Journal Entry #260

July 18, 2019
08:06 PM

Hi all!! I’m gonna jump right in and start where I left off.

Thursday, the night of July 11th.

First, we went back to Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. We thought there would be more options/bars open there but, really, there was only one… this small place called Tavern on Grand.

I ordered a simple Patron Margarita while boyfriend had one beer and a Seagram’s 7 with Coke.

My drink was pretty strong and got me tipsy right away! I started feeling kind of hungry but, this place wasn’t serving food anymore. I asked boyfriend if he wanted to drive all the way to Minneapolis to one of my old favorites, Pizza Luce. Their Baked Potato Pizza and the Cafe Latte Cheesecake were the only two items on my MUST-GET in MN list.

The newest Pizza Luce location is actually right by my sister’s but, I needed to go to downtown Minneapolis at least once while we were there and they opened a bit later anyways.

I ordered a Mango Margarita off their cocktail menu and chugged it even though I didn’t really like the fruity-flavored alcohol they used. I prefer drinks with plain alcohol and different juices/fruits to sweeten it up instead. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture– I guess I was already drunk!?

I got a picture of boyfriend’s boring beer though??

And one of pretty much every single corner of the restaurant I could see…

I think I was distracted because there was a girl being helped out dragged out by her friends. She was just sitting on the floor in the bathroom, couldn’t even walk or talk anymore, lol. I initially saw her when I went to pee. These other two girls were asking her name and trying to find her friends for her while I rudely put my hands under the dryer that was so loud… I pulled my hands out and said “sorry!!” as soon as I realized they were glaring at me because they couldn’t hear her and then, I quickly scurried away!!

The artwork on the wall was breathtaking, too. I’d put any of ’em up in my home– they were all for sale.

BUT, we all know the reeeal reason I completely forgot to photograph my Mango Margarita… I was too busy stuffing my face with the glorious, the one and only, BAKED POTATO PIZZA!!!

I don’t care what you think about mashed potatoes instead of tomato sauce on your pizza. I thought it sounded weird and maybe even gross before I tried it, too… and THEN, after my very first bite, I was hooked. I’ll never forget about it. I will always and forever be grateful to the girl who introduced me and forced me to have a slice so many years ago. ❀ I’m telling you, you need this in your life.

When we gobbled up the entire pie, we waited in the ‘to-go’ line so I could get a small container of tuna pasta salad and a peanut butter chocolate crispy bar. I don’t know how I had space in my belly after two drinks and half a pizza but, I nearly ate the whole tuna salad helping in the car on our way back to my sister’s. I never did get to my PB bar though… I forgot it in my sister’s fridge and I’m still depressed about it!! 😦

When we got back, we smoked a blunt in the car, hopped onto our pullout bed and fell fast asleep.

On Friday, July 12th, we had lunch plans with boyfriend’s mom and little brother. We hadn’t seen them since like, three or four Christmases ago!!

We went to Las Margaritas in Hastings, a Mexican restaurant that boyfriend remembered going to quite a bit as a kiddo! He assured me the food was good and he wasn’t kidding!

We shared some fajitas that had shrimp, beef, chorizo, AND chicken along with chips, salsa, beans, and queso. His mom had this delicious looking Chicken Chimichanga while his little brother had dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and fries. He truly only eats chicken nuggets every single night of his life… a majority of our conversation was trying to convince him that other foods are good, too, but we were 100% unsuccessful. The kid hates everything!

A little after our food arrived to the table, boyfriend’s mom got a call from her man. She just started dating him and hasn’t introduced him to the little brother yet but, she was ready for boyfriend and me to meet him. It was a little awkward because the guy’s four years younger than us!! I said “hello” and went back into the restaurant almost immediately. I don’t think boyfriend liked him very much either but, hey, people like who they like and age is nothing but a number, right?! I made sure boyfriend kept his opinions to himself when she asked what we thought of him… πŸ˜›

She gave us huge bags filled with different gifts like laundry detergent, perfumes, colognes, house decorations, mugs with our initials on them, blankets, toothpaste, etc. etc. Everything was so nice– we totally need to go and see her more often, right?! πŸ˜‰ I really do like her a lot though and not only because of the gifts!!

