Influenster VoxBox | Joah Beauty Color Squad

Hi there beauty lovin’ babes!!! I finally received another *complimentary for review purposes* VoxBox from Influenster. It had been such a long while, I thought they had forgotten about me because, honestly, I had forgotten about them. Imagine my surprise when I got the e-mail saying I would be a part of the Joah Beauty Color Squad campaign and that my goodies were on the way! I could not stop checking the tracking info!

It came in a cute-sized, dark pink box.

Inside was a big postcard…

AND… the most adorable, little, cardboard cut-and-fold style package!!

Joah‘s designs remind me of royalty, like thrones and crowns, etc.

It opened up into a flower and lo and behold, there were my THREE Color Squad Cream Lipsticks.

I got the shades (from left to right): Seoul Sista, Adulting, and Swipe Right


(From top to bottom): Swipe Right, Seoul Sista, and Adulting

Seoul Sista grabbed my attention first since I never really use such bright pink colors on my lips. It was the only one with noticeable sparkles in it, too.

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My First Impressions

Very sheer going on but, left a cool icy look once built up. It turned out to be more of a light pink than a bright one and even though it’s almost a given with cream formulas, I have to mention the transferring– it smeared onto any and everything!

Another big problem was the stickiness. While, initially, it felt smooth, soft, and moisturizing… the longer I wore it, the stickier my lips felt.

I would rather wear a tinted gloss.

Adulting is that shade professional business women wear every single day to the office. I prefer a darker, sexy, more true toned red.

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My First Impressions

While the most pigmented out of the three, that’s what made it the toughest to apply. I kept bumping out of the lines and when I rubbed my lips together, it made a mess instead of evening the color out. The imperfections were easily wiped away without smudging or staining, though. It left a semi-shiny matte instead of a sparkly, icy one.

Swipe Right is a sub box creator’s dream… if you’ve ever subscribed to one, you probably already have this shade from one or more different brands. It’s neutral, pretty, and quite frankly, BORING.

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My First Impressions

From this one, I was expecting more of a color payoff. Especially after how well it swatched on my wrist. I guess my natural lips are too similar? I thought it’d be more of a pink but, it kind of leaned towards orange, too. This was the most matte of all, no shine whatsoever (after it dried down).

My FINAL Thoughts

I was NOT a fan of the transferring, the never ending stickiness, or the lack of pigment. I did like how all of the shades were rather easy to apply and how nice they all looked against my skin. Seoul Sista wore off a lot quicker than the other two but, I blame that on the more shiny finish. Adulting surprised me with its lasting power; it gradually got lighter and lighter instead of wearing off in patches and/or getting all over my face. It left a tiny red tint when it faded away completely but, in the end, none of these lipsticks will get you through a whole night.

If you aren’t already signed up with Influenster, what are you waiting for? Use my REFERRAL LINK: HERE.

42 thoughts on “Influenster VoxBox | Joah Beauty Color Squad

      1. Piping in here because I’ve never seen a comment so true lol! All the shades look gorgeous on you!!! My favourite in general would be Seoul Sister because that shade is so pretty but adulting also looks so good on you and suits you so much!! It sucks about the quality of the products but hey, at least you still totally rock them Hunida! Xx

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        1. Awww, oh my gosh, you’re all the sweetest to me. πŸ’– Thanks so much, Jennie!! I think I’ll wear Seoul Sista again since I don’t have anything like it but the other two may go to waste. 😭


  1. I was super excited when Joah launched last year, but so far I’ve yet to find a lip product from them that I like. Tried one of their concealers which I liked, and I love their big powder brush – such great quality for only a few bucks! These lippies look fun but to be honest I’d probably only wear the boring color!

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    1. I was excited for Joah, too! I’m pretty sure I first heard about the launch from you! I actually threw out two concealers by them. πŸ€” I liked the Wand Me Up a lot at first but, then I started getting small bumps everywhere from it. I’ll have to pick up one of the powder brushes next time I’m at CVS! That shade is so universal & common, totally get why you’d wear it. 😊

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  2. I noticed our local CVS has started selling this particular brand but I’ll know to stay away from the lipsticks unfortunately but I do wanna try some of their other products possibly. Plus I think they are vegan and cruelty free.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It looks like a fun brand, I love their packaging & I do think they are vegan & CF! They have a few other lippies they may be better?! You’ll have to let me know if you try any of their products!

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  3. I was so excited to see you received a Voxbox, but it is such a bummer that these lipsticks didn’t work out for you. I really like the color selection and the sheerness, but I would not be a fan of stickiness or transfer. Hopefully next month you’ll get a better box.

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    1. I was really excited to receive the VoxBox since Joah Beauty has really interested me. The colors were pretty but, I wasn’t really expecting them to be so sheer. I hated the stickiness & the transfer made boyfriend actually upset LOL. I hope they’ll send me another box next month!!


  4. I like the last shade, but the first two I probably wouldn’t wear myself. That’s great that you got another VoxBox! I don’t think I’ve gotten one in at least 6 months. I’ve gotten like 6 survey’s for a voxbox in the last month, but they never select me for one. They used to give out boxes like candy, but now they must really be limiting how many they send out. 😦

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    1. The last shade was really neutral! It’d be really pretty on you! It does seem like they are more limiting now. You used to always get picked if you were sent a survey! Now I get a lot more to fill out & less boxes!

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  5. Omg i was gonna say how nice they look and Seoul Sista was the one i wanted to see most but bummer it wasnt great. πŸ˜• nice to know that Adulting wears off evenly. Sadly i want shades to last more than 4 hours lol

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