September 18, 2019
02:42 PM

Hi friends! I tried to get out of bed a little earlier today so I’d have more time in my day to get the things I want done, like write this entry and play the Sims. πŸ˜‰

The last time we talked, it was the 10th! I thought September just started yesterday? What the heck? August seemed so long compared to this month, didn’t it? Or are all the months just zipping by?

On Wednesday, September 11th, boyfriend made us another one of Diane’s recipes, the Amish Hamburger Stew. It’ll be included in a Recipe Reviews in the far future since I’m still backlogged from April.

I spent my entire day and night playing Sims 4.

On Thursday, September 12th, it was a routine workday for me. We heated up our soup leftovers for dinner, got our espressos from Starbucks, drank a few cocktails at home and then, off I went. I can’t complain, it was a pretty good night!

When boyfriend picked me up, I thought my stomach was eating itself– I was so starved! The night before, I had been reading Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune, where she freakin’ described spring rolls and made my mouth water so I had the hugest craving for them. We had no idea that Viet Noodle Bar changed their hours to be open until 6 AM! We hooted and hollered when I saw that on Yelp and headed straight there.

We both got our own order of spring rolls. We ate them all so we’ll probably always get two orders from now on… or are we being too greedy?!

Boyfriend was chit-chatting with our server that remembered us from when we used to drink their iced coffee every night instead of our Starbucks espressos. We told him we can’t drink sweetened coffee anymore so that’s why he hasn’t seen us, or we go earlier and he works the later shift. He showed us photos of his baby girl, who is TWO YEARS OLD, but was still in her momma’s belly last time we spoke to him. It was cool that he remembered us and tolerated our drunkenness, lol.

I got the Beef Stew with Egg Noodles but, I ended up just eating all the meat and slurping down the broth. Their noodles were too thin and a bit hard for my liking. Boyfriend got his usual, the Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Pork and Beef but, I think we were looking through the baby photos when his bowl arrived because I have no photo of it in my gallery…

Friday, September 13th, was a cursed day… because I’m superstitious. πŸ˜› Boyfriend woke up early to go to the dispensary and on his way there, the car right in front of him got SMOKED by a car coming the other way, speeding through a RED light. He said he was so shaken up, he was trembling as he gave his ID to the budtenders. They asked him if he needed to sit down or have a drink of water. I couldn’t believe it, if he had been the first car in line, it would have been him.

After realizing our car is spilling coolant, we couldn’t see from where, we decided to chance it and go out for dinner. Luckily, it’s still driving and not overheating unless we are idle. We have SO many car troubles, I don’t even want to talk about them anymore. My dad is coming at the end of next month to take a look and HOPEFULLY, freakin’ fix it FOR GOOD. Or at the very least, give us no troubles for a whole year. That’s all I’m asking for because I know any longer would be asking too much.

Anyways, we went to Cafe Zupas, one of our favorite spots to go for something light but, filling.

I forgot to ask for ‘no cheese’ on my sandwich so, we were still waiting on it when I took this shot of our tray. πŸ˜› For my Chicken Noodle Soup, they put the noodles in first and then, the broth on top it. I loved that idea! I hate when the noodles are broken and soggy to bits.

Boyfriend got their Chipotle Steak Club Sandwich without the avo and his BBQ Chicken Salad. In the middle, our complimentary bread rolls and choco-covered strawberries. ❀

I got the Cuban Pork Sandwich, their pickles are the best thing in the world and I actually wish they’d hot press ALL their sandwiches. It was so good.

Afterwards, you probably know the drill by now… we went to Starbucks then, smoked, got ready for work, smoked again, drank some dranks, then off I went!

The crowd was about the same as Thursday night and I did just as well.

On Saturday, we went to Chipotle!!! I am really loving the barbacoa mixed with my steak, it’s so meaty and delicious. I have been craving it more often than before now.

That night at work wasn’t the best. I danced with some nice men, who were all friends, but when they left… it seemed like the crowd had died down. It was probably too early but, I was exhausted and dazed so I left, too. I was there from around 11:30 PM-3 AM.

On Sunday, we went to the Aria Seafood Buffet!!

We had been once or twice before and remember it being so yummy, which it was this time, as well, but I’m not sure the amount of food they have is worth the hefty price to get in.

