Journal Entry #308

March 05, 2020
07:08 PM

Hi my loves! I don’t even know where to start. It isn’t even a scheduled Journal Entry day but, I needed to get on here ASAP and apologize to those who missed me because I’ve sure been missing YOU. I hadn’t written one of these since the Saturday before last so we sort of have a lot to catch up on but, not too much since I’ve been pretty much up to the same old stuff.

I’ve just been extremely stressed since March hit, it’s been hard for me to quiet my mind down with anything besides playing the Sims or watching reality TV so that’s all I’ve been doing.

But, let us rewind back to where we left off and see how much of it I can remember.

When boyfriend picked me up on Sunday morning/Saturday night on the 23rd of February, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings yet again.


We got our Ultimate Nachos and large size of wings.


We said, “two Blazin’, one Parmesan Garlic, and one Spicy Garlic” when we ordered.

And… I am not messing with you when I tell you they LITERALLY gave us two pieces of the Blazin’ wings… we thought each sauce was meant to have 5 pieces SO, we ASSUMED when we said “two Blazin’” that we’d be actually getting 10, in total, y’know??

We were able to get the 10 for free in the end, after some bitching and complaining, that I wish I didn’t have to do. They should have just taken care of it right away, no arguments but, the bartender tried to correct us on our ordering language?? LOL. Puh-lease.

We went straight home afterwards, with lots of leftovers. πŸ˜€

That same Sunday but, after a full sleep, we went grocery shopping and came home for boyfriend to cook us a Cambodian beef dish (Loc Lac) for dinner. It turned out really well! And, even though I haven’t been writing these entries, I did manage to get my Recipe Reviews up! (Though, I am backlogged all the way back to November on those so you’ll have to wait quite a bit to see this recipe…).

Monday through Wednesday, I woke up, ate, smoked weed and played the Sims.

On Thursday, the 27th, boyfriend made us a tuna casserole that disappointed us both… we did nothing out of the ordinary. Friday, he made us delicious turkey burritos! The day went routinely.

On Saturday, we were out of groceries again and had to make another run to Sprouts. We bought meals for 3 days like we always do and, also, two salad kits to split (Taylors Farms’ Sunflower Crunch and Asian ones), two chicken breasts that boyfriend fried up and seasoned all tasty for us, hummus and veggies, and a deviled egg potato salad to eat when we got home.

I am embarrassed to admit that I over drank at work that night and threw up before I even left. I actually have never done that before. I usually don’t throw up until I get home or when I wake up the next day… and every time that I have, I’ve been WAY more drunk than I was last weekend.

I do think it was because I was on day 3 of drinking and I didn’t have enough carbs for dinner? I don’t know, though. I hope it never happens again!

When boyfriend picked me up, we went to Viet Noodle Bar. We ordered what we always order… spring rolls, beef stew, and vermicelli noodle salad. Lucky for those of you who are sick of seeing the food there… I didn’t take any pictures that night because… I COULDN’T! I forgot my phone in my locker at work, lol.

Boyfriend had to drive me back to get it after we finished eating. πŸ˜› Oops!

On Sunday, I had my annual eye exam scheduled. It was at the Lenscrafters in the Fashion Show Mall. When we first walked in, we were sad to see this dessert shop, Honeymee, that we really liked (and even brought Rossy to in the fall) had officially been shut down and replaced with a big flower wall/IG photo-op!

On the plus side, there was a really cool runway show set up that I got to pass by. The catwalk was slathered in water. I didn’t get to see it go on because I was getting my eyes examined but, I can only guess there were swimsuit models! I so wish I had had time to watch.

For my exam this year, I did the whole shebang– I let them run all the new technology on my eyes, just to make sure they were healthy and safe in all aspects. The doc told me I was scoring low on the QuantifEye Macular Pigment Exam. 😦 I don’t really know what it means but, it could cause vision loss if I score any lower.

My prescription went up a bit in both eyes, too. She changed my brand of contacts, which is the first time any doc has done that for me since I’ve gotten them. I like these new ones but, DID NOT let them trick me into purchasing them through their store this time. I just went onto Walmart’s website and ordered them there and guess what? They were like… $100 cheaper that way and I’m not even exaggerating, either.

