Journal Entry #259

July 17, 2019
07:09 PM

Hey hey hey!! We made it back from Minnesota yesterday afternoon. I can’t wait to jump into what we did (and ate) there but FIRST, I have to rewind back to where I left off in my last entry.

On Monday, July 8th, we had a big salad with pre-cooked chicken, cucumbers, wonton strips, red onions, and this yummy salad topping mix with sunflower seeds, bacon bits, etc. We used Bolthouse Farms Olive Oil Vinaigrette in Classic Balsamic.

I had a pretty decent night at work, stayed sober, started at around 11 PM and left at maybe 3 or 4 AM.

On Tuesday, July 9th, boyfriend made us some delicious burgers with buttered (Earth Balance Original) noodles, leftover baked beans, and a side salad with tomatoes, red onions, and wonton strips dressed with that awesome balsamic vinaigrette.

We had our cat sitter interview set up at 01:30 PM but, she informed us she would be late so we didn’t meet her until 02:30 PM. The boys seemed to like her but Twinkle ran under the bed right away. We really had no other option besides her and she seemed alright besides a few iffy things… like her rescheduling the day of– that was a little unprofessional and then, when she left our place… she forgot her notebook filled with all her notes on how to take care of them? I feel like that’s too important to just forget about. Boyfriend ran it out to her before she left. We had already signed the contract, gave her a copy of our front door key, and had her set up to drop in once a day while we were away.

Before that, I had already been awake since around 10 AM because I received my e-mail with the boarding passes attached and realized my dad did my last name incorrectly.

Long story short: He and my mom totally messed it all up in court when they separated and they have no idea that it’s hyphenated now. I just learned when I moved to Vegas and had to get an all new SS card, ID, and everything before they said I was a “real” person… my dad still doesn’t believe me… he thinks he won the case in court and that my mom’s last name is my middle name. He didn’t really set it up that way though… anyways, it’s confusing and I had a gut feeling he had done that even though I texted it to him clearly with a hyphen!!

I had to call Sun Country Airlines to edit my name. I was MORE than happy to see that this was able to be done free of charge BUT, not that it could only be done over the phone. I waited ‘on hold’ for around 15-20 minutes THREE different times; they kept freakin’ hanging up on me. So, the next time, I told the first lady I got to speak to, to ‘please, not let it happen again’ and what do ya know? It didn’t. I finally talked to a human being and stopped hearing that dang music. It was easy peasy to get my name fixed. Finally!!

I went to work around 10:30 PM. A regular and his buds came, bought a table with a bottle of Grey Goose, and made it worth my while. They were all rolling on Molly, cracking me the heck up. I did some dances and drank with them. I left at around 4ish in the morning (even before they did), kinda tipsy but, super grateful!!

Wednesday, July 10th, was the BIG day!! It was finally time for take off. πŸ˜€ I actually don’t have any of the photos resized or uploaded to WordPress yet so I have to go do that real quick. BRB.

07:27 PM-07:57 PM

We were going to wake up a little early and smoke a blunt before we left but, somehow, we completely dismissed our alarm instead of snoozing it. Luckily, my body woke me back up at around 8 AM– I shot out of bed in a panic and immediately woke boyfriend up to hurry up and get dressed!!

We picked up our two packed bags we got together the night before, gave the kitties kisses, and called our Uber to bring us to the airport.

Our flight was boarding at 09:40 AM. I was so worried we’d be late but, we got through everything so fast we even had time to sit down for a li’l breakfast.

We found this spot called The Great American Bagel Bakery.

We got two steaming hot cups of black coffee and a bagel sandwich each.

Boyfriend had the Jalapeno Breakfast Sandwich. It had egg, ham, and cheddar cheese on a Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel. He said it was too expensive to taste like it came out of a gas station microwave… LOL. I didn’t even have a bite because it didn’t sound worth the dairy ingestion.

I had the Lox Sandwich with tomatoes and red onions. I was given the choice of whichever bagel I wanted and any of their different cream cheeses. I skipped on the cream cheese and chose the Everything Bagel. The lox was a tiiiny bit chewy, not at all smushy, and it had this really nice fishy aftertaste (not in a bad way, trust me!). I liked it but, the bagel could’ve been better/softer.

We walked around our terminal, found a smoking area for boyfriend to have a cigarette, I used the bathroom and then, it was time to get on our airplane!

There were Allure Beauty Boxes in a vending machine at the airport!

