1. Grand Theft Auto V

gta 5

Boyfriend and I just started playing Grand Theft Auto V earlier this week. I love that we get to switch between different characters that have their own unique stories/personalities and I think I’m finally getting better at first person shooting. Driving around to places and stealing cars has always been my favorite part, though. 😀

2. McDonald’s – Hot Black Coffee


I wasn’t really liking the Wicked Joe coffee I featured in my FFF #2 anymore so, on my days off, I’ve been getting a hot black coffee from McDonald’s. It has so much caffeine in it and tastes rather good, too!

3. CVS Health – Fragrance Free Baby Wipes


I will never stray away from these CVS baby wipes again. I don’t know why I ever did. They are just all around perfect. They get the job done quickly and efficiently, are the perfect thickness, and aren’t too wet, dry, or bubbly.

4. Sprouts – Organic Jasmine Brown Rice


I was growing tired of brown rice but, could not continue eating white rice the way that I was. Trying out Sprouts Organic Jasmine Brown Rice was a risk I’m glad we took! It’s fluffy and delicious!

5. Kush Company NV – Stoney Point Flower


We just picked up this jar of Stoney Point flower today and man, Kush Company NV, you did good. The scent, taste, and looks of it are everything I could ask for and it gives such a clean yet effective high. ❤

What have YOU been loving this week?

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39 thoughts on “Five Friday Faves #5

  1. 1. I didn’t know weed was legal in your state so I learned something new. How many states is it legal in now?

    2. MCDs coffee is the BEST coffee. It’s the only brand I drink, but I can’t drink it Black. I add milk to mine.

    3. Husband (Nick, lets give him a name) and I played GTA V and finished all of the missions. I suck at this game so I mostly watched him play it. It’s definitely the best first person shooter/RPG hands down.

    4. I can’t speak for that brand of rice but I also eat brown rice. Nick is Asian so we eat A LOT of rice in this house.

    5. Baby wipes are SO Practical. Seriously, everyone should buy baby wipes even if they don’t have kids.

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    1. It’s so lovely having weed legalized here. 🙂 There are quite a few states that have it now & more & more everyday following suit. I have lost count of how many at the moment!

      McD’s coffee is truly addicting. I wonder what they put in it! & I’m opposite– I can’t drink coffee with anything in it anymore. 😛

      I’m going to be so sad when we finish all the missions! We switch off & he lets me fail mine as many times as I need to so, most of the time, he’s watching me because he passes his so quick compared to me lol. It really is an exciting game!

      I don’t think Asians can live without eating rice lol!! I really prefer white rice but, it’s nice to find tolerable brown ones. Would love to know which brand you guys eat. 🙂

      & seriously, toilet paper does NOT do the trick. Baby wipes are so much better.

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      1. We eat a generic brand of brown rice from the Asian supermarket. We store the rice in a reusable container so I don’t have the original packaging to check the brand name.

        As for baby wipes, I throw mine out in the garbage when I’m done. It might not be safe to flush them (don’t quote me on that) but yeah, I wouldn’t want to risk it. Baby wipes are also really useful for removing makeup too! And cleaning countertops! Lysol wipes cost a fortune but a spritz of Lysol on a baby wipe does the same job AND it’s a lot cheaper! 😀

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        1. Oh okay, no worries!! 🙂

          I also throw out all my baby wipes in the garbage– it really is not good for your water system if you flush them but, they are pretty bad for the environment either way… I just can’t imagine using toilet paper for #2 anymore lol grosses me out. 😛 & oh my gosh, never knew about the spritz of Lysol trick. Definitely gonna give that a go! Thank you! ❤

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  2. I bought a gaming laptop for Christmas & I was thinking about getting GTA V now that I would actually be able to play it. I played LA Noire & it’s made by Rockstar so you can drive around in the game but you also solve cases & I liked it!

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    1. Ugh I would love to have a gaming laptop!! We play GTA V on the XBOX One though. 😛

      Boyfriend actually said I may like LA Noire, too! I’ll have to check it out when we finish all the GTA missions. Have you ever played Saints Row? It’s pretty similar, as well!

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    1. The black coffee is only a dollar lol, it’s really tasty & definitely gives me the caffeine boost I need! I did hear that their frapps don’t use real coffee though– just a flavored syrup. 😛


  3. Mmm I do love me some McDonald’s coffee, but I need cream in mine, please. I always buy Minute Rice because I never remember to make rice EARLY enough to make the kind that takes like 20 or 30 minutes. I need the 5 minute stuff. LOL

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  4. Ah I used to love playing GTA. San Andreas really got me into those games lmao
    I’ve never used baby wipes for myself, but I know a lot of people do. May have to try them at some point lol.
    I need to get better at cooking brown rice. I tried many times on the stove and it never came out good. My dad got me an instant pot for xmas and used it for the first time to make white rice last week to go with curry, and it came out perfect! I think I’m able to use it for brown rice and quinoa too, another one I’d like to make and replace rice with a few times a month lol
    Thanks for sharing your faves with us! I havent done a faves post in a long time it feels like

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    1. I can’t remember when I first started playing GTA but I love it & Saints Row, too. Have you ever heard of that one??

      Ugh, every girl at my work probably has a pack of baby wipes in her locker & ever since I started dancing, I’ve been using them. Honestly can’t even imagine using TP for #2 anymore LOL. (sorry if that’s TMI.)

      Boyfriend has finally learned how to make rice on the stovetop! I don’t know if it’s the Sprouts brand only that he can make but, he’s been able to make their jasmine, basmati, and even this brown one now. 😀 I would love an instant pot & to have some rice with curry right now lol.

      I actually really like quinoa! Is it made the same way as rice? I’ve only ever tried it at restaurants.

      ❤ definitely would love to see what you've been loving lately in a faves post!!

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      1. Yes I remember Saints Row too, my brother played it a lot but i didnt.
        Oh okay that makes sense lol
        Hmm who knows? I’ve had some luck sometimes with certain rice but not all so, oh well. Lol. I’ve only tried quinoa at restaurants too, well no hold on, I think a voxbox once sent a little lunch cup thing and it has quinoa and it was actually really good but cant remember what it was called lol.

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        1. Boyfriend & I played the latest Saints Row last year, it was a blast lol.

          Oh! I remember that rice cup, we used to buy them at Smith’s, too! Sprouts doesn’t sell them though. They really weren’t bad!

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  5. Ooooo GTA V was so fun to play through, I actually only got it because I bought my PS4 when it came out so it was part of the bundle. I almost sold it back to Gamestop right away because I didn’t have any interest in playing it but the sales associate convinced me to at least try it first (apparently they would have paid the same even though it was brand new as a used game). It was actually super fun! I was dreadful at all of it at the start and then by the end I was flying by the missions haha.

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    1. Oh my gosh, I am so glad the Gamestop associate told you to give it a shot & that you enjoyed it! It took me awhile to get the hang of things but, I’m glad I figured it out near the end, too haha. I wish there had been way more missions– it flew by way too quick!

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