I’m still a bit bitter that I fell for their sales pitches last year…

My appointment was at 4 PM so by the time I had finished up, we were both too starved to go home and wait for dinner to be prepped and cooked.

We decided to go back to Ramen Shibire for our second visit and finally try that BLACK CHILI broth!


But, for starters, we had their karaage


It was a puffy/airy sort of skin, like a cheese curd. I liked it a lot and the sauce was pretty tasty, too.


Their Pork Bao and Gyoza were both a total miss for me, though. The bao was almost stale? Not at all pillow-soft like I’m used to and the gyoza dipping sauce tasted like liquid smoke… in a bad way. Like, when you inhale too much of the smoke coming off a charcoal grill.


Boyfriend and I both got the Tonkotsu broth with thick noodles at the “Koku (Black)” spice level and crispy garlic topping. I skipped the corn in mine but, boyfriend had some in his.

HONESTLY, it was spicy, yes… but, the way they warned me about it when I ordered it threw me off. I was prepared for WORSE. I did sweat while eating, yetmy mouth wasn’t on fire? I think my tongue has learned to go numb before making me suffer now? I don’t know. I WANT to suffer though. Come on!!

The waiter told me there’s an even spicier concoction they can put together but, I have to specially ask for it. If there is ever a next time… I will definitely go for it. Sadly, the broth’s flavor does not outshine our favorite, Ramen Sora, though so there probably won’t be.

On Monday, we had a few quick errands to run. Boyfriend needed a haircut so we stopped at Great Clips to see how long the wait was but, since it was over 40 minutes, we skipped that.

We made a run to the dispensary, the ATM and the Laos Market for my spicy papaya salad and canned soybean drink. πŸ™‚

Boyfriend made us a BBQ chicken sweet potato pizza for dinner, it was pretty interesting! And, later that night, he used my Microsoft Rewards points to get us Starbucks drinks! I had my Honey Almondmilk Flat White with three shots of espresso and he had an iced cold brew. With our points, we ended up only paying 85 cents in total! I am telling you, download and search through Bing instead of Google. You’ll rack up points to redeem for tons of cool things so fast!

On Tuesday, boyfriend got up a bit earlier to get his haircut and to bring his old phone to the post office. He freakin’ dropped/cracked it and the screen was completely blanked. LUCKILY, we have that good phone insurance and were able to easily get a new one (after paying the “low” deductible fee).

Yesterday, we had to go grocery shopping once again. When we got home, I started on my fresh mani-pedi while boyfriend started on making us a chicken apple sausage sheet pan.

I am now wearing Hunter by Zoya and my gosh, it just made me want to throw away ALL my nail polishes by any other brands. It was so easy to apply and quick to dry!!

I watched The Voice while I painted. Throughout the past week and a half, I finished Love Island S6 and Love is Blind, too. If anyone wants to discuss those with me… PLEASE, LET’S!!

Today, I woke up around 1:30 PM, took a shower, checked my notifications on here, did my stretch and workout (x2), watched more of The Voice, had a chimichurri chicken salad for dinner, made a run to Starbucks, and now, here I am!!

Now, that we’ve got boyfriend a new phone, my eyes checked, and new contacts ordered… I’ve still got my tax appointment coming up this Monday, our car registration due at the end of the month; I’ve made a DMV appointment on the 24th and we also need to get a smog test done before that, boyfriend’s birthday is on the 21st and we’ll be celebrating on the 22nd, my girlies (Jennie and Rossy) are coming to visit THIS Sunday, and I have a musical to attend THIS Tuesday.

I know that half of it is going to be SO fun and the other half is all “business” but, every single event is taking a toll on me in its own way. I have no free days starting today until WEDNESDAY. I am just not used to that, y’know?

I better sign off and get ready for work right now.

Hope you’ve all been doing well! I can’t wait to catch up on all your posts once I’m in the right headspace again. Love you! ❀

08:32 PM

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20 thoughts on “Journal Entry #308

  1. Stress is no good and not a great way to start off the month. I hope you’re feeling/doing better love! It sounds like you are doing a lot of adulting things this month (eyes checked, DMV). We just did our taxes and I am feeling the most adult!
    I have never tried a polish from Zoya but I want to check it out. Where do you buy them? I feel like I’m tired of dealing with chipping with some Essie polishes and need a good solid brand!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Jess! β™‘ There were so many adult things I *had* to do this month lol my fault for saving it all until the very last minute. 😝 I am most dreading the taxes since I only pay in & get nothing in return. It will be such a weight lifted off once I get them done!