After we said our “goodbyes,” we headed to Forest Lake to boyfriend’s dad’s house. His wife was at work so it was just him and boyfriend’s other little brother. We all chatted around in the kitchen for almost a half hour. We also got a quick tour of the whole place since we had never seen it before. I took the cutest photo of the three of them before we headed back to my dad’s.

I was bubbling with anticipation because my dad was making me my most requested meal: Chicken Rice Porridge (or congee?)!!!

My bowl of porridge after adding all the toppings and a pound of Sriracha πŸ˜€

It was soooooo dang good, I had two big bowls and thought I was going to explode yet I STILL wanted more. The Ramsey County Fair was up and running though and I had already told my two little brothers I was going to bring them so I quit stuffing my face and off we went!!

It’s a pretty small and boring fair but, if you’re looking to people watch or eat some fair food faves, why not stop by? Parking is only $3 and admission is free for everyone.

We walked around and saw everything on offer within 15 minutes. I needed one of the freshly squeezed lemonades so that’s what we grabbed first.

Then, we stopped at the tiny, sad petting zoo. I felt so bad for the big farm animals stuck inside spaces they couldn’t even move in just for us humans to poke at. 😦 They were all absolutely beautiful…

I wanted to steal a bunny so bad. They were adorable and unbelievably soft!!

My little brothers begged to go on a ride so we let them choose just one.

I think they were too scared of any wilder ones so they went on this boat that simply swooshed back and forth and around… You can see them on the farthest seat to the left. πŸ™‚

By the time their ride ended, I had drank all of my delicious lemonade and was ready for another. This time, we went to a different stand that had more than one small sized cup. I didn’t like it as much as the first one but, at least the cup was decorated and there was more lemonade to drink!!

I was still stuffed from my big bowls of Rice Porridge but, boyfriend and the boys were all wanting a snack. Boyfriend got the Footlong Corndog for himself and the regular sized ones for the boys. We didn’t have anything else to do so we headed back to my dad’s house.

He surprised me with two more of my most favorite dishes!!!

Salaw Machu Kroeung and Prahoak (not pictured)!!!

Boyfriend and I both had a bowl of rice with the Salaw and I also had the Prahoak with a bunch of different veggies before we left.

We weren’t ready to be quiet and lay down at my sister’s quite yet so we went to one of our other old stomping grounds, Barrio in Downtown Saint Paul!!!

This place seriously makes THE most top-notch margaritas around. My favorite is the Cobra Verde which is like a cherry-lime flavored one and my second favorite is the Black Diamond, a pomegranate flavored one with the yummiest black salt rim.

I also tried one called Enter The Dragon (not pictured) but wasn’t the biggest fan. Passionfruit isn’t really for me. πŸ˜› I let boyfriend drink most of that one since I demolished the Black Diamond and Cobra Verde before he even finished his beer then, I had another Black Diamond before they turned on all the lights and killed the party.

There were SO many people partying and having a good time, it sucks that everything closes so early and drinks can’t be served after 2 AM. No one looked like they wanted to go home yet!

You know how the saying goes though… “you don’t have to go home but you gotta get the hell outta here!!” and that we did.

Drunk me needed breakfast food and there was no other restaurant on our mind besides the infamous Perkins. We both grew up frequenting the place and knew we had to go there since they don’t exist in Vegas.

I had the Hearty Man’s Breakfast with pancakes and boyfriend had some type of skillet. We had the loveliest waitress who packed us free muffins, gave me two of her handmade flower hair pins, and also told us to add her on Facebook, lol.

With full tummies, we headed back to my sister’s and went to sleep (almost) right away. πŸ˜‰

Saturday, July 13th was our last day in Minnesota. When we woke up, we went to my dad’s to pick up my oldest brother. We had plans to hang out with most of my cousins (on my mom’s side) but, not until later in the day when my sister would be done with work.

