Journal Entry #254

June 21, 2019
07:57 PM

Hiya pals. πŸ™‚ Remember when I used to write a Journal Entry every other day, no matter what? Well, I am truly hoping to get back to that. Here is my first attempt.

I can’t believe the month is already over and I haven’t even taken pictures of or tried ANY of my sub box stuff. If you are waiting for those, I am so sorry for the delay. I don’t know where the heck June went!

Yesterday, we went to Chipotle for dinner. I got a half chicken, half steak bowl and totally regretted it. The steak is just so much better!

We went to Starbucks for our espressos and then I started on my nails when we got home. I watched YouTube vids while I did them.

I’m using 24/7 by Sinful Colors. It was easy to apply but, took forever and a day (AKA NEVER ACTUALLY DID) to completely dry. One layer was definitely not enough– the pink was almost see through until I went over them again.

I hurriedly got ready for work and then, we stopped for a cocktail before boyfriend dropped me off. SO many of my colleagues showed up and not enough customers at all so it was pretty hard to make money. Luckily, I stuck myself to one guy and it paid off in the end. I left after our time together even though I was hoping for more business… there just wasn’t any and it was already 3 AM!

I came home, took a shower, smoked a blunt, and then went to sleep.

Today, boyfriend had to go to work. He started at 3 PM and left before I even woke up. I laid in bed and started reading this new book, Lies She Told by Cate Holahan. I only got through the prologue and first chapter but, I am super intrigued already. I cannot wait to read more of it!

I got up to take a shower, shave, and moisturize and then, I walked to Albertsons for a salad kit and chicken. I was annoyingly whistled at and honked at countless times. I hate Las Vegas in the summer because I can’t wear big frumpy sweaters to cover up. I had on a baggy floor length skirt and a tanktop which I thought didn’t flatter my curves or anything but, I guess they did enough for me to get noticed. While I was picking out my salad bag, a gentleman comes up to me like, “ooh, are you having salad for dinner?! Let me cook you something.” I was like “oh no thanks, I like salad for dinner” and pretended to keep reading the bags even though I knew which one I wanted already. He just stood there silently for a minute until he found the courage to ask… “what’s your name?” I politely smiled, waved my hand for him to move on, and said “you don’t need to worry about it.” He was like “okay bye then!” with such an attitude. I was like “have a good day!” LOL. I hate people and walking around without boyfriend by my side. They are all pigs out here!!!

But anyways, I had pre-registered for the new PokemonGo-style Harry Potter game, Wizards Unite, and it downloaded to my phone this morning! I spent some time playing it in bed but, it requires you to walk around to continue. I regrettably forgot to turn it on the whole time I was walking but, I did remember to turn it on when I arrived back in my parking lot. I found a portkey and some foundables. It’s so fun lol. Let me know if you’re playing and if you want to be friends on it, my friend code is: 8654 2278 8170. Code Name: H0neyPot. πŸ˜‰

When I got back inside, I put the salad and chicken in the fridge for a minute because they were feelin’ hot from the roaring sun. I found a new Taylor’s Farms kit that didn’t have dairy but, I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it much. The Asian ones (my fave) were all out of stock. 😦 I bought it anyways and barely ate half. The dressing was made out of tangerines and just tasted and looked like straight up orange juice…

Never again. 😦

While I ate, I started up the movie Jennifer 8 on Hulu. I paused it to hop on here, check my notifications, and write this. I’m probably gonna watch a bit more of it until boyfriend texts that he’s on his way home. I sure hope tonight at work is a LOT busier than last. Wish me luck!!

I hope you all have the best weekend, ever!!

08:29 PM

55 thoughts on “Journal Entry #254

  1. That nail colour is so pretty on you! Some shades after the first coat aren’t so great but once that second coat gets painted on it makes all the difference πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear some guys treat you like that, it must make you feel a little uneasy 😦

    Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Chanelle! I agree about a second coat making all the difference. πŸ™‚ & it’s really annoying because I get so hot wearing too much clothes but I’d rather not be approached!

      I hope you had a lovely weekend, too, babe! ❀

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      1. Any polish that needs more than two coats is too much effort haha, the layers start to get too thick πŸ˜›

        I see your pain, don’t want to be hot and don’t want to be ogled. My weekend was nice, thanks πŸ™‚

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  2. Omg the nails look amazing! My favourite nails of yours yet! It’s a shame they never dried properly 😦 so annoying, but still they look so good and I am loving the shape.

    I hope work is busier for you this time round, fingers crossed. I hope you have the best weekend ever too, Hunida!

