The Fall Tag #2

Susan @ Purrsian Tea tagged me in the Fall Tag back in September and I wrongly assumed that I’d have the entire season to fill it out. Looking at the questions now, it should’ve been done before Halloween! Oops! I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness. :/

Thank you to Susan for tagging me and to the original creator Ell Duclos. ❤


1. What is one candle you MUST light every fall?

I really love the apple pie one but, I wouldn’t die if I didn’t get to light it all season.

Photo by Luke Insoll

2. When you think of fall, what does it remind you of?

Colorful, falling leaves.

3. What is your all time favorite fall/Halloween movie?

I can’t pick a #1 favorite but, I do have a Top 10: here.

4. What Halloween costume do you have in mind?

I was a cheetah and boyfriend was a “tamer” LOL. Next year, we want to do something more gorey/scary.

5. What is your favorite fall trend?

I’m still loving the big, fuzzy jackets and hoodies.

6. When you think of fall, what drink comes to mind?

Fresh, hot apple cider.

7. What is your go to fall beauty product? A must have staple!

Moisturizer! Orrr lip balm… oh my gosh. I need to have both. Pleeease, can’t I?!

8. Do you prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?

Pumpkin! I hate apple pie… the smushy apples disgust me. Pecan pie is the best out of them all, though. Why is that not an option?

9. Do you have any fall traditions? If so tell us all about it!

Boyfriend and I go to a big buffet every Thanksgiving. Does that count as a tradition?

10. The moment of truth, is fall your favorite season?

Maybe! I used to hate it when I lived in Minnesota because it meant winter was on its way but, here, in Vegas… it’s actually nice to have some cooler months. The weather is so comfortable this time of year.

I won’t tag anyone because the questions are a little outdated. 😛 Sorry!

45 thoughts on “The Fall Tag #2

  1. As much as I also love apple pie, I am thrilled you love pumpkin too! Pretty much everyone I know HATES pumpkin pie especially my bf. I DON’T GET IT.

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  2. Your and your boyfriend’s Halloween outfits were so cute!
    I LOVE apple pie, but my boyfriend hates so I haven’t had it in forever…
    I think Fall is my favorite season b/c my bday is in September & I love the sweater weather & the changing color of the leaves!

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    1. Aw thank you, Karalee! 🙂 I haven’t had apple pie in awhile either, maybe I gotta give it another shot! & fall is a really nice season, it may be my favorite now, too, since spring all of a sudden gives me allergies lol!

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    1. Thank you, Mischenko! 🙂 We go to a buffet every big holiday since none of our family live in the same state lol, it’s def becoming a tradition! I’m really looking forward to the holidays (& FOOD!), too! ❤

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    1. Aw, I saw some gluten-free frozen pumpkin pies but, I bet they are no good, huh??

      I agree about the shorter days. When I wake up, I get about an hour of sun before it goes down lol.


  3. What a fun tag! Love the gif of your costume by the way!!

    And yeah I think I wouldn’t mind winter coming as much if I lived in Las Vegas too haha. I am going to be moving back to Chicago in a week and I am honestly dreading winter again! It gets cold here in Portland but not winter cold. It just rains a little and stays around 50 degrees which I find to be kind of nice.

    Hope your week is going well ❤

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    1. Thanks, Brittany! 🙂 I am so sorry that you will have to go back & deal with the Chicago winters but, I heard the city is a blast to live in!

      I hope your week is going well, too! ❤


  4. Lol i loved you guys’ matching costumes this year it was awesome!! I cant wait to see what you guys come up with next year.
    Im pretty sure those fuzzy sweaters and hoodies are trending right now which is why i couldnt find one like the one i got from the mens section lol
    Omg pumpkin pie is the best. Can you believe that my first time trying any pumpkin desserts (donuts, pie, etc) was 3 years ago?? Idk why i put it off all my life 🤦‍♀️ i still havent had pecan pie….
    Yes! The Thanksgiving buffet is totally*** a tradition!! I told alex that you guys do that every year.
    I agree about the weather in Vegas. I was so comfortable during the day, it was nice and warm, and at night it wasnt as cold. I was shocked when we came back and it was 20 degrees colder and raising 😭😭 im totally missing the weather lol

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    1. Hmm… I better start thinking of Halloween ideas for next year now lol. & oh my gosh, that made me kind of mad to ONLY see the fuzzy stuff out. Turns me off from them & you’re right, they’re never AS fluffy after you wash them.

      I used to really not like pumpkin pie but, now I want a bite or two every Thanksgiving. Nothing beats Pecan Pie though. It’s my fave!!

      LOL okay, we will call the buffet a tradition. 😀 We are so excited to go to one tomorrow! I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!! ❤

      It's raining again over here!!

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      1. As cute as they are I’ve had my fair share of cute fuzzy blankets and have them be ruined by washing. 😭 I just dont wanna take my chances again lol.
        I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you guys ate super delicious yummy food!!
        And its raining on and off here and we got a cold front coming through! They’re calling it a bomb cyclone. The atmospheric pressure has dropped and its insanely cold and windy and a lot of snow is falling on the mountains. Its really bad. Right now its 27 degrees 😭😭😭😭

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        1. Yeah we try to wash all my fuzzy stuff on delicate cycle but it just is never ever the same. A lot are still sort of nice though lol. I hope you guys had a wonderful & delicious Thanksgiving, too!! 💗 I am sorry it’s been so cold over there, a ‘bomb cyclone’ sounds so scary! It was raining & cold the past few days here but, today the sun returned & we turned our heat off again. Phew lol. Hopefully it will warm up a tiny bit & not stay that cold all winter?!

