Empties & Discards #3

Hi again fellow beauty lovers! It’s been another 4 months or so since I posted an Empties & Discards. (Read: #1, #2) I don’t have as many as the last round and I still accidentally threw some stuff I could’ve saved away but, I’m going to get better at this. Just you watch!




Delectable by Cake Beauty – Body Butter Cream in Triple Citrus Blend
The scent is rather flowery for something called “citrus” and it’s super intense, too. My legs didn’t feel moisturized at all and they turned ashy white by the end of the day.

Repurchase? No

To-Plan – Shea Butter Body Lotion
Creamy and thick but, sinks in quickly and does the job. Always left my hands a bit greasy, though, and the shea scent isn’t very subtle.

Repurchase? No

TONYMOLY – Vital Vita 12 Jelly Cleanser
Does a nice job cleaning off makeup, including mascara, has a beautiful orange scent but, it was a must to moisturize after every use. Very drying.

Repurchase? No

First Aid Beauty – Face Cleanser
Not gonna lie, this is not completely empty but, it’s reeeally close. I had to stop using it because the lid cracked severely and it made me feel as if too many germs were getting into the product.

Repurchase? Possibly


The Saem – Natural Shea Butter Sheet Mask
Did nothing to hydrate my face, left area around my mouth irritated, itchy and red, and had a strong perfume scent. Lots of the essence was wasted at the bottom of the pouch, too.

Repurchase? No

GLAMGLOW – Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask
My favorite, ever. So quick and easy to use, noticeably cleans out pores, shrinks bumps, and fades redness.

Repurchase? If only the brand were cruelty-free

Sealuxe – Ultimate Renewing Tightening Mask
SO luxurious! Light, fresh scent, feels soft and does not slip and slide at all. My face looked brighter and bouncier the next day!

Repurchase? Yes but, not sure if the brand is cruelty-free



Urban Decay – Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder in Lit
I was reeeally close to finishing this but, one day I tried to flip it close like I always did and the pan fell right out— all of the product cracked everywhere. I would have never discarded this before completely finishing it. It’s so pretty and perfect for my skin tone.

Repurchase? Yes

IT Cosmetics – Superhero Mascara
Another one bites the dust!

Repurchase? Yes

Thrive Causemetics – Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara in Brynn
Super easy to apply and remove, separated my lashes beautifully, and NEVER left any smudges. Not very dramatic and a bit chunky if too much product is used.

Repurchase? Yes

Sephora Collection – Matte Perfection Powder Foundation in Shade 26 Neutral Sand
Obviously, this isn’t completely empty, either but, look at the packaging. It was destroyed and probably not very sanitary to keep using. I loved the coverage and finish it gave me and I wasn’t left with any dry patches like most other powders tend to do. I wouldn’t have prematurely thrown this away if the packaging had stayed in tact and LOOK! I was SO close, wasn’t I?!

Repurchase? If the brand were cruelty-free



J.R. Watkins – Daily Moisturizing Body Wash in Lemon Cream
Lovely scent, silky feel, and left my skin moisturized yet, not soft? Makes lots of bubbles when used for baths

Repurchase? Nah

Marianella – Hand Wash in Violet & Bergamot
Liquidy as heck, ran out quickly because pump shoots out a lot of product at once, smells pleasantly womanly

Repurchase? Yes

Holiday Dessert Collection by Olivia Grace – Body Wash in Gingerbread & Vanilla
Smells like nothing, made me itchy, and doesn’t make a lot of bubbles for baths

Repurchase? No

Tom’s Of Maine – Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste
Fave. Forever.

Repurchase? Always

Mrs. Meyer’s – Hand Soap in Rain Water
VERY strongly scented, almost manly, quite musky… thick consistency and lasts for awhile

Repurchase? I’d try a different scent


Huggies – Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes (x3)
A little thick and bubbly, fairly priced, and does the job.

Repurchase? Sure

The Honest Co. – Honest Wipes Premium Plant-Based Cleansing Cloths (x2)
Before they changed the packaging design and thinned their cloths out, I was never going to buy anything else… since they did, I’ve strayed away.

