February 19, 2020
04:05 PM

Hiya babes! I’m back to the blogging schedule I want to be on, since… yesterday, lol.

Last time I wrote a Journal Entry was Sunday instead of Saturday though so we don’t have as many days to catch up on this time. Right after I published it, I painted my tiny short baby nails with JLB’s Nail Lacquer in Lola and watched The Rap Game Season 03 until it was time for bed.


On Monday, I woke up around 2:30 PM and did my usual “morning” work routine. Boyfriend made us a sandwich and put together my fave Taylor Farms Asian Salad Kit for dinner. We watched a bit of The Rap Game while we ate.


We went to Starbucks around 5 PM for our espressos and Albertsons for bandaids to protect my broken, snagged nail. 😦

When we came home, I hopped onto WordPress to do all the blogging things before I started on my hair and makeup.

I got to work around 10 PM and stayed until 3 AM. It was a really decent night filled with a strange mix of either super rude or extra sweet guys, there was no in between. I had to walk away from the first guy and straight up say, “you’re being super rude” because he called me an “idiot” for, really, no reason. Another guy was so enamored with me he started profusely sweating on our first song out of three and had to excuse himself… or, maybe he was on drugs/had too much to drink. Lol, I don’t know. Either way, I hope he’s okay!

Yesterday, I woke up around 2 PM again, showered, smoked, and wrote up our grocery list. We went to Sprouts, as usual, and then came home to drop all our food off. They were having their BOGO Free on 100s of products sale again and we got so many goodies!!

We were both craving sushi, though, since we haven’t had it in what seems like, forever. So, after boyfriend put all the groceries away, we went to Sushi Zone!!


We probably will not be going to any other AYCE spots as long as this one is open. It’s seriously the best… and their carpaccio medley makes my mouth water just looking at it.


We got a ton of their appetizers to start with and some nigiri and sushi rolls after.


They were bringing out the foods so fast and asking us what we wanted next constantly, making it really hard to get photos of everything. I just gave up after awhile. 😛


We tried their Mango Mango half roll for the first time and my gosh, it had the most freshest flavor. The sweetness of the fruit was subtle, not at all overpowering, and the cucumber added such a nice crunch. Everything worked SO well together!!


These other two we tried, especially the ones without jalapeno, were such a fail in comparison.

Outside of their restaurant, they had these new fake trees with glow up flowers, actually planted into the ground. They looked so pretty from a distance but, also a bit silly next to the real nature bits.



Usually, we go to Tea of Joy after sushi but, I had been seeing this Brown Sugar Boba drink all over the place. It looked so good and there have been LOADS of different shops opening up in Chinatown since they built another huge plaza so, we need to give these new places all at least one shot, right?

04:41 PM-05:38, had dinner and watched TV a bit

Right around the corner from Sushi Zone, I was lead to a place called Ding Tea when I searched “brown sugar boba drink” on Yelp.


The interior was, of course, made to be “IG-worthy” like all the newest cafes and tea shops popping up everywhere.


They even had one of these flower walls:


It said, “Love is, Ding Tea,” if you can’t read the neon lights that well.

I showed them the picture of the one I wanted and they made it for me with almond milk, it was called the Bobo Latte. Boyfriend got the mango black tea at the 50% sweetness level.


My drink was literally almond milk, brown sugar syrup, and brown sugar bobas?! I wish there had been some actual tea or coffee in it? I think some of the ones I’ve seen online are made like that? But, uh-uh… not the one I got. It was just weird; almost like drinking a whole cup of the milk after a bowl of super sweet cereal.

Boyfriend’s was pretty terrible, too. Even at 50% sweet, it was unbearable.

This is another tea shop we are crossing off our list and never returning to…

On our way home, we stopped at the dispensary and the ATM.

I updated my Sims game and started playing it from where I left off. I know what you’re thinking… “yikes!,” right? Well, me too, lol. I will try not to get as addicted as last time but, I can’t make any promises.

Around 3:30 AM, I turned it off and boyfriend made me a lovely bubble bath. ❤


When I got out, we smoked a blunt in bed while I read some blogs and eventually, went to sleep.

