Reviewing Some Films I Watched #11

*No spoilers below.



“Stephanie is a single mother with a parenting vlog who befriends Emily, a secretive upper-class woman who has a child at the same elementary school. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes it upon herself to investigate.” (via IMDb)


Blake Lively truly knocked my socks off with her performance in this film. I used to think she was overrated but, let’s be honest, it’s most likely because I was always Team Blair over Team Serena. Emily’s outfits were so gorgeous and she pulled off each one effortlessly; I was in complete awe. She deserved all the praise that she got for this film and maybe, even more.

The plot didn’t sound like anything too spectacular, just another suburban thriller where the lady goes missing. But, no, no, no, there were tons of shocking twists and turns I never saw coming. There was a mysterious atmosphere the whole time, making it hard to trust any of the characters at all. I also loved how Stephanie was a vlogger and that there were scenes of her filming videos. It was such a fun part to include. Her quirky attitude was trademark Anna Kendrick– which could or could not be a bad thing– you can decide.

The ending was so absolutely satisfying.

MY RATING: 4 out of 5



“Newlywed Jennifer (Brenda Song) is brutally attacked at a dark rest stop. While healing from her injuries, she can’t recall anything from her past, including the ordeal. Her husband, Russell (Mike Vogel), is just thankful she’s alive and eager to get her home. As he reintroduces her to their secluded mountain estate, Detective Page (Dennis Haysbert) pursues Jennifer’s assailant – his own daughter went missing and was never found. The same fate now awaits Jennifer, unless someone realizes that her loving caretaker is actually her captor.” (via Netflix)


If Brenda Song weren’t the big face on the cover of this Netflix Original, I wouldn’t have watched it. I am SO sick of the “can’t remember anything after an accident” story line.

If you just watch the trailer, you’ll know everything that happens from beginning to end. There should have been more characters, more background information. It reminded me of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game, which I wasn’t able to get through. I was hoping for more of a “millennial” ending, too.

On a positive note, there was ONE twist that caught me by surprise and the action scenes were able to get my heart racing.

MY RATING: 2 out of 5



“A wealthy New York City investment banking executive, Patrick Bateman, hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he delves deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.” (via IMDb)


HOW FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!! Christian Bale was perfect as Patrick Bateman. I can’t even look at the film cover without laughing. He was SO good. I loved his big, loud laugh and his worried eyes. I cracked up every time he bubbled up with anger, I could feel his animosity through the screen.

I have tried to read the novel this film was based on but, I couldn’t get through it. I knew I had to see it played it out so I could finally hear the infamous story and boy, am I so glad I did.

American Psycho was totally bizarre, I shouted “what is wrong with him?” more times than I could count yet, that’s exactly what makes it such a must-see. The ending was unexpected, some people (*ahem* boyfriend) may even be irritated by it but, honestly… that’s exactly what I wanted to happen. I was all for it.

MY RATING: 4 out of 5

THE TRAP (2019)


“A man returns home to Atlanta to help his brother’s struggling restaurant.” (via IMDb)


I have no idea why the synopsis doesn’t mention it but, the “man” who “returns home to Atlanta to help his brother” is motherf***ing T.I. I saw him in the trailer and immediately clicked play. I didn’t even watch it through or read what it was about. To my pleasant surprise, it included even more of my favorite things.

The story revolved around food, family, and weed. It had heart but, was still meant to be completely silly. I could tell some of the banter was improvised which made it even more fun. Tons of superstars made appearances, even Queen Latifah shows up for a small part but, for some reason (maybe even on purpose), this film was given a very low-budget. The camera has a crack or smudge at the top of the screen that’s very noticeable but, doesn’t take away from anything.

There was a good amount of characters, a strong plot line, along with interesting, complementing side stories, and everything wrapped up beautifully in the end. If you’re looking for a light, laugh-out-loud, sort of indie comedy… check this one out! If you’re more of a serious movie watcher, just skip it.

MY RATING: 3.5 out of 5

What films have YOU watched recently? Have you seen any of the ones I talked about? What should I watch next?

