January 11, 2020
08:48 PM

Another Saturday and I’m not at work. This feels so weird!!

On Thursday, I knew I was going to get my period but, every time I checked– there was no sign of it! I treated the day like a regular, routine work day.

I woke up around 2 PM and read some blogs for about an hour before I got up to take a shower and moisturize.

For dinner, we went to Cafe Zupas. πŸ™‚


I ordered the Thai Steak and Quinoa bowl with the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. Boyfriend had a Bleu cheese chicken salad and his favorite Cuban Pork Sandwich.


We stopped at Starbucks on the way home, as usual.

I sat down to write my Dear 15 Year Old Me post and then, did my hair and makeup. Boyfriend went to buy me a bottle of booze and before he left, I still hadn’t gotten my period! I even checked right before he walked out the door.

Of course, once he made me a drink and I had a few sips… guess who came to visit? Yep. You’re right. It was my Aunt Freakin’ Flo. Always coming at the *best* times.


I finished drinking my drink and then, we drunkenly went to the 24/7 Von’s for some grocery shopping. We got a box of those Yummy brand Hot Chicken Fries and a bag of waffle fries from the frozen section to eat for the night, a few other snacks, and all of the ingredients we needed for the week, too.


When we got home, I outlined several future posts I have planned and then, I discovered Glam Masters on Hulu and watched a few episodes until I got sleepy. I did about 7 out of 10 steps in my Korean Skincare routine, smoked a blunt, and then read One Was Lost until 5:30 AM when I fell asleep.


Yesterday, I woke up around 11 AM with the worst menstrual cramps. πŸ˜› I took a shower to try to soothe them– it was kind of successful so, I went back to lay in bed. I read some blogs for a bit until my eyes got heavy. I woke up again around 3:30 PM.

I did a little more blog reading before finally getting up for the day. I made sure I had all my photos for my Five Friday Faves (FFF) ready and took the ones I didn’t.

I wrote my post up while boyfriend made us the most amazing panko crusted chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner. We watched Glee while we ate and then, boyfriend started watching some dude on Twitch while I revised and published my FFF #4.

I was intending to watch the rest of Glam Masters but, I freakin’ fell asleep. Boyfriend made a run to the dispensary while I napped. When he came back, I read a few chapters of One Was Lost while trying to pep up with a cup of hot tea.


I spent the rest of my night eating and watching TV (SVU and Devious Maids) until I, once again, fell asleep on the couch.


Today, I woke up and spent an hour or so reading blogs before getting up for the day. I took a shower and did my stretch and workout routine when I got out. Boyfriend made us a hamburger soup. We ate it in front of an episode of Glee and then, had to go out to fill up our water jugs and get the cats some food. We stopped at McDonald’s for a hot cup of coffee, too. I’m sick of the Wicked Joe’s one we currently have.

When we got home, we watched another episode of Glee and made these No Bake Cookies I found on In Diane’s Kitchen together!


We used Earth Balance Original instead of real butter, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk instead of cow’s, and crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy. We were really fascinated by the cooking process and the ending texture, it was like nothing either of us have ever tried before, and truly included NO baking. Next time, we’d use a little less sugar though. I could only handle eating one at a time but, hey, that’s probably a good thing, anyways. πŸ˜‰

When they were ready to eat, I had one along with my McD’s cup of coffee, and I started typing this!

Hope you’re all having a safe and fun weekend! ❀

09:34 PM

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57 thoughts on “Journal Entry #295

  1. Ugh Mother Nature always comes for a visit at worst time – sorry you were having cramps!

    Those No Bake cookies looked so yummy, too! I’m always impressed how you’re not afraid to try new recipes you find online and how they seem to come out so well!

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    1. Mine is so irregular, it comes like a week later every month. Thank you for your condolences. ❀

      Lol whenever we have all/most of the ingredients, I am always willing to try anything that looks good! Sometimes it works out & it's okay if doesn't. πŸ™‚


  2. Ooh your skincare routine sounds interesting Hunida… although 10 steps? I could never πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I do love skincare though! Boo to cramps 😦 so annoying!! Hope you have a great week lovely! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

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    1. LOL! I thought it was insane, too, when I first heard about it but once I had everything I needed, I was like, ‘let me give it a shot’ & now my face feels dirty if I don’t do it! Skincare is so amazing. ❀

      Hope you have a lovely week, too, babe!!! ❀

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  3. Your kitties are so cuuuuute!!!

