October 23, 2019
09:07 PM

Hi babes πŸ™‚ how has your week been going? Last time I wrote was Monday, October 14th. I said that I’d be changing my work schedule but, work that night went pretty well so, I couldn’t/didn’t force myself to go back on Tuesday.

Instead, we went out for dinner/lunch at Ramen Sora. It was earlier in the day than we usually eat.

The chef on duty cooked everything to perfection, unlike the previous time we visited. We joked that we’d never come here at night again. πŸ˜›

The gyoza were crisped and filled up so nicely!

Our broths weren’t too thick or salty and the pork chashu was melt-in-your-mouth. ❀

When we got home, I played with some makeup and wrote my Ipsy Glam Bag post. I got hungry a little while later and couldn’t stop thinking about the McDonald’s McRib commercials I keep hearing!!

I hadn’t had one since I was a kiddo but, I definitely remembered how much I used to love them. Boyfriend had NEVER tried one before so, I was excited for him to try his very first!

I liked the new addition of pickles and onions. I don’t know if my dad used to ask for them to take those off for me but, I swear, these used to be completely plain. It could’ve done with a little less sauce though.

On Wednesday, October 16th, we went grocery shopping at Sprouts. Boyfriend made us a chicken and potato dinner. I think I spent my entire night watching Law & Order: SVU. I started from the very first episode of season 01. I’ve only ever watched sporadic episodes of the series, so I’ve been really hooked. Sometimes, I take a break from the darkness and watch episodes of Glee or silly YouTube videos. I like Tasty, Good Mythical Morning, and FBE a lot lately.

On Thursday, October 17th, I finally received my Ipsy ULTIMATE! I took a ton of photos of everything and played with some of it, too. I wrote my reviews for a few Shows I’ve Recently Watched and then, spent the rest of my night watching TV.

Friday, October 18th, I have a photo of Benji sleeping on his favorite pillow. ❀

Boyfriend cooked dinner at home, it was a normal routine workday and night for me.

On Saturday, we had no more food to cook at home so, we went out to eat at Komol.

We had been here once before but, found better Thai restaurants to frequent in lieu.

There weren’t as many other customers as we expected there would be. We were seated after a few moments of waiting for the only waitress to finish taking a table’s order.

We were next to the loudest group of folks, ever! They were talking about the strangest things, too. Boyfriend suggested they were part of a cult of some sort… I don’t know. We were glad when they paid their tab and walked out.

The menu was super big and clunky with loads and loads of different dishes on offer. I had the hardest time deciding on my main course!!

The fresh spring rolls as our appetizer is always an easy choice, though. These contained no meat whatsoever yet, we didn’t notice until we already ate a couple– they were actually still delish! Next time, I’ll have to ask if they can put pork and shrimp in them.

We also shared a small bowl of Tom Kha Soup w/ Shrimp. The broth looked AND tasted terribly oily. It maybe could have used more coconut milk, too, since the flavor was leaning more towards a sour Tom Yum.

Boyfriend’s currently obsessed with the Ground Chicken Pa Ka Pow (for good reason). This one was a little disappointing compared to other restaurants’ we’ve been to. He was happy with the spice level but, there was NO basil and barely any onions… more green peppers would have been appreciated, too! ALSO, the chicken was rather salty but, COULD have been saved, if there had been more basil. πŸ˜›

I had their Angel Duck Stir-Fry and man, oh, man was it tasty!! The boneless duck was extremely tender, the skin chewy yet, easy to bite, the sauce complemented it so well, not taking away that beautiful flavor but, enhancing it.

They gave us the cutest bowl of white rice for boyfriend but, I had a tiny one for my brown rice (not pictured). We had quite a bit of leftovers but, they did not go to waste– everything heated up well.

We packed it all up then, went to Starbucks, I got ready for work, had a drink, you know, the usual. Thankfully, work went way better than the night before but, it’s reeeeally slowing down. Not even just at the club I work at but, ALL over the city.

When Sunday finally came around, we got to go out to eat at Red Pot!

