it either.

      Honestly, I would still recommend the brand! My hair/scalp is just so extra picky. It may totally work for you! Boyfriend’s hair looks & smells amazing lately!

      I was super excited about trying out the Korres brand but, Vegas is almost even more dry in the summer than it is in the winter so light hydration is usually never enough for my super dry self. 😦


    1. LOL! What kind of drink did you think it was? Like a wine or soda?! ❀ You crack me up, Kaya!

      I didn't really understand Influenster at first either. I hope you get the hang of it & are able to get some freebies SOON. ❀


          1. Hey girl, finally I’m able to work from home. We’re aloud out once a day for an hour of exercise and then trying to do all food shelling once a week/every 10days.
            I’m missing my family but otherwise kinda loving my own space at home
            Hope you guys are keeping well! ❀

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            1. Aw hi Kaya! I’m so happy to hear that you’re able to work from home & that’s lovely that you’re able to go out for an hr at least. ❀ Shopping every 10 days is a great idea, too. ❀ I'm missing & worrying about my family a lot during these times, too but, we will all reunite soon!

              ❀ I hope you are are keeping well, too! Thank you ❀


              1. Hey lovely!
                It’s all a bit shit atm really isn’t it? Thank god for the internet though! I feel like I’ve bombarded everyone I know with messages and video calls!
                Shopping every 10 days is a good idea, until you stock up on loads of sweets and cookies!
                Hope you’re well xxx

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                1. Lol! It totally is shit right now. I am SO glad for the internet though. Phew. I would have melted by now without it! πŸ˜› & we tried very hard not to pick up any “bad” foods but, of course, we couldn’t resist everything, hehe.

                  ❀ ❀ hope you're well, too, love!!


                    1. Aw man, I love seeing your baked goods! Have you been sharing them on your blog?! & hey, during this crisis, you need all the sweets & TV time! β™‘


  3. Oh thats a shame about the shampoo 😦 does that mean normally you only have to wash your hair once a month Hunida? If so, that’s amazing! I wash mine every other day almost! It sounds like it was really amazing for one day, but then not for the rest! Maybe save it for special occasions when you want that super soft glossy hair just for one event πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Normally I wash my hair only once a month & it has so much volume. Mine is so heavy, flat & greasy now that I’ve used this, I could cry. 😦 I don’t think I’ll ever use it on my hair again, lol!


  4. Those toffifay look good but I am not a fan of caramel haha
    I think the shampoo and conditioner didnt work because* you already have a routine that works for you and for you, there is no need to wash your hair that often. I am still finding out what works for me.
    Too bad that probiotic moisturizer didnt work either. Sounds like box was eh lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw really? Caramel is so yummy but made of like pure butter & sugar lol. I wish I didn’t love it. πŸ˜‚

      I think you’re right! The shampoo & conditioner was probably just not getting along with me. πŸ˜› I think I’ll keep trying with the moisturizer after I run out of my Touch in Sol one I’m currently using!

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