Journal Entry #285

November 27, 2019
05:07 PM

Okay, I’m back to write today, as promised. πŸ™‚ Let’s start from where we left off in my last Journal Entry.

On Sunday, Rossy and her boys were leaving for the airport but, not until around 8 at night. We knew we had to wake up a little earlier than we usually do and hang out with them one last time.

We decided to meet at the big tree house playground in Downtown Container Park, right next to Fremont Street. Her little one was playing so we ventured off into the popcorn store for her husband to grab a bag of Cheddar Kettle Corn and then, we went to the hot sauce store for boyfriend and me to shop around!

There was so much to look at, I wanted to try it all but, there were no samples of anything except beef jerky and peanuts.

They were tasty enough to sway us to buy a bag of each in the Triple Threat flavor, though!

The peanuts were spicier than the jerky, probably because the seasoning coated each nut but, the meat sucked most of it up. We will definitely be going back to try more goodies, maybe pick up the actual Triple Threat Hot Sauce and hopefully, the cashews are back in stock.

When we checked out and got back to the tree house, Rossy’s little one had the cutest, rosy cheeks from all his climbing and sliding around. He was finally ready to head out and get something to eat!

They wanted to try Pin-Up Pizza and who could really blame them?!? Those slices are outrageously sized!

I was saving my stomachache for something else we had planned… but, I did have a couple bites of boyfriend’s Pancetta and Mushroom. πŸ™‚

I wanted to get one last photo with Rossy before it got dark outside so, our men went back into their photographer roles and snapped some of us!

Then, Rossy was taking group photos of us…

When Batman stopped by to join in and help us out, LOL. I was, honestly, surprised he did not solicit us for a tip. He was a genuinely nice superhero. πŸ˜‰

Big thanks to both of them for capturing my favorite photos of our time together!!

But, we weren’t done eating YET. Insomnia Cookies was next on our list!!

5:38 PM-5:57 PM dinner break

Boyfriend and I have been obsessed with these cookies since we discovered it years ago in Minnesota. They didn’t have any locations in Las Vegas when we first moved here but, now, we have one behind the Hard Rock and we like to go as much as we can.

Rossy’s husband did say he prefers his cookies less gooey but, that’s the best part about them to me. I was also a little disappointed because they didn’t have my deluxe-sized Reese’s PB Cup cookie. 😦 I had to get a regular-sized PB one and a chocolate chip one with the Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream.

We stood and ate our desserts in the shop until we were full of them. They had a little time left before they wanted to head to the airport and you know me… all I could think to fill the time up was more… FOOD!

I mean, I only had a few bites of the pizza, a bag of beefy jerky, and a cookiewich but, Shaq’s Big Chicken, that was visible right through the window, was shouting at me! I pointed at it and told them that it was the one Shaq owned and I’m preeeetty sure her husband was joking when he said, “let’s go!” but, boyfriend and I both perked up, looked at each other and were like, “okay!!” We immediately walked out the door and across the parking lot!!

My gosh, it was even better than the first time boyfriend and I tried it! I got the Uncle Jerome (on the right) which had Nashville hot chicken, lettuce, mayo, and pickles. There was such a nice spice to it but, it was not at all overwhelming. The pickles were made in-house, you could just tell by the wonderful, fresh taste and though, it was a bit oily, it was the kind of oil you want to indulge in, not wipe off.

Boyfriend had the Shaq Attack which had the regular chicken with pepper jack cheese, jalapeΓ±o slaw, and spicy Chipotle BBQ sauce. I was really scared of cheese by this point so I did not have a bite of his. πŸ˜› We also shared a side of fries and he had their cane sugar soda while I had their extra sweet strawberry lemonade. When it was all gone, I refilled it with their Tropical Black Tea which was much better but, not quite “tropical”-tasting.

We all sat and talked for awhile longer at our table then, a little more outside, too. We gave our hugs goodbye and boyfriend and I felt like we just had our own mini vacation end! We had to make a stop at the dispensary before we could go home, though.

I spent the rest of my night playing Sims 4 and you won’t believe it but, we got the munchies again at around midnight. I had to send boyfriend to Rivas to get us some grub. He had a burrito and I had two hard shell tacos with beef. We also had beans and chips to dip.

On Monday, we were craving sushi so, we went to Sushi Way since we hadn’t been there in a long while. When we got there, there was no host to seat us. The sushi chef was the one who told us to sit where ever we wanted… right after, a huge group came in, the server seated them, and got their drink orders AND drinks out to them before even greeting us.

Boyfriend was hangry and I told him, “we will have to wait for all of our food, too, if you want to just get up and go somewhere else now, it will be worth it.” He thought about it for a millisecond and then, we got up to go to our tried and true, Sushi Zone.