I hate when places slit the crab legs for you, they always ruin it! I can do it better on my own, thank you very much. The meat inside was sweet and flavorful though and their cocktail shrimp were super fat and juicy. They also had King Crab Legs and Dungeness Crab Legs, but they were cold and a tad over-salted. I mostly stuck to my steamed Snow Crab Legs (^). ❀

The rest of the night, we sat at home in a food coma, and gamed.

I’ll recap from Monday next time I write! But, before I go, I NEED to thank my amazing blogging buddy, Jinjer (@Intrepid Arkansawyer)! She sent me TWO boxes of these Tootsie Pop Drops in the mail. I had never heard of them and she raved about them on her blog so, I looked high and low in every candy aisle and never saw a box. Of course, I complained to her… and…

I couldn’t believe she was so kind to actually go to the store and get me some. They have cured my sweet tooth for the past two nights. Yes, boyfriend and I have ate a whole box each night and they are all completely gone now. I am about to have my period, so it was just the perfect timing, too. Again, thank you so so much to my lovely friend, Jinjer!! ❀

She also included the cutest card, personalized with a kitty, melting my heart even more. ❀

I hope YOU have had an amazing week so far! I’ll be back with a Journal Entry soon but, I MAY post my Sept. Glam Bag Plus first. Stay tuned!

03:49 PM

49 thoughts on “Journal Entry #274

    1. LOL YES, thank you for standing by me & continuing to hold this grudge against him. When we made this soup, I kept saying, “you didn’t forget again, did you?” hahaha.

      OK GOOD, all the spring rolls, please!!! ❀

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      1. You just need intl. stamps!! I’ve had snailmails all over the world πŸ™‚ I don’t really have apps (that sounds so weird lmao) but I do have iMessage πŸ™‚ we should connect!!

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  1. HAHAHA, sometimes I get motivated to wakeup because I’ve recently added a new product to my skincare routine! WOOPS! I KNOW RIGHT LIKE WTF SEPTEMBER IS LEAVING SOON ALREADY!? I AM SO CONFUSED! Oh my god, that is horrendous what a close brush, i think you are absolutely right to have been superstitious! Oh gosh, noo car why? I hope your dad can fix it up for GOOD (and cook some of your faves for you while he is here hehe) Mmmm, so hungry as usual. HOW SWEET IS JINJER OMG! I can’t wait to read the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I get motivated to get up when I want to play with new makeup/skincare, too! Especially if a sub box has just arrived!

      I can’t believe how fast Sept. went! Is it really almost over?!

      I am always superstitious & everyone thinks I’m crazy for it but, now, you see why, right?!

      Ugh he’s only going to be here for a day & he will not be cooking, sadly. 😭 Jinjer truly is the sweetest!

      Thanks for reading, Cordelia β™‘ I cannot wait to share in my next entry!

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      1. HAHAHA right! How can I sleep when I got new “toys” to play with! Urgh, I’m genuinely LOSTED at how fast its all going by! I don’t think you are crazy, I think its real that sometimes things or days can be jinxed! Aww no ): Maybe you can bring him to all the best places in vegas instead!

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  2. I can’t believe all the car trouble that you all have had! My heart goes out to you both! But shew, I’m glad that your boyfriend was okay. I almost witnessed that happening once because a car just ran a red light. So scary! I think as we’re older that the months and years are just slipping through our fingertips, haha. Really, where has the time gone!?

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated. I hope you have a lovely rest of the week, Hunida! β™‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. ❀ I'm so happy boyfriend was okay, too. I can't believe people are so careless & distracted when they drive! I hate how fast the days go. Can't we stay young forever!?

      Thank you for reading, babe! ❀ I hope you have lovely rest of your week, too!


  3. My car was leaking coolant a few months ago. I took it to my mechanic and all he had to do was put in a new gasket which costs around 50 cents. Hopefully that’s all yours needs. Car troubles are the absolute worst. I just got mine back yesterday after I noticed a slow leak in one of my tires. Apparently it had a nail in it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! That is so nice to hear. I hope that is the case with ours! I think all we ever have is car troubles, I’m almost used to it now lol. We get nails in our tires quite a bit, too! SO annoying!