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          1. I think the best way would be to hand wash them but eh… That’s a lot of hard work LOL.
            We had a nice and chill thanksgiving. Didn’t go anywhere or do much, though I did get pissed at the boys for a brief moment and yelled at everyone LOL. Pretty sure it’s my hormones because mother nature is on her way LMAO
            I wouldn’t count on it, Oregon sucks in the winter LMAO it’s way too cold here, I hate it. I don’t mind the rain but when it’s below 40 degress I can’t stand it. We actually got a few flurries here last night but nothing stuck. It’s highly possible that we will get snow this winter. The latest we’ve gotten snow was in February a few years back, no lie lol.

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            1. Yeah, that’s what boyfriend said when we were looking at them at the mall, that I’d make him handwash them all LOL.

              Nice & chill is the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving. 🙂 & is it really a holiday if there is not one little kerfuffle? Lol. I just got my period today! 😛

              Ugh, I hope it won’t get below 40 too many days this winter!!!

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              1. LMAO would he even do that for you? I know my Alex wouldn’t I mean I do his laundry to being with LMAO he sucks at it haha
                hahahaah omg you’re so right, there’s always gotta be that little spat either before, during or after xD
                It will but I will get through it like I do every year lol

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                1. LOL actually, um, I am the one who sucks at laundry because I usually stuff too much in at one time & have to dry a thousand times & also, ALWAYS freakin’ forget to press delicates for my work clothes so boyfriend does it all. He probably would be upset if I bought a lot of things that needed to be handwashed but, if I asked him enough times, he’d do it I think… heheh.

                  That’s why there are so many Christmas movies because they’re all about the family spats & how we are able to get over them because it’s a holiday but they also started probably because it’s a holiday, too lol.

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                  1. hahaha nothing wrong with that. Honestly the only reason I learned how to wash laundry and well, dishes even and cook was because my mom forced me to help when I was younger. I had no choice haha.
                    Alex just doesn’t know that clothes need to be separated and half of my clothes don’t go into the dryer lol. If i ever let him i can bet that EVERYTHING will go into the dryer, shrinking and ruining the majority of my clothes lol
                    Yeah that’s true LOL. I”m not a huge fan of holiday movies :O

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                    1. My mom kind of did what boyfriend does, she would tell me to do the dishes but, hated how I did it so would re-do it & never ask again. I did have to clean the bathroom & do my laundry but, I always had the same problem with overstuffing! WHY DOES IT FIT IN THE WASH BUT TAKE FOREVER TO DRY… BUT, that’s when I was really young, before my parents split. When I lived with my dad… his wife did everything & I was never home.

                      Oh my gosh, boyfriend knows what clothes will shrink, too. I have no idea. But neither of us separate anything. 😛

                      Oh man, I am a sucker for the cheesy Holiday movies. Boyfriend makes fun of me for watching & getting excited for new ones each year… hehe.

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                    2. Hahaha I had to learn because I ive with these two messy boys.. When I said don’t worry about cleaning I really meant it. My house is CONSTANTLY a mess. You should see it. Mountains of dirty clothes that these boys just toss all over the place, bins with clothes that need to be folded, the bathroom sink is full of stuff that never gets put away unless I do it, the closet is always a mess and I constantly have to re-fold Alex’s clothes and the living room and kitchen…..don’t even get me started! XD
                      Well recommend me some cheesy holiday movies. LOL. I need to watch a few and maybe I’ll become a fan and add them to the yearly list. I might cave and get DIsney+ as well LOL

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                    3. Oh my gosh, your place looks so tidy & cute in all of your videos though, I don’t believe you lol. You are good at keeping everything organized & decorated. Our piles of clothes are never ending. Our laundry room is packed to the top & so is our room, usually our bathroom, too LOL.

                      OKAY! I love This Christmas, Four Christmases, The Holiday, & so much more, but those are my favorites! I want Disney+, too, but, I know I can’t get myself stuck to the couch even more LOL.

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                    4. Lololol if you only knew XD
                      I stuff everything into the closet sometimes or I spend an ENTIRE day cleaning, usually the day before I actually film LOL. Sometimes when I don’t have much time and can’t put things off any longer I just strategically place it out of frame hahahaha but yeah for the most part I spend an entire day or two cleaning depending on how messy it is. As long as most stuff is picked up/put away, it doesn’t seem so bad XD
                      Saaaaammmeeeee, our bathroom CONSTANTLY has stuff all over the floor. It sucks because three people don’t fit in a room this size but I have no choice at the moment ;( but it does make me feel really stressed and overwhelmed at times at how small our space is.
                      And where can I watch these movies? Netflix? Hulu?

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                    5. That makes me feel a little better but, still, not sure if I believe you LOL your place is too cute!! I need some decorating tips.

                      & I just realized all of the movies I listed aren’t on either Netflix or Hulu. They only have like newer ones I haven’t seen available. :/

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                    6. Lolol well then…I guess I’ll have to film a cleaning video or sometbing to really show you how messy it gets here 🤣
                      Awh that’s okay! I’ll find some other stuff to watch or I’ll try to find the movies elsewhere.

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