Big thanks to Becky (@Strikeouts and Sprinkles) for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. ❀ This one took me so long to complete because I talk about myself A LOT around here, I don’t believe there’s anything you don’t already know about me. I tried my best, though– sorry, if I’m repeating facts I’ve shared before.

  • Thank the person who nominated you
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  • Share 7 Facts About Yourself
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7 facts about me

1. I cannot and do not get out of the shower until the water gets cold and forces me to. I already know I’m a terrible human being for this but, it’s a bad habit I can’t break. Save your environmentalist speeches, please.

versatile blogger
Photo by Curology

2. I love eating celery but, refuse to touch it with my bare hands. I have to wrap it with a napkin or something… I cannot stand the never ending smell it leaves on my hands.

celery cow
Photo by Eric Esma

3. I seriously have ONE single strand of white hair. I can hide it easily but, it peeks out once in awhile. I’m only 24, you know!!

Photo by Sam Wheeler

4. If I fall asleep, flat on my back, I will have a nightmare. 9 out of 10 times.

Photo by Mink Mingle

5. My handwriting changes, all the time. Sometimes it’s stick straight, other times rounded, messy, and semi-cursive.

Photo by Kyle Glenn

6. I always bite my candy, even lollipops. Like, it only takes me two licks to get to the center of a Tootsie pop and those little Ice Breakers? I will bite those right when I pop them into my mouth. πŸ˜›

7. I always know when I’m full on drunk because I start dancing on the toilet…

Photo by Burst

I broke the last rule and didn’t nominate anyone because I’d love to learn more about all of YOU. If you have 7 facts to share, do it! ❀

69 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Omg love this Hunida, this is so fun and you’re so funny β€˜I talk about myself a lot around here’. Omg why is it whenever you go to the toilet, that’s when you know you’re drunk! I’m the same (ish), I go to the toilet and that’s when the alcohol hits me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ love it!! Thanks for sharing Hunida, this was a fun post to read!


    1. Lol my entire blog is pretty much me talking about myself so I feel worried I repeat myself a LOT. πŸ˜› I am so happy I could make you laugh & that you weren’t bored by this post!! & no way!! That’s absolutely hilarious that you start to feel it most when you’re on the toilet, too. Maybe it’s because we finally have quiet time & our brains are like, “yep you’re wasted” hahha!

      ❀ ❀ thanks for reading, Jennie!!


    1. Oh my gosh, celery stinks so bad to me & the scent does not get off your hands for way too long! I totally get the texture thing, the stringy part is annoying but, I usually peel them off completely before eating them!


  2. I already shared five facts in a blog post a month or two ago, but here are two more:

    #6. I’m right-handed, but prefer to use a left-handed mouse. I have no trouble using a right-handed mouse though.

    #7. I shower rather infrequently. It’s not unusual for me to go 5 days without one. Don’t worry, I’m not a smelly person, and I sometimes take a “pirate bath” in-between showers. When I do shower, I shut off the water while lathering up. I expect to get a medal from environmentalists for this feat!

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    1. That’s so interesting that you like to use a left-handed mouse. My left hand is pretty much useless, lol. & hey, if you don’t need to shower– why do it?! You totally deserve a medal from environmentalists. That’s awesome that you turn the water off when you lather. I’m not brave enough to brace that kind of breeze!

      Thanks for sharing your facts with me, Ikvy!! ❀


      1. It’s a lowercase L, not an uppercase i. 😭

        I sucked at using the mouse with my left hand at first. I switched because my job at the time had me use the numeric keypad constantly: it was putting a lot of strain on my wrist to switch between the keypad and mouse all day long.

        Now it’s because I can drink and pet the cats while browsing!

        An ex once told me that it wasn’t unusual for guys to use a left-handed mouse, as it allowed them to jerk off while browsing porn. 🀣

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        1. Oh my gosh, so sorry! How do your pronounce it?

          Oh wow, what a skill to have learned! It would definitely be convenient being able to use a left-handed mouse. My cats would appreciate it, for sure, lol.

          That’s too funny about what your ex said! I asked boyfriend if it was true & he laughed but, said he just pauses what he’s doing if he needs to switch the video hahaha.


  3. Lol I’ve taken long long showers before they’re the best!! I know it’s terrible, but my gosh lol
    Haha I love celery!! So delish in ceviche too but I get the whole scent being a bit strong
    Ah yes, white hairs…I’ve had plenty. It’s the stress I bet 😞
    Interesting, if I sleep on my back i feel like i sleep much better? Lol but i like to sleep on my side instead.
    My handwriting changes too!!!!!
    It’s tough for me to come up with 7 facts about myself, and not that you need to know them anyway as you already know me fairly well lol

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    1. Ugh, it’s so bad but feels so good. My showers are like 30 min everyday. πŸ˜›

      I love celery, too, but the smell gives me such a headache. I hate it. I am now craving ceviche lol!!