This time, we tried the Spicy Kimchi flavor for the first time and found a new favorite. On the other side, we had Spicy Red Curry, one we knew we liked. The first table we were sat at, all of a sudden broke down. Our broths were boiling one moment, and the next, everything just turned off.

We were moved to such a secluded table. It was like we were in our own little restaurant. While we were eating, we shared an Iced Strawberry Black Tea. It was SO yummy and helped with the saltiness of the soups. There was actual strawberry puree in there that we could suck up with the straw… mmmmm!

As we were peeling our last shrimps, we had to order another one, to-go. We tried boyfriend’s favorite, the Iced Mango Black Tea and thought it tasted similar to the Lychee one we had last time. After a few more sips, the Mango flavor came out a bit more but, we still probably won’t order it again.

When we finished stuffing ourselves, we, once again, went to Sprouts for groceries. I relaxed and watched TV on the couch for the rest of the night.

Monday, I stuck by my word and went to work. I was lucky that a gentleman from the week before came back, specifically to see me, or I would have probably came home in the negatives. I worked from around 10:30 PM-1:30 AM.

I’ve decided my winter work schedule will be Monday and Thurs-Sat. It’s easier for me that way, I have no idea why. I don’t ever feel like working on Tuesdays AND, anyways, those are my Broadway show days (when I have them to go to).

Yesterday, I woke up early (for me) around noon because I had ONE thing on my mind and it was the Laos Market’s super spicy papaya salad!!

Even though, when I finished it, my nose was running and my mouth was burning, I still could have used a BIT more spice. I prefer when I can’t take more than 4 or 5 bites in a row, LOL… but, hey, I always go on about how I want things SPICIER, don’t I?? So I’ll spare ya (this time).

While I ate my salad, boyfriend called around to see where we could get an oil change. When he found a garage that said we could, “come in right now,” we went. We sat in the lobby watching Ellen and the news for over half an hour.

The case on the news was about a girl who used to work with me. She was murdered and had been reported missing since the end of May! They found her body abandoned in the desert, encased in a cement and wooden structure. I had read about it online but, could not believe it was playing right there. It was so surreal to see her face on the TV and even though, I only really remember being around her (and never actually talking to her) like, less than a handful of times, those memories are SO vivid. Her story is such a sad and scary one. She will, forever, be remembered. I hope she is in a much, much better place now. The world we live in is too sick and too twisted. 😦

When we got our car back, there were oil marks everywhere and they didn’t release our brakes so, boyfriend had to run back in and ask for a rag and for someone to come show him how.

We were starved by the time it was all said and done so, we decided to go out to eat. Neither of us were going to have the patience for boyfriend to cook dinner at home.

I had been craving pho, and, I may have said it a few times before but, we’ve never found a good bowl of it since we’ve moved to Vegas. I had read reviews online that Pho 90 is popular among locals and it had always been on my list… we had just tried too many bad places before it and honestly, had lost interest in eating it altogether.

Something told me that I’d be satisfied here though!

OF COURSE, we started with the fresh pork and shrimp spring rolls. πŸ˜€ The meat stuffed inside was still warm, we could feel the heat through the sticky, chewy wrap. There was just the right portion of each ingredient and their Hoisin sauce dip was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Boyfriend got a bowl with rare steak and brisket. The picture (above) is before he mixed anything into it.

My bowl had rare steak, brisket, and tripe. This picture (above), is after I mixed all my toppings in, and what boyfriend’s looked like eventually. While the noodles were still a little overcooked here (the same problem I keep running into everywhere), the broth was heartwarming and mighty delicious. I do wish they’d have a jar of that beef paste at all the tables though– it could have used just a dash.

We wanted to get some tea at Tea of Joy but, they changed their hours and are only open after 6 PM now! It must be because there are tons of new tea shops opening all over Chinatown but, we already tried one of those newcomers, and their drinks sucked! We definitely weren’t going back there so, we went to another one that had a big banner above it saying, “Now Open!” but, at closer inspection, actually was not!

We gave up since driving around there is so hectic and just went to Starbucks after first stopping at the dispensary.

