You guys!!! I reviewed different pet food brands and cat toys on Influenster and shortly after, I was being sent this wonderful variety box of Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Broths, FREE, for testing purposes. My three cats were jumping for joy. πŸ˜€ (And so was I!)

The box was a cute size, perfect for the three packs. It also came with a postcard that I lost before I ever really read…

The flavors we got were: Classic Salmon Recipe, Savory Seafood Recipe, and Creamy Seafood Bisque. I don’t think my cats had a favorite since they licked them all up equally fast.

I was happy to see that these were grain-free and the rest of the ingredients were so good, too. I gave the broths to them as a treat– there is no way they would be full if they ate these as meals.

Benji enjoyed the Savory Seafood, he slurped it up and afterwards, still went to clean up Sushi’s and Twinkle Star’s plates. He is the most fond of wet food out of the three.

Sushi enjoys the little, tiny pieces of veggies and liquid more than anything. Bigger chunks of meat aren’t his favorite, he always leaves them for his brother.

Twinkie loved her big shrimpies! She cleaned her plate and chewed those bad boys right up.

I would definitely buy these for them again. I used to watch Rachael Ray all the time when she was more prominently on Food Network, and I’m a HUGE fan. I know these are tasty!!

If you want a chance at your own complimentary Influenster VoxBox, why not join the crew?? Feel free to use my referral link: here.

28 thoughts on “Influenster VoxBox | Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Broths

  1. Oh, kitties!! ❀
    My cat doesn't like chunky stuff for some reason either. Unless it's actual chicken piece i give him while cooking. Cat food needs to be shredded, apparently πŸ˜€

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  2. That’s awesome you got to test some food samples for your cats. I’m glad they enjoyed them all! Makes it even better you got them for free to try before buying ☺️

    And your cats are still adorable!

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    1. Hehe, thank you, Courtney! I was super glad they liked all of them, too. Sushi & Twinkle are pretty picky about their treats & wet food, so yeah, it does say a lot! GO Rachael Ray! Lol.

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          1. They are crazy lol. Maybe she would! I got Zelda those salmon fillets at Walmart for her bday and she ate a couple bites and then walked away. She liked it, though, or she wouldn’t have eaten it at all!

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