Journal Entry #268

August 14, 2019
08:40 PM

Hiya babes!! It’s been a whole dang week since I last wrote a Journal Entry so, we’ve got a whole lot of catching up to do!!

We’ll start on Thursday, August 8th. πŸ™‚ We didn’t do anything out of our workday routine. We ate a Taylor’s Farms Asian Salad Kit with chicken.

That night at work went really well!

Friday, August 9th, was a different story though.

For dinner, we went to our favorite sandwich shop, Karved. The owner is always there– he even knows our exact order now. It’s too hard not to get the same things every time!

Boyfriend gets the Beef Tri-Tip with arugula, onion marmalade, and their homemade, delicious, special garlic sauce. I always have the French Dip with horseradish on the side. The other little tub (pictured above) is a bit of their awesome hummus. πŸ™‚ We get it free with a Yelp Check-In, hehe.

Their deep-fried pitas are the best, ever.

And their fries are always seasoned to perfection!!

We went to the bar before I went into work to have a cocktail but, I wasn’t really feeling tipsy afterwards. I was just SUPER tired sooo, I thought, if I drank MORE, I’d feel better. I ended up just getting too drunk and leaving early. I was NOT proud of myself. πŸ˜›

We went to Bar Code Burger when boyfriend picked me up.

I got the Hangover Burger and boyfriend got the BBQ Big Burger, even though he had asked for the Bar Code Original.

When I woke up on Saturday, August 10th, with NO lingering feelings of a hangover… I joked that it was because of the burger, lol… hey, it very well may be true, right?!

It was pretty late so we got up right away and went to Satay Thai Bar & Bistro.

OF COURSE, we started with the Shrimp Spring Rolls. They don’t put pork in theirs but, it wasn’t missed at all! The sauce was a traditional Hoisin one, super yummy, but we were given such a small amount. We had to ask for another helping to finish our rolls.

I had the Mee Goreng with a seafood mix. The shrimps and scallops were severely overcooked but, I LOVED the squid.

Boyfriend got his favorite, Pad Woon Sen with shrimp and beef. The server didn’t ask us our spice level preferences so boyfriend had to add his own peppers and hot sauce with their wheel of spices.

My favorite co-worker just received her substitute teacher license so, Saturday night was her last, I was sooo sad. 😦 I HATE making friends with my co-workers because they always come and go super quickly. Like, I have her number and we could hang out whenever BUT, I just want someone to chill with and talk to WHILE I’m at work, y’know?

I stayed until around 5 AM. When boyfriend picked me up, we went to the bar and got a Club Sandwich on wheat and Hot Buffalo Wings to-go.

Our main bartender was getting ready to end his shift but, was still around to give us free cocktails as we waited for our food. I can’t believe I was still drinking at that time but, I was… oops! LOL.

When we got home, we brought the food to eat out on our balcony. It was sunny and beautiful, just soso lovely!!

On Sunday, we were trapped in our bedroom the WHOLE entire day because I had left the nasty perfume sample I got in my Ipsy June Glam Bag on the dining room table and boyfriend accidentally let it roll off. It cracked, went everywhere, and made our entire apartment REEK. He scrubbed and scrubbed, bleached and bleached, but the smell just stuck. Being in the bedroom with the door closed was the ONLY way to live.

Our other escape was when we went out to eat. Being SUSHI SUNDAY, we made our way back to the new spot, Sushi Zone.

Their freakin’ Carpaccio is the freshest most bestest around. We each only get to have one plate (pictured aboved) and I totally get why… YUM!! It was the very first thing we ordered when we sat down. πŸ™‚

We tried a small bowl of their Udon Noodle Soup, it wasn’t bad but, the broth had a rather fishy taste that I wasn’t expecting.

For our nigiri, we got Mackerel, Cajun Tuna, and Red Snapper. In the back is the Ahi Tuna Poke.

We tried two new rolls, Kiss of Fire and Something Wrong 69. The pieces were way too big this time and we preferred the other two we ordered last Sunday.