My Aunt, the very first one we saw, had invited us back over to have her homemade Chicken Rice Porridge. πŸ˜€ I can never have too much of the stuff so, we went and ate with her, my Aunt we quickly hugged at the casino, my Uncle, and three of my cousins. She also made air fryer chicken wings that we were all fighting over.

We hung out for about two hours then, started heading to my Grandma’s/Aunt’s house in Shakopee. We were the first ones there and when I called my sister she was sleeping, two of the girls were trying to hit up a graduation party, and another one wasn’t answering his phone! My Aunt was there but, she was on her way out to play poker at my Uncle’s brother’s house! I met the cute doggo, hugged and chatted with my Grandma, and then thought none of my cousins would ever show up so I group texted them that I was leaving because I didn’t want to wait around all day. LOL. I was being a brat, I know, but all of a sudden, my cousin who wasn’t answering was calling and was on his way and the girls came to see me BEFORE hitting up the graduation party. πŸ˜‰

We didn’t have any food or booze so the girls went to the graduation party while the rest of us went to Cub Foods (!!) for some meat to grill. We stopped at my cousin’s girlfriend’s house to grab two bottles of Ciroc but, in order to get them, the guys had to help dig out a huge swing set/playground from their neighbors’ yard. One side was completely sunk underground. The grass and tree trunks had grown over and around it so they had to dig it out. It took a TON of bodies and so much time and work but, in the end, it was released and positioned properly!! I don’t mean to brag but, my man took control of the whole situation. If he wasn’t there, I don’t think they’d ever have moved it!!

We pitched in on some steak, brats, and chicken while my sister bought the dessert and my brother got snacks. My cousin marinaded and cooked the meat so well!! I was surprised and totally impressed. We all devoured everything while drinking Ciroc Peach and Mango.

The girls came back from the graduation party and brought us even MORE food. I could not stop eating– I started making my stomach ache!!

I met my cousin’s baby girl for the first time and she was the sweetest thing, ever. She never cried the whole night except maybe once for two seconds when she was hungry.

We stayed there drinking, looking at our old photos, and just catching up with each other all the way until 4 in the morning! My Grandma and Aunt wanted us to sleep over but, we ended up driving to my sister’s to gather all of our things and spent our last night sleeping at my dad’s.

When we woke up, I was SO hungover and the humidity outside was OUTRAGEOUS.

My dad made us a ton of spring rolls and grilled meats to bring with us on our road trip home. I took zero photos of the scenery because I was either eating, sleeping, or using my phone for music. Our first stop was in Hastings, Nebraska at a Rodeway Inn.

The hotel desk lady was a rude bitch but, the room was nice enough. We went to a gas station and this dude in the parking lot was jumping in front of us doing some E. Honda from Street Fighter shit, shouting gibberish words. I think he was being a racist so I flicked him off and told him to ‘back the fuck up.’ Boyfriend was all like ‘what is going on?!’

I hated that small town. Never again will we stay there.

Luckily, we had some spring rolls, rice, and meat to eat in the room and didn’t have to go out looking for food. We both ate and showered before ATTEMPTING to sleep. It was 10 PM in Nebraska and we hadn’t heard from the cat sitter at all. She checked in with us every other day so we were worried. We sent numerous texts, a voicemail, an e-mail, and called her a million times but, she never answered! I dozed off here and there but, never fully slept. I finally received a text and e-mail apologizing for the “delay in texts” around 10 PM Nevada time. She said she did see my cats at 3:30 PM that day but, gave no real explanation why she was unable to communicate?? We were UPSET but, what could we do??

The next morning on Sunday, July 15th, we woke up early to get the fuck out of there.

We showered and skipped the continental breakfast. It was time to make our way to Grand Junction, Colorado. I slept a LOT but managed to wake up just on time to search for a dispensary that was one quick exit away.

