Journal Entry #271

September 01, 2019
03:23 PM

Hiya pals. πŸ™‚ Again, it’s been about a week since I last wrote a Journal Entry so it’s about time we catch up with each other!!

Last Tuesday, August 27th, we had one of my favorite (and probably most eaten) easy meals. Taylor’s Farms Asian Salad Kit with a turkey and pepperoni sandwich on multigrain bread.

That is my new Essie nail polish I’m wearing, by the way. πŸ˜‰

I got ready for work without having a single drop of alcohol and I even went, stayed completely sober, and had a pretty decent night. My managers gave me a little crap for my blackout Saturday night. One said that it was “awesome” (as in ridiculous) how drunk I was and the other one told me that I kept staring off and ignoring him, like he couldn’t get me back to life LOL. I was like, “that’s exactly how I felt, I thought you’d fire me” and he was like “why would I??” so I worried for absolutely no reason.

I worked from 10 PM-3 AM and then, took Wednesday and Thursday off.

On Wednesday, I spent a lot of time taking photos for and writing up my Empties & Discards #2 post. We tried another jar of the vegan Alfredo sauce with fettuccine but, this time in the Classic flavor instead of RosΓ©. Boyfriend added chicken and mushrooms. It was pretty yummy but, I think I prefer the RosΓ© one.

For the rest of the night, I played Sims 4 because, yes, I’m back into it. I can’t help myself; I’m addicted!

On Thursday, we went to Sprouts and bought some groceries. I can’t wait to show you guys this round of meals in my very NEXT Recipe Reviews because I found all three from bloggers I actually follow here on WordPress!

When we came home from shopping, I did nothing but, play Sims 4 again.

Friday was another routine workday. Boyfriend cooked us dinner at home, we went to get espressos from Starbucks, I got ready for work, had a cocktail and a half at home then, started my shift at around 12:30 AM. It wasn’t the biggest crowd and the ones who were there weren’t the best. I got a little more drunk at work but, not to a bad point, at least lol.

Boyfriend picked me up around 4:30 AM and told me he was hungry so, we went to Bar Code Burger!

I wanted the lamb burger but, they were out of stock so, I just went with the Americana I usually get. They didn’t mention there would be tater tots instead of fries and there were no onion strings on my bun, just a TON of ketchup and mustard. Boyfriend’s (top photo) was their Bar Code Burger, it has arugula, red onion and peppers, bacon aioli, bleu cheese and onion jam. He said the aioli wasn’t too salty this time and he liked the switch up to tots. I, on the other hand, was not very happy with my burger nor my lack of freshly cut french fries.

We came home and had a little fun in bed before smoking a blunt. I realized I couldn’t finish it because I started to feel a little unwell from the alcohol and I think, the physical activity… I thought I’d throw up again but, thankfully, I did not. I slept with the trash can by my side, just to be safe, though.

I woke up, yesterday, with a subtle hangover. My stomach was a tiny bit uneasy and my head was dazed and confused. I thought it would pass after eating and drinking espresso but, it only worsened. I, foolishly, even tried to drink a Patron and pineapple but, could only take one sip before I knew I couldn’t have anymore.

I decided to stay home for the night because I would be useless at work. We went to Vons and bought a deli pizza and mozzarella sticks because when I’m bad, I like to be very bad, LOL. We also got a bowl of cut up watermelon chunks which I’ve been obsessed with all month. They have been so juicy, sweet, and dark red. I can eat a whole bowl in one sitting. Boyfriend just left to Albertsons to buy me another one because I started drooling thinking about them. ❀

By now, you probably already know that I spent my night playing Sims 4 again. I have also been reading a lot, before bed and right when I wake up for awhile, too. I am only 5 days of posts away from being all the way caught up on my WordPress Reader and I’m so close to being finished with Roomies by Christina Lauren. It’s due back to the eLibrary in 1 day and some hours but, I still have about 2 hrs left to go… I hope I can do it!

Now, I’m gonna make a new Featured Image for this month’s Journal Entries. We’re gonna have leftovers for dinner since we have so much and then, I get to start gaming!!

Boyfriend went to pay our rent and signed our new lease this morning. Our rent went up like, $60, “by law,” they said. What kinda crap is that?!?

