I have finally found a cruelty-free lipstick that matches up to, and is maybe even better, than MAC‘s formula. Illamasqua’s Antimatter Lipstick in Midnight is the sexiest true red shade and the color lasts on my lips ALL night. Throughout all the drinks, kisses, and smoking– reapplying is only needed if you have a full out meal. I want every shade available now.

Boyfriend’s mom gifted us this Essential Healing Vaseline body lotion. It hydrates me well enough but, it has that drugstore grandma-scent. On the days I don’t wear it, my legs get shinier than I’ve ever seen (not a good thing), and large noticeable cracks appear. I can’t wait until it’s all gone so I can move on.

I’ve started using Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes. The ones at the bottom of the bag get really bubbly/soapy, I’m not a big fan of that, and I feel like I need to use a lot to get the job done. The wipes are rather small, too. I haven’t found any other brands I like better though so, I’ll keep buying these until I spot something else I want to try.

We got a completely new bed set from Walmart and it’s just so much more comfortable, warmer, and softer than simply washing old stuff for some reason. There were only like, two or three different patterns to choose from. The blue plaid is pretty cute and perfect for the winter, isn’t it??

I got this huge pack of Paper Mate Ink Joy colored pens and writing lists has never been more exciting!! Quite a few more colors and multiples of each color were included but, I’m only showing a handful πŸ˜‰ in the photo (above). I love how easily they glide across the paper and how neat my writing turns out. I have to say, these are better than Bic.

I am finally using the Marianella Violet and Bergamot Hand Wash with Avocado Oil I received in May. It smells really pleasant, like a fancy hotel bathroom. The liquid is a little runnier than usual and it gets incredibly sticky if you rub your hands together without running water but, it does lather and foam up nicely.

Currently smoking: Banana OG, a hybrid by Verano.

On my phone, I’m using this fun theme called Purple Peace by S. Rojas. The lock screen is the same style but, instead of the hand, there’s a thought bubble with “hello” written in cursive. I love it.

I finally hopped off my Kicking Horse kick to try Peet’s Coffee Holiday Blend. It is smooth, intense, and delicious. Plus, the packaging is too cute!!

Finding dairy-free potato chips is NOT easy, especially at a 7 Eleven. I couldn’t believe how mouthwateringly delicious Zapp’s Cajun Dill Gator-Tators were. Each chip was super crisp and nearly melted in my mouth. The seasoning was almost smoky with a real dill kick.

I could eat the whole bag of Jif Peanut Butter Poppers in one sitting. Fellow sweet and salty lovers, this is OUR snack. Pretzels and popcorn coated in a hard peanut butter shell? Mmm… I cannot get enough.

It was time for a new bottle of honey again!! I picked out the Raw & Unfiltered Local Hive Honey From L.R. Rice and His Family. It tastes so amazingly sweet, and it’s really oozy, easy to squeeze out. It doesn’t crystallize at all, either.

Boyfriend and I were shopping around Sprouts for sandwich toppings when I looked at him and said, “we should find some type of special sauce for them.” He suggested a flavored mayo of some sort, so we went searching in the condiment aisle. Can you believe we found something by Sir Kensington’s actually named Special Sauce? It’s a little sour on its own but, it’s quite nice mixed with plain mayo. We’ll finish off the jar, no problem, we’d just never buy it again.

We are still running through the different Mom’s Best Cereals. The Safari Cocoa Crunch takes the number one spot so far– way better than original Cocoa Puffs!! We also tried the Honey Grahams, which were dusted with a bit too much sugar, making them overly sweet. The Mallow Oats which I preferred over Lucky Charms but, boyfriend couldn’t even finish a bowl of. The Raisin Bran was alright except the flakes were extremely thin, I could barely taste them through the raisins and they sogged up fast.

I spotted this Victoria Vegan Alfredo Arugula Pesto Sauce at Sprouts and knew we had to try it. Boyfriend added chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, and spinach then, we poured it over fresh spinach fettuccine pasta. When we finished eating, he said, “that was a 5 out of 5 sauce” and he RARELY compliments any food that highly. We were both impressed. It had just the right amount of arugula and basil, a very subtle hint of tang was detectable but, not at all overpowering. Most of all, I couldn’t believe how creamy it was– there had to be dairy in there somewhere?! (Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the jar!).

I’m 76% through with the first book in the ‘A Bakeshop Mystery‘ series called Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander. It’s absolutely everything you’d want in a cozy mystery!