The Green Solution Outlet in Silver Plume, CO. I wish I took a photo of the actual store but, here’s a stupid one of the bag ^ and some of the packaging (below)…

We got an 1/8th of the Triple Chocolate Chip flower and “immediately threw it in our trunk… ;)”

I slept some more until we made it to Travelodge by Wyndham in Grand Junction. We checked in and got our room with a king-sized bed but, there were Elm bugs all over the window and the window sill… I am getting itchy just thinking about them!! We ran to the front desk and asked for a new room. We had to opt for one with two queen-sized beds instead but, at least it was free from those creepy crawlies!!

We were starving and had nothing left to eat so we found this place not too far away called, Warehouse 25 sixtyfive. I do not understand that name at all so don’t ask me…

I liked that it really looked like a warehouse inside and out. It was decorated well and the restaurant was super spacious.

Aside from that, there was nothing else to compliment them on.

We ordered some chips and salsa to start. I loved the presentation but, there could have definitely been a bigger bowl for the salsa. It didn’t even look like we ate any chips when the dip was already gone! There was no spice and it was kinda warm… I would’ve liked it chilled a bit more.

We were given a measly amount of shoestring fries and the tiniest McDonald’s lookin’ burger. Our waitress was the biggest idiot and gave boyfriend the wrong burger. He ordered a double patty that was supposed to have BBQ sauce and onion rings on it but when it first came out, it looked like this…

He asked for his correct burger so the waitress grabbed his tray, brought it to the back, let it sit and get cold, topped it off with tons of BBQ Sauce and two onion rings. He knew it was the same burger because it was near freezing and the fries were, too. He didn’t say anything this time though because he just wanted to get to eating!!

We went back to our hotel, showered, smoked, and slept. The pillows were hard so I couldn’t sleep soundly. I seriously slept better during the car rides over both of the hotels.

We woke up at around 6 AM on Tuesday, July 16th, had some free hotel breakfast, and took off from Grand Junction, CO to our home in Las Vegas, NV!!! Again, I slept most of the time but, was too excited the last hour because I needed to see my fur babes!!!

That concludes our days in Minnesota and our road trip back to Las Vegas!!! I am grateful to have a working vehicle again and it was absolutely amazing getting to spend all that time with our families. ❀

I got my period when I awoke yesterday so, yeah, yikes, I still haven’t been back to work. I spent my day blogging, reading, and watching Reality TV!

For dinner, boyfriend red wine marinaded chicken and put it together with a fresh salad. We bought a new dressing called Three Herbs– tasted like Italian but not as tart.

Today, we had chicken tacos! Boyfriend made his own seasoning and it was spicy goodness!!

Tomorrow, I’ll finally show you what I got in my June ’19 Boxycharm or if I finish Lies She Told, it may be a review/fave quotes post on that. Either way, I’ll be back. πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to get back into my blogging groove!!!

11:19 PM

49 thoughts on “Journal Entry #260

  1. I will have more comments later but wanted to ask if you could try to describe the texture and flavors of Chicken Rice Porridge. Thanks!

    Oh and I Googled Elm bugs. Never going to Colorado. Nope, nope, nope.

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    1. Hmm… it’s hard to describe! It’s really just an Asian style chicken soup with jasmine rice cooked down to itty super soft bits, there really is no texture except for the chicken pieces & additional toppings. It’s not usually red like that– it’s more clear but I added a ton of sriracha to mine… it has a deep chicken bone flavor broth & that MSG bite in the back of your tongue LOL. I wish I could send you a bowl of my mom or dad’s!!

      The elm bugs were disgusting. The cashier lady was like “all of the other king sized bedrooms will probably have them too” so they just never go away on certain sides of the building, I guess??? Ick!!! I’m getting itchy again lol.

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      1. Thanks for describing! It really sounds delicious!!!!

        I read up on those bugs and they do prefer the North facing side of a building and they get in via the windows. The hotel should reinforce the windows with some extra caulking or whatever you do to windows.

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  2. HAHAHA the situation in the bathroom sounds hilarious though, straight out of a comedy movie! How quaint is that place, with paintings you can just buy off the wall! I was kinda confused by the term baked potato pizza at first but its actually quite literally it! Did they serve it with sour cream on the side? Urgh, I’d love to try that! Why don’t they have innovative things like that in Singapore!? ):
    Oh man, THE PAIN of leaving food behind, especially since its only in MN for you!