24 thoughts on “Reviewing Some Films I Watched #11

    1. Ah, I honestly hate watching terrorist films or even episodes about it on Law & Order. I’ll check out ’22nd July’ & see if I can get into it though. Thanks so much for your rec, Harry! ❤


    1. A Simple Favor was really good! I was expecting it to be quite predictable & cliche, maybe only popular because of the A-List celebs cast in it, but I was wrong. American Psycho was hilarious, oh my gosh. I want to watch it again! I don’t think I can ever see Christian Bale as any other character again.

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  1. I watched Simple Favor and American Psycho as well and think they are really good movies.. recently I watched Joker – if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend 🙂

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  2. LOL I watched Secret Obsession a couple of months ago – utter garbage and cringy! I find those storylines overdone to death too.

    A Simple Favour sounds really interesting so I’m definitely going to add that to my list of films to watch! Glad you liked American Psycho – it’s kinda one of my favourite films cos Christian Bale is just so brilliant in it. I’ve read the book which I really like too but I get why not everyone can get through it. It can be really descriptive and honestly, to truly enjoy one or the other, you have to find the funny in the troublesome material.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol !Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Secret Obsession was garbage. Those storylines really are overdone to death. I will not watch or read anymore of them.

      I think you’ll like A Simple Favor. It was a good twist on another overdone storyline. You’ll have to let me know what you think when you get to it!

      100% agree, Christian Bale was sooo brilliant in American Psycho. I’m not sure why I couldn’t get through the book, I didn’t even get to any violent scenes. The way it was written just didn’t work for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am a serious film watcher so I had better skip the T.I. one.

    You have me curious about A Simple Favor. I read the book American Psycho but have not seen the movie. Sounds like I should.

    Thanks for your reviews! Always fun to read!

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    1. I really do not think you’d enjoy the T.I. one lol. A Simple Favor was really good & I LOVED the American Psycho film. You must watch it for the brilliancy of Christian Bale.

      Thanks for reading!! 💖 So glad you enjoyed!!


  4. A Simple Favor was hilarious and I truly enjoyed it! American Psycho is def a classic – weirdly funny but also terrifying. I read the book years ago, and I found it hard to get through because it was so graphic and disgusting. There’s A LOT more blood than in the movie!

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    1. I really liked A Simple Favor more than I was expecting to. American Psycho deserves to be a classic! I actually didn’t even get as far as any violent scenes in the novel, I just couldn’t get through the way it was written. 😛 I was expecting a bit more blood in the film, to be honest!

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  5. Ahh I’ve wanted to read “A Simple Favor” and see the movie so badly!! I was team Serena though… lol! BTW have you heard that HBO is rebooting Gossip Girl? I feel like they’re going to do a killer reboot.

    America. Psycho is SUCH a classic. I need to rewatch it at some point. I hadn’t heard of Brenda Song’s movie before but I feel like I’d give it a look just because she’s in it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even after watching the movie, I still want to read the book, which usually doesn’t happen for me. It was such a good thriller! & you’ll love it even more since you were always Team Serena. 😛 I didn’t hear about the GG reboot but, will probably have to get HBO just to watch it when it comes out lol. Thank you for telling me!! I can’t wait now!!

      American Psycho totally deserves to be a classic, it was amazing & it was fun to see Brenda Song in a new movie but man… it was bad lol.


  6. So I read Simple Favor before seeing the movie and I definitely recommend reading it! The book is always better. But I loved them both and actually got it for myself for christmas!!!

    I loved Blair but I feel like Serena is my spirit animal.

    I tried to watch American Psycho and I don’t know what happened but I just wasnt feeling it

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    1. I heard the book is a bit different so, it’s still on my TBR. I’ll definitely read it sometime in the future, maybe after the film has left my mind a little more. It’s good to know you enjoyed both versions! Did you get the DVD or book for Christmas?

      I’ll have to rewatch Gossip Girl sometime, I only watched the first couple seasons & I get why you couldn’t get into American Psycho, it’s a little strange lol.


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