The flight was only three hours. I downloaded my audiobook before we took off– I listened to some of it but mostly, read it on my own. I was bummed that I didn’t finish when we landed. Yes, I’m still reading Lies She Told. πŸ˜› I am 75% through though so, I should be finishing it soon…

Boyfriend forgot to download anything for offline use on his phone so he was lucky that Sun Country provides free movies you can stream! He watched Creed 2 the whole flight.

My dad was already outside of the airport when we landed in Minnesota and he had his homemade pho waiting for us at his house. ❀

Boyfriend and I each had a bowl together on my dad’s backyard patio while listening to my little brothers talk, talk, talk, and talk. It was so wonderful to be with them and eat homemade food at my dad’s house again.

We checked out our new SUV in the garage driveway and were itchin’ to take it for a spin. After eating and chatting with my dad a little bit, my teenage brother came home from where ever and he was all mine to spend time with. πŸ™‚ We took him and my two younger brothers to Mall of America to see what was new!! We got some bubble tea drinks (that I hated) and sampled some super spicy hot sauces at the hot sauce store.

It seems the mall is mostly the same as the last time we went. Everything is still in renovation (like always) but, I did see they have a TON of new restaurants/fast food joints like Shake Shack and Wahlburger. They’re even going to have a Sugar Factory in there someday soon.

The one new spot I ooh-ed and aww-ed at the most was the Edible Cookie Dough Stand since I don’t even think there’s one in Vegas. I waited in line to try a sample but it took too long. Sadly, it’s the only picture I have from our trip to the Mall of America. We spent a good hour or two walking around before dropping the boys back off at my dad’s.

We got the spare key and headed to my sister’s apartment. She had a pull out couch bed set up for us and her cutie cat, Lily, greeted us when we walked in. She was still at work so, we just unpacked some of our stuff and relaxed until she came home. We talked with her for a little bit and then hurried to Applebee’s (the closest place still open) to have a quick drink. She had to work early the next day so she couldn’t even come with us. In fact, she worked so much the whole time we were there– I never saw her for more than an hour each day!

I had the big, fruity Red Apple Sangria while boyfriend had his usual Seagram’s 7 and Coke along with his favorite, ONLY sold in Minnesota beer, the Grain Belt Nordeast. The bartender pretty much pushed us out the door so, we didn’t order anymore. We went to another restaurant, further away, to see if there were sangrias on the menu since it was really all I wanted. There was nothing so, we just headed back to my sister’s and quickly passed out.

We woke up early on Thursday, July 11th and went over to one of my Aunts’ house. She just got a new place super close to the Mall of America and I had texted her while we were there to see if we could stop by. I totally forgot she works night shifts so she was at work at the time.

When she got home around 7 AM, she texted me and we headed over there. She smoked a fat blunt with us and we chatted for awhile. We left with a little sack of flower that would last us the whole time we were in Minnesota– we were so relieved to have it even if it wasn’t the high quality we’re used to. Ugh… she’s just the best and I am so appreciative of her!! ❀

Afterwards, we headed to our old stomping grounds… Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul!!

Their coffee is good and all but, the main reason we HAD to visit during our trip is their cheesecake. There is NOWHERE that makes it better. Seriously, every other cheesecake, ever, is just blah once you try Cafe Latte’s. I am not exaggerating.

We shared the Kahlua & Cream and the Original Vanilla. ❀ It melted in my mouth, made me roll my eyes all the way back, and gosh, I know it sounds impossible but, it tasted better and better with every bite.

Their salads are some of the absolute best, too.

We got a trio plate to share with the Crab & Lemon, Chicken Caesar, and Chicken & Walnut. They were all as delicious as I remember. If we lived in Minnesota, I would still be going here at least three times a week!

We even sat in our usual spot and it felt so normal, like we had never left and just had Cafe Latte yesterday.

We already had set plans to go to Treasure Island Casino for the Crab Legs Buffet but, it didn’t start until 4 PM and my oldest brother was out playing basketball with his buds until then anyways. Boyfriend and I went back to my sister’s because I wanted to do my makeup and he wanted a quick nap. That’s when I wrote my previous Journal Entry.

It was a 40 minute drive to get to the casino so, naturally, I slept the entire way there. πŸ˜› We met up with my dad, his wife, and my oldest brother.

We made it there at the perfect time!! There was NO line at all (which is rare) so we got in, paid, and started eating right away. My dad’s wife made my favorite fish sauce dip and snuck it in… πŸ˜€ I feel bad for whoever cleaned up after us because it stanks, LOL.

