Happy Beauty Tuesday! I have to start by thanking my super sweet blogging buddy, Chanelle, for tagging me in my FIRST ever makeup tag. I am so, so excited to share my answers with you and hopefully, hear some of yours in return. πŸ™‚

For the first time, I don’t see a list of ‘rules’ involved so I’ll just hop right into the questions!


Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara, it didn’t really give my lashes much of an effect and it was extremely smudgy.

better than sex mascara
IG: @toofaced

Urban Decay, I don’t love ALL their products but, their eyeshadows and highlighters are my absolute favorite. Everyone else seems to think they are boring or too glittery?

urban decay eyeshadow
IG: @urbandecaycosmetics

James CharlesxMorphe because he just bothers the crap out of me.

james charles x morphe
IG: @jamescharles

Actually, the ONLY influencer I *do* subscribe to/watch is Jeffree Star.

jeffree star
IG: @jeffreestar

MAC. Their products/formulas are seriously unbeatable but, I cannot support brands that aren’t completely against animal testing. Please, someone let me know when they pull out of China or the laws over there change.

mac cosmetics
IG: @maccosmetics

Fake freckles…

james charles fake freckles
IG: @jamescharles

The Huda Beauty – Mauve Obsessions Palette. I love how long-lasting and buildable the mattes are but, it does take quite a bit of work to get the pigmentation I prefer. The glitters are messy and need to be very, very packed on to even show up. They seem to fade away a lot quicker than the mattes, too.

I know a LOT of beauty lovers rave about Huda’s eyeshadow palettes but, I don’t understand why. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

huda beauty mauve obsessions
IG: @mybeautyandfashiondiary

I TAG… Rossy, Jennie, LP, Erica, and Cleia. ❀

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56 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

  1. Fake freckles are weird! I purchased a sample of the Better Than Sex mascara, I’ll be interested to try it as it’s supposedly similar to L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise which I love! I own a number of MAC products, please don’t hate me πŸ™ˆ

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    1. It really is strange that people draw the fake freckles lol, glad you agree!! & I am curious to hear your thoughts on the Too Faced mascara when you use it, please. πŸ™‚

      I could never hate you! MAC’s products are seriously unbeatable!

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  2. I am currently forming my opinion on the BTS mascara…. lol
    People really hate on UD? Anytime I’ve seen anyone talk about them they usually say they like them. This is news to me haha
    The Chinese government is working towards changing its laws when it comes to animal testing, but it still seems they’re a bit far off so I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet..
    I don’t get the freckle trend either..why??
    I’m not familiar with Huda’s makeup so I cannot comment on that but i mean, it is technically considered mid to high end and therefore the formula should be easier to work with but that’s not always the case unfortunately.

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    1. The mascara looked lovely on you when you were wearing it here! It doesn’t do that for me lol. πŸ˜› & yes, every time UD comes out with something new, there are tons of different complaints. Mostly that they’re boring & don’t come up with anything new/copy or repeat their old stuff & that their stuff has too much “chunky” glitters, I guess.

      Yeah I heard about that but I’m def not holding my breath lol.

      & I really don’t get the freckle trend, either. It’s so strange.

      Huda’s eyeshadow formula is alright, I just expected better with how much everyone loves it maybe. It really is long-lasting though so I get that part.


      1. Thank you. It’s not my favorite and that fact is becoming more apparent haha
        Yeah UD’s stuff really looks like they’re just regurgitating what they’ve done before like they cant stop trying to get the success they had with the naked palette
        Yea people really do rave a bit much over Huda beauty lol

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    1. Yesss, you are one of my fave beauty bloggers so I would love to know your answers! ❀ I love UD & get so sad when I hear people hate on them lol. So happy they are an OG for you. πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m so with you about James Charles…I just don’t understand how he became so famous and that palette was the most generic thing I have ever seen πŸ˜…(in my humble opinion).This was so fun to read ,I loved it πŸ’•Great post πŸ’•

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  4. This was an interesting read! And yess, I think you are one the rare ones who talk about Urban Decay shadows! I have Loreal’s lash paradise (a dupe for better than sex) and I….don’t really understand the hype. James Charles has a really unlikable aspect about him, doesn’t he? Also, I had no idea MAC still does animal testing I mean geez, independent, starting brand can do without it why can’t they? And especially with their long history, I’m sure they must have had time and money to gradually pivot their business model to a more ethical era. How disappointing.

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    1. Aw yeah, I noticed a lot of people aren’t really into Urban Decay anymore. 😦 That’s a bummer about L’Oreal’s mascara– I wonder how close the formula really is to TF’s BTS! & oh my gosh, yes. I am so glad you agree with me about James Charles! No one else seems to dislike him as much as I do lol.

      MAC says they don’t do animal testing anymore but, they still sell their products to China, which by law, have to be tested on animals. That makes me feel the brand cares way more about money than ethics if they can’t stop their sales over there, y’know?

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  5. I love this SO much! Okay I like Jeffree Star…have you seen the doc series on YouTube with him and Shane Dawson? I think Shane has done 2 on him and they were both interesting, but I also enjoy Shane Dawson’s series.
    I used to LOVE the Better Than Sex Mascara and I am sure I would still love it except I can’t justify buying a non drugstore mascara when there are so many great drugstore ones.
    Great post love!!

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    1. I really like Jeffree Star but, cannot stand Shane for some reason lol. He is so annoying? & I thought both series were too boring & long for me. I know tons of people were into it, though. πŸ˜›

      Please recommend me some drugstore mascaras!

      Thank you, Jess! β™‘

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  6. I agree with you on the James x Morphe, definitely overrated. Ughh, why can’t MAC just be cruelty free 😭 I’m also cruelty-free and when I see a post with a pretty nude lips, it’s always from MAC, and there’s no way I’ll purchase anything from them until the day comes that they’re 100% cruelty free. So far, the most pigmented HudaBeauty palette I’ve tried is the Medium Nude Obsessions palette. But I’ve swatched some of her other palettes in Sephora, not the best pigmentation for the price. This was a fun read!

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    1. So glad you agree with me on the James x Morphe palette– so many people hyped it up. & I KNOW, I wish with all my heart that MAC would be cruelty-free. 😦 That’s interesting to know that different Huda palettes perform differently!

      Thank you for stopping by! So happy you enjoyed this post. ❀

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  7. I have never understood the trend with fake freckles either.
    I think it’s kind of fun once or twice for a specific look or something, but it seems quite weird to me, that some people are drawing on freckles every day.

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    1. Thank you for reading!! β™‘ I seriously feel like we are the only two that didn’t get along with the TF BTS mascara lol everyone else loves it so much & yesss!! Glad you agree about the James palette too!!


    1. Oh yay! So glad you could agree with most of my answers. 😁 I actually found out James is a Gemini after I posted this & have a bit more sympathy towards him now, since I am one, too, lol. I also feel a bit bad for him!


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