August 07, 2019
09:48 PM

Hey guys, I can tell by my cloudy mood that I’m already PMS-ing again. Ugh, I just want to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling when I get like this but, I’m gonna try not to let it beat me down (but we all know, my hormones always win)…

On Monday, we went to Sprouts to buy ingredients and some snacks for our kitchen. We took a risk and bought a jarred vegan alfredo sauce we had never tried before. We also bought fresh fettuccine pasta, mushrooms, and spinach (that ended up accidentally forgotten).

Boyfriend also added onions and oh my gosh, it was actually suuuuper tasty. Way thinner and a bit more sour than a traditional alfredo sauce but, it was awesome for being completely VEGAN.

I spent most of my day and night watching Love Island (UK) on Hulu until I finally got my giveaway items together, took a quick photo of it, then wrote up my sappy post. It ended up being published a little later than I had planned but, it will be open until SEPTEMBER 5TH, so go and enter if you haven’t!!

Yesterday kind of went by in a blur. I woke up super late, at nearly 5 PM, and thought it’d be a good idea to go to work but, when everything was said and done… eating dinner, drinking my iced quad espresso, doing my makeup, and having a cocktail… it was nearly midnight and I just wasn’t feeling like going in so late when it was a boring ol’ Tuesday.

At least I did a new, cute makeup look with my HUDA palette so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day.

I watched Big Brother, Love Island (US), and downloaded random games to play on my phone until it was time for bed.

For dinner, we had a simple stir-fry kit with egg noodles and chicken, topped with sesame seeds.

Today, I woke up around 3 PM, played some games on my phone and read a few blogs. We went to Albertsons to buy some more groceries and ended up with a lot of chicken, once again.

It was raining outside and I took a picture of the sidewalk to prove it. People always say “it doesn’t rain in the desert” but, I always tell them, “I was surprised, too!” lol.

Boyfriend whipped up a Cajun chicken sheet-pan for dinner while I watched this cooking competition show on Netflix. It’s really interesting and fun so I’ll include it in my Currentlys… (hopefully going up tomorrow).

After I finished eating, I watched a couple more episodes, responded to my notifications, and then, I started typing this. πŸ™‚

Now, I’m gonna go and try to type up my Currentlys… let’s see if I can get it completely ready and scheduled. I’m also trying my hardest to test out as many products from my Ipsy Pluses as I can before I post the unboxing/review but, my skin is mad again so I’ll probably not be trying all the face/skin stuff. It could be because I’m PMS-ing though?? I don’t know.

Hope you’ve all been having a nice week so far! ❀

10:07 PM

23 thoughts on “Journal Entry #267

  1. I’m amazed that vegan Alfredo sauce was so good!! Especially since that style of sauce is supposed to be so creamy and heavy on the dairy lol. I’ve learned that I do not like jarred alfredo sauce at all. I love it from scratch, but it always makes me sick when I eat the jarred kind. Besides, if it is dairy, why does it not need to be in the refrigerated section of the store?! Sketchy to me lol.
    I’m amazed by how much more it rains here in VA than in AZ. I never realized how much rain we DIDN’T get, but that explains why it was always so dry, hot, and had so many wildfires every year. πŸ˜‰

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    1. We were stunned about the sauce, too! We truly expected it to be bad but, I’m already wanting it to buy it again! Nothing jarred ever beats homemade/from scratch though. πŸ˜‰ & I agree!! I would think the alfredo with dairy would need to be refrigerated but they probably use the same ‘milk’ ingredients as like potato chips for longer shelf-life or whatever. Y’know? I read about that once lol.

      Yeah, I forgot how often it could rain. In Minnesota, it drizzled like 3 or 4 times & I remember that was normal to them!! When it rains here, it’s like “yay, a relax day,” a break from the sun & activities because it’s SO rare.

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      1. True! Just can’t beat fresh, whole, ingredients. Ohhh I could see them doing that with the dairy. I think that’s too much “shelf-life” dairy for a cream sauce, though, so no wonder it always makes me feel sick, lol!
        Haha well I bet it was nice to have a little rain there!! I do love the rain, though the storms are a TAD close here for comfort…I think my in-law’s building got struck by lightning and the thunder is crazy intense, it shakes the whole building, so that will take some adjusting to — if that’s even possible. O.O

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        1. Lol yeah, some foods they sell can be so sketchy! No wonder it makes you sick. πŸ˜›

          It is always nice to get a little rain here & there. That’s so scary about the lightning hitting your in-laws building, though! Yikes! I hope you never have to deal with anything too horrendous.

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  2. Omg anytime I buy spinach I get all excited like “yeah I’m gonna make so many things and smoothies with it” and days later I started forgetting about it too ugh lol.
    I kind of already talked about love island in another one of your posts, I actually missed this post on my feed so good thing I came back but anyway, I cannot wait to see the looks with the Huda palette!
    Lol that looks like hail!!. Whoaaa!!
    The cajun chicken looks.really good! I want some!

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    1. Lol why is spinach so forgettable?? It tastes so good in pasta & I even like it plain with some dressing but, it always sits in the fridge & goes bad before I remember to eat it.

      LOL yeah the rain drops were BIG but it was still sunny out & it stopped like 2 min after I took the photo. :/

      I was def impressed with the Cajun chicken, we would have loved to share with you!! ❀

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      1. I honestly think it’s because the package is so big! and you don’t need that much of it for any recipe. Like I have tried spinach in smoothies and all that, and it doesn’t take much. So I feel like that’s why a lot of mine goes to waste lol.

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