    Hahaha, I’ve never met anyone’s parent who moves on to date someone younger and it seems like it was kinda awkward but I guess love is love! And she’s such a sweeet lady! Wow, I have never seen porridge that red? What was in it?

    The animals are sooo cute!!!!!!! Always conflicted by the whole captivity vs curiosity/admiration! The fair is so noiceeee.
    How cute that your breakfast came with flower pins and a new friend HAHA! What a warm get together with everyone! What did the hotel desk lady do? Yeesh, did Hastings leave a bad impression a previous time? And wth, the sitter is so irresponsible! Omg, why put so little food on such a huge platter, as if that’s going to help! The service sounds terrible.

    And yay to finally having your car! And welcome back home to Nevada, what a wonderful trip!

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    1. LOL I was trying not to laugh at that girl in the bathroom but I totally did when I ran out & told boyfriend about her!! I loved that you could buy the paintings right off the wall, I noticed a lot of places in MN did that!! They are all about their artists & artwork over there, it’s so lovely. ❀

      YESS! The pizza had everything a baked potato would!! It's the best thing EVER. That is definitely sour cream on the side & it tastes sooo good with every bite!! Minnesota is the only place that has Pizza Luce restaurants so they are the innovative ones who need to share their ideas!! I am STILL mad about leaving my food in my sister's fridge. 😦 😦

      My dad left my mom/is married to someone lots younger than him & my mom but at least still older than me by enough years!! But you're right– love is love… who are we to judge what's real?! Boyfriend's mom really is a sweet lady, I love her!!

      LOL oh about the porridge… I took the photo after I added a TON of sriracha (just how I like it) hehe.

      Yeah the animals at the petting zoo were adorable but I felt so bad for the big ones who could barely move!! Our waitress at breakfast was just too awesome, lol. We didn't add her on Facebook though… that was kinda weird, right?!

      We had never stayed in Hastings, Nebraska before but we definitely never will again!! & I totally agree that the cat sitter was irresponsible… we'll never be hiring her again, either.

      We were so upset with our tiny baby sized burgers. We honestly should've just had fast food!!

      Thank you, babe!! Having our car feels SO good & worth all the strenuous travel lol. πŸ˜€ It never felt better to be home though!! ❀

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      1. CAN PIZZA LUCE AND CAFE LATTE START FRANCHISING URGHH! Yeah, age thing may be peculiar but its so sweet that it transcends beyond a number. ❀ ❀ ❀ OH ITS SIRACHA! I guess the waitress was trying to expand her circle, its weird but its cute how uncynical she is! Yeesh, lucky you are finally home with your new car and your fur babies! 😊😊😊

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        1. Yeah seriously, would LOVE is Pizza Luce & Cafe Latte expanded. They NEED to. But you’re right, love does transcend beyond a number!!

          LOL yes, so much sriracha!! πŸ˜‰ That waitress was awesome but it really is so nice to be home!!

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  3. Wow sounds like such a fun rest of your trip! I’ve never heard of a baked potato pizza before, but it sounds AMAZING and I’d totally be down for that.
    That’s such a fun picture of your bf with his brother & dad! It’s so easy to tell they are related and they are all standing the same way, lol!!
    I always feel so bad for animals at fairs too. 😦 It’s so stressful for them!! And what — to earn ribbons?! 😦
    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in Nebraska and that your cat sitter was being so unprofessional! Sounds like how we hated Indianapolis, ugh. Not for the same reasons, but still. It sucks. I’m so excited that you got to visit CO since I LOVE Colorado, but how awful that your first room had bugs!! I’m so glad they switched your rooms, ugh!!
    What a great recap! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    1. Ahhh, the baked potato pizza is a thing of dreams. I really think a trip to Minnesota is worth it even if it’s just to eat it LOL. & then the cheesecake from Cafe Latte to make it even better! πŸ˜‰

      I am laughing so hard, you’re totally right! The three of them look so alike, it’s crazy & they DO stand the same hahahhaha!!