      It’s so weird to have ONE white hair! I thought they’d come in groups lol. I think it’s because I work in a club where they smoke indoors, tbh. πŸ˜› But I don’t know, could be stress, too!

      I have to fall asleep on my side but, I can turn over on my back in the middle of the night & be okay. If that makes sense…

      I wish I could be consistent with my neater handwriting lol. & I’d always love to know more about you!!!

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      1. You are so lucky you get to shower every day. I shower every other day and my showers are 15 to 20 mins long at the most lol. Sometimes I have to skip washing my hair 😭
        Ceviche is the best during the summer!! I cant get enough of it lol
        Haha well you may* have more white hairs you never know lol. I’ve found several but there also have been times where I’ve only found one as well lol.
        πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› well then if you must know, the #7 is one of my favorite numbers lol.

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        1. Aw why don’t you get to shower everyday? Too busy? 😦 Sometimes I put my hair up & don’t wash it, either. I literally only shampoo like once a month, too. πŸ˜›

          I am reeeeally craving ceviche now lol.

          I’ve never seen any other white hairs! I know exactly where my one single one is lol.

          Ah, so 7 is a lucky number, huh?!? ❀ Thank you for sharing with me, hehe. ❀


          1. Yeah sometimes things pile on and I dont have time for a shower or I do and I have to take a quick shower. Like this morning lol. I dont think my hair can withstand no washes for more than 3 days..I’ve tried lol.
            Nah, not necessarily lucky. I think one of my lucky numbers is 22 which is actually kind of cool. Before I found out that it was a lucky number, I didnt realize how the number 22 played a role in my life, with Alex lol. He asked me out on the 22nd, engaged on the 22nd, and even though we couldn’t get married on the 22nd, our 10 year anniversary will fall on the year 2022 and I will do my absolute best to renew our vows on a 22nd lol. Still not sure if I want to go all out for my vow renewal. I want to and I dont lol.

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            1. My hair has no volume when I shampoo it everyday so, I only do it when I can feel that it is dirty/greasy. The shampoo I use just keeps it clean for so long (& prevents me from getting split ends, too!).

              Oh my gosh, I LOVE that 22 has played such a huge role in your relationship. ❀ That's just crazy that your 10th anniversary will be in 2022!!! Will that when you renew your vows? Or sometime sooner or later? Lol I would love to attend if you decide to go all out!!! ❀

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                  1. You guys are definitely invited to my vow renewal by the way. I’m pretty sure you’re on the list already, first thing I planned like months ago haha.

                    And yes, I was testing out a shampoo and conditioner that influenster sent to me and I switched back to the one I was using because I just want to finish it already lololol.

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                    1. Oh my gosh, yay!! We will be there!! πŸ˜€ ❀ You will be invited to our wedding, too. I don't know how long it will be from now though… *tick tock* LOL!

                      Ah well hopefully if you stopped using the new shampoo & conditioner that your hair will be less greasy. ❀

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                    2. Haha I need to have a serious talk with Alex about it because if he doesn’t want to do anything, then maybe it will just be intimate with a small circle of family or something but I do want it to be bigger. Lol. That’s just me being selfish though and at the same I cant really call it selfish, I didn’t get a wedding with a beautiful dress or reception. He owes me that much at least lmao.
                      And awwww! Hunida getting married!! That would be the cutest thing everrrrr!!! Have you talked to Alex about marriage? Does he want it too lol.

                      I stopped using it and went back to mine. But I’m thinking its mine and not the one I got? When I was testing the other, my hair wasnt this oily lol. Either way, once I finish it I dont think I’ll buy it anymore lol

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                    3. Aw yeah, please have a big one!! You so deserve it & I wanna come, hehe. ❀ You're not being selfish at all!!

                      Lol yes, he says he wants to but needs to be able to afford me a proper nice ring first πŸ˜€ which I don't mind waiting for… but still *tick tock* because I still wanna be sorta young for my wedding, y'know?!

                      Ugh good shampoos are hard to find!