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  3. YAY to an interesting and new book! Ew, can’t a girl go to a grocery store in peace, jeez that’s so freaking annoying. I hope the ratio at work is in your favor tonight! 😌

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  4. I will be very glad if you get back to posting more often but I know how life gets in the way so I will not EXPECT it of you. I will just keep my fingers crossed.

    YES! I always get the steak at Chipotle. It’s the best. Especially if you get some rare-ish pieces. I tried the chicken once but whatever seasoning is on it I don’t like it. I also never get their tortilla chips because they have some weird spice on them. I just want plain, salty chips!

    Love the pink nail color. Sorry it never wanted to dry and then you had to apply a second coat!

    WHY do guys in this day and age still think it’s OK to pull that whistling shit and approaching us in the grocery and stuff????? Go. Away. And then they get all mad and say we’re the rude bitches!!!!! And we shouldn’t have to hide under bulky clothes in hopes of being left alone.

    Hope you had a better night at work!

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    1. I will at least be getting in my journal entries every other day! My brain feels so full when I don’t write it all out now lol.

      Oh my gosh, yesss to the rareish steak pieces at Chipotle. SOO yummy. & I agree about the chicken– it’s kinda bland. You could get the hard shell tacos on the side and break them up like chips! That’s what I usually do. πŸ™‚

      LOL yeah, my nails are very textured but I do love the pink!!

      Yeah, seriously… the whistling crap has got to go. I wonder if they’ve ever received a nice response to it before or if they enjoy the glares. I really wish we didn’t have to hide under the bulky clothes especially in 100 degrees weather!!

      Thank you, Jinjer! ❀

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    1. Thank you, Jam!! I’m sorry you don’t have Chipotle. I wish I could send you some!! & YES, Harry Potter Go is so fun. Have you been playing it, too?


  5. First off i hope work was good,and that nail color is soo pretty and it’s so sad to see or hear the way men treat women …annoying
    Have a great weekend HunidaπŸ’–

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  6. Love them pink nails! ❀
    I haven't done nail polish in like a year, cuz have the same thing with all of them you have, as in they never dry… :/

    Your book sounds right up my alley πŸ™‚ Saved it on my list.

    I hate people too, especially dudes making all kinds of comment… i have a hard time believing it actually works, but then again i had a guy in the office who said he used to go out with his friend and chat to about every women in sight in one night, and sometimes 1 or 2 was willing to engage… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you!! It is so hard to wait for the nail polish to dry completely. They take forever, don’t they? Lol.

      I hope you like the book when/if you read it! I’m only about 30% through so far but I still am enjoying it. Glad I could help make your TBR grow as you always do mine. πŸ™‚

      I always wondered if women ever responded nicely!! That’s crazy that they do. There a better ways to approach women…


  7. I also downloaded the Wizards Unite game but now I’m refusing to play it unless they add a timer for energy. I ran out, waited overnight thinking it would recharge because I hadn’t paid attention that it didn’t, and then got so annoyed the next day when I saw it was still zero! It was quite annoying haha.

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      1. Hahahah I know that now but I am still annoyed by it! I rarely stop at inns, usually just if I’m at Starbucks, so I can really only play once a week and even then I think it only gives a little energy and doesn’t refill completely so things are not looking good for me haha. But my friend code is 155490077491!

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        1. Really?! There are like 3 inns that I can go to right at my computer chair so I just always refill them & have full energies all the time. That sucks that there aren’t any in your home!! I see how that would be hard to re-up only at Starbucks lol. I’m gonna add you!! πŸ˜‰

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          1. Awww I wish I had stuff near my home! Even with Pokemon Go there’s rarely a Pokemon near enough to catch from my house so I always lose my streaks when I am home all day or most of the day and forget when I leave. Haha it’s tough!

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  8. I miss chipotle havent had it in a while it seems.
    And those people who randomly come up to you are the worst. That hasn’t happened to me in a while but it used to a lot. I was just like you telling them to just keep moving lol. I sti get stared at a lot and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. Definitely love walking around when Alex is by my side better lol.
    I must look into that game! Might be fun!! I’ll be sure to screenshot this in case I download it

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    1. Chipotle is so satisfying & cheap, I love it. ❀ I haaaate people who approach me and/or stare at me. I understand if someone turns your head for a second but jeez, they always hard stare, don't they?? It makes me so uncomfortable, too. It's always so much better with a man by your side because SADLY men respect other men MUCH more than they respect lonesome women. πŸ˜›

      Did you ever download the new Harry Potter game?? I've been playing it a bit still but it gets tiring to walk around in this heat trying to find stuff LOL.