We skipped out on dessert at Sushi Zone and drove to Tea of Joy instead. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t stop thinking about those big macarons we got, I needed another one!!

Boyfriend stuck with Cookie Butter and I got Fruity Pebbles. I didn’t like it as much as the Oreo and it didn’t taste one bit fruity at all. It was more of a creamy, vanilla. πŸ˜›

For drinks, I got the Lychee Iced Tea with honey boba and boyfriend got the Rose Iced Rea. I asked for only 25% of the regular sweetness, boyfriend went with 50%. Both were made perfectly!!

When we got home, we watched Love Island (UK) for the rest of the night. I can’t wait until ALL of the episodes are uploaded on Hulu and I can finally see who wins!! I was REALLY happy about the Love Island (US) winners and I’m so stoked that it’s coming back for Season 02 next summer!! πŸ˜€

On Monday, we went to Sprouts for groceries. I was too lazy to look up recipes so, we just went without a list and got food for simple dinners boyfriend could whip up on his own.

First on the menu was tacos!! He made his own meat seasoning and it was SOSO yummy. We got both soft (whole wheat) and hard (blue corn) shells. We topped them with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and Frontera’s Chipotle Salsa. We also got this weird microwaved rice that I couldn’t even take two bites of… it was no good.

We moved my computer to the coffee table, right next to the open balcony door because the perfume smell was still in the air and way stronger at my desk. We watched Big Brother, Love Island (UK), and Family Food Fight. We are caught up on all of our shows now!! I fell asleep when we turned on The Chefs’ Line so we went to the bedroom. All of a sudden, I wasn’t feeling that sleepy anymore so I watched Otherhood on Netflix until there was about 20 minutes left.

Yesterday, I went to work so I wanted a light meal. Boyfriend made me a toasted pastrami sandwich and Annie’s Vegan Mac.

We went to Starbucks for our espressos as we always do but, our first cups tasted extremely weird. We went back and asked them to remake our drinks. Luckily, they tasted fine the second time… I just wonder what the heck happened the first time?!

I had a cocktail at home before boyfriend dropped me off. Right when I got there, a client who comes to Vegas annually, remembered me from last year and wanted to do a Champagne Room with me!! I was so grateful!!!

Sadly, he was incredibly scammed by the first girl he danced with and he had to tell my manager about it before we started. I felt bad for him but, I also felt bad for the girl because she got sent home… I doubt she is fired though… and I also don’t want to be seen as a snitch!!

I did a couple more couch dances after our time was up in the room then, texted boyfriend to pick me up. When he arrived, he texted me saying, “Here I’m hungry” totally reading my mind!!!

We went to Bar Code Burger AGAIN and I got the awesome Hangover Burger while boyfriend actually got his Original Bar Code Burger! Seriously, we’re addicted to this place!!!

We also shared the BBQ Chicken Wings… which reminds me, we packed 3 for home… hehe, I’m about to eat them. πŸ˜‰

Today, I woke up feeling a bit drowsy. I wanted some kind of hot soup to eat. There’s a whole new plaza in Chinatown and it is HUGE. It only went up within the last month or so and there are already businesses open and ready-to-serve!!

For our very first visit to the plaza, we chose this neat and innovative noodle place called, Dagu Rice Noodle.

They serve the broths boiling hot with everything on the side. Kind of like hotpot but, for a bowl of noodles!!!

I chose the beef slices and added whole shrimp to the Spicy Beef Broth.

I LOOOVED the thick noodles!!!

Boyfriend got the Beef Stew Soup which was their special of the day, it was $3 off and came with a free Lemon Iced Tea!

The tea was quite sweet for my taste but, it had that nice, freshly-squeezed lemon flavor. Both of our soups were SUPER flavorful and hot hot hot. The meats were of high-quality and the portions were generous!! We thoroughly enjoyed both our bowls and slurped everything all up but, we’re not sure if it’s something we’d eat as often as ramen, y’know?

