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one was lost

Title: One Was Lost
Author: Natalie D. Richards
Original Publication Date: October 04, 2016
Genre(s): Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult

Goodreads Synopsis: “Damaged, Deceptive, Dangerous, Darling. When a group of teens wake up in the woods, these words are inked onto their skin. Are they labels? A warning? They must find the truth before a killer finds them.

While on a mandatory senior field trip, a flash flood cuts off Sera and three classmates from their group with no way to call for help. But they’re not as alone as they thought…”

my thoughts

Sera was our main character yet, Lucas seemed to shine the most. So many of Sera’s decisions made my eyebrows raise… seriously, what in the world was she thinking? She was the complete opposite of the children in Lord of the Flies and it actually drove me insane.

The mystery was hard to solve, and usually, I’m fine with that and I even prefer it. In One Was Lost, I wasn’t able to guess ‘whodunit’ at all but, honestly, no one could have. It eventually all made sense, after everything played out but, I felt betrayed– NOT mind blown.

The action scenes towards the end did have me rapidly flipping the pages; I wish there had been more of them throughout the book. There was too much focus on the lame romance and not enough on what was really going on. They were stuck out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, being hunted down, close to death, and were STILL worried about ‘who likes who?’ No way.

Dates Read: Jan. 01-13, 2020
My Rating: 3 out of 5


‘It doesn’t matter what we should have done,’ Emily says.‘What matters is what we did do and what we do now.

“Every answer I can think of leads me to a scarier question, so I stop thinking.

“Dad and I argued that the hamster wouldn’t survive on its own, but Mom always said dead is better than caged. At least it would be free.

It feels perfect, all of it, and that’s how I know it’s wrong. Because when you’re chasing a perfect moment — losing yourself in the perfect guy — before you know it, you’re throwing the rest of your life away.

“I don’t want to follow my heart — I want to be so different from my mother that one day, she disappears from my head. Just like she did from my life.

‘I haven’t run into anything quite like this before,’ I say instead. What I mean is, I haven’t run into anyone quite like him.

“They look like the kind of people the world forgets, but they aren’t forgettable to me.

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