I plan to work tomorrow and Tuesday, to make up for missing out on last night. I still have to show you guys what I got in my August Boxycharm and also, all of my Currentlys for this month, as soon as I can! I can’t wait to share. πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! ❀

04:20 PM

36 thoughts on “Journal Entry #271

  1. Man! It’s amazing how delicious-looking a simple sandwich and salad can be. Hand me that plate!!!

    Hmm…Bar Code seems to be off their game!!!! I do like tater tots though.

    Ugh…rent increases suck.

    Sorry you were feeling a bit pukey for a couple days there. The worst feeling ever. Yesterday I was hungry and queasy at the same time. So I was starving to death but didn’t dare eat anything. Luckily it only lasted for like an hour.

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    1. A sandwich & salad is prob my favorite meal to eat lol. If you were here, boyfriend would make you a plate, too. πŸ˜‰

      Yeah, Bar Code was totally off their game. Tater tots are good but, I feel I had the right to know I’d be getting them instead of fries lol.

      Yeah, I just don’t get how the “law” has anything to do with the increase…

      Ugh, I haaate that. That’s how I feel when I’m hungover! I’m glad it only lasted an hour for you. I hope you ate loads of food when you could!

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      1. Aw it would be an honor to eat anything cooked or assembled by the boyfriend.

        You have a very good point! No one should have tater tots just SPRUNG on them like that when they’re expecting fries. You have to be in the mood for a tater tot.

        Regarding the rent increase law, of course I looked it up and WOW!!! Ya’ll don’t have any “Rent Control” like we do in Los Angeles.

        In L.A., if an apartment building is under rent contrl (like my building is) they can only raise the rent like 3% or something like that.

        However, in Nevada…when it’s time to renew your lease:

        ” landlords may increase the rent to any amount which the market will bear.”

        So basically he can raise your rent as much as he wants, every time your lease is up for renewal.

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        1. We’d love to have ya for dinner, any time! πŸ˜‰ & yes, exactly! Tater tots should have been mentioned when he told me there was no more lamb!

          I knew they could always increase our rent but he was making it seem like he didn’t want to and the law was making him. He said they told him that he needed to raise it to be closer to other apartments in the area or something? I don’t know.

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  2. Boo to rent increases!

    Ugh, hangovers are the worst. I always forget about them in the heat of the drinking and before I know it, it’s morning and I feel crappy.

    Pizza and mozzarella sticks sounds like the perfect recovery meal πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, big boooo to rent increases & hangovers. Lol I am the exact same way, I am always like “shots?” when I’m drunk but I forget that I’ll feel ’em the next day. 😦 The pizza & mozz sticks were soo good!!

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  3. Phew, luckily everyone was cool with it! And kudos for doing the night completely sober! And damn, the burgers looked so good but everything was still kinda lacking!
    I hope your tum is doing alot better already and mmm isit watermelon season or something? Also, you should share some of your SIMS 4 creations here! I love to see them!
    And wtf, why does the law require SUCH a price hike? Is he just full of BS or sth?

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    1. I know, I get so worried because my co-workers have gotten in trouble for drinking too much. πŸ˜› It was quite the accomplishment for me to go completely sober that night lol, thank you so much! The burgers were still good but, I was just mad at them for not having lamb, fries, or onion strings!

      My tum is doing my better now, thank you. ❀ Yess! Watermelon season is ending & there are SO many ripe beautiful ones. ❀

      I gotta learn how to screenshot my Sims lol I will try to next time I play!!

      I don't know, I never knew the law had anything to do with people's rent lol I thought the person who owned the building got to decide. Maybe he was full of shit!

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    1. Right?! They are so red, juicy, & sweet!! ❀ I'm not looking forward to them being all gone. 😦 The tots were fine but he really could've told us that we'd be getting them when he informed us about the lamb, right?!