      I knooow… poor animals 😦 I didn’t know they were there to win ribbons actually? I just thought they were there to be pet… either way, it’s terrible, right?!?

      I hatehatehated Nebraska. I never wanna go through there again. Our first time we stayed in Grand Island & went out to eat though & had a lovely experience… maybe Hastings was just a weird town?

      Colorado is really nice! We’ve been there a handful of times now. Boyfriend and I’s first vacation was there together when we were 19, ah the memories lol! But I am so glad they switched our rooms, too. She was like “those are elm bugs and most of the rooms will have them” like it was a normal thing! Yuck!

      ❀ ❀ thanks for reading, babe!!!

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      1. I’m going to be on the hunt for a baked potato pizza here now, though I doubt I’ll find one, that sounds so niche! Mmm love a good cheesecake. I’m very happy to live in a city with a Cheesecake Factory now! I love that you guys got to sit in your “usual” spot and everything at Cafe Latte! It looks like such a cute cafe. I’m sure the nostalgia was real, lol!

        Right?! That’s too funny how they all look & act the same way!

        Hmm well the fairs I’ve been to always had a competition involved but maybe those were just for a petting zoo! But yes, either way it stresses them out a lot! 😦

        I don’t blame you! I’ve never been there, but Nebraska doesn’t even seem like a great place. I actually forgot it existed. XD Does that ever happen to you with certain states? Like, you hear about them and then think “oh yeah, I forgot that state was a thing” hahaha

        Oh good, I’m glad that wasn’t your only experience in CO. I could see someone discounting the state in general (understandably) after having those bugs in their hotel. That’s awful that she acted like bugs were normal and acceptable!! I don’t care what bugs they are, they don’t belong in hotel rooms and she should’ve been grossed out by it too!

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        1. Ooo, let me know if you find any baked potato pizzas near you. I’ve never been able to find it anywhere besides Pizza Luce! I hate to say it but, I don’t think we were fans of Cheesecake Factory because we compared it to our beloved Cafe Latte. πŸ˜› But YES, the nostalgia was so real. It was the definition of it!!

          Yeah, the way the walk and talk are super similar, too. So weird how that happens in families!!

          I do think the animals we saw were there just to be pet which is almost worst. 😦 Poor babies!!

          LOL I totally get what you mean about forgetting that certain states exist. Some are just so irrelevant & Nebraska is one of them!!

          Aw no, I would never let the bugs scare me away from a whole state but maybe never will I go to that hotel again!! You’re right– bugs don’t belong in hotels & she totally shoulda been more grossed out by it.

          In general, CO is pretty cool & their food is top-notch!! I’m just not the outdoorsy type so it’s not my favorite state, ever, y’know?!

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          1. If Cafe Latte is even better than Cheesecake Factory, then that’s unbelievably deliciously lol!

            Exactly!! You just never think about certain states unless you know someone there, I guess!

            I’m not outdoorsy either lol. I think CO just has gorgeous views. ❀

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  4. OMG, so much food! That pizza place looks really cool ❀
    I'm also not a fan of fruity cocktails… unlike my BF, who always ends up ordering the girliest, most princess like shit, i prefer mojito or margarita and stuff along those lines πŸ˜€

    LOL, the mum's BF being younger than you… well… interesting? I usually feel like i don't even have anything common with dudes who are 10 years younger than me, but we had this kind of couple in my family. My mum's aunt was 40 when she hooked up with her dude who was 20 and they were the coolest couple & stayed together for 30 years (until she died basically)

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    1. That pizza place is the beeeest!! ❀ LOL about your boyfriend ordering princess drinks!! I just don't like super sweet alcohol, it doesn't taste right– margaritas are the way to go with that salty, sour bite!! Glad you are with me on that one. πŸ˜€

      I agree with you! Boys who are younger just seem so dumb & immature to me… even this one his mom was dating but, hey, you never know! That's awesome your mum's aunt stayed with her younger man forever!