One of my other Aunts was supposed to eat with us but, she took forever and didn’t even make it until we were all completely finished. On our way out, she was JUST getting in (the line was getting huge). We gave her a quick hug then, headed to our car to wait for my dad. Of course, he had to gamble a bit before he left but, at least he won and gave me a little $$. πŸ˜€

After that, we went to my Grandparents’ house!! ❀ You won’t believe this but, I was totally full until I saw my Grandma’s Banh Xeo waiting for me on the kitchen table. I had to have one!! I also stole a piece of delicious fried fish that I never got to finish eating. 😦

When I finally stopped stuffing my face, my Grandpa got up (and even ran a little!) to show us his OUTSTANDING veggie garden.

He has an incredible green thumb, you guys. Everything he plants grows so big and juicy!! Look at that lettuce ^^!! I had some on top of my Banh Xeo and oh my goooosh, it was unbelievably fresh and crisp. I had some of his basil and mint leaves, too!! WOW!! I could eat them by the handful.

The baby cucumbers that were just beginning to grow were adorable but, even better were the big ones… ready to be picked!!

He has so many different veggies growing, I couldn’t even capture them all.

Baby tomatoes!!

That’s my dad and oldest brother in the back. ❀

Huge green onions, basil, and more!! I was sooooo so so impressed!!

We went inside and talked for a minute but, had to leave before my other Aunts (yes, I have a lot– luckily, these two live together!) and my Uncle went to bed. It was getting late but, they only live about 5 minutes away from my grandparents so it was a quick drive. I finally got to meet my new cousin!! He was SO freakin’ cute and chubby, I wanted to squeeze his guts out!! They said he really loves having company over so when we left, he screamed and cried but, while we were there… he was being so shy!! Babies are too funny, aren’t they?!

That night, we drove to Minneapolis for a night out– just boyfriend and me BUT, I’ll end this post here!!

I can’t wait to catch up on all of your posts. I know I’m extremely far behind but, I will get there. I’m honestly trying not to leave as many comments so I can get through them faster AND ALSO, so I won’t get considered spam by WordPress!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Journal Entry continuing where I left off. ❀

09:59 PM

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  1. So fun to have some family time!! Isn’t it the worst to leave your fur babies with someone you don’t know? We board our dog and I get so much anxiety. I’ve been to the Mall of America once and went to this restaurant that was kind of on the way out and it was the first time I ever had cheese curds, they were amazingggg. That’s pretty much all I liked about the mall lol

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    1. It was super fun to have family time!! πŸ˜€ I hated leaving my fur babes with someone else though. It definitely caused me tons of anxiety the whole time I was away! I wouldn’t mind dropping my dog off somewhere else but cats are different, y’know? Even though they do have cat hotels, too (really luxurious ones even lol). πŸ˜›

      Yesss, Wisconsin makes the best cheese ever then sends it over to Minnesota… the curds are to die for, aren’t they?! ❀

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  2. I absolutely love salmon on bagels, so yummy!! That stinks about having to go through the name change stuff! I’m already irritated with them all so much as is, haha. I forgot all about Mall of America and I how I had this big dream to visit and shop there! It’s nice to go back to your stomping grounds every now and then. It’s such a fun time to reflect for me.

    It looks like a wonderful trip all in all! Can’t wait to see what you did in Minneapolis in the next post!

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    1. Yesss, the salmon bagel was so tasty!! ❀ I hated having to call to get my name fixed on the ticket but whatever, at least it was an easy (& free) change, right? πŸ˜›

      Mall of America is really nothing special to me but, I don't know if it's because I have been so many times in my life, y'know? Going back to our old stomping grounds was so weird but felt really nice at the same time. πŸ™‚

      Can't wait to share about the rest of our trip! Thanks for reading & commenting, Stephanie!! ❀


    1. Yeah, my last name has been such a hassle & my parents really have no idea what they changed it to, lol. Bagel sandwiches are so filling & perfect for breakfast, aren’t they?! You should def try some pho ASAP, I think you’d really like it! & yeah, for reeeeal… I should have waited for that cookie dough sample, man!!!

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  3. Wow! I’m really impressed with that vegetable garden! Especially since my Mom’s poor little Christmas Cactus is being given his last chance at life on her screened in porch. I’m hoping the blazing heat and high humidity will jump start him back to life. I know he was HATING the AC.

    The trio plate with Crab & Lemon, Chicken Caesar, and Chicken & Walnut salads sounds so good I could cry! Yum!

    That chubby baby sounds hilarious. It sounds like he really liked you and would like you to stay and play forever. LOL

    Glad you could spend some time with the Fam!