We got the largest size Blueberry Iced Tea with no sweeteners and no lemonade, it was our first time trying it and it was absolutely wonderful!! I also got some iced espresso since I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the ride home. πŸ˜›

I spent the rest of the night watching SVU and YouTube videos on the TV.

Today, I did absolutely nothing! I read quite a bit of this cute cozy mystery book, took a shower, ate dinner, and watched a couple episodes of SVU.

Tomorrow, boyfriend has JURY DUTY! Remember how I was recently summoned?? Well, they canceled mine almost right after I checked in for it. Boyfriend has to report at 9 AM tomorrow. I am so curious about what he’s gonna do! I can’t believe he was summoned like, right after me? I really wonder how they choose!

*Bonus* My boys tucked in together. ❀

Last week, they were playing around and got behind the couch, where the lamp was plugged in. We saw the lightbulb blow out and heard a loud shock noise. Sushi ran out fast as lightning and was licking the back of his neck!! His fur was singed in one spot, you guys!! We panicked and touched him right away. When I looked it up, it said not to do that but, we had to make sure he was okay. I didn’t care about anything else. He was running around like normal but, we still had to check his skin. Only his hair had been burnt and his skin was completely unharmed. He had no worrisome signs that were listed online so, I suspect he’s alright. It’s been many days since the incident and, his fur is already coming back in all white and fluffy. I still am worried and keep reading about it but, boyfriend thinks Sushi will be mad at us if we take him to the vet for no reason, lol… he says, “if something was wrong, we’d know by now” and the internet doesn’t disagree with him. I still kind of want to make sure though!?

Phew, that was a LOT so, I better cut this off now. Thanks so, so much for reading! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. ❀

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  1. Benji is so adorable! Oh gosh, the McRib was always my favorite, and it always had pickles and onions as far as I can remember. It’s probably been six years or more since I had one. Memories! Loved all your pics, Hunida. πŸ’™

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    1. Hehe, Benji says ‘thank you’! ❀ πŸ˜‰

      I guess my dad must have took the onions & pickles off for me when I was younger because I don't remember them! I love that they're on there now. πŸ™‚ I had to get one since they are only seasonal LOL!

      Thanks so much, Mischenko! ❀

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  2. Omg how precious is that picture of Benji 😍😍😭 awww and little Sushi! I hope he’s okay! I think boyfriend is right, if something was wrong you would know but then I always say, it doesn’t hurt to check! Angel, I think I’d say go with your gut on this one! Ask what to do and let the answer come to you, and trust it ❀️❀️ Sending him all my good vibes and blessings ❀️❀️ Alsooooo what was I gonna say? Omg I forgot lol!! OH YEAH! I really wanna know what those loud people were talking about now… I am intrigued! And how awful about the girl you worked with, it’s so so scary to think these things happen, and for it to be so close to home too Hunida, sending you all my love! I know she is in a much better place now, and I pray the world heals and becomes more loving and more kind ❀️❀️❀️ Sending you all my love Hunida, may the rest of this week bring you blessings ❀️ Love ya!

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    1. Lol Benji loves that little pillow, he is on it more than any of his cat beds!! & I am still so sad about Sushi but you always have just the right words for me, Jennie. ❀ Thank you! My gut tells me not to make him suffer through a vet visit just because I am a paranoid freak but I just wanna know for sure he is okay, y'know?? He says 'thank you for the good vibes & blessings.' ❀

      Oh those loud people at the restaurant were talking about who they should "kick out of their tribe"?? & then going on to talk crap about how someone told other people about them?? Really weird, right? It was two middle aged women & one much older gentleman using a cane for "fashion" not because he needed it lol.

      Gosh, me, too. I pray the world heals & becomes more loving & kind one day. I cannot believe what happened to her. 😦

      Sending all my love to YOU!!! ❀ Have an awesome weekend!!