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  4. Ah a salad with a sandwich sounds delicious right about now!
    I’m glad your managers didnt say anything bad!!
    I dont think I like alfredo sauces as much. Idk why.
    Aw sorry about your burger. I’d be a bit disappointed with tots as well.
    Watermelon is good but not my first choice when it comes to summer fruits lololol. I bought one last month but the dogs ate most of it lmao
    I havent had the chance to play the sims on my laptop only because my computer can no longer handle it, so I’m switching everything to my “new” one but idk if I’ll be able to transfer the game to my laptop πŸ˜ͺ
    That’s one thing I hated about living in apartments. They like to raise the rent everytime you renewed your lease. Though I can’t say owning a home is the same, it’s not my home, it’s my moms and brothers but the property still doesnt belong to them so the landlord sends us one to two letters each year raising it by $20 or $50 it fucking sucks. Its usually because of the sewer but still…its a for the space alone has increased far more than the actual house payment. At this rate it will never get paid off..
    Anyway I hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m about 6 days out in my reader lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss, a salad & sandwich never fail. 🀀 & I’m soso glad my managers didn’t say anything bad, too!! I wish I could eat real alfredo sauce but this vegan one tastes kinda different & isn’t super thick, I wonder if you’d like it.

      The tots were okay but I would have liked a warning that I’d be getting them lol. What’s your favorite summer fruit? Everything is so cheap & juicy right now!! That’s so cute the dogs liked the watmelon, hehe. β™‘

      Aw, nooo, that’d be devastating for me. I need the Sims lol. Have you tried downloading Origin onto your laptop? It might work if you run the game on “laptop mode”? 🀞🏽

      It is super annoying how they always raise our rent but hey, we have a free maintenance man on call & no yardwork… etc. I never want to own a home, really. πŸ˜› I hope one day you are able to pay it off!!

      I am about a week out on my Reader now, too!! I can’t believe I’ve even caught up that much from how far behind I was before. I hope you had the best weekend, Rossy!!! β™‘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m still wondering what about the alfredo sauce I don’t like so maybe trying the vegan one will help narrow it down haha though I do like thicker sauces.
        Strawberries and blueberries for sure. Every once in a while I do like cantaloupe too. Lol.
        I have not lol. I haven’t opened my laptop to use it since my last blog post from like weeks ago but I’ll have to do it today haha
        Its not really MY home so I dont care to pay it off lol. I do want to live somewhere else though. I dont mind the extra work. I would be able to fix my house as I see fit. I need to work though but I gotta wait until after October when my mom comes. We will see.
        Haha I keep catching up and then fall behind so quickly especially when it’s over the weekend.
        And I was sick over the weekend so it wasnt the best but also not the worst since we just stayed home to chill and watch some shows lol

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        1. Aw, maybe the flavor is just not for you. πŸ˜› Mmm, I love strawberries, especially with honey lol. We rarely ever get blueberries though! & oh my gosh, Cantaloupe is the best when it’s perfectly sweet!!

          Oh! Is your mom coming to live with you!? Or just to visit?? Boyfriend hasn’t been working & is having trouble finding a job right now, too. :/

          It really is so easy to fall behind on the reader!! & I’m glad you got to just chill while you were sick. ❀ Hope you're having an awesome week so far!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. yeah berries have become my fave over the last year or so. and it’s really hard for me to get a good cantaloupe.. I never learned how to pick one LOL I just don’t get it enough haha
            She’s just visiting. I finally got her ticket yesterday and I am so so stoked for her to come and CL was like “can she come here?” I was like “yeah she will come, but not for another two months”
            Awh really? Did he get laid off or too many people working there? He’s only PT right? I hope he can find a job soon! He should try a dispensary LOL

            Liked by 1 person

            1. LOL I have no idea how to pick a good cantaloupe or watermelon with all that knocking nonsense, I don’t get it either!

              Aw yay!! That’s gonna be so nice to spend some time with your mom & that’s so cute Ciel is already so excited. ❀

              Yeah, they just stopped giving him hours. He was part-time & I want him to continue serving because the tips are so good. Dispensaries pay pretty well, too.

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  5. Oh my goodness, I hate that rent seems like it goes up every freaking year! Like, seriously?! I hope our landlord doesn’t raise our rent after our year here, not sure how we’d afford more lol. You’d think these places would give you a discount for staying and being a good tenant, not raising the rent every year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, that’s exactly what I thought! The guy even said something about a new law about when you pay your rent late & skipped over it, saying “but you guys never had a problem with that” SO shouldn’t he reward us?! Keep our rent the same at least?!

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