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    1. Yesss, his vegetable garden blew me away. I wish you could see it in real life & taste some of it, too!! I hope your mom’s cactus perseveres & lives on!! Lol.

      Mmm, that salad trio really was so tasty & I should’ve taken a photo of the chubby baby, hehe. He was so shy & cute!!! I so enjoyed spending time with the fam. πŸ˜€ ❀

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  4. Sounds like you’ve had a great time! There’s no place like home (or home cooking for that matter!)

    By the way, I think my boyfriend would die and go to heaven if he visited a hot sauce store. πŸ™‚

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  5. WOW wow, you’re so lucky your boyfriend makes such great food!!! And that cat sitter is…kinda irresponsible and forgetful eh? I hope it’s just a one-time thing and it will turn out well!

    Oh man, the situation with your name seems a little odd. Sorry if I’m prying but does he not want her last name in yours? He is so sweet though! I LOVE PHO ITS SO GOOD, and your dad’s broth looks so rich mmm.

    And whaaat, your aunt is so cool she smoked a blunt with yall! WOW, that’s just lightyears of difference between yours and my culture, urgh I so wished I had that.

    The cheesecakes holy shit, it’s my favourite cake and seeing it in Kahlua cream and vanilla, I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THERE WERE SUCH COMBINATIONS, I HOPE LIFE SOMEHOW TAKES ME THERE ONE DAY TO TRY, IT SOUNDS HEAVENLY!

    Oh, no no Banh Xeo pics? ): And woah, your grandpa is amazing his garden is FLOURISHING, i cant even keep a plant alive, yeesh. I just wanna grab the lettuce and cucumber for a fresh bite!
    Omg your trip is shaping up to be so awesome!!! I can’t wait to read the next one!

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    1. I am SO lucky that boyfriend can cook, right?! He amazes me every time!! But yeah, that cat sitter probably won’t be hired by us again…

      Oh you’re not prying, don’t worry! But basically, yeah, my dad wants only his last name to be mine but my mom fought to keep hers as ours. My dad thought he won the case and had set my mom’s last name to my middle name (which I don’t have). It’s so confusing, they don’t even understand what they did!!

      My dad was super sweet to cook all that food for us while we were there. ❀ I appreciated all of it so much!! & girl yes, after I graduated my Aunt started smoking with me. She's so cool lol. My grandparents always talk crap about us doing it together but they said at least we tell them the truth instead of try to hide it! πŸ˜›

      Cordelia, if cheesecake is your favorite cake you need to get one from Cafe Latte some way somehow. They're boyfriend's fave too– he said nowhere beats theirs. There are TONS of different flavors that will blow your mind. They're all equally fantastic!! I am salivating now LOL.

      Nooo I forgot to take the banh xeo pictures because my grandma was talking to me the whole time I ate/put it together. My phone wasn't by me & I couldn't really get up, y'know?! No one makes it better than my grandma. She was like "why don't you get it at the restaurants in Las Vegas?" so she could hear me say hers were the best LOL.

      The veggies were extremely tasty!! My gramps would have cut you something to eat if you were there, for sure. πŸ˜€

      Thank you so much for reading & commenting!! ❀ I always love hearing from you!!

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      1. HAHAHA, it is quite confusing but I guess these are all just technicalities. You have such a wonderful relationship with your relatives, its truly such a blessing! I just went to see the menu (because why not torture myself with something I can’t have), and I’d live to try the toffee chocolate chunk, pumpkin pecan and caramel apple urghhhh I’m crying. Aww, that’s nice that you got so caught up catching up and eating, HAHAHA, your grandma is so adorable! Of course, I’m so glad your shared your time there, it sounded like such a blast, seeing everyone and eating great food! Loveddd reading it! 😘

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        1. It is nice to be so close with my family, I know they’ve all always got my back. ❀ LOL I am dying that you went to look at Cafe Latte's menu. I'd love to try one of each flavor!! I don't think I've even gone through half of them!! & yess!! My grandma is super adorable, I love her. ❀

          So happy you enjoyed reading, Cordelia!!! ❀

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  6. So far it sounds like such a great trip!! I’m glad you guys made it back safely! I really missed reading your posts, lol! Anyway that’s a little weird about the cat sitter changing the appointment time and then forgetting her notebook. I’m sure you’re happy to be home with your kitties now. ❀ Also that's crazy about your name!! Why would your parent's divorce affect your name?? Your name should have stayed the same as on your birth certificate, or at least that's what I always thought! That sounds like a nightmare, but I'm glad the airline was able to sort it out for you!!
    All of those fresh veggies look so good, and how fun that you were able to visit with all of your family and have such a great time back in your old stomping grounds. Do you miss it?