On our way into the restaurant, we spotted a cute tea bar called, Tea Maison. It was located right next door, we knew we had to walk there for dessert.

The interior was absolutely adorable and all pink– the way the whole world should be!! It was so hard to pick what I wanted. Their menu was filled with all the new boba tea fads, like cheese tea, creme brulee tea, tiramisu foam, brown sugar boba, etc., etc.

Still, I couldn’t help but choose something rather simple, an Almond Milk Green Tea with honey bobas. It tasted like artificial cherries for some reason… and I could taste the chalky powder. I wasn’t very happy and could barely drink it halfway.

Boyfriend got the Honeydew Slush with honey bobas. It was better than mine, tasted like it should, but we also detected the powder at the bottom. Yuck… the cups were freakin’ cute though! I didn’t notice the back of it until we were in the car!!

On our way out of the new plaza, we were checking out all the new places. I made boyfriend stop at this colorful store called, Shibuyala. πŸ˜€

There were rows and rows of Asian makeup, skincare, and tools!! There was even an aisle with snacks and candies.

There were minimal English words on the packages and everything seemed quite pricey but, I would definitely go back and pick up a few things one day… I just have NO idea where to start!! I’ll have to do a lot of research first.

After a quick browse, we stopped for some gas and headed home.

We smoked a blunt, I checked my notifications and then, I started typing this!! I hope you’re all having a nice week so far! ❀

10:52 PM

54 thoughts on “Journal Entry #268

  1. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you were stuck in your room for that whole time because of the perfume 😳 that must have been one bad smelling scent LOL!!!! Thank God you got to go out to eat to get away from it fot a bit and I totally agree with you Hunida, the whole world should be pretty and pink! That pink trolley interior decoration is so cute! And that Asian store looks so cool, I bet their beauty products are so good and so much fun! Enjoy the rest of your week, hun ❀️

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    1. Gosh, that perfume was sooo bad. I swear I can still smell it lingering in my nostrils from time to time! We almost didn’t even want to go back home after going out to eat lol, it was nice to get away. πŸ˜›

      YESS!!! Whenever a place is pretty & pink, I feel all kinds of joy. Imagine if the whole world was that way!! ❀ I wanted to stroll away with that trolley so bad LOL & I wanted to buy so many products at that store, I'll def have to go back after some Asian makeup & skincare research!! πŸ™‚

      Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, too, babe! Thank you!!


  2. Wow, all of this food looks so delicious, Hunida! I absolutely love the look of the tea bar, and those macarons make my mouth water. I miss my sweets!

    Take care, friend, and thanks for sharing your adventures with us. ❀

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    1. Thank you so much, Mischenko! πŸ™‚ The tea bar was super cute. I’m sorry to tempt you with photos of sweets!! 😦

      You take care as well!!! So happy you enjoy reading about my adventures. ❀


  3. Tea Maison looks so so cute, but what a bummer that the drinks were subpar. Honestly, I feel like a lot of really “instagramable” food places tend to have mediocre food. I had a similar experience in Boston this past weekend.

    Also, you have no idea how badly I’m now craving Sushi and noodles after seeing all this yummy food lol.

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    1. Ugh yeah, the drinks were just terrible. πŸ˜› & you’re totally onto something. It seems like the cute, hip places are more busy because of IG & blogging & because of that, the businesses knows they’ll sell/make a profit without providing quality food/drinks! I’m sorry you experienced something in Boston!

      Hehe, sushi & noodles are LIFE, hope you get to have some soon! ❀

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  4. The perfume story makes me want to laugh at the thought, but I hate that you all had to avoid the room until the smell went away! I haven’t had any boba in so long! That noodle bowl is so interesting, I’ve never seen a meal that’s served like that. How awesome! Thanks for catching us up on another yummy week and of your life with us!!

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    1. LOL well, I guess, now that the scent has faded we can laugh about it. I was so unhappy when I came home to it the first night & had to be locked in my room the next.