Today, I woke up around 1 PM, read some more blogs, took a shower, smoked a blunt, hopped onto WordPress to check my notifications, did my quick stretch and work out, started typing this, took a break in the middle for dinner and an episode of The Rap Game, and now, here I am and we’re all caught up!

I’ll probably be spending the rest of my night playing Sims, hehe.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!!! ❤

05:51 PM

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43 thoughts on “Journal Entry #306

  1. Your life sounds so interesting compared to mine 😂 I’ve been wanting to try that brown sugar bubble tea drink too (already forgotten what it’s called) as I’ve seen it literally everywhere. Now I’m kinda happy I didn’t try it. I’ll just stick to the usual – Jasmine green milk tea with tapioca pearls. I also get 50% sugar since I can’t tolerate normal sweetness anymore.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Aw, I personally think everyone’s life is interesting because we all live such different ones. 🙂 & I wonder if the brown sugar boba drinks are made differently at other shops? The one I got has scared me away a bit but, has also made me want to try more flavors, if there are any?

      I LOVE Jasmine Green Milk Tea. ❤ ❤ & yes, I agree– normal sweetness is too much for me, too. Now I finally get what my parents meant when they would say, "too sweet" when I was a kiddo lol.


  2. Hey it has been a while since you guys have had sushi! Lol. How great is it that you’ve found a place you prefer? That’s the best thing about going to new places, that you never know if it’s going to be good or bad lol.
    Those trees really do look nice from a distance, almost kind of cute.
    That flower wall is very pretty. Too bad the drinkwasn’t, I’ll be sure to steer clear of that one.
    Ooh havent had a bubble bath since Alex forced me to take one idk how long ago lol. Super relaxing and I miss it but I wish our tub was bigger lol.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hasn’t it?! It’s like we forgot sushi existed lol. 😛 & yes! We are so happy to have found a place that we prefer & isn’t too packed all the time. & I may be being negative but I feel like that’s the *worst* part about trying new places. I get so sad when my food/drinks are disappointing when I know there is elsewhere I could’ve gone & been happy, y’know?

      Yeah, the trees were really cute until we parked & saw they were super fake & plastic looking next to the real trees lol.

      I feel like lots of places have those flower walls & neon writing lights, perfect for IG photos! But those drinks were a definite ‘no’ from us, sadly.

      Still love that Alex forced you to take a bubble bath. ❤ I hadn't had one in awhile before this one, either. It was lovely but, I really wish I had one of those bath pillows lmao.

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      1. Haha true that it is disappointing when a place isnt as good but on the bright side, you KNOW it’s not good and you will not have to wonder about it anymore lol. I tried a new place yesterday at the food carts and was very disappointed with what I got I didnt even take pictures lmao
        It’s like they spend more money to make the interior look great than to make their drinks amazing haha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol you’re right, I always say, “at least we know not to go back.” 😛 & I’m so sorry about your food at the food truck!

          Yeah, it seems like their food/drinks are an afterthought & their main focus is the interior.

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  3. Once again, I feel like I’m actually part of your lifeee. I loved this catch up. Wait one of three songs? I thought maybe you were a bar tender based on the context but I’m not sure what occupation you do. That’s awful that some guys were rude to you. And oh have you ever made a post on smoking and your journey with it? There are so many campaigns against it but it would be cool to hear the other perspective. Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, yay. ❤ I love that you feel like part of my life– that's exactly what I'm hoping for when I write. 🙂 Lol I totally see how you could've been mixed up. I'm actually an exotic dancer! & I've never really thought to write about my smoking journey but, I am definitely all for it being legalized everywhere.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Bayance! ❤


      1. Wow!! Do you have a post on when and why you gained an interest in exotic dancing. And you don’t need to answer this as I know it might be rude, but is your boyfriend cool with it? Np! And thank you for being so open with your audience!

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  4. HAHAHA the clients are from both ends of the spectrum! My gosh all the food looks so good! I’m never a fan of sushi because the good ones are usually in pricey restaurants. ACK!
    OMG I LOVE BROWN SUGAR BUBBLE TEA! It’s my go-to since the past year, I don’t know if you have this brand there but it is called ‘Tiger Sugar’ and it is the most glorious one I’ve had, the brown sugar has so many layers to it that hit my palate in different places! ITS MAGIC! I hate a flat sweet taste! The concoction you had sounds horrid, just copious milk and sugar oh my.
    Oh, you make me miss playing sims!
    Have a lovely week Hunida!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ugh well, I was lucky that they were on both ends of the spectrum that night because last night– they were only on the freakin’ RUDE & gross side lol. 😛

      It is definitely hard to find decent AYCE sushi & even the one we go to is not comparable to the more fancy/pricey spots. It’s just good enough for us lol.

