1. A&H Matching Mugs


Boyfriend’s amazing Momma gave us these mugs with our initials on them when we visited her in the summer. Now, that it’s winter time, they have been getting tons of use with our hot teas, cocoas, apple ciders, coffees, etc. Why are monogrammed items so fun? I don’t know but, they are!

2. Late July Snacks – Organic Classic Crackers


We usually get the Back to Nature Crackers like this but, we saw Late July Snacks came out with their own (or it just started being sold at Sprouts). We like some of their chips so, we gave them a shot! They have more salt crystals on top of them and I still can’t decide if that’s better or worse. These sort of crackers are always just so satisfying to me, no matter what brand. The minor flavor differences don’t bother me.

3. Airheads – Bites in Paradise Blends


I am a candy fanatic, okay? Airheads Bites are one of my go-tos when I have a hankerin’ for something fruity and sweet. I had never spotted the Island Blends before though and I was so excited to try some new flavors when I did! Every single one was delicious, except maybe the green, but there’s always one flavor that we like least, right? I ALSO tried both of the new Stars Wars themed Nerds Rope but, those lasted like two seconds each and I never got a photo. (I liked the blue one best but, boyfriend preferred the red one).

4. My Gifts from Stephanie!!


I know I already bragged about the gifts Stephanie sent me but, I hadn’t even started using them until earlier this week. The Huhuhero Fine Drawing Pens are so skinny and comfortable in my hand, they glide across the page effortlessly with no type of skipping or squeaking, and oh my gosh, the COLORS! There are SO many! The journal came at the perfect time, too, because the one I had been using before JUST ran out of pages. I like that there’s an attached bookmark and the size is just right. ❀

5. Devious Maids & Glam Masters

Am I cheating by including two shows? Well, I couldn’t pick just one this week! I started Devious Maids a couple days ago and it is straight drama drama drama– which, we all know, I am a SUCKER for. Glam Masters, I only started last night. I watched 3 episodes and am hooked. Sadly, there are only 8 episodes but, if you love makeup and watching people create looks, you need to tune in! It’s on Hulu and Kim Karadashian West is a producer. πŸ™‚ A lot of YouTube/IG Influencers compete in it along with professional MUAs of all kinds.

What have YOU been loving this week?

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53 thoughts on “Five Friday Faves #4

  1. Omg those pens!!! I got my bf a monogrammed giant mug for Christmas and he loves it lol! So cute!β™‘

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      1. That is so awesome! I’m such a stationary geek lol! The mug is amazing it’s super huge for his man hands lmao!β™‘

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  2. I love Airhead Bites; and there are Star Wars themed Nerds Rope — WHAT?! How the heck have I not seen them? Stephen and I have been on a huge Nerds anything kick. Now I gotta go look and see if they’re in my grocery store, haha. Awh, I’m so happy you love the gift! Skinny, thin tipped pens are my absolute favorite, so I’m glad you can make some use of the gift! I’ve never heard of Devious Maids, but I wanna check it out now! I finished my Reaper flavored jerky this week, so I’m so sad about it because it’s just so, so addicting.

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    1. Ugh, Airheads in all forms are addicting lol. YES! I am not into Star Wars but the Ropes were fun, I love new flavors. πŸ™‚ Let me know if you find them!

      Again, I can not thank you enough. ❀ I really love pens, notebooks, & like all stationery stuff. ❀ The pens are so good!!

      Devious Maids is a mindless watch & could use a little more intensity but, I like it. πŸ™‚ Hope you do, too!!

      I am still wishing I had some of your Reaper jerky! We would have ate that whole bag in one day probably LOL. ❀

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          1. I just realized I meant to type “lookout” on my last comment. Heck, I’m not used to commenting on the mobile app, ha. But yes, I’ve only found the jerky at The Beef Jerky Outlet, and my mouth waters too πŸ˜… I hope you like it!

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  3. Alex and I had matching mugs that my godmother gave me for my bday two years ago. I say “had” because I broke his a few days ago 😭 now I have to find a matching pair, hopefully I can find some for our anniversary next month.
    I love crackers! Unfortunately whatever crackers or chips I eat cannot be salty lol.
    And gossshhh i havent had airheads in a LONG time. I miss them. My go to candy used to be skittles lol.
    Aw a journal!! I legit was thinking about sending you one too but wasn’t sure if you’d want it haha.
    I watched a bunch of episodes of glam masters last night, I might have watched like 6 lmao. Sadly I didnt recognize any of the influencers or MUAs, but I loved how skilled some of them were. Cannot wait to see who wins.