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  5. Lmao maybe you were already a bit drunk if you stuck your hands under that dryer while they were trying to help that girl out 🀣🀣
    I literally never heard of baked potato pizza before. It sounds interesting. I looove potatoes, I may give this a try if I ever see it around here.
    Awh so glad you guys got to see his mom and little brother! Almost four years (I assume) is an awful long time to not see relatives! And omfg, me trying to tell CL that other foods are delicious and he needs them to be big and strong lol.
    Omg the guy is younger than you guys???? No wayyy….I am one of those people that welcomes love of any kind despite the age but sometimes….idk if it’s right? You know what, my opinion doesnt matter I dont fucking know them 🀣🀣
    Your boyfriend totally looks like his dad! Whoa! Is he the oldest then??
    I’ve never had porridge. Unless they have a different name for it in spanish that I’m not familiar with?? Lol.
    Ah the fairs….I dont go to them anymore even though they’ve stepped up their game around here lmao. They’re overpriced to be completely honest. For some you have to pay at the door for admission and then pay some more inside for tickets its lame lol. I think the county fairs are free admission but the rides are eh and everything else is expensive anyway 🀣🀣 they seriously have jacked up the prices. Poor animals I too feel bad when they’re confined to a small cage.
    Omg your dad is a legend! Cooking all your favorite dishes, how nice of him! Totally making your stay worthwhile lol.
    Over here in downtown I think they start sending people home before 2am as well. At least in bars, clubs might be different idk, not my scene anymore lol.
    Ah yes, breakfast while drunk. Best shit ever 🀣
    And that’s nice that you went back to see your auntie and she also made chicken rice porridge. I really should look into what that is. I thought it was an American dish but maybe other cultures have something similar just named differently?
    Lol are all of your cousins younger? Like in their teens? Cause that would explain them not having shown up until you mentioned leaving 🀣🀣 their priorities are backwards lol
    Yasss for your boyfriend! True leadership skills, taking control of the situation. Yes yes.
    Awwwwww I wasnt sure if youd get a picture with all your cousin but you DID!! CUTEEEEE!!!
    Oooh dad the legend once more with the food lol. He seriously had you guys covered haha
    I think you always will encounter rude front desk people working at the smaller places. We’ve had a few before lol.
    And I could be completely wrong. But a lot of towns in the midwest/central area of the US(?) Tend to be a little racist…?
    The cat sitter didnt sound super…professional as you have mentioned in your last post. I almost dont trust her but I mean, it’s done now.
    I hope you guys didnt tip that waitress! What a fucking cunt. I know that I shouldn’t feel all entitled but my God, it’s her JOB! fucking get it right or dont work there at all. I would have told her about it and just left the establishment and find something else, even if it meant eating fast food over that lol. But that’s just me of course.
    Glad to have you back! I’m of course behind on reading again so I’ll have to catch up lol

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    1. LOL yeah, I was feelin’ pretty tipsy when I put my hands under the dryer. It was a real asshole moment! Pizza Luce is the only place I’ve ever been to that serves Baked Potato Pizza. Let me know if you find anything like it near you! It’s SO dang good!

      Yeah, we hadn’t seen his mom in forrrrever. It’s crazy that the kid doesn’t like ANYTHING besides chicken nuggets! We are surprised he grew as tall as he did! & we couldn’t believe the new boyfriend was younger than us, either. But you’re right, who are we to judge their relationship?! Age is just a number after all!!

      I always said boyfriend & his dad look so much alike & now his brother is looking more & more like them, too! He is the oldest of his two younger half brothers. πŸ™‚

      I am honestly not even sure if it’s supposed to be called porridge. We have a different name for it in Khmer & I tried to translate as best as I could. Chinese make something similar called Congee but it’s not exactly the same.

      Yeah, man, the fair stuff is SUPER overpriced. We didn’t even spend an hour there & were down $50 at the end!!

      My dad really went all out for me!! All of his food totally made the trip worthwhile. πŸ˜€ But yeah, I think mostly all states quit serving alcohol at two AM. It’s only in Vegas that it is allowed to keep going all night!