Repurchase? No



The unicorn horn looking ones were too flimsy and soft, the house-shaped sponges smeared more than blended, all of the other brushes I actually didn’t mind– I’ve just had them too long especially my Sigma ones. I thought I’d never say goodbye but, it’s finally time, I’ve found newer replacements now.


  • Joah – Wand Me Up Concealer in Sand
    • I liked the coverage but, it slowly gave me small bumps all over my face.
  • Touch in Sol – No Poreblem Prime Essence
    • Made my skin itchy and red, smells like grandma perfume
  • Suva Beauty – Hydra Liner in Grease
    • Did not understand
  • Best Accessory Group – Bath Bomb in Donut Worry
    • Smelled like a melted Barbie doll, didn’t make any changes to my bath water, and gave me eczema on my back
  • Skin and Co. Roma – Mini Truffle Therapy Facial Oil
    • Sparkly, greasy, and broke me out– also, not a fan of the scent
  • Tarte – Big Ego Mascara
    • Too much smudging!
  • Tarte – Maracuja C Brightener Eye Treatment Foil Sample
    • Gave me little bumps around my eyes that I’ve never gotten before… they luckily disappeared the next day but, scared me away from using this product again
  • Bath & Body Works – Shower Gel in A Thousand Wishes
    • Boyfriend’s grandma gifted this to me but, like most EVERYTHING from B&BW, I am allergic. My eyes water, my chest congests, and my throat feels scratchy at first sniff. It’s actually a really pretty scent though!
  • BECCA Cosmetics – Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder
    • SADLY, I broke the inner cap and after that, the powder no longer felt like a mist and started to dry me out. This is the only thing in my DISCARDS pile that I would possibly repurchase, IF they made it less easy to break.
  • trΓ¨Stique – Good Vibes Mascara in Icelandic Black Lacquer
    • Worst mascara I’ve ever tried!
  • Joah – Truly Yours Dark Circle Concealer in Ivory
    • Made my skin look GRAY…
  • Pixi by Petra – Glow Mist
    • Made me very itchy, dry, and red

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44 thoughts on “Empties & Discards #3

  1. I’m the same with B&BW. I honestly couldn’t even walk by the store when I worked at Rideau Centre, lol. I have no idea how I was able to literally shower, moisturize and spritz myself with those concoction sets in middle school lol! Sweet-pea scent was my BRAND. And also probably why my skin was so dry and horrible lol.

    I’m so jealous you can try so many things all the time! My skin is sooooo sensitive I have to be careful with even what dish soap I use 😦 I’m super grateful for your reviews, though…especially the home stuff too πŸ™‚ saves me any skin trouble!!β™‘β™‘

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    1. I have always been sneezy & irritated in B&BW so I’ve never been able to even go in. 😭 A lot of people actually really like their products so maybe our specific skin & sinuses do not mix well with whatever ingredients they use?

      My skin is pretty sensitive, too, lol. It gets mad at me a lot but, then, I just throw whatever product caused a reaction out & take a break from everything until it heals, just to try something new again. πŸ˜‚ I’m glad my reviews could help you!! I’m sorry you have to be so careful with what you use!!

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  2. OMG girl, you killed it with this empties round up – so many full-sized products!!! What a bummer that your UD powder fell out of the pan… I hate it when that happens!

    Also, I’m so impressed by your brush declutter… For whatever reason, I have a hard time getting rid of brushes b/c I feel like I can never have enough on hand lol.

    I’ve heard people rave about the Honest Beauty wipes, but everyone who has tried them recently only talks about how much they dislike these. What a bummer that they made a change that made the product worse.

    Also, I chuckled at the comment under the SUVA Liner lol – I do think the brand needs to do more to help customers better understand how to use those liners!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I hope I can use up even more for my next round. 😁 I was so devastated when my UD powder broke but, oh well… it was really old anyways lol.