  3. Your kitties are sooo cute I can’t deal!! I hope Sushi is okay, poor thing! I love any iced black tea, but that strawberry one sounded amazing!! That is so awful and scary what happened to that girl you used to work with… its so surreal when something like that happens and you’re some how connected to the person. May she truly rest in peace. I hope you are doing okay ❀ By the way, that is so random how you were both summoned for jury duty I always wonder when I'll have to do it, it's such an adult thing lol! Hope you have a lovely week girly! ❀ ❀ ❀ xoxo

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    1. Thank you, Jenni!! ❀ Black tea is so delish! I wasn't expecting the real strawberry puree in there, it was so yum. πŸ™‚

      Isn't it terrible what happened to her? Ugh. So scary. I hope she is resting in peace, too. I'm so sad for her. 😦

      Isn't that crazy how we were both summoned in the same year?? LOL you will get the letter one day. πŸ˜‰

      Hope you have an awesome week ahead, too!! ❀

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  4. I am SO hungry now!!! I wish we had restaurants like that where I live! I would have loved to try the duck. I love duck and have one in the freezer. I need to come up with a fabulous recipe for it. Thanks for sharing all that goodness! Off to fix supper now!

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    1. Hehe, sorry to make you hungry, Diane! ❀ I LOVE duck. I am sure whatever you make out of it, it will be delish. Your recipes never fail!

      We just made your Hamburger Steak, Onions & Gravy a couple days ago. It was SO good & boyfriend has never been able to make a gravy before!! ❀


  5. I’ve never had a McRib in my life either…am I missing something amazing? McDonald’s overall does weird things to my stomach, so I tend to stay away but oh how I miss it! So sorry to hear what happened to your poor kitty!


  6. First, I really need to learn to read your journal entries on a full stomach because now I’m craving so much food lol! I’m having a hard time deciding which dish appeals most to me.

    That blueberry tea from Starbucks looks heavenly and now it is on my list of drinks to try. I have never had this before!

    I hope Sushi is okay – must have been a scary experience. Also, I’m so sorry to hear about your coworker – that is incredibly twisted and scary.

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    1. Lol! Food is my favorite to take pictures of & to write about πŸ˜‚ sorry to always make you hungry!

      The blueberry tea from Starbucks is so darn good. I get it without any sweetner & lemonade & it still has a bit of sweetness so I highly recommend it that way if you try it. 😊

      I think Sushi is okay, he hasn’t been any different & all his fur is back already. It was definitely scary to see!

      My heart is forever broken for my coworker. 😦 I can’t believe these twisted people out there!


  7. HUNIDA !!! I finally have a couple spare moments and I can actually read your blogβ€”and I am so excited I cannot even telllll you. Ramen Sora looks wonderful—that gyoza!! I love that the McRib brought some nostalgia up for ya-I am the same with the original Burger King chicken sandwich.

    I have actually been thinking about trying out Law and Order like that (from the first episode).. maybe I’ll binge it over winter break! Have you seen the show Younger? I have been watching it to fall asleep lately (since I can’t read after all the studying), but it’d be a great palate cleanser for ya, lol.


    The presentation of those spring rolls is so nice. But yes, shrimp always is sooo good in them, especially with that peanut sauce, mmm.

    Hahah – we are so the same about our love of spice. Through watering eyes and a runny nose I’ll still be like, β€œdefinitely could be hotter”.

    OH my gosh, that story makes me stomach churn. So sad.. hard to have the words! It’s insane how twisted the world is 😦

    Ok now I have a major pho craving. We haven’t had it since living here- but that looks good!

    Have a great week ahead!! I can’t tell you how much I loved reading this update from you! xo

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    1. Hi Mackenzie!! I’m so excited to see you around here. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! I’m glad to hear you had a few spare moments finally. ❀

      Ramen Sora is so darn good. It's def one of our fave spots in all of Vegas! I've never really been to Burger King but, I'll have to try that chicken sandwich sometime now!

      Law & Order is sooo addicting. I am already on Season 02. I don't think I've ever watched a show with so many episodes as quickly. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do if you decide to watch it! I've been recommended Younger a couple times & I love both Hilary Duff & Sutton Foster so I def have that on my list already but, it's moving on up even higher now!! πŸ™‚

      LOL it's never spicy enough, is it?! I want to be crying on first bite.