We like it here better than any other AYCE spot now, even Neko and Sakana. We probably won’t be trying any other new ones for awhile, either. πŸ˜›

We started with our own plates of the fresh carpaccio, a bowl of bland miso Soup, and some seaweed salad. That carpaccio platter is the main reason we keep coming back. ❀

They have this new limit on their Coconut Tempura Shrimp, one order per person. We were sad to see that but, we didn’t end up getting two anyway. It’s super crispy and perfectly sweet with the plumpest shrimp inside.

The two half rolls were: Nemo and XXX. I remember the names but, not what they consisted of. They tasted similar and I liked them both. πŸ™‚

We got another half roll called… Dynamite? Or Volcano? Lol. Something like that. It was probably my #1 pick out of the three we tried.

The nigiris were Norway Mackerel and Cajun Tuna. I always eat both of the Mackerels and he always eats both of the Cajun Tunas. We hate each other’s favorites so it works out, lol.

We ended our meal with a bowl of Chashu and Egg Fried Rice and another order of Karaage. I guess I didn’t get a picture of everything we ate because I noticed the first order isn’t anywhere to be seen along with the Korean Galbi, regular tempura shrimp, and pork belly plates we had. I must have been too busy stuffing my face… oops! πŸ˜€

We skipped out on their desserts and went to Starbucks instead. I got the Coffee Frapp with almond milk and four shots of espresso. Boyfriend got the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frapp (!!) with cow’s milk and four shots, as well.

When we got home I wrote my previous Journal Entry and then, you guessed it, played Sims 4 for the rest of my night.

I have to tell you, I actually murdered a paparazzi that was taking photos of my Sim peeing. I cast a spell to turn him into a block of ice… :-/ When I first learned all the “Untamed” spells, I thought, “oh my gosh, I could never!” but, I was so sick of them invading her space. She’s only a genius at-home archaeologist, not Ariana Grande or anything. Jeez.

Yesterday, I went to How the Grinch Stole Christmas the Musical at The Smith Center but, we’ll talk about that in my NEXT Journal Entry.

If you celebrate it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you have the most full stomach of food and the most full heart of love the entire day. ❀

06:50 PM

43 thoughts on “Journal Entry #285

  1. I’m so glad you got to buy a few things from that one store you guys went to lol.
    Awwh I love all the photos of us together! I’m so glad I had remembered to get them otherwise I would have been sad!
    I’m glad you pointed out Shaq’s restuarant because I remember when you first mentioned it, I was interested in it. And even though I only had half of that slider, I was hooked! So juicy and delicious with the perfect kick of spice to it.
    Thanks so much for enduring the long walks with us and for hanging out with us lol. You’re the best!
    I dont think I’ve ever had hard shell tacos, except taco bell but that’s nothing like real Mexican food lol.
    I don’t eat sushi but all that food looks super delish! I’m sorry you didnt have you sushi on sunday!
    Omfg you murdered someone?!! 🀣🀣🀣 gosh I really need to play the sims. I havent gotten the chance to get it on my new laptop lol
    Aahhh I forgot to comment about the musical on the previous blog post! I was so excited for you, the grinch is my favorite movie (with Jim Carrey, lol). I hope you liked it and if not, that’s okay. I’m eager to hear all about it since it’s a musical.
    Happy Thanksgiving love! I’m about to spend the rest of my time cleaning and cooking mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, pumpkin pie and baked the cinnamon rolls. Lmao. Made some cookies last night too 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! We gotta go back & get some more now. πŸ™‚ I LOVE all of the photos, too! I’m so happy we got some group ones, thanks to you!! ❀

      YES! I'm so happy you enjoyed the slider. I think it's probably the best fried chicken sandwich I've ever had.

      Of course! I loved hanging out with you guys & did not mind the long walks at all. ❀

      LOL yeah, Taco Bell is its own cuisine. I wasn't sure that hard shell tacos were really authentic or if restaurants just make them to cater to Americans?

      That's okay about the sushi! Sushi Monday was just as good. πŸ˜‰ We noticed there are "deep-fried rolls" & also "baked rolls" on the menu. I wonder how they compare to Mexican sushi!

      LOL yes, I was so mad because the paparazzi are always following her & one had the audacity to go into the bathroom at a restaurant with her! She has learned all kinds of spells to murder people now. πŸ˜› I reeeeally want a new laptop but, I know I don't need an easier way to be lazy LOL.

      I LOVE The Grinch w/ Jim Carrey, too. I used to own it on DVD as a kiddo & play those special features LOL. The musical was more like the short cartoon & the book though. πŸ˜› I can't wait to write about it!

