Hello, hello my fellow beauty lovers!! I have finally “tried” all of my June 2019 Glam Bag PLUS products and am ready to show and tell. 😀 I have not touched ONE thing from my July Box yet though so, with a heavy heart, I had to PAUSE my subscription. I won’t be getting one this month but, stay tuned to see what I got last month. 😉 And riiiight now, let’s chat about what I got TWO months ago…

What Was In My Box?!

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3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm Duo in Perwinkle and Twinkle

Ipsy’s Description

Raise your hand if you love a lip gloss, but can’t handle that sticky feeling. Same! Luckily, this balm duo gives you sparkle and shine, but in a moisturizing formula with zero stickiness.

My First Impressions

I could NOT believe what happened when I swiped this pencil across my lips. It truly turned into a gloss!!! I didn’t think that would happen at all– I expected a few sparkles, maybe a sheeny, metallic effect but, what I got was a pure gloopy, shiny, nearly liquid look and feel. It IS extremely sticky and it does get everywhere but, still, how pretty, innovative, and fun. Does anyone know if I can sharpen them?

Try On



Top: Periwinkle, Bottom: Twinkle

Cruelty-Free? Yes
Retail Value:
$34 for set of 2

Sunday Riley
C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream

Ipsy’s Description

With a commitment to clean formulas and pure, effective ingredients, Sunday Riley makes products you can feel good about using. This moisturizer is infused with ultra-potent vitamin C to help fight skin damage and visibly brighten your skin while adding a dewy, luminous glow.

My First Impressions

Oh my gosh, I was more than excited to receive this Sunday Riley cream! Mostly because I would never spend my money on any of their products since I heard some scandalous things (about the company, thank you to Stella!) and ALSO, HELLO, this jar alone is $65!! Aside from all that, there are still constant rave reviews (from real consumers) so, of course, I started using this cream as soon as I could.

When I opened the jar, it smelled JUST like your fingers after you peel a juicy orange. So delicious! I love the scent and how the cream itself is even a light orange color. I do not notice intense hydration and the next day, my skin is even MORE chapped if I don’t apply it. The consistency is a bit thick and greasy– a little absolutely goes a long way. The less you use, the faster it sinks in so, I like to gradually dab it onto my face. I’m not 100% sold but, I will continue to use it until I can’t handle it anymore. I want to see if my skin adjusts?

Cruelty-Free? Yes
Retail Value:

Matte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon in Belize Bordeaux and Grenache Balm

Ipsy’s Description

Trestique knows you’re busy–that’s why all of their products multitask as much as you do. With this dual-ended lippie, you can create endless looks on the go, from matte and opaque, to sheer and glossy. It’s got a creamy, matte berry crayon on one end (a shade we’re coveting for our next date night), and a moisturizing balm on the other. Wear them alone, paired together, or with your other favorite lip products. Your call.

My First Impressions

When I first spotted this in my box, I admit, I was annoyed. I have received Trestique lip crayons at least once from nearly every box I’ve ever subscribed to and they’re good, yes, but I was like, “enough already!!” Little did I know, this was DOUBLE-ended. The mini lip balm at the bottom saved the day.

In my “Try On” (below), I used the color and topped it with the silky smooth balm to add shine. The formula was AMAZING, it never wore off until I wiped it off. It transferred onto boyfriend and the cups I drank out of but, on my lips, it still looked fresh. It was easy to apply, never bled out, and was quite pigmented at just one swipe!

Try On


Top: Belize Bordeaux Bottom: Grenache

Cruelty-Free? Yes
Retail Value
: $25

Suva Beauty
Hydra Liner in Grease and Six Twenty Brush Set

Ipsy’s Description

Suva Beauty aims to create beauty products that inspire creativity, starting with this liner and brush combo. The inky, water-activated cake liner glides on with a smooth, matte finish to create precise lines that won’t smudge, fade, or transfer. With the ultra-fine Six Twenty Brush, application is a total cinch. Its pointed tip arms you with the precision to create any line you like–from thick to thin and everything in between.

My First Impressions

Ummm, what the heck?! I may have wet the brush too much but, it was like water color paint when I swatched it. The top swatch is when it was reeeally wet and the bottom one is after it dried a bit… both washed off with hot water without any scrubbing, soap, or makeup remover. I did NOT use it on my lids and probably NEVER will.


Cruelty-Free? Yes
Retail Value:
$26 for set

TETRIS x ipsy
Game On Eyeshadow Palette

Ipsy’s Description

We partnered with iconic video game TETRIS–on its 35th anniversary–to create a limited-edition collection celebrating our different sizes, shapes, colors, and unique beauty. This shadow palette comes with 6 richly-pigmented, velvety, buildable shades to create any eye look you want–from subtle, to smoky, to bold (and beyond).