      Thinking about my coworker makes my stomach churn, too. What the heck is wrong with people out there??

      Ooo, I'd love to hear about the pho in TX when you guys try it there for the first time!

      I hope you have a great rest of your week, too, babe. ❀ You don't know how much I loved & missed reading your comments. ❀

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      1. It’s so funny because ever since you’ve mentioned Law & Order SVU I have seen it EVERYWHERE. Like random memes on the internet, people mentioning it, etc. I definitely will have to watch!

        And yesss- Younger is sooo light hearted and easy to watch, so it really would be a great in between episodes of the heavier stuff.

        Awwwww ❀ Well, even if I don't always get around to commenting I do pop into your blog when I can! It's such a treat for me. Speaking of which- Happy Halloweeeeen!!!!

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  8. “…the pork chashu was melt-in-your-mouth” I need ramen asap oh man.
    Oh my, empty-ish restaurant and iffy customers, that creeps me out too! Oh wow, they fry it with chicken instead of pork? and the lack of onions and basil is…odd?
    AHHHH hotpot! What soup bases did you get?

    WTF that is horrible? That is so fucked up the way it happened? I hope they catch the person who would do such a thing. Sighh. RIP.

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    1. Yesss, Ramen Sora was the first place I ever tried with the melty chashu & it’s soo mouthwateringly delish! I can’t get enough!

      We’ve actually never tried the basil stir fry with pork before but you can choose it instead of chicken, too. The people next to us were super weirdos lol.

      We got Spicy Kimchi & Red Curry for our broths at Red Pot. 😁🀀

      I know! Isn’t it insane what happened to her? They did finally catch & imprison the crazy guy who did that to her, thankfully! May she RIP, for real. πŸ’—


  9. Glad to hear that little mishap was a one time thing at Ramen Sora! I wanna gooooo!!!! I definitely need to try that gyoza!
    I love the Tasty channel on YT too!! My faveeee! Haha
    Cant wait to catch up and see the remaining beauty boxes I havent seen yet lol
    Awwwhh Benji looks like a kitten like that!! Aw my heart!
    Omfg!. Cults are scary! I’m listening to a podcast all about cults and some of it is like “uhhh…wtf…”
    Whoa you guys got loads of food. I don’t think I’ve eaten enough Thai food to compare different places to one another. Frankly every time I eat it (even when its the same thing, pad thai) I’m loving it lol
    Sucks that the table broke down at Red Pot, if that had been me I think I would have liked that privacy more lol.
    Omfg that’s terrible! I cant believe you knew the girl! It hits home when it’s someone you know, whether you’ve talked to them or not. So scary. The world is fucking sick.

    Anytime you get those wonderfully looking spring rolls I totally want some!
    That’s too bad you guys havent found a good pho place I was actually hoping you’d recommend one for us when we do go
    Ah I remember being summoned for jury duty. Twice actually. The first got cancelled the day before when I called in. The second time I had to excuse myself because I’m Ciel’s primary and only care taker during the day lol.
    Aaaaaahhhhh kittiesss!! Oh my gosh they melt my heart seeing them together like that. The fact that I might** get to meet them 😭😭😭 would any of them let me hold them?? If not, I think I’ll be okay as long as I can pet them at least once haha
    I’m so sorry that happened to your kitty! But I’m glad he seems okay! I’d be pretty paranoid and scared too like “maybe we should take him in” but your bf is right, if something was wrong you would have noticed by now. Funny how we women tend to freak out and guys are like “everything is fine, relax!” πŸ€”

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    1. You’re going to love Ramen Sora!!! We realized there are different chefs & when there is a certain one back there, the food always tastes a little off. I hope the good one is there when we bring you!!

      The Tasty channel is so addicting omg. We’ve been watching that crazy competitive eater, Matt Stonie a lot, too LOL.

      Those people were definitely part of a cult or something, they were so creepy! I prefer not to know anything about them, please!! lol. What can I say? We love to eat!!