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    1. Aw nooo, I hate when stuff breaks. 😦 Hopefully you can find another matching pair! Etsy has so many choices!

      Oh you probably wouldn’t really like these Late July crackers then. πŸ˜› The Back To Nature brand may be more up your alley!

      Ugh I love both Airheads & Skittles! ❀ Do you not eat candy at all anymore? Lol I need to get on your level, I love it too much!

      Aw the journal was such a sweet gift, I don't think I could ever have too many. πŸ˜‰ ❀

      Oh yay!! I'm glad you liked Glam Masters!! I think I'm on like episode 6 still, too. I didn't/haven't recognized any of them either but wow yeah, so much talent!!

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      1. I hope so, I might just look right now but it will be hard to buy something online without him noticing LOL
        I got a bag of Skittles today, literally, could not pass up the chance to eat some again LOL.
        Haha noted! Will write that down for your day or xmas then πŸ˜€
        I finished Glam Masters like two days ago now? Loved it, but don’t think I could ever compete in a competition like that LOL. I would love to learn to do more avant garde and editorial looks though LOL

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        1. Lol you could pretend it was something for yourself. πŸ™‚ & candy is too hard for me to quit– I think I could even quit alcohol before I ever stopped eating sugar. Hope you enjoy your Skittles!!<3

          Oh dang, I still need to finish an episode and a half of Glam Masters! I really do think you could be in that competition. You are so creative & I've seen you do some awesome editorial/avant garde looks! C'mon!! ❀

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          1. Lol would you really?? I think I can quit candy faster than alcohol only because of all the sugar haha
            Totally enjoyed them. Since the bag was a bit bigger than their normal little ones, I still have some and have been sharing with the boys lol

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            1. I really do think I’d be able to give up alcohol quicker than sugar but, that’s probably because I’ve never had to make the choice lol. ❀ Glad you guys been enjoying your Skittles. We just bought a HUGE bag of Jolly Ranchers Crunch n Chew & a med sized bag of Hi Chews lol.

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  4. Omg I used to loooooove Devious Mades lmao! πŸ˜‚ I finally have Hulu so I am tempted by Glam Masters, too!!

    The journal and pens look lovely, too! And those mugs are so cute! ☺️

    … also, airhead bites?? I never knew this existed so I need to try them!

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    1. Lol I really wish Devious Maids moved a little bit faster but it’s an enjoyable show, I like all the different characters to follow. πŸ™‚ You would LOVE Glam Masters, LP! Let me know if you give it a watch!

      ❀ Airhead Bites are soooo addicting– if you find them, don't say I didn't warn ya!!


  5. What!!! Glam Masters sounds like such a cool show, I wanna watch!! It sounds a little like a show we had here in the UK called β€˜Glow Up’ where makeup artists competed week by week creating different looks. Such fun!! Also love those two mugs, what a sweet gift 😍 I love that you and Stephanie exchanged gifts also, that is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing Hunida! Can’t wait for next weeks!

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    1. Oh wow yeah, I just looked up Glow Up & that sounds awesome, too! I wish I could watch it! I am so grateful for all the gifts. ❀ Boyfriend's mom is always giving us stuff & Stephanie is such a sweetie!!

      Thank you for reading, Jennie. πŸ˜€ ❀

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  6. Oh my gosh I love Devious Maids!! It was such a good show I feel it may be time for a rewatch! I also really love those mugs, they’re so cute! I have a real love of monogrammed things at the moment but it’s so difficult not to end up buying it all! Xx

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    1. I love all the different characters in Devious Maids– so fun to watch! 😊 Have you seen all the seasons? & oh my gosh, I am starting to get obsessed with the monogrammed trend too! It really is hard not to buy it all lol.

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    1. YESS! I could eat a whole stack of those Ritz crackers in one sitting but, they have like high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and/or dairy in them so I don’t do that anymore lol. The Late July Crackers have none of the above & are JUST like them but a tiny bit saltier. A box doesn’t last long between boyfriend & me. & thank you, we love the mugs, too! We gotta get matching everything now… hahaha.

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