      Thank you thank you! I hope you guys had the best best best holiday ❀ all the food sounds awesome!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome!! πŸ™‚
        Honestly I think it’s the best fried chicken sandwich I’ve ever had as well.
        No, hard shell tacos might be an American twist on Mexican food because I had never eaten a crunchy taco until I moved here to the US LOL
        Let me know if you guys end up going to try it, and if you guys are ever able to come over here, Alex will treat you guys to the ones he makes πŸ˜€
        omgf that sounds terrible! invasion of privacy lol. You can always have a better one, Alex got me one so I can edit my videos easier, it has an NVIDIA graphics card and it runs so smoothly but right no it’s being a fucking cunt and I’m pretty sure it was because of some software I tried to install. ;( if it stays slowing down I will have no choice but to reset to factory settings but I need to save all my shit first LOL
        Aww that movie is so great. Alex never liked Th Grinch until one xmas many years ago where I put it on and made everyone watch it with me as I recited my favorite lines LMAO he loves to watch it now and CL loves it too, he’s making me proud haha
        We totally did! Once again thanks so much for hanging out with us!! You’re officially the #1 blogger I’ve hung out with the most LOL

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yay! That makes me happy that it was the best you had, too. 😁 I am so curious how hard shells came to be. American always make their own spin on things, like fortune cookies were not invented in China lol. We would LOVE to make a trip out there & try Alex’s sushi!!!

          Oh nooo. Have you tried uninstalling the software?? Hopefully you won’t have to do a factory reset. 😭

          Boyfriend says he likes the original cartoon better than the Jim Carey version but, I strongly disagree! So cute that Alex & Ciel love it as much as you! πŸŽ„β€

          I hope we get to hang out lots & lots in the future, tooooo!!! You’re only the second blogger I’ve met & we def spent the most time together. πŸ’–

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I am curious too.. because I also have noticed that some “authentic” Mexican restaurants aren’t all that authentic, like they change some things up for the American palate I assume? I understand though, there’s lots of differences but it seems a few places are trying to make it more authentic like the meals I remember while living in Mexico. I just love how full of flavor the food is. πŸ˜€
            Haha that’s right! Funny you mentioned the fortune cookie too! I was telling Alex you weren’t a fan of the corn tortillas, and then he brought up the fortune cookie thing too! πŸ˜€ such synchronicity πŸ˜€
            I did! I just uninstalled it and downloaded it again and it ended up being the NEWEST version of it, so it looks ENTIRELY different and is MUCH easier to navigate. I love it. Everything is working smoothly, I was starting to worry it might be my graphics driver but luckily everything is good πŸ˜€
            Hahaha count me as an “I disagree” too lol. How dare he say the cartoon is better than Jim Carrey’s version!! Jim Carrey is hilarious and such an amazing actor lol. I literally love his character in Cable Guy. So well done LMAO
            ah yay!!!!!!!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah you’re right, lots of cuisines change things up for the American palate. Another example is how spicy they will make things for me compared to how they will do it for boyfriend lol. How crazy that Alex brought up the fortune cookies, too!!

              Oh yay!! So happy that software you downloaded is working much better now. πŸ˜€ & I really love Jim Carrey, too, but never seen Cable Guy!!

              Liked by 1 person

                1. Yeah! They always make it less spicy if I’m not eating spice for the day lol. I think they have experienced too many Americans ask for it to be hot then say “oh my gosh, not THIS hot” you know?

                  Boyfriend said that Cable Guy is “alright but, not terrible.” LOL. I’ll give it a watch if I come across it.

                  Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmm beef jerky, popcorn and peanuts! I am IN!

    I neeeeeed that Pin Up Pizza!

    I love the photos so much! So cool of Batman to participate for free.

    Ha ha! Do not MENTION food in front of Hunida and her boyfriend unless you are serious because they WILL go there! Man those Shaq sandwiches look delicious!!!!

    I want the tacos from Rivas so bad. Nothing like a freshly fried shell.

    Ohhhhh LOOK at that sushi!!!!! Man oh man oh man!

    Love that you cast a spell on the paparazzi bothering your Sims people. The nerve!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving right back atacha, Pal!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh yess, we found all the best snacks lol. Wish you could have joined us. 😁 The Pin Up Pizza is definitely a must-eat as long as you like crispy, thin crusts. Batman actually deserved a tip for how nice he was lol. He said 0 words though, just pointed & took pictures. πŸ˜‚ LOL exactly, any mention of food & boyfriend & I will perk up. The Shaq sandwiches were awesome, probably my fave crispy chicken breast ever. The freshly fried shell at Rivas is why I keep going back! & the sushi was tasty. πŸ™‚

      Couldn’t believe I killed that paparazzi LOL. I thought the ice might melt & he would get out AFTER my sim finished peeing but, oops. πŸ˜‚

      Thank you, Jinjer!! I hope you & your mom had a lovely holiday!! πŸ’—


  3. Thats so funny about your Sim! I must be way out of the loop of the game because I had no idea about the paparazzi or spells πŸ˜‚ Happy Thanksgiving to you all! It looks like you all had such a wonderful week. I hope your hearts are so full! ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

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