Journal Entry #264

August 02, 2019
07:50 PM

Hi guys! I have so much I want to blog about and just not enough time on my hands. First things first, I want to get caught up with my life– AKA, I’ll be writing Journal Entries until I am talking about the present day again.

After that, I want to get my Currentlys, June and July’s Glam Bag PLUS Review, and My Blog’s 2nd Birthday Giveaway Reveal/Entry Rules up, ASAP!

I probably should start getting ready for work soon but, I really wanted to write so let’s see how much I can go over for now. 🙂

Last time I wrote was Sunday. I did end up spending the rest of my night watching the newly uploaded episodes of Love Island (UK) on Hulu.

On Monday, it was time, once again, for us to get our Chipotle fix.

We did our usual Starbucks espresso run and we also went to the dispensary. I had a cocktail at home before heading to work; I was there around 11 PM-3 AM and it was an allllright night.

When I got off, we went to Blueberry Hill for breakfast.

I got the Meatlover’s Skillet with over easy eggs and biscuits on the side. I’ve had this a few times before but for some reason, I thought it was my first time when I ordered it? Lol.

Boyfriend had the Country Fried Steak with over easy eggs, potato triangles, and whole wheat toast on the side. It was super hearty and filling!

On Tuesday, we woke up pretty late and had no other choice but to go to Albertsons and buy cold sandwich ingredients for dinner. I had to make it to the Smith Center at 7:30 PM and I was given numerous warnings beforehand (a phone call and three e-mails) about the bad traffic due to some event that would be taking place at the same time. We hurriedly grabbed stuff from the store, so quickly, I forgot to check the bread’s facts for dairy.

When I took a bite into the Marble Rye Bread, I could taste the milk in it right away. Immediately, I looked at boyfriend and was like, “babe, check that bag… I think there’s dairy in here” and I was so right! I ended up eating it all anyways and my stomach, thankfully, didn’t react until the last few minutes of the musical.

We had pepperoni, roast beef, cucumbers, red peppers, red onions, spring mix, and tomatoes on our sammies. It was fantastic!!

I made it to see The Book of Mormon right on time. There were tons of people already there and it was more crowded than a lot of other shows I’ve been to previously. It said “back by popular demand” on my ticket so, I was expecting it to be mind blowing. Like, Dear Evan Hansen level but… I’ll talk about it more tomorrow.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

08:11 PM

31 thoughts on “Journal Entry #264

  1. Ooo, I can’t wait to hear about your experience at The Book of Mormon! It’s always advertised as back by popular demand whenever it comes into town as well but I’ve heard it’s really funny. I wanted to catch it last year but never got around to it so if it’s any good, I’d try to catch it when they come back!

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  2. Oh my gosh all that food is making me hungry! I HATE when you think a food is free from certain ingredients (In my case it is gluten) and then it isn’t. Such a bummer! But I am glad you made it through the musical. Ooo I am interested to hear your thoughts, especially because I was not a huge fan of Dear Evan Hansen. I do love the music, but the story was kinda ughhh he was such a manipulative little expletive lol…I have a review of it sitting in my drafts, I will get to eventually, lol I will have to check yours out!
    Also congrats on two years! That is SO exciting! I have so much to catch up on! ❤

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    1. Right?!? It’s totally the worst!! Sorry you go through the same struggle with gluten. 😦

      Aw man, I LOVED Dear Evan Hansen but I don’t disagree at all about him being a ‘manipulative little expletive lol. Have you seen The Book of Mormon? I’d love to hear you thoughts on both musicals! Here’s a link to my Dear Evan Hansen one if you want to read it:

      Thank you so so much, Kate! I’ve had such a blast blogging for these past two years. 😀 ❤


  3. The skillet with egg looks delicious! That egg looks huge too and cooked perfectly. There you go making me hungry for Chipotle again. 😛 I really need to go there soon.

    Hunida, I have finally blogged again after three months!!! Just giving you a heads up. 😛

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    1. That egg on top was so yummy!! Lol I freakin’ love Chipotle, hopefully you can make it out to the one closest to you soon!! ❤

      Ooh!!! I was just going through the blogs I follow earlier today & saw that you had not updated in 3 months– I've been missing you!! I'm so excited to see your new post & will read it as soon as I get the time. 😀 ❤

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  4. That marble bread looks like the bread/cake thing we used to eat back home around easter. I don’t know if that thing had milk or not, but i was a fan 😀 It was sweet, and somehow lemony as well at the same time?

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  5. I started watching love island again lol I’m S2, I’m not as fond of the people in it this time around, idk why. A lot of them are very dramatic lololol
    Ah chipotle! I miss itttt!! And I see you went to Blueberry Hill again for breakfast! Delish!
    Awh sucks you got the wrong bread but I’m glad you felt good until the end. Was the bread any good at least?
    Uh oh, the show wasnt good huh? I’m catching up on reading right now so I might get to it lol.

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    1. I felt the same way about S2 of Love Island!! None of them were my kind of people but, yeah, the drama was really fun to watch. 😛 My favorite cast is S1 but I also really loved the people in S3. I skipped S4 because EVERYONE bored me, now I’m on S5, caught up to what’s available on Hulu!

      Mmm… we can never go too long without Chipotle & Blueberry Hill. 😀

      Yeah, the bread was pretty good but, reeeeally milky. 😦

      Nah, the show sucked LOL I feel less guilty about hating after reading other reviews that agreed with me!

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          1. Idk I hated them all at first lol but Olivia grew on me, shes probably one of the realest ones, keeps it honest and doesnt bullshit around with anyone. Cara is okay too. I think Cara and Nathan are the John and Hannah of this season. I liked Sophie at the beginning kind of but she fucked up too many times that I was like nah…she just went home to see Tom. And Terry, I didnt like that guy either. I honestly have opinions on all of them, I don’t like them that much, I feel like the S1 cast is gonna have a special place in my heart because that was my introduction to this whole thing lol.

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            1. Aww omg I forgot about Cara, I loved her so much but Nathan got on my damn nerves lol. Sophie was one of my faves, too… sadly, she committed suicide. 😦 Tom was so funny to me, hahaha, such a sensitive guy– I kind of loved their relationship though. ❤ Terry is a piece of ugly crap, I hate the way he looks & his attitude is terrible. LOL. I think S1 cast will always have a special place in all our hearts!!! ❤

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              1. Lol nathan was something definitely haha.
                Omfg did she really???? Holy shit thats a massive shock me right now. Wtf.. yeah honestly I liked their relationship too, like they were really made for each other they just had some shit to work out.
                Hahaha about Terry lol.

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                    1. I know, that’s crazy they’re both married now 😀 I was so happy Cara & Nathan won because honestly, at the time, I didn’t think Alex truly liked Olivia but, I know he does now obviously lol.

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  6. I’ve heard The Book of Mormon is kind of a crazy show, lol! Like, not incredible but just strange lol. I’ve never seen it though! I’m glad the dairy in the bread didn’t affect your stomach too much!

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