Journal Entry #286 (How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical Review)

December 02, 2019
05:48 PM

Good evening and happy December, beautiful person!! Christmas music is already stuck in my head. At the moment, I can’t stop singing, “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow” LOL.

When I wrote last Wednesday, I said I’d start *this* Journal Entry with How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical. So, let’s get right into it!

On Tuesday, November 26th, boyfriend totally forgot I had tickets to see the show but, naturally, when it was time to go… he was still the one hustling me out the door. He made us a beefy mac goulash for dinner and some hot coffee to drink afterwards. I was trying to finish my second cup before I left but, ended up putting it in a to-go mug and drank the rest in the car.

The Smith Center was dressed up pretty with Christmas decorations. ❤

There was even a fully decorated tree in the lobby on the balcony floor.

I sat on a cushioned bench by the restrooms and read a bit of You Better Not Cry. There was no intermission for this show so, I wanted to make sure I took enough “breaks” before it started.

I actually went in, took the photo of the playbill and the stage, left my water bottle and jacket on my booster seat and had to go to the bathroom one more time before completely settling in still, lol. Coffee really goes through me fast and/or it irritates my bladder, whatever. 😛 I am proud to announce that I was comfortable throughout the entire show, though, so my safety precautions paid off!

What made it hard to enjoy this production was the audience. It never quieted down once. The kids were poorly behaved, loud, clacking their shoes, falling off their seats, ETC. and their parents, were almost worse, if not, entirely dismissive and negligent.

I did hear one kid with the cutest laugh, at all the right times, letting me know, at least someone was paying attention to and respecting the talent on stage.

06:08-06:41 PM, Dinner Break

Growing up, I watched the Jim Carey version on DVD over and over again. I played the Special Features non-stop. I was hoping, and expecting, that version to be played out on stage.

When I found out there was no intermission, I realized, it wouldn’t be.

Mostly, we had an old version of Max the dog (played by Bob Lauder), narrating the story for us. The cast would play out bits and pieces, freeze-in-action, then disappear. The settings and props were designed like the book illustrations, all made in black and white. Honestly, kind of disappointing. It’s 2019! I wanted more pops of color, I wanted some extravagance!

I absolutely loved the Who Citizens’ costumes, though. They all looked so well-made and gave my eyes exactly what they were searching for. The round dresses were my favorite– I wish I had one of my own!!

During one moment, a small special effect didn’t come through and Old Max, threw his hands in the air, instead of just moving on. I totally wouldn’t have noticed had he not done this, it was so unprofessional. The whole time, I was already annoyed with how lackluster and low-energy he was, too.

Luckily, Philip Huffman, who played the amazing Grinch, more than made up for the bad showmanship. He took over the stage and sparked so much excitement each time. But, the #1 STAR of the show was our little Cindy Lou Who, played by Lily Jane. OH MY GOSH. This was the darn cutest, most elegant, graceful, tiny girl I’ve ever seen. Her voice was so stinkin’ adorable, not only when she sang, but when she simply spoke. Her scenes stole my heart, piece by piece.

There wasn’t one single musical number I didn’t enjoy! The second time they sang, “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” the lights turned on a bit and they put up lyrics for everyone to sing along. I loved that so much! “Now’s the Time,” by Papa Who (Eduardo Uribe), Mama Who (Ashley Margaret Morton), Grandma Who (Christina Aziz), and Grandpa Who (Michael Paul) took my breath away and the “Santa for a Day (Reprise),” sung by Cindy, Grinch, and all of the Citizens made me tear up.

With this infamous Christmas story, they could’ve made a real big, showy, meant-to-be-on-Broadway production. It was cute and family-friendly, officially put me in the holiday spirit, and I did really, really like it, but… MUCH more could’ve been done. A high school theater group could’ve successfully pulled this off.

When boyfriend picked me up, we went to the dispensary and then, headed home. I played Sims 4 for the rest of my night.