    I need that cuban sandwich!

    I just tried that first workout video in your daily routine, the one where we meet Harvey and do ab work. Oh Lord…maybe I should try it BEFORE I have 2 cups of coffee sitting in my stomach. The ab work was pushing it back up my throat.

    I’ll try again tomorrow when my stomach is good and empty. LOL

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    1. Hehe, glad you are enjoying the kitty pictures. ❀ That Cuban Sandwich is really tasty & oh my gosh, that's my favorite work out. She is so funny with all her jibber jabber & her doggos are adorable lol. If your tummy is sore in the morning, you should take a break until it's not anymore. I once chugged water before the workout & almost threw it back up, too. Now I have to wait a little if I drink something first lol.

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      1. I decided to hold off on the abs workout for now. It’s funny how I start one thing (walking every day) and then think “Oh and I want to do this ab workout and this yoga series…” and I have to step back and say NO. One goal at a time, MIssy!

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  4. A 10 step skincare routine?! Here I was dreading even 5 steps, haha. But in all honesty, it’s best to take care of your skin no matter how long the process is. I think I only started to really get into somewhat of a skincare routine mid-2019 and it feels and looks much better than before.

    What episode of Glee are you guys on?! It’s been a series that is on and off for me but I’m on the last season with half the series left to go and I’d love to see it through since I started the series back in high school.

    The no bake cookie looks yummy! I just took a peek at the recipe and it looks super super simple to try out! Thank you for sharing this!!

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    1. Lol well, out of the 10 steps, 1 is sunscreen so you can skip that one at night. 2 of them are only meant for once a week & then 2 out of the 7 that are left, I don’t have right now so actually, I am only doing 5 steps most nights, too! I just started this routine last month & my gosh, I can feel & see a huge difference. It truly is SO important to take care of your skin & I always feel so accomplished afterwards. πŸ™‚ I would be super interested in hearing about the 5 steps you do!

      We just finished the Rocky Horror episode in the second season of Glee! There are so many episodes & I only like watching one or two at a time so it’ll probably take me just as long you to watch them all lol. How satisfying it must feel that you are so close to the end!

      The No Bake cookies were super easy & fun to make! πŸ˜€ ❀ Thanks for stopping by!!


      1. When you put it that way, then skincare routine doesn’t seem too bad! I’ve always just used a in shower cleanser and moisturizer, but my friend was telling me about the benefits of a toner, and some PH balancing oils(?), haha. Sorry, I am sooo bad with beauty stuff! They told me to drop by The Ordinary to get some really good organic skincare products without breaking the bank.

        Ohhh, the first few seasons are sooo good! They are super funny and witty. I’m trying to push through the remainder episodes and finally be done with series, lol. I remember the hype with Glee and how every high school started their own Glee clubs.

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        1. Oh my gosh, I truly didn’t believe in toners until I got a magical one lol they really do make a difference! I’m not sure I’ve tried any PH balancing oils though, that sounds super interesting. You’ll have to let me know what you pick up at The Ordinary! I’ve heard mixed reviews about the brand.

          Ugh, I’m sad to know the rest of the seasons aren’t as good! I already miss the first one as I’m watching the second one. πŸ˜› I wish my HS started a Glee club lol how cool! I didn’t know it had made that much of an impact?!


  5. Waiting on Ciel to fall asleep so I’m reading lol.
    That’s so cool that you guys have a grocery store that is open 24 hours a day. The only place I know like that is winco haha. Alex has gone in the middle of the night as they’re restocking. He says it’s so empty lol.
    We’ve already talked about this, but I liked Glam Masters. Who knows if they would ever make a second season. I wonder if it didn’t do as well as they hoped.
    Panko crusted chicken sounds sooo good!! I think I’ll have to make some mashed potatoes tomorrow. I need the carbs and I miss them anyway haha
    Kitty kuddlezz!! 😻😻😻
    I’m dying to try no bake cookies, but not sure If the boys would be fans lol. I’ll have to bake tomorrow. I miss that also and I know the boys are waiting for me to do so as well.
    Thanks for giving me some ideas for tomorrow lol

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    1. Oh my gosh, one of my co-workers told me about WinCo. There’s one around here but it’s kind of far away– I wonder if it’s 24/7! I wanna go there but don’t know if food will be okay in the car that long, y’know?