I enjoyed guessing who was in each costume the first season of The Masked Singer, and I even got some correct! I honestly didn’t expect them to return for another season but, it’s currently airing on FOX and the episodes are slowly being added to Hulu. I’m pretty sure I know who the Pink Flamingo is already! I grew up listening to that voice– I’ll be completely shocked if I’m wrong.

I’m still watching the first season of Glee. That Madonna episode was tough to get through, we watched it for three or four different dinners. Usually, I want to finish whatever episode we’re on but, I kept turning it off when my plate was empty. I hate her music.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is so damn addicting! I whizzed through the first season and am now currently, in the middle of the second.

My ancient computer survived through a cool new system update and I was finally able to download the Kindle for PC app onto it. I love reading on my big screen and have been getting through books faster than I have been all year ever since I downloaded it.

Have you ever heard of Tubi TV? Me neither. It was just a pre-installed, forgotten app on our Roku. Who knew there were tons of great films and TV shows on there? I was able to watch so many episodes of The Rap Game that Netflix doesn’t have uploaded!

I just downloaded Orwell, it’s a PC game that comes free for download with the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. I’m only on Chapter 3 so far (I have no idea how many there are in total) but, I am already really, really digging it. I get to be a special detective, searching through all kinds of online and private documents, trying to find terrorists, connecting suspects to one another, listening in on calls, etc.

The Sims 4 has reeled me back in. I couldn’t resist their sale on the Island Living Expansion Pack and the Spooky Stuff Pack. It’s so fun that my Sims can get a tan or SUNBURN now (among so many other new things)!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a jaw-dropping video of the incredible competitive eating champ, Matt Stonie, destroying The Largest Plate of Thanksgiving Food Ever. πŸ˜‰ My plate won’t be THAT big but, I’m gonna try my best, (just kidding) LOL. I don’t know how I’ve only recently discovered this guy but, his videos are insane!! I’ve been watching them nonstop.

58 thoughts on “My November 2019 Currentlys…

  1. I’m not too familiar with the beauty world, so I’ve never seen that brand of lipstick before!! It looks like a wonderful color and I love the way it looks. Oh my gosh, I love, love, love Paper Mate Ink Joy colors! You seriously can’t go wrong with them. I can’t remember which season I stopped watching Glee, but I loved it. I wanted to rewatch and finish, but that’s another series on my list to get around to, haha. Thanks for sharing, Hunida!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Illamasqua is based in the UK so they aren’t sold anywhere except online for Americans. The lipstick is soooo good!! & the packaging is def super sleek.

      The Paper Mate pens are so nice. I didn’t know what I was missing using Bic for the longest time.

      I am determined to get through every single season of Glee. I remember only watching random episodes when it was on TV & I realized most of it was season 01 now that I’m watching it. Can’t wait to see the rest! But, I feel you. There are so many series to rewatch & tons more always coming out.

      Thanks for reading & commenting, Stephanie!! πŸ’—


      1. I’ll definitely have to look into the brand. Thank you for sharing!! We can never have too many pens, so it’s nice to have a little bit of variety! I don’t remember what happens in the majority of the series, so it would be a lovely refresher. Hope you enjoy watching Glee!

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  2. For me, shiny legs are A+++. It makes the colours in my tattoos pop.

    I bought clear dinnerware once because I thought they looked cool. And they do… As long as they don’t have water drops on them. I wasn’t good at keeping them perfectly clean, so I went back to opaque dinnerware!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Usually, if my legs are shiny that means they are extra dry lol.

      Ever since boyfriend & I have lived together we’ve had the clear dinnerware. There are def permanent water spots, I’m surprised they don’t show in pictures lol.


  3. Those poppers look amazing. I love coco crunch serials so much more than puffs that go all soggy, unless you shovel them down quickly. I’ve bought a vegan bΓ©chamel sauce that I need to try with pasta. I glad you found a vegan pesto you both love. All my comments are about food again lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could eat those Jif Poppers all day long!! & I agree, original Coco Puffs do get super soggy fast. You’ll have to let me know how the bΓ©chamel sauce is. πŸ™‚ The Vegan Pesto sauce is amazing– I also saw a jar of actual vegan pesto, too. I need to try it!

