As bloggers, we obviously do a LOT of writing and also, a LOT of editing. I noticed, as I go over all my posts, there are some mistakes I tend to make way too often. Most of the time, I don’t even notice I’ve messed up and other times, I personally think my mistakes look “better” than what is actually proper… LOL, I know. I’m so self-righteous. πŸ˜›

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1. I mix up my past, present, and future tense conjugations all the time.

Whenever my sentences are a bit ‘off,’ I’ll go over them and try to change up words, punctuation marks, etc. but, most of the time I realize it’s because… I’m typing in two different tenses. One paragraph or sentence will be in the present, the next in the past, and another in the future. This mistake is one that’s embarrassingly hard for me to catch because I do it so often, it doesn’t always seem wrong to me.

2. I use certain words over and over again! I even catch myself when I do it but, can never come up with a better replacement. Feel free to give me some synonyms for any of these:

  • Like
  • Then
  • Though
  • Always
  • Especially
  • Just
  • Truly
  • Really

3. I don’t hesitate to start my sentences with the words, ‘because,’ ‘and’, or ‘but.’

I definitely learned in some high school English class that we’re not supposed to ever start a sentence with any of these three words but, no one can mark or grade my blog posts anyways so HA!

writing mistak
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4. Run-on sentences are my specialty.

Where there should be a period, you will often find me inserting ellipses, commas, dashes, or semi-colons. I don’t know why. It’s like, a way for me to show my thoughts are not over. A period seems too abrupt at times.

5. Whenever I type out the word ‘both,’ 8 out of 10 times, my fingers slip and I get ‘bother’ instead.

I wonder why my fingers are trained this way but, it’s actually annoying. I usually catch it right when it comes out on the screen and backspace it out, though, I know there have been plenty of times I’ve completely read over the mistake!

What are some writing mistakes YOU often make? Do we have any in common? What words do you overuse?

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42 thoughts on “My Top 5: Writing Mistakes I Can’t Stop Making

  1. I so loooooove this post and I am kind of relieved to hear that you still have make mistakes, I’m not the only one!
    I am kind of resigned for constantly making mistakes and tend to put it down to me being non-native, but seriously, I just breathed a huge sigh of relief to know you do catch your own mistakes! hahaha

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    1. Oh my gosh, back in Elementary school, I cried because I got 98/100 on the *big* spelling test & it was because I ONLY because I couldn’t differentiate the its and it’s. 😦 I still have a little trouble & Google it sometimes LOL. You are lucky to have a proof reader! πŸ™‚

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  2. I loved this post, Hunida! I know that I make a lot of mistakes while writing but I can’t spot them because English is not my first language, and I barely know the grammar rules πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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  3. I have so many grammer issues to correct before I hit publish! I think my biggest problem is writing blog posts on my phone, because the auto correct burns me every time haha. But as you said, no teachers are grading your posts so no one’s judging!

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    1. Lol same! I always go over every post from the beginning before I publish & then read it again when it’s on my blog & I always catch 10 more?! I turned the auto-correct off on my phone, it doesn’t even capitalize the letter “I” for me anymore lol, maybe you could try that? But exactly, no one can grade our blogs. πŸ˜›


  4. 1. 3. and 4. for sure. But I heard somewhere that even though we were taught in school to not start sentences with And, But,etc. it’s acceptable because that is how people TALK.

    One word I use way too often are probably “Anyway” because I don’t know how else to transition from one random thought to another random thought.

    What really makes me mad is when I proof my post 500 times but then as soon as I hit Publish and then “Visit site” or “Go to post” or whatever the next choice is, I see 20 errors that have to be fixed.

    I got all A’s in high school English yet I make so many grammar mistakes its not even funny.

    Oh and I’m always struggling for the right word. Like when I replied to one of your posts and couldn’t think if the word I wanted was atrocities or outrage or what. I hate that!!!! I read so many books, how can I be at a loss for words?

    This was a fun post.

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    1. Ahh, I am relieved that you do #1, too! Those mistakes are the toughest for me to catch. & I do prefer to read/write how I would talk so I’ll keep starting my sentences that way. πŸ™‚

      I think I use ‘anyways’ a lot, too. Sometimes, I try to switch it up with, ‘anywho,’ LOL.

      I always catch more mistakes once a post has been published, too! Why does that happen!? 😭 It’s like just because the formatting/font changes, you can see better lol.

      I actually got all A’s in English too. Even when I had D’s in other ones. πŸ˜› & I am also always at a loss for words, looking up synoynms on Google lol.

      Glad you enjoyed this post, Jinjer!! 😁

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  5. I definitely might have mixed my future/present/past conjugations too. I will have to look back at some of my posts to make sure lol.
    Ahhh guilty for #2 I over use so many words and I want to stop so badly! When I edit I usually take them off because they are unnecessary haha
    Run on sentences….sameer

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    1. It’s so easy to mess up the tenses & also, hard to catch, too!! & same here lol. I really try to get rid of my overused words but then it sounds wrong or weird without it sometimes? & run on sentences, ugh, can’t stop with those lol. So glad you could relate to some of these, Rossy. πŸ˜€

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  6. Ahh I love this post, I feel less alone in writing endless run on sentences sometimes, even though I’m trying to do better hahaha. Also YES to using some words way too often, I think I might write REALLY about ten times in every sentence, it’s terrible I can’t help it hahaha.

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    1. Oh my gosh, “really” is one of my favorite words, too!! I’ve been trying to use “truly” in place of it but, now I’m overusing that one hahaha. & you are so not alone with the run-on sentences. ❀ ❀

      So glad you loved this post, Marie! Thank you! ❀

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  7. I often make sentences far too long – in my head they make sense as I often type them as I’d say them, but reading it back often things are a bit jumbled. It doesn’t look great especially seeing as I did pretty well at English back in the day πŸ˜‚ I guess we just fall into bad habits! Xx

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    1. Lol yes! Exactly! I’ll be writing what I’m thinking and I’m like… ‘uh-oh that makes no sense!’ once I read it back. πŸ˜› I was quite good in my English class, too, but you’re right– bad habits are hard to break!


  8. Descriptive and prescriptive are so weird. English is so confusing as is, but all these sound correct because it’s definitely the way we speak! I majored in English and I currently transcribe, so all of these are so easy to do and I see them happen a lot! I find that “like” is used every other word, so I’m a little more cognizant of it.

    I know I’m extremely bad with writing in different tenses, but perhaps they’re acceptable in some cases, right? Haha.

    All your blog posts are lovely to read, and I especially loved reading this post! So fun. I can’t recall a certain word that I mistype at the moment, but I know it’ll hit me if I have to type it out!

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    1. Lol those are definitely weird words to spell! & I agree, English really can be confusing. πŸ˜› That’s interesting that writing how we speak can be considered “improper” but sounds so right.

      I can’t stop using the word ‘like’! I try to erase it but then I feel like my sentence sounds weird or incomplete? πŸ˜›

      In English class, I used to get red marks for changing my tenses in the middle of a paper all the time. I still do it constantly, I’m pretty sure. πŸ˜› It’s actually comforting to know this is a common mistake!

      Thank you so much, Stephanie. ❀ That means the world to me. I am so happy you enjoy my blog posts! πŸ˜€

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      1. It’s weird how common filler words are said so much in a sentence, and we’re so used to it!

        Aw, I don’t even think my teacher graded that closely to pay attention to that whenever I was in high school! I hated when they used red to mark everything to make it look so intimidating to get it back!

        You’re more than welcome, Hunida! β™₯ I’m trying to diversify my blog more, so I admire all that you have to share!


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