Five Friday Faves #2

Hey, hey! Happy Friday! It’s time for my second round of favorites. πŸ™‚ Here’s the Top 5 things I’ve been loving this week:

1. Receiving Christmas Cards in the Mail!!


Thank you, truly, to those of you who sent me a Christmas card this year! They are my absolute favorite things to receive in the mail. Nothing beats the fuzzy feelings I get from the thoughtful gesture and words. ❀

2. RW Garcia – Organic Yellow Corn Chips


I spotted this “healthier” knock-off version of Fritos and I figured they’d either taste the same or maybe a little less flavorful. I was sort of right… they don’t have that oily taste and they’re not as salted but, for me, that was perfect. I think I prefer these over the name brand now.

3. Wicked Joe Organic Coffee – Roasty & Raucous Ground Coffee


Even though this isn’t a pure dark roast, it still has a very deep flavor. It goes down smoothly and definitely gives me the caffeine boost I’m looking for. It was on sale when I bought it but, if it weren’t, I’m not sure I’d choose it over others. Still, it’s lovely to have for now.

4. Etsy Shops

This year, I looked on Etsy for gifts before browsing the big box stores and fell in true love with the two shops I chose to purchase from.

Screenshot_2019-12-27 Wire art accessories by bykauri

bykauri is based in Canada but, she offers free shipping on everything– no matter the cost. In her shop, you can find bookmarks, cake toppers, accessories, wall art and more… ALL made out of wire. There are even different colors/finishes to choose from and if you want anything personalized, she can do that as well. πŸ™‚ When I sent in my order, she had already put up a “Holiday Announcement” warning that she wasn’t sure if she could get everything out before Christmas but, I crossed my fingers and my recipient received it just a couple days before the 25th! Yay!

Screenshot_2019-12-27 Mugs on a Mission by SecondChanceMugs(1)

Okay, now, SecondChanceMugs is SO, SO cool! There are tons of different sayings and designs to choose from then, you get to pick hair colors and styles to fit you or whoever you’re getting the mug for (you can even do a whole family– including pets!) and everyone’s name is written underneath, too. If that doesn’t make a lot of sense, just click the link and check them out. You will be WOW’d! They are fairly priced, the shipping was quick, and it wasn’t broken when it reached my recipient. πŸ™‚ They even offered gift-wrapping (for a small fee)! The best part, though, was the message they sent me after I put my order in:

Screenshot_2019-12-27 Messages

I felt even better for choosing Etsy when I received it– I actually had no idea I was supporting something so wonderful but, I was extremely giddy to have helped. ❀

5. Love Island Australia

Love island australia

Again, I’m addicted to Love Island. This time, I’m watching Australians play with each other’s minds and hearts. If you love trash reality TV as much as I do, I highly recommend watching all versions of this show!!

Now, tell me, what have YOU been loving this week?!

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35 thoughts on “Five Friday Faves #2

  1. My dad actually knew the father of one of the sons on Love Island (American version). Apparently he got eliminated early on because the girl quit. I do not watch Love Island but thought I should share that! LOL

    I love cards too! I was very fortunate to receive 2 cards to include one from a blogger I met on WordPress! πŸ₯°

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    1. Oh my gosh, that’s so interesting! I’m trying to remember the guys who got eliminated earlier on but, I can’t seem to remember. Ugh! I wish I could lol. I may have to look it up now. πŸ˜›

      Aw yay! ❀ Cards really are the best, aren't they?!


  2. I wanna send you mail!!!β™‘β™‘ I love sending letters and little packages, I used to have soo many penpals but we lost touch 😦

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    1. Oh my gosh, yours actually isn’t in the photo. Boyfriend just went to get it in the mail & what you wrote made my heart melt. ❀ Thank you so much, Jinjer! ❀ Sorry I hadn't checked my mail since Christmas Eve. 😦 & I'm so so happy you love the bookmark! I want some Frito Chili Pie now, too. Not sure I've ever tried it before but sounds yummy!!

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      1. Oh how funny! I must have a card similar to one of the ones in the picture in the box of assorted cards I bought.

        Never tried Frito Chili Pie…oh wow. I’m very sorry for your loss!!!!!!

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  3. ooo I need to spend more time looking at shopping “small” in places like Etsy and other artisan/small shoppe marketplaces. Both businesses you shopped from seem like they are well worth supporting.

    and OMG I’m so sorry that I forgot to email you regarding Xmas cards – this month really flew!!! I’m glad you got so many lovely cards this year!

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    1. Etsy is really cool! I’ve bought some beauty products from other shops before, too. πŸ™‚ You should totally check it out! & aw no worries, LP!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! ❀

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  4. Aw! I love this list of faves!! Etsy is the BEST- I actually used it to buy a white elephant gift for our family white elephant exchange and was reminded what gems are on there! Thank you for sharing about ByKauri & SecondChangeMugs- I can’t wait to check out their items!!

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    1. It’s so fun doing a list of faves every week πŸ˜€ glad you enjoyed this one! Etsy truly is the best. There are so many amazing & unique items on there. Definitely check out bykauri & SecondChanceMugs when you’re able to, all their stuff is gorgeous!! ❀

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      1. Yes! This year I got personalized notepads for the kids’ teachers, a personalized ornament for my husband’s freat aunt, and a painting of my inlaws . All stuff that was unique. Pretty cool.

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  5. Those knock off fritos chips sounds like what I’m looking for. One of the reasons I hate the name brand ones are how oily and salty they are!
    I will have to browse etsy for gifts this year too, it seems there are lots of wonderful brands and I always feel better about supporting small/indie brands as opposed to these large corporations. Also, thanks for my mug! I πŸ’™ it! πŸ˜„
    Cant wait to start watching love island AUS lol

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    1. Oo, these knock off Fritos were made for you then!! At first, boyfriend was like “there’s no taste” & I was like, “they’re good! Just less salty & less oily.” After he ate a few more, he changed his mind & guess who ate most of the bag?? HE DID, LOL.

      Etsy has so much good stuff & the sellers are always such sweethearts. ❀ I just have a hard time purchasing stuff online still.

      I am so so happy you loved the mug!! ❀ & I can't wait until you start Love Island Aus, too! Let me know when you do so we can talk about it, hehe.


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