      For awhile, I had been getting iced teas & slushes often but with no bobas because I was just sick of them. This was the first time I wanted them again & it was a good choice! I’m back to loving them! πŸ˜€ The BYO Noodle Bowl was super awesome. I had never seen it before either!

      Thank you for reading, Stephanie! SO happy you enjoyed it. ❀


  5. The food all looks so good. I’ve never had sushi before so I’m excited to try it! It’s always so hard to get perfume smells out especially when it spills. It’s like it completely takes over the entire space. I’m excited to hear what you think of the makeup whenever you do go back and grab some. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

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    1. Ooo, LaToya! I am so excited for you to try sushi! I hope you love it just as much as I do. πŸ˜€ & SERIOUSLY, the perfume scent was super strong & nothing would make it go away. 😦 I will def share with you anything I buy from that makeup store, I can’t wait to go back! ❀

      Thank YOU for reading, hope you have a great weekend, too!!

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  6. That post was like a really interesting food blog! πŸ˜‹ I remember being a temp and it being difficult without great work friends. I wish I’d have stayed in touch more after one of us would leave. I bet that shop has such cute/kawaii stuff ^_^ Is it cheap to eat out where you are? I’d be bankrupt if I ate out that often in U.K.! Xx

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    1. LOL my Journal Entries do tend to feature mostly only food, don’t they? πŸ˜‰ It is hard working without having someone to talk to. It’s always nicer to have a friend! But you’re right, I need to stay in touch with mine who just left!

      Yes, Chrissie!! That store had tons & tons of cute/kawaii stuff!! Everything was absolutely adorable.

      It’s not the cheapest going out to eat but, we try not to hit the super spendy places too often. πŸ˜› I’m curious how it would compare to the UK prices though!


      1. Well we have cafes or bakeries which are really cheap, then cafes like Starbucks which aren’t, then family run restaurant which are reasonable, chain restaurants which are ok with lots of deals, then trendy bars and posh restaurants where they really take the piss tbh.

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  7. Seriously, the Asian salad kit looks amazing!! Lol I still havent found it 😞
    Haha are you guys regulars at Karved now? I love it when people know you already and they know what you’re gonna order haha
    The shrimp spring rolls look so good and appetizing. Sounds like the perfect little snack on a hot day lol
    Awh sucks about your co-worker! I’m sure you’ll miss her as you say she was your favorite. Are there any long time co-workers that have been there forever? Or do they leave often?
    Omg how terrible that you had to stay in your room the entire time! I would have left the house immediately with windows open to let it air out haha
    Lychee iced tea sounds so so so goodddd!!! I may get that today if the cart pod is open lol.
    I just started love island S3 and I’m not sure I like the people for that season? May skip it. I’ll have to give love island US a shot too, what is it actually called? I thought I saw it once but didnt add it to my list lol
    Sandwich and mac and cheese. You really known the way to my heart lololol. I love sandwiches and mac and cheese…honestly lol. I would eat that all summer long if I could but theres lots of other foods to make and explore haha
    Awh that sucks about the client who was scammed. Do girls often scam people there? Or was it just that girl? Luckily you were there, otherwise poor guy.
    Oooh Dagu Rice Noodles looks so good! I’d love to try a place like that some time. Ramen will always have a special place in my heart though lol
    Omg Tea Maison looks so cute inside wow!! Too bad the drinks were subpar. Alex and I tried a place like that near the airport, we were hoping it would be good but it wasnt and I could taste the powder in it too. Yuck lol
    Omg I love Asian supermarkets even though I don’t know what the packaging says haha unless we already know of a product, we will briefly browse that section for something we need or want, like curry, lol. But yeah I mostly like it for the ramen/noodle section. Though not everything is great lol.

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    1. Aww that’s so disappointing that you still haven’t been able to find the Asian salad kits! I think you’d really like it!

      Yess, I’d totally say we are regulars at Karved now. πŸ™‚ I like when they know what we’re going to order, too lol makes me feel special for some reason!

