Is anyone else extremely drawn to the addiction story line? I, personally, can’t get enough of it. As a teenager, I tried to find every single memoir in my high school’s library that was based on or around the topic. That’s how I found most of my favorites on: this list.

My interests expanded into watching films about it, too and I’ve got to admit, I’ve now seen my fair share. If you or someone you know is struggling, if there was a time you could relate all too well, and/or if you just find pure enjoyment in darker, more serious films… man, have I got some recommendations for you.

From least (but, still so good) favorite to the one I tell everyone you NEED to watch“:

05. 6 Balloons (2018)

6 balloons

Katie (Abbi Jacobson) and Seth (Dave Franco) are brother and sister. Seth is a big-time junkie with a toddler-aged daughter. Katie wants to live her own life but taking care and worrying about Seth overwhelms her entirely. He quite literally makes her feel like she is drowning. She needs to find a way out but, every time she tries to… he reels her back in. This movie follows Katie, Seth, and his daughter throughout one night…

Read my FULL review: here.
Watch it on: Netflix

04. 28 Days (2000)

28 days

A big-city newspaper columnist (Sandra Bullock) is forced to enter a drug and alcohol rehab center after ruining her sister’s wedding and crashing a stolen limousine. (via IMDb)

Watch it for FREE on: Crackle

03. Shelter (2014)


Hannah (Jennifer Connelly) and Tahir fall in love while homeless on the streets of New York. Shelter explores how they got there, and as we learn about their pasts we realize they need each other to build a future. (via IMDB)

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

02. Blow (2001)


The story of how George Jung (Johnny Depp), along with the Medellín Cartel headed by Pablo Escobar, established the American cocaine market in the 1970s in the United States. (via IMDb)

Watch it on: Netflix

01. Girl, Interrupted (1999)

girl, interrupted

Based on writer Susanna Kaysen’s account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the late 1960s. (via IMDb)

Watch it on: Hulu with Showtime Add-On

*Honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list: Thirteen, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Requiem For A Dream

Do you know of any films based on drugs, alcohol, and/or addiction? Please, recommend them to me!

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41 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Films About Addiction

    1. Oh! I remember you mentioning her as one of your favorites. 🙂 I don’t think I ever finished the book because I watched the film first & thought “I knew everything.” I should give it another shot sometime.

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  1. I’ve also had a fascination with addiction, whether it’s mental illness or drug addiction. I’ll come back to your blog post the next time I’m looking for a movie to watch. These titles look interesting, especially the one about the cocaine industry.

    I recently watched a documentary called “Take your pills” which I found really interesting, despite its relatively lowish rating. It was about the ADHD/ADD drug market and how the demand for these drugs are on the rise, especially among university students. Here’s a quick synopsis:

    “In America today, where competition is ceaseless from school to the workforce and everyone wants a performance edge, Adderall and other prescription stimulants are the defining drugs of this generation.”

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    1. I love watching/reading stuff about mental illness, too! I hope you can find something you like on this list. 🙂

      Ah, documentaries aren’t my favorite but, that does sound interesting. Thank you for you recommendation! Have you ever seen the film Limitless?

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      1. I haven’t seen that film but I may have head of it. Just googled it and it sounds really interesting! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

        A while ago I watched a YouTube video about a girl and her boyfriend who were addicted to heroin, and how her mother was caught in the middle. It was incredibly sad and showed the realities of what it’s like for a parent to have a drug-addicted child.

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        1. Ooh, Limitless is crazy, hope you like it if you watch it! 🙂

          Oh my gosh, those videos are so sad. If you enjoy reading, there’s a book called Beautiful Boy, written by a father of an addicted son (the writer of Thirteen Reasons Why Season 2 and beyond) and I think there was a movie made out of it, too.

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          1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! We plan to download the movie and I’m hoping to watch it this weekend. 🙂

            As for books, I’m absolutely terrible for reading. Last year I didn’t finish a single book. If I do manage to find the time to read, they’re usually non-fiction books.

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                  1. Update: I watched the movie this evening. I thought it was a bit confusing but I made myself watch the whole movie. In the end, I think he could have saved himself a lot of problems had he just stuck to writing books.

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  2. Shelter sounds really interesting… I’m going to watch this one at some point. I think I tried to watch ‘Girl, Interrupted’ before but couldn’t quite get into it… maybe I’ll give it another try now. I haven’t seen any films on this topic that I can think of however the first book that spring to mind is ‘Go Ask Alice’ which I’m sure you’ve told me you’ve read before also but I can’t remember? Other than that… nothing! What an interesting topic, I think I’d like to watch Shelter for sure. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous ❤️

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    1. Shelter is so good, let me know if you watch it. ❤ I've watched Girl, Interrupted so many times, ugh, I love it. I hope you change your mind on it if you do give it another shot!

      I tried to watch the Go Ask Alice film but it was just way too old, everything looked & sounded so bad LOL. I did read the book though, it was one of my favorites in high school.

      Thanks for checking out my list, Jennie!! ❤


  3. 6 balloons sounds really interesting. Might have already seen Blow but not in full with Alex. And I have heard or seen of Girl, Interrupted somewhere. I dont have the Add-on on hulu though.

    I have* seen Requiem for a Dream, it was really interesting and kind of sad too. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was a great film too.

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    1. I really liked 6 Balloons. Blow was so good, we have it on DVD & it’s on Netflix now. 🙂 I love Girl, Interrupted so much. I’ve watched it plenty of times but, I don’t have any Hulu add-ons, either. 😛

      Agreed & agreed!! ❤

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        1. Oh this was a list of my *favorite* films, I’ve watched them all in the past one way or another & have always remembered them. ❤ I haven't watched any of them recently, though, really. 😛 lol, it's okay.

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    1. I just really loved the 5 that did make the list a little bit more. Requiem is not a film that *everyone* really understands, some think it’s rather boring, even though it’s amazing.

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  4. On this list, I’ve only seen 28 Days and portions of Blow. Many mafia/mob movies contain elements of addiction, but addiction is not at the heart of most of those films.

    Not a movie, but I’ve heard that Shameless touches on this topics; however, I’ve never watched the show so I am not 100% certain about how the writers deal with this subject matter.

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    1. Aw yay, 28 Days is a really good one. 🙂 & I think it’s hard not to talk about the mafia/mob & not include a little bit of drugs, y’know? The ending of Blow is crazy. Definitely watch the rest, if you get a chance!

      I loved the first few seasons of Shameless, boyfriend and I binge watched the heck out of those episodes but eventually tired of it around Season 04, I think. 😛


  5. I have a post coming out on a similar subject to this soon as well! I’ve always been drawn to mental illness as a theme when it comes to movies and book choices. Surprisingly I’ve not actually seen these ones you’ve picked aside from Girl Interrupted, but even that was ages ago so I think I need to give it a rewatch!

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    1. I am super drawn to mental illness as a theme, too! I haven’t seen a lot of films but, I’ve read so many books on it & also, just finished watching the TV Series, United States of Tara. Have you heard of it?! I am looking forward to whatever similar post you have coming up. 🙂

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