      It was def hard getting rid of some brushes but, I knew it was time. My Sigma ones were like 6 years old. 😭

      I don’t know why Honest changed their wipes. They are terrible now! They used to be nice & thick but are now super thin? & they upped the price, too. Makes no sense.

      LOL! The Suva liner was just way more work than I willing to do. πŸ˜‚

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  3. I wonder if that delectable body lotion is from the same brand of one I tried in the past. Hmmm…i remember mine being pretty moisturizing as a hand lotion lol.
    Too bad neither of the lotions worked for you.
    Good to know to steer clear of the Tony moly cleanser.
    And I did buy that first aid beauty cleanser because of you and I love it! I use it more during the summer but it’s a good all year round kind of cleanser.
    I would love to try the glam glow bubblesheet mask, sounds so good!!

    Awh thats too bad your highlighter cracked. I tried fixing one of my faves once with that alcohol trick and it totally ruined it πŸ™„ lol
    But yay for finishing two mascaras and a foundation, foundations are hard for me to empty haha
    The marianella wash was one you got sent for free right? Do you remember if its expensive?? Also, where to buy?? Lol
    Tom’s of Maine is my fave too!!
    Idk what you’re talking about, that you didn’t empty as many, girl this was good!! I only emptied like 10 products in the last three months of 2019 haha
    The Suva beauty liners are really big in the beauty community, but to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them.
    I’m surprised the glow mist didnt work for you, everyone raves about it too…makes you wonder if people just say that because its PR lol
    Also, the Becca powder supposedly comes in a travel size too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do think that lotion was the same brand as your hand lotion! & I think I’m just really dry & picky with them. πŸ˜›

      Yeah, that Tony Moly cleanser felt like it stripped my skin completely & I’m so happy you love that FAB face cleanser!! ❀ It's really gentle & nice, I'm sad mine cracked but I have another unopened one still.

      Those Glamglow bubblesheets are so good. I wish they were CF!!

      It was such a mess when I broke that highlighter! 😦 It was on the floor so I couldn't have even picked it up if I tried. I never thought that alcohol trick would really work!!

      Lol I will count that foundation as an empty but it probably could've lasted me a few more months, honestly. πŸ˜› I usually only use one other foundation but, I go through mascaras way too fast!

      The Marianella stuff is only sold online & at their salon in New York. I don't think it was too expensive! & yeah, it's the one they sent me for free. πŸ˜€

      I don't think we can ever use any other toothpaste besides Tom's of Maine now!

      & thank you!! I have a feeling my next round is going to have even more products. πŸ˜€ I should do a total amount at the end, huh??

      I was so confused about the Suva eyeliner, I tried it all kinds of ways but couldn't figure it out. It looked like water color paint.

      I don't know, I've tried a few things by Pixi & they all made me break out? Maybe I am just not getting along with something they use…

      I am currently using a Ciate setting powder but, I'll think about getting the travel size Becca powder if the packaging is better lol. I'm too aggressive, I guess.

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      1. I thought so! Lol. Wasnt a fan of the coconut scent but it was very moisturizing πŸ€—
        Well it’s always good to be stocked up on skincare when something breaks and what not. I really need to look at my inventory/stash again because I have a lot of stuff that might go bad soon. I do not know if I want to do another project pan, I’m leaning more towards no because I want to see if I will empty more stuff without having that constant pressure on myself to empty said products. Do you know what I mean? So this might be an experiment this year lol.
        Maybe I did it wrong but considering that the formula changed drastically, I really dont think the alcohol helps the product at all except to stick it back together after breaking lmao
        Agreed! I had to get another toothpaste ONLY because my teeth were really sensitive but now they feel so much better lol. You really should so you can easily look back and the end of the year and see how many products you managed to empty in one year. I wish I could have done a total tally on my regular empties and my project pan empties from 2019 because I feel like I emptied quite a lot but it didnt feel like it since I had to separate them you know?
        Yeah an ingredient most likely. You’re one of the first people to say Pixi’s products didnt work too well for you. All I hear is how “great they are” haha
        I think the packaging might be the same unfortunately πŸ˜• hopefully the Ciate powder works just as well as the Becca one

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahh yeah, you and I both don’t like the coconut scent! & it is nice to be stocked upon skincare but, I may give it away in my next giveaway since I have other ones I wanna try.