      I am seriously obsessed with spring rolls all the time but in the summer time, I feel like they are even better!

      I am so sad about my co-worker leaving! The ones I get along with always ending up leaving & the ones who have been there longer than I have, don’t really talk with me. πŸ˜›

      Ugh, we couldn’t even keep the windows open for too long because it is WAY too hot outside & we would have roasted if we let all the AC out! Gosh, it was terrible. 😦

      Yesss!! You have to try Lychee Iced Tea. πŸ™‚ I hope you like it! I still haven’t had that Lavender Lemonade!!

      Aw, I really loved S3 of Love Island, the cast is way better than S2, in my opinion. One of my all-time fave girls is in that season. Are you gonna try S4? Let me know if you like it, I skipped it but may go back when this season is over.

      The US one is also called Love Island! It’s on CBS. Everything seemed to be rushed & almost staged but the cast was pretty fun!

      LOL you’re right that there are so many diff foods to explore but I can’t stay away from sandwiches!! I wish I could always eat real mac & cheese though. 😦

      I feel like the girls do scam the men often but then they feel stupid & rarely wanna say anything. This guy admitted he was stupid but, told on her because he thought it was “really bad business for our club.” which it really is so I hate that so many of my co-workers are scam artists but, I also don’t know what goes on in their real life or why they may NEED to scam people so I still feel kind of bad for the girl & don’t want anyone to think of me as a “snitch,” y’know??

      Dagu was super cool!! It was really fun trying something new but I’m with ya!! Ramen will always have a special place in my heart, too. ❀

      UGH! I hate when people use powders for any kind of drinks!! So gross.

      It was an ASIAN BEAUTY STORE, babe!! Not a supermarket. There was so much cute packaging I couldn't read LOL! I must do some research!!

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      1. I did recently get the southwest chipotle salad kit, or something like that and I really liked it, it was delicious! LOL
        that’s too bad about your co-workers, you don’t really get along with them. Idk if it’s just me, but in my opinion, it’s hard to be friends with girls, isn’t it? LOL
        I’ve had lychee bubble tea, blended, but never just iced, haha. it was pretty good! i didn’t get the chance to get one D:
        so i’m actually giving S3 a chance, I’m not sure what to think about the people in it so far, i’m currently on episode 4, and i’m not liking certain people, like Amber….she’s flip flopping a lot it seems like LMAO I hope she’s not the way she’s seeming to be.
        oh omg, I went to a new restaurant like a week ago, and they had vegan mac n cheese, it was pretty good, didn’t like that it was TOO flavorful, didn’t know that would be a bad thing, lol, it was southern style mac, good, but I could never finish the entire dish LOL
        awh yeah I know what you mean, circumstances are different for every single person, and who knows, maybe the girl was struggling. hopefully she wasn’t doing it maliciously because those people are the absolute worst!
        ahhhhh mah baddd!! i misread!! LOLOLOL idk why I thought it was a supermarket? Maybe I was just reminded of the ones I’ve been to, I really like them LOL but super cool that it’s a sole beauty store, i’d love to go to it too! ahh I might have to make a list for Vegas like the one I’m making for SF haha

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        1. Yesss!! I am so happy you found a salad kit, they are so simple & easy. πŸ™‚ I like how crunchy they are, too lol.

          I agree. It really is hard being friends with girls, especially in my line of work! They are all really competitive, jealous, & self-centered.

          Ooh yummy, now I am craving a blended lychee slush lol.

          Let me know when you get more into Love Island S3, I don’t wanna spoil anything for you!! πŸ™‚

          Oh I would love try to a vegan mac & cheese from a restaurant! I totally get what you mean about a dish being too flavorful or “rich.” It’s hard to finish even when it’s good!!

          I still think scamming someone is malicious, no matter the circumstances but yeah, just feel kind of bad for her like if she goes home & gets beat up by her pimp or something??