      On IMDb, there is no ending year so maybe they are still filming one?? Did you finish watching it? I’m on the second to last episode. (Glam Masters)

      The panko crusted chicken was SOOOO good. I can’t wait to share the recipe!! & ugh boyfriend makes the best mashed potatoes. ❀ Have you been cutting out carbs??

      The cookies were very interesting & didn't taste the best the next day but they were good like right after we made them. Next, I'm gonna try this baked oatmeal recipe Courtney sent me lol wish me luck!

      ❀ ❀ so happy to give you some ideas!!

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      1. Well if it’s far then maybe don’t risk it lol.
        Yeah I looked into it and it seems like they might release another season this year or something? The details are not correct, maybe just rumors or wishful thinking lol. I have to wonder if they will actually do a second season considering the first one was back in 2018? It’s already 2020. Who knows.
        No I didn’t cut out carbs but when I get really anxious, I stop eating practically everything lol. Funny huh? I get stressed and I eat a lot, and I get anxious and stop fucking eating lol. I’ve been eating really light meals but have been missing pastas and potatoes and all that πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think it’s about 30 minutes away so maybe we’ll check it out for snacks one day. & I’ll keep my fingers crossed for another season of Glam Masters! ❀ Maybe they had to do the seasons far apart because of the award? Like, they couldn't have a collab every single year? I don't know, I'm making stuff up lol.

          No, that makes a lot of sense. Anxiety upsets my stomach & makes me nauseous to the point my mouth gets watery sometimes so I can't eat either. Stress also makes me overeat LOL. I need to eat some lighter meals! I think I am gaining a lot of weight lately!

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          1. Oh damn that seems like too out of the way for you guys lol.
            Hmmm no you might be right. I think the collab came out last year? Early spring or sometbing I cannot remember. Wasnt super thrilled about the products chosen but eh haha
            Yeah I’ve been eating, or trying to eat, clean. And I’m also not including dairy in my diet which is hard because EVERYTHING has dairy in it. I made some sandwiches for today without cheese but included a bit of mayo lmao

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            1. I still haven’t seen the last episode so I haven’t looked up the collab yet!

              Dairy really is hard to avoid but you’ll get used to it & when you start feeling better, you won’t even want to eat it as much as before. Mayo doesn’t have dairy. 😊

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              1. I wont spoil it for you. Once you’re done watching it, let me know if you were happy with the person that won lol.
                I honestly do feel better without dairy. Once the new year started, I’ve been making a conscious effort of not eating it, and if I do happen to have some, it is in small quantities and I make sure to space it out in between several days so I can know for sure that it is* the dairy. Like I already know that it is, but I’m also noting if the quantity consumed makes a difference. But I just want to get that small quantity correct so I know when not to worry about it as much lol. I know that sounds like super crazy, but until I can find the perfect kind of cheese and cream cheese and ice cream and what not, I simply cannot go completely dairy free just yet lol. On the bright side, I do have a milk alternative, and a yogurt alternative. Forager was the best dairy free yogurt I’ve tried and I also like that it was soy-free as well. I dont want to consume a lot of soy either so thats another big deal to me lol.
                And omg yay! Idk why I thought it did? Maybe i misread the label and saw that it was made in a facility where milk is processed or something haha

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                1. Ah I still am in the middle of the last episode! I kind of have a feeling I know who wins but I’m not totally sure. I’d honestly be happy with any of them winning but I *want the Southern girl the most because she is most talented, imo. I feel like she’s the only one who can do more than one style. πŸ˜› & omg, I hate Nikita Dragun lol. I’m made she’s on there.

                  No no, that makes a lot of sense with the dairy. I have to control how much dairy I have, too & I def space out the days from when I let myself have it. I know how much will make me upset but sometimes I just ignore the tell tale signs LOL. πŸ˜› You will find everything that works for you with time!! *Except I don’t believe in DF ice cream. It’s all gross to me but a lot of people like the Ben & Jerry’s kind.

                  I’m so glad you like the Forager yogurts, I have a couple in my fridge right now, & Kitehill, too. The plain (Forager) kind also works really well for cooking. πŸ™‚ & what’s wrong with soy? I love soymilk & drink it a lot 😦 lol.

                  It would be so sad if mayo had dairy!! Our sandwiches would be dry as shit lol.