      We were annoyed about the table breaking down, but we really didn’t mind the privacy. It was nice. πŸ™‚

      The world really is so fucking sick. I am glad they finally caught the evil man who did that to her!

      LOL every time I see spring rolls, I crave them too. πŸ˜› Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend eating pho in Vegas. I bet there are better spots in Portland! & that’s awesome you were able to excuse yourself. I was kind of disappointed when mine was cancelled. I wanted to see what it was like!

      Hehe ❀ Benji & Sushi love each other & are always snuggling but they are still hating Twinkle Star. 😦 They will all probably FORCE you to pet them if you come in alone lol. They all love women & are a bit afraid of men/boys. They do let me and boyfriend pick them up whenever but, I don't know how they'd act if you did? Out of the 3, I think Sushi would be most likely to allow it. πŸ™‚

      & that's so true!! Men are always like, "relax" but, I was so worried & I kept saying we were going to bring him for a whole week but, his fur is grown back & he seems totally fine… phew!!

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      1. sweet, the good chef better be there but in case s/he isn’t, i will keep that in mind πŸ™‚
        omg Matt Stonie is CRAZY!!!
        Hope that guy rots in jail by the way deserves it.
        A lot of people claim they have the “best in town” so it’s hard to narrow down the list for pho which is why it’s so hard to go to a new place but i’m gonna make it my mission to find a new place before the season is over and hopefully try new ramen. too
        Awwwh noooo Twinkle Star is so cute too though meaniesss!
        well I’ll just stand nearby and if they choose to come near me I’ll pet them but otherwise I’ll leave them alone, I dont want to invade their space πŸ™‚
        yay glad to hear he’s doing great!! πŸ˜€

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        1. Lol boyfriend and I have joked about popping our heads into the kitchen to see who’s cooking before we sit down at Ramen Sora now. Maybe we will have to do that for real. πŸ˜‚ Matt Stonie is a serious beast (& so handsome, too, hehe). I can’t stop watching him!

          I hope that guy rots in jail, too!!

          I wish restaurants couldn’t claim to be the “best in town” without like an award or vote or something lol. You’ll have to let me know if you find any good pho or new ramen. 😊

          Twinkie & the boys just won’t even be by each other now. I still separate them most days because I don’t wanna deal with the constant chasing & hissing. They will not let you have your own space, lol, they will all probably rub & nudge you with their heads until you pet them. πŸ˜‚ Can’t wait for you to meet them!!

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          1. Hahaha I will have to keep track of our fave restaurants too just in case our food ever changes because sometimes it does.
            Will do. I found a few ramen places I’m dying to try out thanks to yelp. I completely forgot that I downloaded the app haha
            Awww I’m so sad for them that they’re not getting along πŸ˜• but yeah I get it, and you’re keeping them safe too by separating. But yes cannot wait to meet them!! I’m getting excited the closer the dates get haha yay

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            1. Yelp is so helpful! But also, it doesn’t have every single place you can go to on it so sometimes, you miss it on good places!

              It’s def safer keeping them apart but I wish they’d all love each other 😭

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  10. As usual , you’ve given me ideas on where to eat when I come to Vegas . Chinatown needs to be on my list because there seem to be so many good restaurants there. That Pho restaurant looks good . I don’t eat pho here in NY because we don’t really have that many Vietnamese restaurants that I know of. So sad about your ex coworker . Why are people so cruel ? May she r.i.p.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Always happy to give you some ideas. 😊 I’m surprised NY doesn’t have many Vietnamese restaurants. I know they have tons of Japanese ones with ramen though!

      It really is so sad what happened to my co-worker. I’m still a bit shooken up about it. πŸ˜”


  11. Mmm goyza again!

    Ohmygosh I didn’t know McRib was back! I haven’t had one in a long time. I remember them always having pickle and onion TBH.

    Oh hiiiiii sweet Benji!!! So cute.

    Dying to know what strange things the cult were talking about!!!! I love eavesdropping on conversations.