  4. First I just want to say I’m soooo glad to hear you bf is ok!! I know first hand how scary car crashes can be…believe me. All those food pictures always make me so hungry, now I’m really hoping me and my husband will go out for lunch tomorrow LOL!! BTW do you have an Instagram page? Would love to follow, if not no worries just wondering!! Hope you are having a beautiful week!! β™₯

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Janine ❀ I'm so happy he came home safe & sound. I'm sorry to hear you've dealt with car crashes first hand. 😦

      I hope your husband will bring you out for lunch tomorrow & you get to eat all the yummy food! Sorry to make you hungry! πŸ˜‰

      I don't have an IG, it's too hard for me to keep up with lol. Hope you're having a beautiful week, too! ❀ ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I guess we won’t be going out to eat lunch but we are getting some tasty wraps for lunch. Lol πŸ˜‚No worries about the IG I was just wondering. And thank you btw. I only had really one major car crash and to this day I still believe my stepmom was watching over me that day cuz I’m amazed I wasn’t killed. The place it got towed to told me & my grandfather the engine almost came in the front seat with me.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aw, at least you got to get the wraps πŸ˜€ what kind did you get?!

          That’s terrifying, wow!! The engine almost came in the front seat?! Ah!!! I’m so happy your stepmom was looking over you & you are alive & well. ❀

          Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m sorry to hear your boyfriend was so shaken up by what he saw! It can be so scary to see crashes, especially when you’re driving yourself! And I hope your dad can fix your car soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Girl, that nail color looks so amazing. What is it??

    Also, I cannot believe there are tootsie pop drops!! I have to look for these because I used to love Tootsie Pops so much.

    Bummer that the Beef Soup didn’t have great noodles because it looked super yummy. And OMG I’m so sorry you guys have been having so many car struggles – I can’t even imagine. Hopefully everything will get resolved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, babe!! It’s Zoya in the shade Jack. πŸ™‚

      I KNOW, RIGHT? I had never seen of or heard of these Tootsie Pop Drops before Jinjer mentioned them. They are way better than eating a whole sucker!

      At least the broth of the stew was so yummy, it made up for the noodles. πŸ˜€ Car troubles are the worst but, we are pushing through! Thank you, LP!! ❀


  7. Fingers crossed that your dad can fix the car and then no more car problems…hopefully ever! I’m glad bf was safe from that car accident! That sounds so scary :/
    Your food pics have me wanting Panera so badly! Your posts always have me craving something!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you for crossing your fingers for us, Jess. ❀ It would be very nice not to have any car problems anymore. I'm so glad BF was safe in the car accident, too. Phew!

      If you go to Panera soon, you should try the Bluberry Peach Non-Dairy Smoothie!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh. My. Gosh! Your readers are too kind with their nice comments about me. I feel truly humbled and loved. Thanks everybody! Insert crying emoji here.

    I’m really glad you liked the Tootsie Pop Drops (I’m eating some as I type this) and my kitty stationery. Those personalized cards were actually a VERY THOUGHTFUL Christmas gift from an attorney that I worked for at an old job. She got each one of us a HUGE box of those personalized cards. That was what…15 years ago? And I still have a ton of them left. They’re very special to me and one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me and I love the kitty she chose for mine.

    But we’re not here to talk about ME, let’s scroll up to the beginning of your post and talk about YOU!

    YES! August definitely seemed longer! Can you believe we only have 9 days of September left? How is that possible????

    Your addiction to Sims 4 is real.

    Heated up soup leftovers!!!! The soup made it into the fridge!!!!

    Hooted and hollered!!!! I am dying.

    I think it’s ok to be greedy with the yummy spring rolls.

    Jesus!!!! What a lucky break for Boyfriend that he didn’t get killed by that other driver!!! Man!!! Was the driver of the car that DID get hit ok?

    I’m sorry YOUR car is being such a source of stress. Nothing stresses me out as much as cars. You never know what kind of tricks they’re going to pull on you or when.

    Man that crab and shrimp look to die for!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so loved! ❀ & oh my gosh, those Tootsie Pop Drops. They were sooo yummy! It's probably a good thing I can't find 'em around here because after eating all of them, I had a bit of tummy ache…

      Aw, that's so cute about the stationery. What a thoughtful lady to get you all personalized cards. I love the cat she chose for you, too, & I feel special you sent me one. ❀

      LOL oh nonsense, we can talk about you & me at the same time, no worries! ;D

      I can't believe how quickly Sept. went. I really thought it had just started! I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt Aug. was longer. Lol, you are so right about my Sims addiction… it's too real! & YES the soup made it into the fridge but, he kept saying "oh I think I forgot to put the soup away" to tease me all night LOL.