      Ooo, okay!! What is in the Tiger Sugar? I need to try it. I *knew* there were other ways to get the brown sugar but, I was NOT happy with what I got at Ding Tea. 😦

      I cannot wait until the weekend is over so I can play Sims again LOL. Have a lovely week, too, Cordelia!! ❤


    1. Thank you!! 🙂 The sushi was delicious but yeah… those drinks were such a disappointment. & ugh, I can’t wait for the weekend to be over so I can play the Sims again lol. It’s so addicting!

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  5. Ding Tea looks so pretty, I love that flower wall, such a shame the drinks weren’t so nice 😦 still, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it hehe, I could just get a soft drink and at least grab some photos, right?

    Those fake glow trees are so cute, almost quite Christmassy really! They are so sweet though, and such an adorable size too! Pretty!

    Yes to the Sims haha! Are you up to date with the expansion packs too? I’ve been craving playing The Sims recently actually… there must be something in the water haha!

    Have a great weekend, lovely! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The flower wall was really cute, definitely the perfect spot for taking photos!! 🙂 BUT there are more places with a similar set up that may have better tea.

      Those trees were a bit Christmassy but, still so pretty from afar, right? ❤ & ugh, I love the Sims. I couldn't stay away for too long lol. I have all the packs except Strangerville & the new Tiny Home one! How about you?!

      Hope you have a great weekend, too, babe!! ❤


      1. I actually don’t like bath bombs. As a lady, I’m not convinced that they don’t “disrupt” things down there if you know what I mean! Some of them have glitter – how can that be good for you?!

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  6. That Lola color is pretty!
    Mango Mango roll sounds soooooo gooood.
    I need one of those fake trees with blue or pinky-purple lights in my bedroom.
    Sorry that Ding Tea was Dang Terrible. You need to create a Never Go Here listing on Yelp. Like a DNF shelf on Goodreads. Not sure what they call it on Yelp…let me look…Oh, Collections. I forgot I have a Hunida’s Faves Collection. Let me add Sushi Zone to it.
    Oh Lord, you do crack me up with things like this: I know what you’re thinking… “yikes!,” right? Well, me too, lol.
    Ahhh I miss bubble baths!!! My Mom’s house only has a walk in shower.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it’s my favorite shade of red! ❤ & I need another Mango Mango roll right about now, too. It was perfect!

      The fake tree would actually look awesome indoors! I liked the pinky lights more. 🙂 & LOL YES, Ding Tea *was* Dang Terrible.

      I seriously love that you have a Collection on Yelp of my faves. ❤ ❤ Sushi Zone needs to be on there, for sure!! I should make one for places to never go to lol.

      Glad I could make you laugh but, you & I both know Sims is a bit of a dark hole for me hahaha.

      Bubble baths are so fun! I would so miss them if I only had one of those walk-in showers, too. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so true! It’s like the interior is their main focus & they don’t care about their actual products because they *know* people will come in just to get that “perfect shot.”


  7. Your baby nails are longer than my nails have ever been! I bet that’s such a contrast for you to have them that short though. Ugh, I was already craving some sushi and seeing your post doesn’t help me right now! Haha. That’s such a bummer about the boba, but I love how the interior looks. I’ve always wanted to go to wherever there’s a neon sign and a wall of flowers or some sorts. I’ll have to look a bit harder around the city!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really?? I feel like we have the same length nails right now! Lol. 😛 I don’t know why, I just feel less confident without my longer nails. Plus, they’re hard to paint when they’re so little.

      The neon signs & flower walls are popping up just about everywhere! I’m sure you’ll come across one without even meaning to. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. From the looks of the picture, your nails look longer than mine! I rarely have my nails grow out beyond my finger tips without driving me crazy. It’s so foreign to me to have them any longer!

        Everything has to be picture-worthy now. They did have one in Aerie, but I feel like that’d be an awkward place to take a photo!

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