      Drunk breakfast is the best breakfast, isn’t it?! HAHAHA it just tastes better!!

      Yeah my cousins that went to the grad party are like 18 now but, ACTUALLY, one of them who is around my age showed up super late and didn’t even stay that long. His priorities were backwards! My teen cousins stayed up and hung out with me all night & my other cousin who is the exact same age as me & his girlfriend, too.

      LOL I was so proud of boyfriend for just taking charge. Everyone was just talking and trying to problem solve while boyfriend put the moving into action!!

      We wanted a photo with our grandma and all of her grandkids but I have LOTS more that weren’t there yet and/or never showed up at all.

      UGH I hated that hotel desk lady. She was like “how old are you?” when we walked in! She didn’t even say “hi how are you” or anything like that!

      I do think the people who live in small towns of the midwest tend to be more racist!

      I was not happy with the cat sitter… I wish it would have went a lot smoother! She also got cat litter everywhere all over the floors. I don’t get how!

      You know, we usually leave a small tip even when we have idiot servers but I am proud to say, we stiffed her. Gave her $0!! She also acted like it was boyfriend’s fault that she messed up, too! She def needs a new job or something lol. We were so tempted to get up & go have fast food when we saw our tiny burgers!

      Aww thank you!! I’m so happy to be back!! I am still catching up on blogs as fast as I can, too. No worries about being behind!! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did a quick Google search and found nothing near me that may have baked potato pizza. I wonder if that’s the only place they have it, perhaps it hasnt caught on yet.
        Well I’m hoping ciel grows too because the doesnt eat a wide variety of foods. Currently seeking help from am occupational therapist for feeding because I GIVE UP!
        and I guess if the guy makes her happy and hes not a shitty person, then happy coupling to them! πŸ€—
        Hmmm I’ll have to look it up or better yet, try it myself lol.
        Yeah Vegas is the city that never sleeps huh? 🀣🀣
        Awh well then wtf haha at least the younger ones DO know to put family first, especially when the family is visiting. 😊
        That’s unprofessional! Why would it matter what your age is??
        Oh wow. Next time pick someone else lol. Have like a tester day or something haha.
        Hahah yayyy! She didnt deserve that tip anyway! Lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe Pizza Luce has the baked potato pizza copyrighted or something?!

          What kind of foods does Ciel like to eat??

          I think their check-in policy at the hotel was 18 so she thought we may have been underage maybe? I don’t know but it was hella rude… she could have greeted us first & then asked for our IDs.

          Yeah, I am nervous to ever leave the cats again now but I’d def choose someone else next time. & you’re right, that waitress did not deserve the tip! I don’t feel bad about it. πŸ™‚

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Idk but at least I know if I ever visit MN I’ll have to try it over there lol.
            He likes noodles, some chicken, some fish but it depends on the seasoning and way its cooked (usually fried), rice, quesadillas, and mac n cheese for the most part. Still trying to get him to eat other foods but hes mostly fond of carbs just like me lol. So he will eat plain pasta and potatoes (though not always) to no end lol

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah I don’t see why else you’d visit MN but if you do, the baked potato pizza is def something you gotta try. ;D

              Aw, he eats quite a bit. At least it is not ONLY chicken nuggets like boyfriend’s little brother. He’s already 12 years old & he’s been eating strictly nugs since he was like 5!!


              1. The lakessss! You told me about the lakes lol. I wanna see several haha
                Awh that sucks! Perhaps he’ll grow out of once he reaches adulthood? If not, then idk what to say about that lol. Even so, Ciel still technically needs to eat more variety of foods so he can be a healthy boy

                Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the part about the hand dryer. I relate to that SO much. Also, I used to think the idea of potato pizza was so weird, but a few years ago when I tried it for the first time, I got hooked

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL oh my gosh, I felt like such an ass… they glared at me so hard! & you’re the first person to have tried Potato Pizza!!! I’m so happy you like it, too. I never stop thinking about it. ❀ Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

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