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                    4. I’ll use this comment to convince Alex lmao 🀣🀣
                      That is the cutest thing ever!! I cannot wait till he proposes!! And “sorta young” haha you ARE young!! Much younger than and I lololol.
                      Alex proposed to me with a $20 ring, lol. And before the wedding we got a ring set for me from Walmart for like $100 cause we were broke πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€£ still wearing it lol.
                      We couldnt find one he liked for him, so the one he wears, I SWEAR, cost us like less than $20 as well at that store Fuego πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he doesnt want to upgrade, I’ve already tried to surprise him with a new one lol. Bought it with cash and it was too big, so we had to return it and he didnt like the rest and said “I dont need another one” but he does!! Lol
                      Oh oh oh, give me anniversary gift ideas lol. Idk what to get him, men are so hard to buy things for lol. Our wedding anniversary is next month (February) towards the end of the month. I really wanna get him something, but not sure what. Even something small would be nice.

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                    5. He better give you as big of a wedding renewal service as you want!!! ❀ I will ask about it when we see you guys again too, hahaha.

                      & awww, that's okay that you guys didn't spend so much money on the rings. That's not what weddings are about anyways. ❀ & maybe he has a sentimental attachment to the ring he's wearing?!

                      Men are super hard to shop for, aren't they? Maybe you could find him little knick knacks or tshirts with his favorite characters or music artists? OR you could buy yourself a cute little lingerie piece, hehe. ❀

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                    6. LOL we talked it over a few days ago and he said to have something more intimate with family and friends and I’ve been looking up vow renewal etiquette and that’s more appropriate. now i jst gotta figure out where to have it and what LOL
                      oh i’m totally okay with our wedding rings πŸ™‚ i really do want to upgrade Alex’s more than mine, his is not round anymore LOL
                      too bad he doesn’t like clothes as much haha but lingerie sounds like a pretty good idea… i’ve been planning for us to go out to a very nice dinner, hopefully without Ciel ha

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                    7. My Aunt did this HUGE wedding renewal when I was younger lol but I think a small intimate one would be beautiful, too. πŸ˜€

                      Lol oh my gosh, you mean like Alex’s ring is bent now?!

                      & yessss, a sexy lingerie outfit for you, a nice dinner, & you guys could get like a nearby hotel if you find a sitter for Ciel!!

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                    8. I want that too but who am I kidding? I don’t think we can afford something huge but it would mean the world to me to have some people there that couldn’t make it the first time πŸ™‚
                      And yes! I swear it’s lie an oval already! I don’t know why he won’t let me get him a new one LOL
                      Hmm…my cousin might be able to take care of him but I need to ask her in advance first.

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                    9. Aw well, I’m sure whatever you guys do, it’s going to be beautiful. ❀ & maybe by then he will let you get him a new ring lol.

                      Hope you guys have an amazing anniversary!!! ❀

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  4. When I had a bathtub I was the same as you & I would keep refilling the tub until the water got cold!
    I don’t like celery, but my mum made celery juice & it just smelled like celery for DAYS
    That’s so interesting you get nightmares when you fall asleep on your back. I rarely get nightmares so I just sleep in whatever position is the most comfortable for that night lol
    HOW can you bite candy?!

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    1. Lol it’s hard to get out when there’s no reason to! & oh my gosh, I would cry if my place smelled like celery for days. The smell gives me such a headache.

      My boyfriend says he never, ever has dreams or nightmares, either. I have one or the other almost every night. It’s crazy! Sometimes being on my back is the most comfortable so I fall asleep that way & that’s how I know it gives me nightmares. I hate it. πŸ˜›

      LOL I can’t help it, I immediately bite candy without sucking on it unless I absolutely have to like… jolly ranchers but I still bite those scary fast, too…

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    1. Sometimes I fall asleep on my back because it’s the most comfortable & just deal with the nightmares. πŸ˜› Now you have me worried about wrinkles, too, lol!


  5. I love learning weird facts about people like this. The celery thing is too funny. I never noticed it has a smell. But I have a really bad sense of smell….I heard that’s a sign I’ll get alzheimer’s someday??????

    I like to stay in the shower until it gets cold, too, and I start out with the hottest water I can stand.

    Also, I need that pink bathroom in the first picture. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh no! I never knew that meant you’d have alzheimer’s someday. I hope that’s not true. 😦 Celery has such a strong scent to me!

      LOL we are the exact same with the shower situation & I would LOVE to have that pink bathroom, too.

      I’m so glad you loved learning these weird facts about me, Jinjer!! ❀

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  6. I make sure that my showers are hot and quick. I hate the end of the shower and drying off period. I just dislike being soaking wet! I’ve never noticed the smell of celery. I’m self conscious with how crunchy and loud eating celery is. It’s a little off-putting with the stringiness, but I love it!

    That’s funny about the single white hair too. I find some white/blonde hairs throughout my head and I always pull them out! I probably shouldn’t do that but it’s kinda fun to find them. That’s interesting that you get nightmares if you sleep on your back!