      Zoya is only sold online through their website but my gosh, so worth it. I never want to use any other brand again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awh love I’m sorry you’ve been stressed. I hope hanging out with girls and my family helped ease your mind a bit, even if for a few hours πŸ’™
    Lmao why in the world would they only give you guys two?? That’s not how they are ordered anyway? Anytime we’ve ordered things like that we always get the “they only come in 3 or 7” and we say “yeah that’s what we meant” so the bartender trying to tell you that the way you ordered was wrong…uhmm please. You should know the menu like the back of your hand lol.
    I remember we talked about how you had recipe pictures from way back in November I hope you catch up! Lol.
    I’m sorry you threw up! That’s awful!
    Now that you mentioned VNB, I realized I didn’t get to eat there lol.
    I wish Honeymee wouldnt have closed oh well. Wanted to give it another shot lol
    Awh that’s too bad that that japanese restaurant wasn’t as great. I always tell Alex, if their ramen isn’t good I can’t expect everything else to be though thats not really fair because sometimes their appetizers outshine their entrees lol.
    Is the Microsoft rewards thing for certain phones only? And can that be used anywhere??
    Ahhh you finished watching LI S6 already. We talked about it over dinner with Jennie right? Shoot I need to get on it, skip S5 and come back to it after the other one lol
    I’ll keep your bf’s bday in mind, March 21st, lol.
    I’m so sorry you had a whole week feeling like you can’t catch a break. I hope by now you are relaxing! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really did, I had so much fun hanging out with you, your family, & the girls. ❀

      OH MY GOSH, that's exactly what I said. I was like, never did I think it was even POSSIBLE to ask for only two wings?!? Other people have always told me they only come in 5's, too. We were not happy with that guy lol.

      I will eventually catch up with recipes!! I hope I haven't deleted any pictures. I need to just upload them all to WordPress ASAP lol.

      I have no idea why I threw up! It was so strange. I just all of a sudden felt ill & it came out but then I felt better right away?? That had never happened to me before??

      ALSO, we can always go to VNB next time. πŸ™‚

      I cannot believe Honeymee closed. Their freakin' dessert was so good! & I actually feel the same way, like if the ramen isn't good, the rest won't be either. πŸ˜›

      Oh, the Micrsoft Rewards is associated with Bing! You have to make an e-mail address but if you just search through Bing instead of Google, you get points quickly! It can be on your phone &/or on PC.

      Aw yeah, his birthday's coming up. Poor guy. I don't know what we're gonna do with this shit going around. 😦

      Yes! We were talking about S6 over dinner! You'll have to let me know when you watch it (& S5, too!) so I can hear your thoughts!!

      I had a good few days of relaxing, but, I'm gonna go back to work tonight… πŸ˜›

      ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Such fun times!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œ
        Maybe it was just that guy. Like that bartender at Beer Park lmao.
        Well at least you felt better afterwards! I wonder what it might have been too. Sometimes certain alcohol doesnt sit well with me lol.
        Yasssss!! I already cannot wait go go back and I just* got back less than a week ago lol
        Aaahhh okay I hardly or never even use bing.
        I wish you could have told us that his bday was coming up, we could have done something together as well lol. I hope you guys are able to do something fun!!
        Okay! I will probably start watching it this week while I finish some chores or whatever haha.
        Aw well good luck at work! I’m glad you guys are not shut down at least

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol oh man, that guy at Beer Park was so out of it! & yeah, I prob just took 1 too many shots too quickly lol.

          I am so looking forward to when you guys can return. β™‘ miss you already!

          & I had never used Bing before I learned about their rewards either lol.

          I bought him a cheesecake & we’ll be staying in (of course) for his birthday. I feel so sad for him. 😭 I really wanted to celebrate!

          Let me know when you watch Love Island! I’m kind of jealous I don’t have any seasons left to watch during this shit lol.