On Wednesday, boyfriend made us a spicy Cajun shrimp dinner with Basmati rice. I wrote my last Journal Entry, played the Sims, and thought about all that we would eat the next day…


This is our third year going to a buffet in Las Vegas so, I guess it’s safe to say it’s a tradition now. 🙂

We had been to the Fremont Street Casino Buffet once before but, we couldn’t remember if we liked it or not, and their prices/offerings couldn’t be beat while we were comparing menus online.

We got there around 4:30 PM and there was a small line. Getting seated wasn’t the worst of it though…

There was a whole other line inside to get ALL of the traditional holiday foods and there was only one way to get to it, too. Even if you wanted a single scoop of mashed potatoes, you had to go to the back and wait again.

I actually scolded this guy for cutting in front of me. I told him as he was trying to grab the serving spoon out of the green bean casserole, “there’s a back of the line, you know?” and he goes, “excuse me?” and I sharply but, calmly, said, “you need to go to the back of the line” and, of course, he came at me with the most unoriginal comeback… shouting “this is America!” at the top of his lungs… meaning what? That it gives him the right to be a dick? I don’t know. I just laughed and walked around/did not let him get the spoon. Boyfriend yelled some stuff back but, I was focused on making my plate.

Unfortunately, the food did not soothe my anger. Everything was quite bland but, at least, not to the point where salt and pepper didn’t help.

I only waited in that horrendous line once but, boyfriend had to go a second time because he accidentally put the ham’s pineapple glaze on top of his mashed potatoes on his first plate! LOL. I had a slice of pecan pie and a cup of hot coffee for dessert. I’m happy those were both satisfying. 🙂

When we got home, I wrote up my film reviews and published it before spending the rest of my time playing Sims 4 again.

On Friday, boyfriend made us a sheet pan chicken stir-fry with noodles. We got our espressos from Starbucks, I painted/filed my nails, wrote/published my latest Recipe Reviews, did my hair and makeup, had a cocktail, then, got dropped off at work.

It was SO dead but, I was fortunate enough to find a couple men to dance for. I left around 3 AM.

On Saturday, we went to Café Zupas!! Their food is just so light and filling– never fails us.

I had the Thai Steak and Quinoa Protein Bowl and Chicken Noodle Soup. Boyfriend had the BBQ Chicken Salad and the Cuban Pork Sandwich.

We drove over to Total Wine to get me another bottle of Patrón, then to Starbucks for our espressos, the dispensary for… you know what, Albertsons for baby wipes, and the water mill to fill up our jugs.

When we got home I wrote my mini book review for You Better Not Cry and got ready for work. I made it around 11:30 PM and left at a little past 3 AM. I was so thankful for the one guy I danced for. I kept telling myself not to give up or get angry and it worked out extremely well for me in the end. Affirmations are so real, it’s crazy.

When boyfriend picked me up, we went to the bar we used to frequent and get free drinks at.

We were both in the mood for one more cocktail and some hot wings! We shared a 12 piece and a box of flat fries. It was yummy, yummy. ❤

Yesterday, we woke up and lazed around in the bed for awhile until I finally found a few recipes for this week. I took a shower, wrote a list then, off to Sprouts we went.

When we finished shopping, we decided to drop our groceries off at home and go to the cheap Chinese buffet down the road, Kirin Buffet.

My gosh, it was bad. We will never be going there again.

How sad that both buffets we went to were such misses, huh?! 😦

When we got home, I FINALLY wrote my OCTOBER Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Unboxing post before jumping back into my Sims 4 world.