My First Impressions

I have not applied this to my eyes, with a brush, nor over a primer BUT, based on swatches and the way the formula felt on my skin, I am unimpressed. Every shade felt dry and applied light and chalky. Game Changer, my favorite (looking at the pans), is of course the least pigmented. 😦 We will see what I think after ACTUALLY using them!


Cruelty-Free? Unsure
Retail Value:

Total Box Value: $174

What did you think of this month’s box? Anything you’d be excited to try or have already tried?

29 thoughts on “Ipsy Glam Bag PLUS | June 2019

  1. Your unboxing posts are so much fun to read! Ooh pencil lip gloss that is so cool. And oml the lip balm at the bottom made everything better 😂 I love this and yes girl you saved yourself over $100! How much are Ipsy boxes a month?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww yay! Thank you 😀 so happy you enjoy them!!

      The pencil lip gloss is seriously so cool! & the little lip balm definitely made everything better lol, I was so sick of getting the same thing!

      This Ipsy box is $25 a month. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DAMN – that Sunday Riley cream works so incredible so it is insane this was in your bag. Hope you love it. I’ve had glossy pencils from other brands and was able to sharpen them with a wide cosmetic pencil sharpener from CVS! Also, for the Suva Hydra Liner – I think it works best if you scrape out some product into the cap and mix with water or a setting spray until the mixture is almost gel-like. It should give you a more opaque pigmentation that way! 🙂 I have couple of these liners in my collection!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know!! My eyes were so wide when I saw the SR cream in my box. I was shocked they included it. I’m starting to like it more & more with each use. 🙂

      Ooo, so good to know the pencils can be sharpened!! Thank you!! & I’ll try your technique with the gel liner if I ever try it again. The directions say “it’s simple & easy to activate” when it’s NOT & doesn’t work the way they said it would so I’m kind of bitter lol. 😛


  3. I’m always on for trying and learning about new products and your honest review’s save me a lot of time and money!😂😉
    I will have to look into The Trestique lip products now, I have never heard of Them before 🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really want to try the lip balm duo. I’m a gloss girl and haven’t seen quite like those before so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on them. Thanks for sharing Hunida! 💜☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw the girlactik lippies sound so innovative too bad they were* sticky. From what I can see you might be able to sharpen them.
    Omg I think I was waiting for your thoughts on that vitamin c cream, I didnt know the brand had some scandalous things going on so I’ll look into them. Crazy that it’s so pricey and yet you found a few flaws. I personally dont like thick creams, unless they’re night creams. Lol.
    Oooh a double sided lippie with a balm? Sounds great! The shade also looks nice.
    Omg water activated products sound a bit more advanced. Even I havent used them but it would be annoying if I had something like that. Lol.
    I was unimpressed with the palettes because the shades dont remind me of Tetris. I feel like I’m just looking at some random neutral palette. Nothing about it seems special.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah!! The Girlactik lippies are super unique & all but, I’d prob never buy it since there are LESS sticky glosses out there to use. 😛 I will try to sharpen them when I use them down, I’m nervous it would be a mess & make the sharpener gooey, y’know?

      Yeah, you would prob not like the Sunday Riley cream because it’s suuuper thick. It does dry down & sink in fast though. It’s just not all that hydrating at all! In my opinion, it’s way too spendy for its quality. 😛 Did you look into the “scandal” with them & their employees??

      The double sided lippie was a lot nicer than I expected it to be, I like it a lot. 🙂 That eyeliner was NO good though. I did exactly what the instructions said, it didn’t work out for me & it was too easy to wipe off my wrist! It had potential to be so cool!

      Agreeeeed about the Tetris palette! It really doesn’t remind me anything of the game?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yeah idk about that, I mean, even I have sharpened creamy eyeliners or lippies and did not like having to clean the sharpener haha
        Was it about the fake reviews? that’s all I was able to find about the brand
        Doesn’t that suck? Like some products seem like they’d be really good and instead they just end up being shitty haha the worst!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, I don’t like how the creamy stuff makes the sharpeners but, I’m scared the gloss would ultimately ruin it, y’know??

          They force their employees to make fake IP addresses, which is illegal, & write tons of fake reviews for different websites. They e-mail instructions on how to do it, to everyone they hire, & it is a REQUIREMENT for the employees all to write a certain amount of reviews like, everyday.

          I feel like it’s happened so much to me, where I think a product is gonna be better than it turns out to be. 😦

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ah yeah I understand.
            Oh yeah the articles I read didnt say anything about IP addresses, only that they had to create accounts like on sephora, and write reviews on other products so their profile looked legit and what not. Even so, its shady and shitty.

            Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh gosh a sunday riley product! What a steal!!! But it doesn’t seem all that great considering its price point! If you like that orange juice refreshing moisturizer, you should get Origins Ginzeng Moisturizer! Its so good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I couldn’t believe they included a $65 Sunday Riley product. It really isn’t the best for the price point though! I’ll def check out Origins Ginzeng Moisturizer if I ever run out lol, thanks for you rec!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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