          & of course, we are shut down now. 😭

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I am sooo excited to return too! If I can come back like once every year that would be amazing lol. Hopefully in our next trip we can include Courtney or Mackenzie, or another blogger! πŸ˜€
            I didn’t get a chance to text you yesterday 😦 so I completely missed it 😦 tell him I’m sorry and happy belated birthday!! (just sent a text too!)
            I’ve been binge watching Love Island LMAO, I’m halfway through S5 and I’m glad you asked because uggghhh lol.. A lot of them are annoying to me haha. Just got past the episode where Curtis breaks up with Amy, like what a fucking prick.. And fucking Maura starts hitting on him too….not awkward hahaha I do think Anna and Jordan and Anton and Belle are cute couples. Not sure how to feel about Molly Mae and Tommy so far.. Hmm…

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh my gosh, yes, once every year would be awesome πŸ˜€ super cool that you always get to see Alex’s family, too when you come! & yesss, another blogger or a ton of bloggers even?! That would be amazing.

              Oh my gosh, Molly Mae was my favorite since she walked in lol I just freakin’ think she’s so cute, I loved her & Tommy both so much but A LOT of the UK hated Molly Mae.. Maura cracks me up, I liked her personality but, she seemed a bit fake & rude at times. I actually hated Amy though & was kind of happy when Curtis broke it off… lol. I loved Anna & Jordan together, too. ❀ Anton was weird LOL!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. We will do our best πŸ™‚ I guess having Alex’s family there is another excuse to go! πŸ™‚
                Oooooohhhhhhhh if a lot of bloggers could go at the same time that would be AMAZING and AWESOME and SUPER FUN.
                The more I watched the more I became to like Molly Mae. I did tell you girls that I finished watching it. I do like Maura as well, but yeah I see how she can come across as fake lol. She can* be a lot.
                Oooooohhhhh yeaaaaaaa, Amyyy!! Ugh I could not stand her, she seemed a bit too faced! I got annoyed with Lucie too, I understood where she was coming from having only been friends with guys, because one of my best friends is* a guy, but aside from that, I just couldn’t understand her or relate to her at all.
                I was kind of pissed when Jordan did Anna a bit dirty. I do think he should have talked to her first though. However, the way she acted, yelling and all the pointing, I wasn’t cool with that… Anton and Belle were cute too. Shame hardly any couples stayed together. I had a feeling lol. I’m glad Tommy and Molly are still together.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Yes yes yes, how amazingawesomesuperfun would that be?! I would love it!!!

                  & I seriously loved Molly Mae ❀ prob one of my fave girlies throughout all the seasons. I just kind of felt Maura was all about herself but expected people to respect her when she clearly had no respect for anyone. She was super gorge and hilarious to watch though. *fanny flutters* and every time she said *tink* ahhaha.

                  LOL YES! I am so glad you agree with me about Amy. She was just, ugh. & Lucie bothered me to no end, too, once Joe left. Annoying!!

                  I was super pissed about Jordan, too. I cried for Anna lol. I really thought they were cute together & that they actually liked each other a lot. I had never been more wrong!! But yeah, Anna was trying to act so tough but, I didn't mind. I felt for her badly, she was just putting up a front, y'know?

                  LOL about Anton & Belle!! Loved that she shaved his ass hahaha. & I KNEW Molly & Tommy would stay together– they were so in love & just perfect for each other. ❀ Ellie belly!!! lol. ❀

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Haha yeah that’s true, I absolutely love the Irish accent!
                    Omg I cried for Anna too! I really think they did like each other a lot too but sometimes things just don’t work out I guess. And yeah, just her own way of protecting herself.
                    The way Tommy used Ellie Belly to ask her to be his gf and then when he was waiting with it after Casa Amor! So adorable!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yeah, I kind of feel like Jordan fucked it because he was kind of insecure & also just young & dumb. & yeah oh my gosh, I cried after Casa Amor when Molly broke down!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Haha I cried at that part too!!
                      And speaking of crying at reality TV, I finished watching Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City, and oh my gosh, I literally cried several times throughout it. Ahhh lol
                      I’m about to start watching S3 (Aloha State).

                      Liked by 1 person

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