          I was looking through my already opened stash & thought about just throwing out all my skincare stuff. Is that too far? They’re all over a year old, I feel like,

          That totally makes sense what you said about not wanting to do a Project Pan! It’s better to use products you LIKE because you’ll actually use them more & empty them a lot quicker.

          If my products break, I will just let it go. πŸ˜› I don’t think I want to put any more alcohol into my makeup anyways, y’know?

          We just bought a Tom’s made for sensitive teeth because our fave one wasn’t in stock! I wonder if it’d work for you! I’m glad yours are feeling better now. πŸ™‚

          Okay okay, I think I’m gonna go back & add a total number of items for this round & do it for every round from now on, too!! You totally did empty a lot in 2019, even if they were separated between two different series on your blog!!

          My skin is annoying but MAYBE the Pixi stuff Ipsy sends out is bunk or something lol because that’s the only way I’ve tried the brand each time. πŸ˜›

          The Ciate powder is alright so far! It makes me look so white though!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah of course. Half of my stuff is already opened so I cant give it away haha. I would say look through everything first and look at skincare expiration cheat sheets to get a general guide based on when you might have opened them (if you remember). Because skincare and makeup has a “period after opening” and once its past it, it becomes less effective or goes bad completely depending on the ingredients as well. But if they are over a year old, then yeah throw them out! I need to look through my stuff too lol.
            Yeah, I feel like I limited myself to a certain amount of products last year lol.
            Yeah I did that a very long time ago when I was getting back into makeup and all these “tricks” to fixing broken makeup were all the rage haha. Actually, back then, the market wasnt over saturated with makeup lol.
            Ah yeah I remember lol. I sometimes didnt like the stuff ipsy sent because it felt like it was about to expire most times. I’m sure they’ve gotten better at that by now, I hope haha
            I was gonna ask if you have tried banana powder? It just has a slight color to it but it’s supposed to be universally flattering

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Lol mostly ALL my stuff is already opened so, yeah, I may have to look through my blog & see how old everything is before throwing it all out. πŸ˜›

              There really is tons & tons of makeup out there, it’s a bit ridiculous. It’s the main reason why I just get sub boxes, because I’d never be able to choose on my own lol. But yeah, we’d never know about the expiration dates unless we called every brand for every product. πŸ˜›

              I’ve heard a lot about banana powder! Never tried it though, maybe I’ll give it a go?!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yeah that’s a good idea πŸ€—
                Very true, I miss sub boxes. But I’ll hang in there 😭😭 lol
                There should be a few drugstore banana powders. Let me look…
                Essence has one, so does Wet n Wild, OFRA, Makeup Revolution, NYX, LA..Girl and a few high end brands. Might wanna look into reviews just in case.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I don’t think I can quit sub boxes completely LOL I will just keep pausing & getting them again eventually. My only rule for myself I can try to follow is only ONE per month.

                  Will def look into some banana powders. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. I still have my Ipsy subs on hold lol, I just haven’t seen anything really that good. In the Ultimate next month, they’re gonna have a Makeup Geek palette I wanna try but, I don’t want anything else at all in that big ass box lol. & I can’t wait to share what I got in my Boxy with you!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I really love that ipsy has that “on hold” option. That’s super neat and unique lol.
                      Omg yeaaahhh!! I think makeup geek rebranded or something like that. I follow the founder/CEO on Twitter. Lol. I havent gotten the chance to see the new look. I have no idea if she revamped the packaging, formula or both.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I know and I love that they don’t limit how many times you can press ‘pause’ too! That’s super interesting to know about Makeup Geek, I’ve always heard such things about their eyeshadows!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. That makes it even better!!
                      And I was going to purchase from MUG years ago but went with ColourPop because their singles were a little cheaper lmao. Soon though, maybe my next purchase will be MUG. I think their lipsticks used to be really good too? Can’t remember very well.

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