                  1. I was glad that Glamzilla didn’t make it to the final three tbh, I didn’t like her attitude much because it didn’t feel genuine. I only felt she was super sincere when she was talking about her dad, like, I liked how she was speaking calmly without all that extra energy and “I’m the best” attitude lol. Ah yes,.not a fan of Nikita either.
                    I got the cherry Garcia ice cream from ben and Jerry’s because Mackenzie suggested it. I still haven’t opened it lmao. I tried a vegan ice cream that was made from almonds and it tasted okay but it wasnt my fave lol.
                    I tried the kitehill ones too and I wasnt much of a fan. I think those tasted a bit nutty to me,.foragers tastes closer to the real thing without that nutty taste. And I havent found their plain yogurt but now that I know they have one, that means I can make my favorite avocado cream sauce lmao. I know you dont like avocado at all, sorry lol.
                    And apparently too much soy can be bad for you and the only fact I know about it is that it can mess with your hormones if you consume a lot of it. I also saw some claims that it can possibly cause cancer or some shit. I still consume it (tofu) but I try not to eat it too often. I used to drink a lot of soymilk too and then found rice milk lol.

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                    1. Lol I kind of liked Glamzilla, to be honest, her personality anyways. I thought her creations were a bit messy though. She had a good thing going with that glossy look then always went over the top! Ugh NIKITA 😑

                      Lol let me know how you like the ice cream. I have tried like nearly all the DF ice cream they sell at the grocery stores, some have been OKAY but never good (to me). Real ice cream is too good to beat.

                      Boyfriend just made a jalapeno cream sauce with the plain Forager yogurt! It worked out so well. Hope your avocado cream sauce does, too! ❀ & I had one Kitehill & one Forager yogurt yesterday; I do think Forager tastes better & has a better consistency but Kitehill has more flavors so I like both lol.

                      Oh nooo, my hormones are always wonky!! I love my canned soymilk drink. 😦 I don't have it *that often though. I heard even touching jump ropes they sell at Walmart can give you cancer so I'm going to ignore that claim from now on though.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Oh gosh yeah, I liked how confident she was but she didn’t come through with the makeup lol. She did totally ruin that look with all that gloss. I did agree with the judges that she looked sweaty.

                      I had a bit a few days ago and liked it. Ciel liked it up until I gave him a piece of cherry by accident I totally didn’t mean for that to happen lol. I was trying to give him chocolate. But yeah, real ice cream is better. Btw, speaking of ice cream, we’ve been driving around different parts of town this weekend and we found a pizza place that we will want to try and on the window, they had a flyer for ice cream sandwiches!! It seems like they make them there too or maybe we didnt see the flyer correctly. We were driving by. But either way, if it’s anything like Insomnia Cookies I definitely want to check that out lol.
                      I’ll give Kitehill another shot. I want to have a few options of yogurt lol.
                      Haha touching jump ropes can give you cancer?? 🀣 I dont believe it. Where do these claims come from? Lol

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Lol she totally did!!

                      I saw this ice cream made out of oat milk that I may try but, I’m still having a bit of PTSD from when I tried so many I hated in the past lol. That’s awesome that Ciel even liked it though.

                      Mmm, I will try any ice cream sandwich!! You’ll def have to let us know if you try the one at the pizza place. πŸ˜€

                      & a blog friend, Jinjer, told me that she went to Walmart to pick up a jump rope & there was a cancer warning on it… !!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. Lol I dont think I’ve ever had anything oat sooo……idk if I should even try it…? 😬
                      Will do!
                      Oooohhhh okay, I see. I think in the state of California they have to by law have a warning about their products. Like I was gonna buy a sterling wheel for my car and a quick release and both had that warning. πŸ˜• so I decided not to buy it but who is to say the one I have is any different? Lol
                      If I remember correctly it is one of the materials the products are made from which are “known” to be carcinogenic.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. I keep hearing that oatmilk is the best milk sub, too. Boyfriend said he’d be willing to replace his cow’s milk if it was good enough. Which is crazy, because he loves his milk lol.

                      That is so strange!!! That warning would scare me away from buying anything lol.

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  6. The food looks so delicious!

    “It was my Aunt Freakin’ Flo. Always coming at the *best* times.” – hahaha! I laughed at this because it’s also that time for me too. I’m really feeling it today and just feel super tired and super hungry all the time!

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  7. I hope you have enjoyed your work-free Saturdays!! The cats look so cute all cuddled up with you both! I was looking at Diane’s recipe, and alll of her yummy ones she posts, and I’ll definitely have to try some of them out one of these days!

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