      We are very passionate about food so we totally hooted & hollered when we found out the restaurant was open. πŸ˜€ & yay!! I think we will have to order two spring rolls every time now.

      I know! He was sososo lucky not to be hit. He said the other driver's airbag deployed but she was moving & looking around so he thought she'd be okay.

      Cars are the worst, I've grown used to the constant problems now!

      The shrimp & crab are making me drool again, LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those Tootsie Pop Drops are pure evil. They give me acid indigestion, make my teeth fuzzy, cut up the roof of my mouth, yet I can’t stop eating them.

        Glad to hear that other driver was moving around and had an airbag.

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  9. That’s so cool that the guy recognized you guys and that now he has a two year old that’s super cuteeee!!
    And wow how scary that the car in front of him was in a crash. Some people just dont pay attention or try to run red lights for no fucking reason. And if you’re leaking coolant check the hoses that are connected to the radiator. That’s a good place to start and very easy to fix.
    Omg I’m sure I’ve said this before I probably sound annoying by now but please take me to Cafe Zupas lol. Their food always looks and sounds delicious and I’m sure Alex will really like it too. Hopefully theres something there that Ciel would like lol.
    Ah Chipotle! I want some again. Actually it’s been a minute since I last had it. Alex got some last week but I had already eaten so I didnt want to buy extra food when I had already cooked at home lol.
    I’ve never heard of tootsie drops insteresting. Lol. Nice of her to send them to you so you can try them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knooow, it was crazy, but his baby is so cute!! & I can’t believe how careless & distracted some drivers can be! I’m so glad boyfriend wasn’t first in line, ugh. Terrifying. & boyfriend said he has checked everywhere for the leak! But now, it doesn’t really seem to be coming out anymore?

      You don’t sound annoying lol!! I would love to take you to take Cafe Zupas. Ciel could have a plain sandwich of some sort or soup??

      Aw man, I’m already craving Chipotle again LOL. I don’t usually like to buy food elsewhere when there’s food at home either. & right?? Can’t believe there’s no Tootsie Pop Drops around here!! They’re so yummy lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I say as long as it has coolant the car should be fine but if it seems to be leaking perhaps a thorough check is needed when you notice the smell.
        I started a Vegas list, lol. So far I think I only have ramen sora and cafe zupas, and freemont street obviously. Omg I have to add pin up pizza too! Lololol even if he doesn’t eat there I’m sure I could find something else for him 😊 hopefully by the time we go he has started to eat a variety of foods
        We just suck because sometimes we let food go to waste and I already told Alex that when we have food at home it’s best to eat that so were not wasteful. Proud to say we’ve been doing really good this month lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Luckily, we haven’t detected a smell from our car. My dad is coming at the end of Oct to see what’s up though. Hopefully he can get it fixed!

          Yes! I’m so excited you’ve started a Vegas list & have all the best places on it. πŸ˜„

          We’re trying hard not to let good go to waste, but sometimes, we suck, too. It gets boring eating the same things!

          Liked by 1 person

  10. Aww how sweet of Jinjer to send you those Tootsie Pop drops! I have never heard of them before either. The blogging community is just the best. ❀
    Oh my goshhh that chicken noodle soup looks SO good. It's the perfect time of year for it too!!
    So sorry to hear about that close call with your boyfriend while driving. That's so scary!! Totally understandable that he was shaken up. People can be just insane on the road and it's terrifying!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess those Tootsie Pop Drops are nowhere to be found except at the small store in her town lol. She was so sweet to send me them, wasn’t she?! I LOVE the blogging community. ❀ The chicken noodle soup was really good but I can't deny I'm a soup lover any time of the year, hehe.

      People are super insane. How can you be so careless?!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really do love soup anytime of year too! It’s the perfect comfort food. ❀ .< And the worst part is that was a residential neighborhood with children playing in their yards! People are ridiculous.

        Liked by 1 person

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