      Food is my favorite topic so no complaints here!! πŸ™‚ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh nooo not that drugstore grandma-scent!! that’s terrible lol. I couldn’t get into the masked singer because it was so drawn out, I’m currently watching the voice though! I took off a lot of seasons but it’s one of my favorite competition shows.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol seriously, hate that drugstore grandma-scent. I’m glad you knew what I was talking about!! Boyfriend doesn’t like Masked Singer either, it is totally drawn out. I wish we could see who is under the masks way sooner! & I used to like The Voice, too. I haven’t watched it in so long!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I am dying…”I can’t wait until it’s all gone so I can move on.”

    I buy Huggies wipes, too. I have the hard plastic Huggies boxes that you can put the refills in. I AM WONDERING if it would work to take that refill package you have in your hand, take them all out of that package and place them in the plastic box so that the ones that were on the bottom are now on the top and the liquidy stuff would redistribute itself back down through the stack. I’m almost out of them so I’ll try doing that \with my next refill and report back.

    That Walmart bedding looks very nice and cozy and definitely wintery!

    Ahhh yes. Bullet Journalers everywhere know how great those Papermate Inkjoy pens are. Not sure if I have ever gotten around to buying any to use in my journal yet though, tbh. I actually haven’t needed any new pens in ages, which is kind of odd.

    I Googled your creamy alfredo sauce. Main ingredient is Cashew Cream (Water, Cashews) so that explains the delicious creamy texture. That dish Boyfriend made with it looks BEYOND!!!

    That is toooo funny that it took 3 or 4 dinners to get through the Madonna episode of Glee. I’m not a fan of her music either. I think “Borderline” is the only song of hers I ever liked. She had a great look back then, too.

    I discovered Tubi when I wanted to watch a specific documentary. I did NOT know, however, that there is a Tubi app on Roku! I’ll add it to mine.

    Gosh that plate of Thanksgiving food looks GOOD. Can’t wait to stuff my own face in a few weeks. Our local Chinese buffet place does Thanksgiving foods buffets on Thanksgiving and Christmas so I’m going to run down there and get me and mom Thanksgiving buffets to go and then we can eat them at home in our jammies. I’m thinking I should order for 4 people instead of 2 so that I can fill one entire box with nothing but stuffing.

    THANK YOU, Hunida, for telling us in previous Currentlys, about the moisturizer from Sephora. I finally forced myself to order it (I HATE spending money) and it is exactly as amazing and perfect as you keep saying it is. It was like instant relief to my dry, hurting face. My face is so happy now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Seriously, I want to use it all as quick as possible. I have better smelling lotions that need to be used!

      That’s a really great idea for the baby wipes. I bet it would help to flip them upside down in the container but, the top few would still maybe have too much juice? Def report back, please!!

      Yay!! Glad you think the plaid is cute for the winter, there weren’t many options lol. I am not bullet journaler, just a chronic list writer. I had no idea the Paper Mate pens were super popular but I do love them! I’m glad I lost all my old Bic ones now!

      Ooo, that totally explains why the sauce was so good. I love cashew cream but, when boyfriend makes it homemade, it’s more chunky yet still delish. The pasta was sooo beyond!! ❀ Yum!!

      Madonna's music always reminds me of a Venus Women's Razor commercial or something lol, I hate it all except that Like A Virgin one. πŸ˜›

      Oh! Tubi was already installed on my Roku when I first plugged it in. Surprised it's not on yours!! Can't believe it's completely free. πŸ˜€ Which documentary did you watch on it??

      I wish I could eat that much on Thanksgiving & still be as fit as him LOL. That's interesting your Chinese buffet does Thanksgiving foods. I LOVE stuffing that much, too, but can you believe boyfriend hates it?! Please take a picture of the food for me!!

      Are you talking about the First Aid Beauty one?! I am SO happy you like it. ❀ It does feel so amazing & gentle on the skin, doesn't it?!

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  6. Your new bedding looks so cozy and cute! I love it. I’m glad you get as excited as I do about new pens, haha! They just make life better when they’re colorful and work well!

    That honey sounds bomb! I hate when honey crystallizes, so I would be all over that! Also, how legit that your boy liked the vegan alfredo sauce! I should try and find that and have Jimmy try it but not tell him it’s vegan and see if he’s into it! He always thinks vegan foods aren’t as good, haha. It would be a fun experiment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is super cozy! I wasn’t actually expecting it to be so soft. ❀ LOL I'm so happy you understood my excitement over the pens! I can't stop writing lists now.