Today, the maintenance man was in and out of our apartment fixing the sink and dishwasher. He checked the ventilation system and asked when was the last time it was cleaned for us, we told him “never.” He was super shocked and said, “wow, that last guy did nothing, he was supposed to come do that once a year” and he is NOT wrong. We are so happy to have this new guy. The last one was so lazy, dirty, and honestly, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Sushi was LOVING him, too. He was curious, poking his nose around at everything he was doing but, Twinkle wouldn’t leave my side and Benji hid under the bed. The maintenance man said Sushi was the biggest cat he’s ever seen and that he looks more like a painting than a real cat LOL. He kept complimenting him, saying he looked so clean, muscular, and couldn’t believe how super nice he was, that he wanted a cat now but, didn’t think his roommate would allow him. I was such a proud momma to hear all of it!!

Anyways, he got the sink fixed but, he’s gonna have to come back tomorrow to complete the dishwasher. He’s really cool so I don’t mind. I dreaded the other guy so much more and you know what, Sushi didn’t even like him like that so he must have been bad news.

When he left, I stayed in bed a little longer, read some blogs on my Reader then, I took a shower, and boyfriend made us soup for dinner while I was writing the beginning of this Entry. We ate in front of the first half of the first episode of Love Island: Australia!! I’m more than excited to see it has been uploaded to Hulu!! Jennie has been telling me to watch it but, it was never available in the US, so I just cannot wait to get all caught up now that it is. 😀

For the rest of tonight, I’m going to drink more coffee and play the Sims!! I hope you all have the most amazing week. ❤

08:09 PM

P.S. Check out my new festive header if you have the time!! What do you think of it?!

P.P.S. Why does WordPress no longer have the falling snow option?! 😦

13 thoughts on “Journal Entry #286 (How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical Review)

  1. Well done taking care of the rude customer. Also, sorry you had two bad buffet experiences. The one thing I like about buffets is that there should be some good food, or at least some food that appeals to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your header is adorable, I noticed it and the Christmas themed colours the other day 🙂 how unfortunate both your buffet meals weren’t that great and the man that tried to confront you, what a jerk! I didn’t know How the Grinch Stole Christmas was made into a musical to be honest, I don’t remember the film all that well 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayay! You are so sweet for noticing, Chanelle!! ❤ I'm so happy you like it. 🙂 & blah, I just can't understand why some people are so rude & entitled. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a really cute story. Do you have a favorite Christmas film?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ‘This is America’ omg hahahhaha what the heck? What’s that got to do with anything? Like you say, it doesn’t excuse him for cutting in line 😂😂🙄 how silly! Also I can’t believe Old Max threw his hands up, that is so unprofessional… ooops! At least you still enjoyed the show and it did the job of putting you in the festive mood for real, that’s the main thing. Happy belated thanksgiving honey!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Vegas buffets are definitely your tradition now hehe! YES to Love Island Australia omg I can not wait to hear all your thoughts. It’s so juicy! Enjoy! Hope you have a great week hun, can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to in your next journal entry. Ps yes to affirmations, go you girlie 💫💫💫💫

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You don’t know how many times people say “this is America” to me when I tell them off. It truly makes no sense!!

      & oh my gosh, Old Max was so grumpy. The actor who played him is like real Grinch before he met Cindy lol. But you’re right, the main thing was it put me in the festive spirit. ❤

      I told boyfriend next year it would be better if he cooked the Thanksgiving food & he said he just might do it!! That would end our tradition but, I don't think I'd mind. 🙂

      Cannot wait to finish this first season of Love Island and talk to you all about it!! 😀 Hope you have a great week too, babe! ❤ Thank you so much!!!! ❤


  4. Theatre sounds fun!
    Coffee does the same to me. Every morning before i even leave for work, i pee at least 5 times 😀

    I think you are certainly braver than i am for going out on Thanksgiving. We don’t have that, but any period when it tends to be busy, i just hide at home basically. 😀
    Buffet food is usually quite disappointing – well, the ones i came across.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Norrie!! So nice to hear from you. ❤ The theatre was a good time & it sounds like we have the same size bladder, lol.

      People are quite scary, especially at buffets, on busy holidays but, I guess I am one of those scary gluttonous monsters. I will do almost anything for food! 😛

      Buffets are really hit or miss. We have found a few nice ones!


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