          YESS!! It’s a sole beauty store– I could probably spend hours in there if boyfriend wasn’t on my tail the whole time LOL.


          1. Haha yeah the fresh and crunchy salads are the best!!
            Awh yeah I guess it makes sense. They all want to be the best ones huh? That’s unfortunate because women together can be like the best thing ever or the absolute worse.
            I am getting more into it now. I have been watching it a lot more lately and the cast doesnt seem so bad. I dont know what episode I’m at but there was a lot of drama just now haha. Who is your favorite girl in S3? Is she already in it around the beginning or does she come later? Right now, Olivia and Sam are no longer a couple and she’s started talking to Chris, Gabby and Marcel seem to be getting close. Basically, the day after Jessica’s bday is where I left off. Camila and Jonny are no longer a couple either. And two boys are about to come in lol.

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            1. I like the crunchy salads, too! Boyfriend said he prefers the leafy ones though. πŸ˜› I always say that if we all worked together instead of against each other, everything would be so much better but, nope. It’s not that way lol.

              Ooo, my favorite girl is Olivia lol. I love her so much. ❀ You're getting pretty far into the season, there are just so many episodes, aren't there?!


              1. They’re both good I guess 🀣 crunchy all the way
                Girls am I right?? 🀣🀣
                Olivia…hmmm….idk so much about her..the times there has been an issue I feel like she does tend to explode a bit and blow things out of proportion and like she always seems to want to be in the know of everything. Idk. I get a weird vibe from her lol. Anyway, despite that, I think her and Chris make a great couple. Dont know if they stay together or not. Right now they just re-coupled and I feel really bad for Camilla because she likes Jonny but now hes looking elsewhere. Shes such a champ though. I think Gabby and Marcel are super cute together too!

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                1. LOL ah yes, that’s Olivia. She freakin’ cracked me up so much & I just love how real she is. I def see how a lot of people wouldn’t like her/get a bad vibe from her but, she’s been my fave out of everyone ever on Love Island. Her & Chris were my fave couple, too!! I really loved Camilla, too, poor girl. Jonny wasn’t good enough for her anyways! & I agree, Gabby & Marcel were so cute. There’s another girl that comes in later, or maybe she came in already? I really liked her too, I think you may hate her though. πŸ˜›

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                  1. I didnt like Olivia much at first, I feel like towards the end when Jamie told both Liv and Chris to cool the fuck down and TALK to each other about how they’re feeling, they were very chill after that and started having a great time together. They did clash a lot so I knew they would last long once they were out of the villa. I read there was a spin off which got cancelled because they were arguing so much. Oh well…
                    Anyway I did finish watching S3, I didnt like Montana towards the end she kept talking about everyone’s back and wouldn’t let go of the whole text thing with Marcel and Gabby, like they talked about it they said they were gonna drop it but when it came time to “drop” a couple at the end for the final four, she fucking went for them because of the text. Really Montana?? Lol.
                    And out of all the couples from that season, only two are still together, Dom and Jess which frankly I dont really care for and Jamie and Camilla, which I love! I knew they would last together, they didnt rush anything and just took their own time. And fucking Marcel cheated on Gabby! Wtf lol

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                    1. Aw did you finish the season now then? I really liked Liv & Chris, they were my favorite & I enjoyed watching them argue & make up LOL. I read about their spin-off that didn’t last though. So sad but totally knew that would happen, too. I also really loved Kady & Scott but they didn’t last long in the real world either.

                      I can’t quite remember the Gabby & Marcel text incident but I do remember not really liking Montana that much either. Her relationship with Alex was so fake.

                      Dom grossed me out. I don’t know what they saw in him! But I didn’t care for Jess either.