      The honey is really yummy & super sweet. It's annoying when honey crystallizes, isn't it? & boyfriend is really picky about vegan stuff, too, he always expects the worst. You should totally try this sauce & see if Jimmy even notices! I really doubt he would! Let me know if you try it!!


  7. Everyone always raves about the Illamasqua lipsticks – I feel like I’m totally missing out!! That is such a gorgeous color, too!

    For drugstore/affordable creams, my FAVE is from CeraVe! It has no scent and it is super hydrating … even in the dead of Winter!!

    I love those gel pens, too!! I love pens like this for journaling and taking notes. Somehow it makes writing feel so much more special!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Illamasqua lipstick is really amazing. Super long-lasting & not at all drying. I love it so much.

      I’ve always wanted to try CeraVe but it’s not cruelty-free so I won’t. 😭

      Yesss!! I’m so happy you share my excitement about pens!! πŸ˜„

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I need to look into Illamasqua lippies I actually have no clue how much they cost lol.
    I like that new comforter. I want another one for my bed so I can have three in rotation instead of only two.
    Omg I love colored pens too haha
    Dairy free potato chips?? Hmmm they sound good
    I’ll see if I can find that honey here I hate the ones that crystallize its annoying
    Some cereals from MBC arent as good but some are definitely a better alternative than their counterparts lol.
    I think we’ve talked about this but you guys typically buy an alfredo sauce right? That is dairy free and you said is good. My mom had bought some jar I think from Ragu but it didnt taste good at all when I made it for my brother lmao I hope it doesn’t taste anything like that
    *sigh* I havent read very much I’m still debating on whether I should take a book to read on the plane but idk if I’ll get sleepy since were leaving early in the morning.
    Omg speaking of the sims, remember how I had downloaded the game for free? Well I actually changed computers recently. If I download the program that runs it, I will still have the game right? If its through an account? Actually I havent checked. And I dont remember my account info either lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just looked them up & they are $26! Kind of hefty but, super worth it, if you ask me!

      Thank youuu!! I want another new bed set already lol. The nice new feeling is so good.

      These colored pens make my handwriting so much more neater than I ever though possible, too! & those potato chips had so much flavor, I can’t find them anywhere else! & it really is annoying when the honey crystallizes, I just want to use it right away lol.

      I agree about the Mom’s Best cereals.

      Mmm, I really like the vegan sauces we’ve tried so far. Other jarred sauces have never been good to me either.

      You should take a book on the plane in case you don’t get sleepy! It’s better to have it than not, right? Or you can download some books onto your phone with the Overdrive app?

      If you remember your account info, yes, the game will still be there if you redownload Origin onto your new computer!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Love that new bedding!! Walmart has some great choices sometimes lol. We have two comforters & two sheet sets from Walmart too and love them!
    Ooh that Peet’s holiday blend coffee looks so good! I’m super excited because I found tons of holiday flavored coffee at Aldi! There’s Pumpkin Spice, Maple, Mocha Mint, White Chocolate, and Gingerbread! They are so good too!
    How cool that you can read Kindle books on your computer now! I bet it’s nice to have a bigger screen than your phone. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol there were only two choices at Walmart so I let boyfriend choose, I’m happy you like it! πŸ™‚ I’m already ready for a new set, it feels so nice!

      I’m still extremely jealous that you have Aldi right by you. Not sure I’ve ever really liked a flavored coffee before though! & sometimes, I actually like reading on my phone still but, yes, the computer screen is so nice!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I really like the Mainstays brand. Way better than the Targer brand! & Aldi is the best, isn’t it? You also can return anything you want if you don’t like it lol, even if it is open they give you your $ back!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Isn’t it?! One time a guy cut a watermelon in half & wasn’t happy with the taste so he brought it all cut up in a plastic bag & we gave him his money back LOL. We were like, “sir next time, all you need to do is bring the receipt” hahaha.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh wow, I had no idea Aldi had such a great return policy! I need to keep my receipts then, because there have been a few things we have tried and disliked lol. I didn’t know you worked at Aldi before!! Also, how do you return items? I’ve never seen a customer service. Do you just go through the checkout line?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Lol yeah when I worked there, we had a meeting about the “just say yes” return policy. They really will take anything you don’t like back & refund your money. You just go through the checkout line. πŸ™‚

                  Liked by 1 person

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