    Oh man, the candy. I’m so afraid of chipping my teeth, and I’m the exact opposite because I’ll savor candy until it’s the tiniest piece! It sounds like a wild time for you to be drunk if you’re dancing on a toilet. I had to chuckle about that, haha. I’ve never been drunk before, so I can’t imagine what it’s like! I feel like I’d be a sad person though, haha.

    These were super fun to read about, Hunida. Thanks for sharing some more facts about you!

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    1. I need to be quicker about my showers, every time I hop in, I tell myself “alright make it snappy” but then, somehow, I am stuck in there, daydreaming until the water is cold & I am brought back to life LOL.

      Aw celery is crunchy– it’s meant to be loud!! & hey, did you know you can peel all those strings back & tear them completely off quite easily? I think I have sensitive nose because certain smells just irk me, it’s interesting to hear that a lot of people didn’t ever notice it had a smell!

      I haven’t pulled out my white hair because 1) I heard it could be good luck to have a single one & 2) I heard that could make more sprout!!

      I have tested my sleeping on my back theory & it happens all the time. I hate it!

      I probably should worry about my teeth a little more too. Boyfriend is always like, “did you just break your tooth?” whenever I bite my candy LOL.

      That’s amazing that you’ve never been drunk before. I do think different types of alcohol can alter your moods in certain ways, or even the mood you are in before you start drinking can. For me, tequila usually makes me happy & hyper but vodka makes me crabby as heck!

      Thank you for reading, Stephanie! So happy you had fun!!! ❀

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      1. You can really get lost and daydream while taking a shower! Haha, it happens to us all sometimes. I’ve never tried peeling the celery strings just because it seems like that’s part of the experience. You must have a sensitive nose to notice a smell; I’ll have to see if I pick up on it the next time I buy it!

        I’ve heard that more hairs grow when pulling them out, but that never stops me, oops. Let’s hope yours doesn’t fall out, but that’s pretty cool that you have just one! Your teeth must be pretty strong if you’re able to withstand all the hard candies! I grind my teeth at night and I’m paranoid I’ll mess mine up.

        I haven’t thought about how different types of alcohol affect a person’s moods. I have to stay away from tequila because that makes the Asian flush so intense, and my face looks soooo red and my eyes are bloodshot! I could drink vodka straight, so yummy! Other alcohol makes my face turn red too but not as much as tequila does; I found that out a few years ago, haha.

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        1. Lol you are so funny, saying that the celery strings are part of the experience. I totally get that! & you’ll have to let me know if you do pick up on the celery scent now.

          It’s probably just a myth about them sprouting more but, I just believe everything I hear. πŸ˜› Oh my gosh, I grind my teeth at night, too & I also clench my jaw a LOT. I’m super worried about my teeth– they’re not that strong lol.

          Aw I also get Asian flush from drinking, but just super red & hot cheeks! I do think my eyes get bloodshot, too but I can’t tell in the moment lol. Crazy that you think vodka is yummy straight! I can’t drink anything straight! I wish I could so I cut the calories from juice lol.

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          1. I definitely will let you know if there’s a smell! Haha. I’m bad with doubting the old wives tales and stuff like that, haha. I’d say if you’re biting down on hard candy, they’re probably more strong than you think! I’ve had some things without chasers that I preferred! I’m a bit odd when it comes to some alcohols, haha.

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            1. Lol boyfriend doesn’t believe any that I tell him, either. πŸ˜› & that’s crazy that you like alcohol, even without chasers, but have never been drunk? HOW!?


              1. Haha, I won’t unless something actually happens, probably! And I think the reason why I’ve never been drunk is because I’ve never been one to drink a lot anything in general; It takes me hours to finish a drink! I have to take my time on drinking stuff because I feel so full right away! Maybe you get used to the amount you drink when you do so more often, I’m not sure, honestly, so I am curious as to how people can down so many!

                I don’t see myself being the bubbly happy type, but I’ll cross that experience whenever it happens and let you know, haha! My family thinks drinking’s a big no-no so I can’t really mention it on the blog when I do have something without them flipping out over it, sigh.

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                1. Ah I see! No wonder you haven’t been drunk before. Sometimes when I have the fruity drinks, I have the opposite problem & drink them too fast lol. Since you like straight shots & don’t drink often, you could probably get drunk off one or two. πŸ˜›

                  Lol def let me know when you experience it for the first time, if ever! & that totally makes sense about your family, I didn’t know they read your blog!


                  1. Ahh, I’ve had some fruity drinks that are absolutely delicious that I could drink a little more! I suppose it depends how much alcohol is in a drink for me to get to that point with just a little! 😬

                    I’ll definitely have to mark the occasion if/when it happens! I have some family members that do every now and then, so I’m just playing it safe for now!

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