                      Jamie & Camilla are SO darn cute together, I’m so happy they lasted & I can NOT believe Marcel cheated on Gabby. What an idiot!!! Did you see Mike committed suicide?! 😦

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                    2. Yes I did I’m gonna put off S4 & 5 for another time. I want to watch other shows lol. And yeah I think they could have made it work if they didnt go off on each other but yeah it just wasnt meant to be I guess. I mean when you’re in there you’re kind of forced to make it work with that person. Kady and Scott would have been good together I think, but yet another couple that didnt seen right for each other for the amount they argued lol.
                      The text basically said that Alex and Montana were trying to take over their roll as the ones who gave advice to everyone after she gave advice to Camila to ask Jamie(?) If he was into her? Like they noticed that wasnt something Camila would do so they figured she was influenced by Montana somehow. Cause Montana was like trying to be in everyone’s business I noticed.
                      Yeah sadly I saw that when i looked up Sophie’s suicide. So when i saw him in S3 i was like, that guy? No way! He wasnt that bad, he did get off to a bad start but poor guy. Honestly.

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                    3. I know what you mean, Love Island takes over all your extra time, let me know if Season 04 is any good.

                      Oh! I remember that part about the text now. I feel like that season of girls were the least concerned with making friends with each other & the most about romance/sex & fame.

                      Ahh yeah, he did get off to a poor start. He wasn’t that bad though. It’s just so sad. 😦

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                    4. Will do! πŸ™‚
                      OMG YESS! I got the exact same impression about them too?? Like obviously they must have known that this would launch them into the limelight LOL I mean pretty much every single person that has been on LI has become famous and either gotten their own shows, started their brands of whatever or constantly gets ads. I know because I briefly followed a chick from S2 whose name I’m currently blanking on and Alex & Olivia have a show, a brand, and constantly get sponsors on IG LOL
                      Anyway… hopefully S4 and S5 are good.

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                    5. I know! It’s so weird how they all become so famous after the show lol. Amber was in a Broadway Musical after her season ended! No one in reality shows like that ever become famous in the US, do they??

                      I really love S5 but, S4 was a bit slow & the personalities were all booooring lol.

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          2. Omg I didnt finish haha I got carried away talking about love island lol
            Yeah that’s true. Scamming is still shitty. There are better ways to make money if you’re really in need. And does she have a pimp???
            Omg when I go to Vegas let’s just go together! I’d love to see what they have in there.

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  8. I’m sorry you were trapped in your room from the awful perfume smell! It looks like you’ve been having some yummy eats. The noodle place sounds really interesting, but I agree with you. I think I’d go there to try it out, but it wouldn’t be a regular thing.

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    1. The scent was so bad & I got so cramped up staying in the room all day lol I am glad it is finally gone now!

      Dagu was really fun & extremely tasty but yeah, it’s a lot of work so I don’t see myself going again LOL.

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  9. THOSE FRIES REALLY CAUGHT MY EYE! It looks so PERF! That burger looks so thicc oh gosh! And all that protein and fats might really have helped! AW MAN, that really sucks with the co-worker, totally get what you mean, sometimes you just want a “comrade” in the same “battlefield”, it makes SUCH a huge difference. That whole box of buffalo wings! MM. You have a balcony? thats so nice? have you ever done a house tour before? I’d be so curious! OH YAY MORE MACARONS! HAHA! I love hard shells so much more, what about you? Gosh, I don’t know how you aren’t obese, jeez the great food you always get to eat is amazing! What a nice ending!

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    1. The fries WERE perf. πŸ˜€ & yeah, eating before sleeping when you drink always helps with a hangover!

      YES. That is such a good way to put it. “A comrade in the same battlefield.” It totally makes a huge difference!

      The buffalo wings were so good, we ate every single one lol. Yeah we have a balcony, it’s not that big or decorated or anything though. I’ve never done a house tour because it’s always a mess, hehe!

      I am obsessed with macarons lol & I agree, I like hard shells with my tacos much more! I am glad I am not obese hahah!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mmm! Hopefully someone better will join and it will feel so much better! HAHA I seee! I’d love to eat macarons all day but they are so freaking expensive! Maybe because you’re a dancer so its easy to burn all those calories off! SO envious!!! πŸ€—

        Liked by 1 person

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