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    1. Thank you!! It truly was so fun visiting our families & old stomping grounds. ❀ So nice to hear that you missed reading my posts though! It means a lot!! ❀ I'm ready to get back into the blogging groove now!!

      Yeah, I felt like she wasn't the most professional lady in the world but whatever, at least I'm home now & they're alive & well, acting totally normal. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, on my birth certificate & while my parents were together, I had my mom's last name but then when they split my dad was being petty & went to court to try to get our last names changed to only his. He thought he moved my mom's last name to my middle name (which I don't have) but in actuality, he just added his to hers with a hyphen in the middle… IDK lol.

      Isn't my grandpa's garden amazing?! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I don't reeeally miss living in Minnesota & the whole state just feels a bit too small & quiet for me now that I've been in Vegas for a few years… I also hate the winter, humidity & freakin' mosquitoes but I DO miss being so close to ALL of my family members. Everyone is just like a 10-40 minute drive away in the same state & it's nice to know that you can always drop by & get homecooked food & you can easily call someone if you have car trouble or need a cat sitter… etc. y'know? That's what I miss but, if I were to write a pros & cons list, I think Vegas would win with the amount of pros still.

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      1. Oh good, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time!! Lol I kept finding myself looking for a post from you and then remembering that you were on your trip, haha! πŸ˜‰

        I’m glad that your kitties were fine in the end and it all worked out well even if it wasn’t the most professional experience. πŸ™‚

        Whoa that’s crazy about your name and your birth certificate! I understand parents getting divorced but wow, that’s so strange to involve your kids’ names, lol! I’m glad you got it sorted! O.O

        It really was such a gorgeous garden, and how nice to have all those fresh veggies right there!! I can understand how it would feel a bit small and slow after living in Vegas, but I also understand missing being so close to everyone! I get the issue with mosquitoes! We haven’t had an issue with them yet here in Va Beach, but I got the worst bites in Maryland, ugh! Mosquitoes are just awful!

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        1. Aww really?! ❀ ❀ You seriously put the biggest smile on my face!!

          Yeah, I don't even get what the big deal with the last names was lol. They're crazy & complicated!

          Right?! It was so cool how my grandpa just chopped off veggies & gave a whole bag of greens to my dad's wife then just washed some up for me to eat. I wish I could have my own garden like that!

          I wish my family would all relocate to Vegas lol that'd be the perfect situation. πŸ™‚ Mosquitoes are the worst!! Glad you are not dealing with them in VA Beach!!

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          1. I thought about making one of those little gardens at our last apartment with the yard, but I realized that I hate being around bugs/spiders & plants attract them lol! BUT I love the idea of a garden and fresh veggies hahaha.

            I think we do have mosquitoes here, but so far it hasn’t been bad! I also just don’t like being outside at night since that’s when all the bugs come out so maybe that’s how I’ve avoided them, lol! πŸ˜‰ I know some places are so bad that you’ll get bit anytime of day so I’m grateful that’s not the case here!

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            1. Hahaha, you’re totally right about plants attracting bugs. I probably like the idea of it more than anything, too!

              That works out quite well for you then with the mosquitoes only coming out at night! I’m out during the night more than the day so I’d be having a rough time LOL.

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  7. I have been craving salads lately I really need to go to the store and get ingredients for it lol.
    That is so crappy that the lady showed up late or rescheduled I got confused sorry but yeah leaving her notebook behind, like I would have been like “beech never mind” 🀣🀣
    That sucks about your name being wrong and having to wait on hold for so long only for them to hang up. Luckily it got fixed for free.
    And omg good thing you didnt miss your flight! That would have been bad!
    Your dad sounds so sweet. Already waiting for you when you landed and making pho at home.
    It’s good that most of the mall is the same. Here most business are shutting down lol it’s crazy
    That sucks you were not able to see your sister for very long. But your auntie on the other hands sounds like a great person I’d love to meet her lol
    Omg you really did get to see most of your family even if for a short while. Your grandparents!! Cutee! His garden is amazing!
    Awh so nice to meet new members of the family! Glad you got to see everyone and that you enjoyed your time there. Cant wait to read more about your adventures there.

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    1. Salads are so fun, you can always add so much to it & it usually tastes good still lol. Yeah she rescheduled but, it was like on the day of because she was running late… she was unprofessional as heck.