    That is, indeed, a cute bowl of rice!

    Mmm iced strawberry black tea! Black tea is my favorite.

    Your own secluded table after the other table broke down was a nice plus.

    I want that spicy papaya salad. Glad you finally got something spicy enough to cause a physical reaction.

    I googled about the murdered girl. How awful!!!!! And frightening.

    Did boyfriend have to go very many days for jury duty?

    Awwww another sweet kitty picture! I’m so glad the one didn’t get seriously injured when they broke the lamp! I’m assuming he’s doing ok and all is well.

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    1. Lol we can’t get enough of those little gyozas πŸ₯Ÿ! The McRib is seasonal so go get one before they’re gone! I guess my dad always asked them to remove the pickles & onions for me. Aw! Lol.

      Benji says “hiii!” 😺

      The “cult” were talking about a member of that pissed them all off & like, having a meeting to kick him out & how they’d go about it… 😱 so weird.

      I love that Strawberry Black Tea… mmm. & I agree, the secluded table was quite peaceful. I want more of that spicy papaya salad, too, now. 🀀

      Boyfriend just went for one day & filled out a survey. Now, he has to wait to see if they call him to be in the jury or not.

      I am so glad Sushi didn’t get seriously injured as well. I read so many horrifying things could have happened. He is doing okay & seems all well though, thankfully. His fur has even grown all the way back now. πŸ’—


  12. Mmm that ramen looks so good!!
    I’ve never had a McRib before! I have been hearing the commercials for them though. Did McDonalds drop them for awhile and just brought them back?
    Awww Benji is so cute! I love when kitties decide a certain pillow or spot is their favorite. Zelda loves my papasan chair and I find her snuggled up in it all the time. ❀
    Oh my goshhh I can't believe a girl you worked with was murdered! That's so scary and shocking. How awful!! O.O I can't believe the horrible people in this world, it's just insane!!
    You know, I've occasionally been wondering over the last few months about what happened with your jury duty lol. I hope it all goes well for your boyfriend!
    Aww your cats are so cute all snuggled up together!! But oh my goodness, poor Sushi!! I wouldn't care if he was mad at you, I would still take him to the vet. But I'm also that kind of pet owner that always takes my pets in to make sure they are okay. I'd rather pay and know for sure than not know & hope lol. How is he doing?

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    1. Mmm, we never stopped eating ramen in the summer but, now that it’s cooler out, it somehow tastes even better lol.

      I think McDonald’s used to have McRibs on their main menu, like way back when we were kids. Now they just bring it back once a year for a limited time. I love it lol!

      Benji is obsessed with that pillow, it’s adorable. I haven’t seen him sleep without it in so long! Love that Zelda has her own fave spot, too. Cats are the best. πŸ’–

      I know, I am still so sad about the girl who was murdered. The world is a terrifying place with too many evil people. πŸ˜”

      My jury duty was cancelled like, before I even had to call. Sorry I forgot to mention it! Boyfriend only had to be there for around 2 hrs & filled out a survey. He only has to serve if they call him later this month.

      My cats seriously hate being in the car & being in random places but, I know Sushi would have gotten over it. It’s not even expensive to just get him checked out, either My boyfriend just really thought there was no reason since he was perfectly fine & would not bring us. 😭 He never showed any bad signs or anything & his fur has grown back now. I hope he is alright– it seems it!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Cats are so stinkin’ cute — especially when they claim certain spots as theirs! ❀

        Zelda hates being in the car too, she cries and cries every time we take her in her crate. But, I'd rather make her upset for a bit than not know if something is wrong. I'm also a paranoid cat mom, so I know not everyone sees the need. Cats need annual rabies boosters anyway so she has to deal with it at least once a year lol. I'm so glad Sushi is doing better!! Poor thing, but at least his fur has grown back! That's so scary. :/

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh! Well our vets have always said cats need them regardless of being indoors so I guess that’s a point veterinary medicine doesn’t agree on lol. Poor Zelda always hates it but I didn’t want her to get sick. :/

            Liked by 1 person

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