Recipe Reviews #76 (Sheet Pan Special!)

Hi, all! This week of reviews is special because each one was made in the oven, on a single sheet pan! Boyfriend loves making these recipes because they're super easy and most of the time, super quick! Chicken w/ Chorizo & Asparagus Recipe found on Irena MacriMy Rating: 3 out of 5 My Review I … Continue reading Recipe Reviews #76 (Sheet Pan Special!)

Empties & Discards #2

Hey there fellow beauty lovers!! I'm finally back, after 4 months of hoarding (or, at least, trying my best to), to show you MORE of my Empties & Discards. 🙂 Being only my second post in this series, I wasn't the very best about keeping ALL of my trash. I have a feeling I threw … Continue reading Empties & Discards #2

Journal Entry #270 (Anastasia the Musical Review)

MondayAugust 26, 201907:07 PM Hi lovies!! 🙂 My Journal Entries seem to be turning into a weekly thing lately. The last time I wrote was last Monday. On Tuesday, August 20th, I went to Anastasia the Musical! For dinner, before I went to the show, boyfriend made us an Ahi Tuna Steak salad. Shortly after … Continue reading Journal Entry #270 (Anastasia the Musical Review)

Lemon Lavender Is Not Fine by Elle Pallmore

Title: Lemon Lavender Is Not FineAuthor: Elle PallmoreOriginal Publication Date: June 14, 2019Genre(s): Young Adult, Romance Goodreads Synopsis: "An unforgettable name… A longing to be invisible… And a viral video… = NOT fine. Life isn’t all that great for Lemon Lavender. Ever since her perfect sister dropped out of college and fled to Europe, she’s … Continue reading Lemon Lavender Is Not Fine by Elle Pallmore

FOUR Makeup Looks Feat. Mauve Obsessions Palette by Huda Beauty

Hey Beauty Lovers!!! I've created FOUR different looks with my Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette. I am a sucker for pinks and reds so this was definitely a color story I was excited to play with. LOOK #1 Face Tarte - Amazonian Clay Waterproof 12H Concealer in TanTarte - Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation in Tan … Continue reading FOUR Makeup Looks Feat. Mauve Obsessions Palette by Huda Beauty