      I’m so glad the airlines fixed my name for free but I was SO annoyed about being hung up on over & over again!!

      My dad is softening up as he gets older LOL he hasn’t always been so sweet. πŸ˜›

      The mall still looks the same & most of the big stores are still there but it totally has more food than like clothes & stuff now. πŸ˜›

      My sister worked so much, we rarely saw her at all but we were staying with her so we shoulda seen her the most!! My Auntie really is the coolest person ever though. πŸ˜€

      It was sooo nice being able to see so much of my family & even meeting new members!! My grandpa’s garden is seriously impressive, the veggies are so plump!!

      Thanks for reading, Rossy!! ❀ I've missed you!!!

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      1. LOL the same could be said about my father.. He used to be such a hard ass and I can say that now because he’s a softie haha
        well I’m glad you had such a nice time over there and I’m sure you’re just as happy to be back with your fuzzy ones! πŸ™‚
        I’ve missed you too! I’m falling behind again on reading! Writing and editing my videos is taking a fucking long time so I need to re-think (again for the millionth time) my schedule and when to work on things etc.

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        1. That’s funny how men change with age. Both my dad & grandpa have become softies, too, especially after my other grandpa passed away.

          You’re right! I did have a nice time in MN but it feels just as good to be back with my fuzzy babies, hehe. ❀

          I finally made it to July's post! Lol I can't wait to be all the way caught up someday! I'm trying to just get a post out everyday again, I am so backed up with content, too!

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          1. I think it’s good that they change, they cant always the hard asses they once were lol.
            Omg I can relate having too much content hahaha but you’ll get it all out eventually lol I always look at it as a surplus of content so a good thing lol
            I will be posting less, like once or twice a week in hopes of lessening my workload each week lol

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            1. I agree, I love that the men change with age. Being a hardass your whole life is no way to live lol.

              You’re right! It’s not a bad thing to have too much content. πŸ™‚ I’m always caught up with what I wanted to get out!!

              I have SO enjoyed seeing more posts from you on my Reader so your workload has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. πŸ˜€ ❀

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                1. I never watch YouTube videos but I did watch the beginning of the Boxy one to see why you were cancelling & I saw your Subscribers has gone up by a lot since the last time I watched one, I think you’re doing awesome, babe– keep it up if you love it!!! ❀

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                  1. Ah thanks lol basically I need to save money for other stuff I want and I feel like I’m beginning to get stuck with a lot of products that take a long time to finish anyway so at this rate, I’ll keep accumulating products and I won’t be able to get to them before they expiry. I’m also not getting to try products I have my eyes on because all my money is being spent on boxycharm, does that make sense? That’s really the reason why I’m canceling lol.
                    And thank you! I also wanna take it easy because between the blog and YouTube it can be a lot of work lol

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  8. That’s great the airlines were able to get your named change- but being put on hold like that can be soo frustrating!!! Been there!! Oohh you got me craving a lox bagel now. Yumm! Edible cookie dough- yes pleaseeeee.

    CafΓ© Latte looks incredible- those cheesecakes!! Might have to add those to my ultimate food bucket list.

    That garden is GOALS. I can practically smell the basil.

    Quick question- were you born and raised in Minnesota? We are considering it as a place to eventually settle down, and I just have some questions! πŸ™‚ Hope you are having a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW! I was so glad that we were on Sun Country because I saw a lot of other airlines charge for name edits. πŸ˜› It was annoying as heck to be hung up on over & over again after waiting so long though lol. That Lox bagel was pretty good & I’m still disappointed I didn’t wait to try that edible cookie dough!

      Cafe Latte NEEDS to be on your Ultimate Food Bucket List. I do not believe there is a better cheesecake out there…

      My grandpa’s garden was beautiful, I couldn’t believe it!! He was so proud of it, too, lol. ❀

      Yep yep, I was born & raised in Minnesota. I totally see why people wanna settle there but those winters are WILD, man. Ask me any questions you got!! I'd be happy to answer. πŸ˜€

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      1. We were JUST talking about how the winters may be the one big thing that keeps us away. So here is my main question- you know how people say the folk in Minnesota are β€œMinnesota nice”? I’ve heard several times that it means they are really nice to your face, but it’s hard to make real friendships. Considering you’re from there I already find it hard to believe- but what are your thoughts on that?!

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        1. The winters are seriously horrid lol. The people in Minnesota truly are nice though yeah, I don’t have any friends from there because they ALL talk bad about you behind your back. It’s like how people bond with each other: talking about everyone else.

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