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      1. Don’t even GET me started on that shit LOL men are the worst when they see a woman alone. Fucking pigs.. But not all of them, just a select few.
        I did download it but I haven’t played it much and always forget to play it when I go out, it drains my battery so much and it also forces me to use data LOL

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  9. I’m so excited because Joshua just won a gift card to Chipotle through his work so I finally get to have it again, lol!! I especially always crave it when you post about it lol. Too bad the chicken wasn’t as good!
    Wow, those creepy guys can be so annoying! I can’t believe you got whistled at and approached so much! Some people just don’t care at all. Walking around with your significant other is so much better, I agree. I was recently telling Joshua that it seems like I get approached every time he’s not with me and it’s annoying!

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    1. Ahh!! A giftcard to Chipotle?! What an awesome gift!! ❀

      YEAH, seriously, those guys are so annoying. Sometimes they still honk at me when boyfriend is walking with me but, never ever do I get approached so I much rather be with him. πŸ˜› Sorry the same always happens to you when you're alone, too! It's so annoying & can totally be scary sometimes.

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  10. Your nails!!! I loveee that color. You always pick the best shades. OH! This reminds me..I bought like 10 colors from Sinful Colors in high school before I realized how long it took to dry. Sooo naturally I still have them sitting around, lol! Ain’t no one got time for that! But at least their colors are pretty dang gorgeous & they have such a wide variety.

    I’m curious to hear more about this book! The title is intriguing.

    How obnoxious about that guy. Seriously, what goes through their minds when guys cat-call? I will NEVER understand.

    I have heard about this new HP game, but don’t know really much about what it actually is?! I think I need to sign up considering there are Portkeys involved!! I had no idea it was PokemonGo-style-too fun!!

    I totally know what you mean about dressing tasting like orange juice- ugh the worst!

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead, love! xo

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    1. Oh my gosh, I don’t know when I bought all these Sinful Colors but I have a ton of pretty ones, too. I just stay away from them because they stain my nails & YEAH take for freakin’ ever to dry. I may just throw ’em all out soon!!

      Ahhh I have about 5 days left to finish the book but I think I can do it. I like it a lot so far. πŸ˜€

      I know. I always wonder if they ever get nice responses cat-calling women that way? Or do they like the snarky comebacks?!

      Yeah! The new HP game is basically the exact same as Pokemon Go. You’d unlock so many Portmanteaus/keys if you played since you go walking/running all the time!

      I hated that orange juice dressing. 😦

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too, babe!! ❀

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      1. Yesss- they do stain the nails too!!

        You’ve got this- can’t wait to hear your final thoughts & quotes!

        Oh my gosh!! That’s so fun- I didn’t even think about that with running! I need to look into it as soon as the wedding is over and we have some free time again! xo

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  11. omg sucks u had to deal with cat-calls and jerks! I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to be without ur mans on ur side, it’s like wtf! do i always have to walk with a dude so men don’t wanna talk?

    also i remember in HIGH SCHOOL my friend took off her school shirt and had a tank top under and instantly would get honked at. it’s disgusting that young girls have to deal with that and probably always will until they’re older too.

    and you’re right. June is already over… omg! It’s already Sunday, okay, it’s basically August already LOL
    Hope your weekend ends on a great note!

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    1. YEAH, seriously. I can even play my Harry Potter game if I’m walking with boyfriend but I don’t feel safe enough not to be aware of my surroundings without him!!

      Oh my gosh, that’s seriously so gross. You know those were grown ass men with whole families at home honking at a high school girl wearing a tanktop… jeez!!

      I can’t freakin’ believe it’s been almost a month into July already. What the heck?!?

      Hope you have an awesome weekend, Kiki!! ❀


  12. Love your nail color.. I’m happy that guy in the grocery store left you alone after. You can’t trust anyone these days. It’s so scary young women going anywhere by themselves . I’m alway warning my daughter to be careful and watch her surroundings. Most of the times it’s

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    1. Thank you!! πŸ™‚ I’ve changed my nail color now. I’m happy the guy left me alone when I told him to, too. I hated how he hovered over for me for a minute. It really is dangerous out there! We women especially have to be careful. ❀

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  13. Ug men…like how do they not pick up instantly that you’re not interested when reading a salad bag is more interesting than him? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The nail polish is a pretty shade–shame it doesn’t dry right ☹️

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    1. LOLOL RIGHT!! WHY did he hover over me as my back was turned? I don’t get it.

      I hate Sinful Colors nail polishes, never again will I use them!! (They do have so many pretty shades though.)


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